War for the Planet of the Apes - Final Trailer Review

  • Published on May 17, 2017
  • The final trailer for War For The Planet Of The Apes has hit the web! Here are my thoughts on it!
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  • What Is Your Worldview? - Creation or Evolutionism?

    Nah, "Groundhog Day" (1993) is still a better film........ ;-)
    Sorry, humans and apes are completely two different creations.

  • Nick  Sketch
    Nick Sketch Year ago

    (Recent) Solid Trilogies:
    --- The Dark Knight Trilogy
    --- Planet Of The Apes Trilogy
    --- Toy Story Trilogy
    --- Kung Fu Panda Trilogy
    --- Madagascar Trilogy
    --- MCU Captain America Trilogy

  • Ms. Byrd
    Ms. Byrd Year ago

    Wish you were a TWD reviewer... your funny as hell! Good video!

  • Barry Villacarillo

    2:30 - 2:50
    Just saw a new poster for this movie. At the bottom of it, it says "Witness THE END - July 14". So it's just a trilogy, maybe.

    LIQUID SNAKE Year ago

    is this reboot?

  • Movie Rundown Reviews

    Please movie gods let this be good! You had two good ones give us three.

  • quito787
    quito787 Year ago

    One word: Bestiality. I hope not, actually.

  • Enyalios Deworms
    Enyalios Deworms Year ago

    Hello there from New Zealand :D

  • oldschool1987
    oldschool1987 Year ago

    That girl is the slave girl from the original movie.

  • Gavin Cool
    Gavin Cool Year ago +1

    ...didn't Koba instigate everyting in dawn?

  • mjtubeme
    mjtubeme Year ago

    Me "THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAID IN THE LAST MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Nikita Lane
    Nikita Lane Year ago

    Looks dope.

  • Nerd With Me
    Nerd With Me Year ago

    This trilogy has been surprisingly amazing. Each has been upping the ante each time so far. Can't wait for this one.

  • CrimeComunismFagotry

    To answer one of the questions you asked you might check out the director's commentary for the second trailer. The 'turncoat apes' were followers of Koba who felt that they had to leave when Koba was defeated.
    Fan speculation: The little girl is the Eve of future mute surface humanity

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    You forget the virus wiped out most of the human population so the apes have moved around the plant to places like New Zealand ect, so could very well be part of the war if not already gone

  • Adrianna Trinette

    1:27 OMG I'M DYING LOL X'D

  • rasida moodley
    rasida moodley Year ago

    did roket die

  • ThejollyFrenchman

    I saw the last one with some friends expecting it to be trash (I haven't seen the first) and was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully this one is even better, though it kind of seems to be a re hash of the previous installment.

  • The Pain Train
    The Pain Train Year ago

    Love the first 2 films, but does anyone know what happened to the main bunch of human characters from Dawn?

  • Dylan Martin
    Dylan Martin Year ago

    Can't wait to see Dr. Zaius

  • Wallace Rigby
    Wallace Rigby Year ago

    Golem Ape was hilarious.

  • The Motion Picks
    The Motion Picks Year ago

    The war finishes. The humans lose. Caesar eats a salad.

  • Wildhog84
    Wildhog84 Year ago

    Theory : I don't think the girl spoke... perhaps she is the start of the human species unable to speak

  • Felipe de Oliveira

    Suck on that, Tim Bruton

  • Cye Knox
    Cye Knox Year ago

    Im from new zealand your right had to rob some american camper to type this message...

  • TheCelticTyger
    TheCelticTyger Year ago

    It was actually Koba an ape who picked a fight and started the war

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Year ago

    Did the voice for the female ape throw anyone else off? It just seems more fake than other ape voices cause it isn't as raspy I guess..... Thoughts?

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade Year ago

    I literally cannot believe how invested I am in a character whose appearance is almost 100% CGI, and who is only now, in the third movie, beginning to talk in complete sentences.

  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord Year ago

    I never saw any films from the apes thing even the old ones, where do i start?

  • Visemar Raellaeris

    When your children ask you what you did in the Great Ape War, you won't have to say, "Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana."

  • chrissjbdoublo7
    chrissjbdoublo7 Year ago

    Awesome Jacket, @jeremy jahns

  • BlackBNimble
    BlackBNimble Year ago

    Jeremy, please review A Dark Song! Please, please, please, please, please!!!!!

  • Cole Scott
    Cole Scott Year ago

    just watched Jeremy's District 9 review... omg he has an earing

  • genetenz
    genetenz Year ago

    its a trailer for fucks sake. they all have the same shit formula

  • introXversion
    introXversion Year ago

    3:25 I saw pretty much only Gorillas siding with the humans, and I agree it would be great to see them explain why in the movie, but in case it doesn't, I think it could be fairly left up to speculation (if the movie doesn't fully explain it, of course) that Gorillas aren't the smartest of the apes, and often rely on brute force like bears to solve problems. I imagine they simply lacked the capacity to see strength in numbers, but found natural appeal to the combat superiority of the humans' weapons. Idk, I love speculating and thought I would share

  • Carlos Munoz
    Carlos Munoz Year ago

    Jeremy Jahns, please review the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

  • Eryn Tamou
    Eryn Tamou Year ago

    Fuck yeah, you mentioned New Zealand - i dig that dude, cheers

  • Luka Bannister
    Luka Bannister Year ago

    Fuck yes. New Zealand

  • Johan Pacheco
    Johan Pacheco Year ago

    I think most of humanity in these movies was wiped out by the "monkey virus" or disease or whatever they called it in the last movie. Even Caesar thought humans were all gone and they were just across the bay, so who knows.

  • Rachel Knight Online

    it's a personal issue, but at least in my opininon, I wasn't really feeling this trailer /: still love these movies tho. can't believe the first one came out when I was in 8th grade

  • Chris Nairn
    Chris Nairn Year ago

    appreciate the nz shout out buddy

  • Cyberclone8790
    Cyberclone8790 Year ago

    jetemy why dont you ever upload any video game reviews ever

  • White Chocolate
    White Chocolate Year ago

    The way the first two were able to feel so different but still the same world was fantastic and it looks to be continuing with that. I have no doubt that if war is even half as good as dawn itll be great

  • Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes Year ago +1

    I think the apes that are helping the humans have a sort of self hate mentality going for them. kind of how many black people did after slavery, they were taught that they were inferior and that nothing that they did mattered. in the dawn of the planet of the apes, we got to see the animosity that some apes had towards humans, now we get to see the animosity that some have for themselves

  • Metal Gear Ray
    Metal Gear Ray Year ago

    It was badass!

  • Dallin Whiting
    Dallin Whiting Year ago

    I think the girl from the trailer is Woody Harrelson's daughter.

  • American Empire
    American Empire Year ago +3

    Apparently the gorilla helping the humans was a follower of Koba, and is working for the humans to get revenge.

  • Randal Rand
    Randal Rand Year ago

    I like this reboot of the "Planet of the Apes" movies. However, I wish they would pull in more elements of the book. If you read the book you'll go "wtf and this was written in the '60s".

  • J G
    J G Year ago

    I'm super stoked for this movie

  • JoeysSecretLover
    JoeysSecretLover Year ago +1

    Jeremy you hack. Your great at explaining what happens in a movie. Not so much at reviewing it though.
    Anyway. Will you talk us through the new Star Trek Trailer that came out today ?
    Your leather jacket is horrible.

  • Johnny Tanise
    Johnny Tanise Year ago +1

    My favorite part is when he said, "if they stick to that trilogy, the rest of after that can suck if they want to". Laughing my ass off on that one.

  • Cinema Crema
    Cinema Crema Year ago

    i forgot to give the like went to the trailer .. now i came back just to give you the like hahah

  • Orangy Pteco
    Orangy Pteco Year ago

    I hope the humans win tbh.

  • devilpupbear09
    devilpupbear09 Year ago

    disgusting, you know humanity is fucked when humans are hoping monkeys will win. why not call it
    "The Ape in the High Castle"

  • Bryan Dempsey
    Bryan Dempsey Year ago

    New Zealand would have been knocked back to the Stone Age because of the virus, that would hopped from continent to continent.

  • Ginanjar Putu Wijaya

    Apologize to New Zealand!

  • DevineAaron
    DevineAaron Year ago

    Ireland will be just fine. It'll be like the shire. No danger whatsoever lol

  • Michael Proctor
    Michael Proctor Year ago


  • WAMatt
    WAMatt Year ago

    Maybe they'll mike 5 movies in this series, like the original 5 movies (Planet of the apes, Beneath, Return, Conquest, and Battle.

  • Magnus Holum
    Magnus Holum Year ago

    Grow out the beard!!

  • Matt Damon
    Matt Damon Year ago

    My bday is July 6th, Spiderman HC is coming out July 7th, then WftPotA is coming out July 14th, Dunkirk July 21st what more could I ask for?


    As a New Zealander I can let you know that us Maori will probably resort back to cannibalism or some shit. At least if something like POTA happens then this housing crisis that's going on now becomes everyone's problem

  • James Albright
    James Albright Year ago

    "Two species"? It's a lot more complicated than that for these gorilla-guerilla fighters (pardon the pun).
    The apes consist of multiple species. Heck, chimpanzees (both common and bonobo) are more closely related to humans than they are to gorillas (eastern and western species). And all five species (two species of gorilla, two of chimpanzee, and one of humans) are more closely related to each other than any of them are to orangutans (again representing two distinct species; the Bornean and Sumatran orangutans).
    Anyway, we definitely see that orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas are all included in the (nonhuman) ape alliance. I don't know if there are representatives from all of the species, but at the very least, that makes three species.

  • Kuivia
    Kuivia Year ago

    i'm still confused about this, wasn't there like 100 or so apes in the first movie? how can it even be a war i'd assume it'd just be a monkey slaughterfest

  • I Respect The Police

    I apologize because I know how much of a nerd I must sound like saying what I'm about to say but it has to be said. There are approximately half a million great apes Left Alive in the world today. there are over seven billion human beings worldwide and of those seven billion human beings there are millions of soldiers. humans have the most high-tech weaponry and more of it at our disposal and I'm not just talking about Good Old America I'm talking about every country on the face of the planet who has a military force. There is no conceivable way Apes could win any conflict against us whether it be symmetrical or asymmetrical it would just never work. i don't care what kinds of tactics they would employ,or how effective that virus was; winning any conflict against a VASTLY superior opponent is pure fantasy. try to put it this way, imagine if the Russian Federation decided to send its entire military force too, let's say San Francisco and there was no National Guard available to help us out and all that were left were pockets of resistance who had semi-automatic rifles, some pistols and shotguns. Do you really think that they would stand a chance against 2 million battle-hardened and battle trained Russian soldiers?

    • I Respect The Police
      I Respect The Police Year ago

      remliqa , not without help from an outside force

    • remliqa
      remliqa Year ago

      +Hector Ramirez
      Both The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and The Vietnam War was fairly recent.In both cases the superior military was defeated.

    • I Respect The Police
      I Respect The Police Year ago

      Nosipho Ndabula yeah and how long ago was that? that was a rhetorical question by the way.

    • Nosipho Ndabula
      Nosipho Ndabula Year ago

      Hector Ramirez that American vs Britain
      (At the time Britain was well know for being the greatest empire)

  • Anthony Greene
    Anthony Greene Year ago

    The only problem is that Matt Reeves is now directing the Batman movie so he'll either not direct the next one or it'll be a long time before it comes out.

  • Asian Persuasion
    Asian Persuasion Year ago

    I think the ape on the human side is Steve Zahn's character named "Bad Ape" by the human and I'm sure we'll get an actual name later in the movie. If they're gonna cast a known actor he'll probably have an arc.

  • ilovevirtualconsole

    This movie is going to be great!

  • Rocko Steel
    Rocko Steel Year ago

    they should pull a huge twist on us and have the apes actually lose. we all think this is just a prequel series to the originals and it probably is but if thats the case then we already know who wins, changing the outcome would be a super cool and clever way to end this fantastic trilogy.

  • Raft Lack
    Raft Lack Year ago

    LMAO at the "starting over" joke

  • Eelco J. van Kampen

    Pfff...This trilogy has just gotten worse and worse to me!
    All the violence and stuff...I find it to be very bland and boring!
    But hey, that's just my opinion!
    I really loved the first movie, because it felt more personal!
    Although it certainly had it's fair share of plotholes and other irregularities.
    The second movie was ok at best.

  • WarlordRising
    WarlordRising Year ago

    Meanwhile, in space, Charlton Heston is smoking a cigar and wondering about the cosmos before taking a long nap.

  • F.G. L.S.
    F.G. L.S. Year ago

    Spoiler, Caesar dies at the end....:V

  • ShyPoke
    ShyPoke Year ago

    I'm betting in the 4th one the people who went to Mars in the first movie somehow make it back and it'll be a much better version of that one POTA movie with Matt Damon. OH! What if they make Matt Damon one of the astronauts?! That would be so cool...

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715 Year ago

    how about the little girl ends up being Woodys daughter that he lost and thought was dead

  • ARW
    ARW Year ago +2

    Your impressions have been on point recently.

  • CV E
    CV E Year ago

    Harambe won the popular vote

  • Aerovetic
    Aerovetic Year ago

    This is one of my favourite set of movies. I really hope they can wrap up this trilogy with a movie just as good, if not better than the rest.

  • Sam Register
    Sam Register Year ago

    Hey crazy theory since there are turncoat apes what If they are Coba's apes?? Like idk if Caesar would welcome them back after the last movie idk just a thought

  • Ivo Sotirov
    Ivo Sotirov Year ago

    Were those turncoat Apes, or were they slaves? Because those humans did not look like the kind of people you'd surrender to!

  • Ivo Sotirov
    Ivo Sotirov Year ago

    When did the series became a big Action War movie?

  • Merky Beam
    Merky Beam Year ago

    Was that your Dirty hairy voice ?

  • Techytech
    Techytech Year ago

    one of the best reboots of all time. Underrated in my opinion, should be on par with the attention marvel movies.

  • Chance The Critic

    Jeremy actually brings up a good point. What's going on in the rest of the world cause we've only seen this going down in North America

  • SirTyJensen
    SirTyJensen Year ago

    The War trailers were good. Good Caesar impression Jeremy.

  • Mad Max Rockatansky

    Koba's rasped breathing was heard in the after credits of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. So he needs, at least, to appear. Even if just a cameo. Even if just dies 5 seconds after appearing (like James Franco in Alien Covenant... oops, spoiler. But I saved you the dissapointment). I jusy want to see Koba again.

  • Genile Bankai Elric

    This movie looks so fucking awesome! They just keep getting better and better. Ceasar is looking older, more weather and war worn, and more tactically savvy. Gonna be a good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro Year ago

    Really hype for this hopefully it will be the best

  • Murphy Barze
    Murphy Barze Year ago

    Review Lost City of Z!

  • Love It Boxing
    Love It Boxing Year ago

    You need to do dunkirk main trailer I'd love to hear your thoughts on it .

  • Excited Cat
    Excited Cat Year ago

    all this happend because a of some asshole with a car

  • Evan Diamantopoulos

    I get the feeling the bald ape is going to hurt the little girl and will be the real villain. The way he asks Cesar if the child is with him seems very sinister. Also he's wearing army clothes at the end of the trailer so maybe he's helping the human army in some way.

    • Evan Diamantopoulos
      Evan Diamantopoulos Year ago

      Cornelia (Cesar's wife) is going to be played by Judy Greer again. That doesn't sound like Judy Greer. I'm pretty sure the voice is the same as the one that has the "bad human kill ape" speech in the trailer. It's possible that it's a different ape talking but it's hard to tell from the short snippet.

    • remliqa
      remliqa Year ago

      Uh..The one asking that question was Caesar's wife.The Ape seen wearing that vest was different ape.

  • King Fabletown
    King Fabletown Year ago

    Jeremy please review injustice 2

  • Chace 313
    Chace 313 Year ago

    I feel like the apes could get wiped out by things like a virus or nuclear weapons and the apes couldn't have taken over in other countries

  • Dennis Williams
    Dennis Williams Year ago

    "I did not start this war"
    No, an ape named Koba did. Don't go blaming humans for that.

  • Brady Sutliff
    Brady Sutliff Year ago

    i assumed this comment section would be racist.

  • The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association

    I'm so fucking hyped for my favorite movie series to come back you have no idea XD

  • Key
    Key Year ago

    ughh i just dont think woody fits this type of role i hope he proves me wrong

  • CommenceComments
    CommenceComments Year ago

    I clicked right there to see more and Jeremy was naked.

  • Caleb Foshee
    Caleb Foshee Year ago

    I liked the trailer. The first two movies I have thoroughly enjoyed, so I'm looking forward to this one.