Casually Explained: Evolution V - Millennials vs Baby Boomers

  • Published on Jun 29, 2018
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    Last in the evolution series for a while! Also please credit me if you make a global warming themed battle royale. Find me here too:
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  • AlbaTross
    AlbaTross 6 hours ago

    As someone who's maining as the aspie class yet trying to adopt a more neurotypical playstyle and who can't afford to leave the tutorial level, this game is quite difficult. I even ended up buying a second post-secondary DLC pack, albeit with a greater understanding of what I wish to do with it. With any luck I will finally be able to move to the next stage. I really want to take my time with co-op, but I'm getting to be a higher level than most female players in my circle, and I'm increasingly pressured to try it a second time (as it didn't work out the first time). You never mentioned the car DLC and the gas and insurance MTs, not to mention the periodic hobbies tax that's completely self-imposed and occurs at least 10x more often with the aspie class, but heck if I was going to pass on that collector's edition.

  • ryler05
    ryler05 2 days ago

    I disagree the Baby Boomer coop is easier way easier.

  • Crank Lab Explosion - lab central

    Boomers will die of old age. We will die of the climate change they started.

  • Scott Singley
    Scott Singley 5 days ago

    I'm strongly conservative...HOWEVER....I will say that my parents and the entire baby boomer generation have EXHAUSTED our economy and the financial futures of the rest of us coming after them. Not specifically pointing BLAME or fault finding but they have enjoyed a massive amount of opportunities that existed during THEIR TIME but not ours. One example is buying a house and having sufficient credit to do so. Interest rates and GREED have sent my generation into financial OPPRESSION. I will never be able to retire now because of these levels of greed becoming much stronger. They own a house they paid $120,000 for back in the 80's. Now that same house would cost about a half MILLION. Job opportunity is DRASTICALLY different now too. If you don't get some kind of degree you are SCREWED in this country and sometimes not even that is enough because of the levels of GREED. Baby boomers have enjoyed major success and yes they worked hard for it BUT many have left their children and family members behind for GREED. It's a very subtle kind of greed that exists under the guise of RELIGION AND RETIREMENT. Retirement has become so corporatized I've watched my own parents sell out to it. An example of this is them giving their house to a MEGACHURCH that doesn't need ANYTHING given to it because they produce MILLIONS of dollars every month. Call it charity etc etc but the truth behind it is baby boomers would see their own children starve to look good to their social clubs and societal status. I'M ALL FOR CAPITALISM....BUT we have a serious greed problem in this country and economically careers and jobs just don't help the traditional family anymore. If the people behind all this shit aren't careful they will start a revolution against themselves because people are sick of being left behind because of the greed of others ;)

  • Dave Tarwater
    Dave Tarwater 7 days ago

    Try force quitting.

  • Adam yusuf
    Adam yusuf 8 days ago +1

    Where can i download this mmorpg?

  • Polly Sage
    Polly Sage 9 days ago +1

    Global warming is not a bug, its a new feature for a new expansion pack for global pvp

  • MegaAirplanelover
    MegaAirplanelover 10 days ago

    I am a millennial with a millennial older brother, gen x mom, and boomer dad. Please dont make me verse against my dad. I prefer a millennial vs gen z video

  • Pseudo Nostalgia
    Pseudo Nostalgia 10 days ago

    What if we just all log off

  • _ Blackwidow _
    _ Blackwidow _ 11 days ago +2

    Video should be updated with Gen Z

  • Budda Kream
    Budda Kream 11 days ago

    I just hit level 19 and my host is trying to get me to start my own group but all my subscriptions keep me at a standstill. What do?

  • Sum random Do0d
    Sum random Do0d 11 days ago +2

    I know this is off topic but I was automatically put into the “world war one” server, my co-op players keep over engineering the “A7V heavy tank entity” how do I stop this?

  • Batman r.
    Batman r. 12 days ago +3

    "the early game favours millenials" the early game........ youre a legend

  • Dusty Muffs
    Dusty Muffs 13 days ago

    Actually mad at you for saying "Okay Google"

  • GamerMomRenn
    GamerMomRenn 13 days ago

    The Devs could easily fix the high cost DLC by putting all the information taught in Universities online where its easily accessible by any US citizen (using their SSN as a login) and firing all but the best of educators who get lots of views on said online platform for their subject. The university dlc is such a ridiculous Ponzi scheme as is it's a wonder no one notices. XD

    • The Hidden Ninja
      The Hidden Ninja 12 days ago +1

      So true!
      Here in the England server, tuition is £9k per person per year, and that's a debt you have to live with for up to 30 years.
      And the content is literally identical to books we can find for free in a library

  • Dankelodeon
    Dankelodeon 13 days ago +1

    Who got this tutorial stage?! I took damage a ton! Lol

  • vadeas nether
    vadeas nether 13 days ago +2

    I thought the global warming bug was being left to millennials/Gen Z to give bug feedback and solutions.
    At least that's what the Devs seem to be counting on.

  • AEO Co
    AEO Co 13 days ago

    Dude the way you presented this is brilliant!

  • Torrence Kelley
    Torrence Kelley 13 days ago

    yea this makes sense to me

  • Ellen Huang
    Ellen Huang 14 days ago

    So what you're saying is baby boomers raised a bunch of wrecks. Due to selfishness & ignorance, the baby boomers and their off spring have F'ed up the earth. Now with the combo of BB and off spring, they've raised millenials in said F'ed earth now blame us for the way we are. If BB are going to criticize us, let's make it a fair game. Isnt RBG also in your time? Al Gore? Dr King? They did amazing things. What have BB done to contribute to the earth? Pollute? Rigged politics in to a swamp in their favour? Steal from foreign nations? Fight in pointless wars?

  • Brandon Gonzalez
    Brandon Gonzalez 14 days ago +4

    "-Also usually for the rest of your playtime." Jesus dude lmao

  • welletjes01
    welletjes01 15 days ago +1

    4:56 Triggered

  • robot- sensei
    robot- sensei 15 days ago +1

    What about gen z baby's

  • Philip Driver
    Philip Driver 16 days ago +1

    Why don't the devs make collage fucking affordable like seriously 40,000 dollars for yale.

  • TheGameDragon
    TheGameDragon 16 days ago

    When you said ok Google it opened Google assistant

  • errorNaN
    errorNaN 16 days ago +2

    Or you got to play test the Vietnam mappack... Also usually for the rest of your game time

  • Josh DePaola
    Josh DePaola 16 days ago

    Im that player who just wants weed

  • Jame$
    Jame$ 17 days ago

    lmao, dis was mad funny

  • space monkey
    space monkey 17 days ago

    when you select doomer as your setting at start of the game you get one of those messages that say are you shure? really? ok youre funeral and you fail a quest get kicked out of whatever stage you are in and left to grind in multiplayer or start a new game..... boomer settings are basicaly a cheat code from the back of a magazine houses and cars cost nothing it worked then but its patched now

  • Adamin
    Adamin 17 days ago

    I'll take the weed dlc ples

  • Akis Mou
    Akis Mou 18 days ago

    i lold hard. excellent explaination

  • Spencer Gallucci
    Spencer Gallucci 18 days ago +2

    You activated my Google when you said "okay google" lol

  • Shark Bait
    Shark Bait 18 days ago

    Hey BOOMER, where is my *affordable housing*?

  • _ileana777 ileana
    _ileana777 ileana 18 days ago

    You should do Gen Z vs Millennials

  • Consumers perspective
    Consumers perspective 18 days ago

    Reduce subscription fees for everyone, rich can build businesses and employ people, while middle and lower classes get reduced taxes as well to help the economy.

  • Tym the Slav
    Tym the Slav 18 days ago +2

    In a nutshell: they are polar opposites of each other and are both mostly awful

  • ferry octavian
    ferry octavian 18 days ago

    Im at lvl 22 and about to retire

  • Walter White
    Walter White 19 days ago +2

    when I was playing the college dlc, my game was given the depression update.

  • Matthew Mazzetti
    Matthew Mazzetti 20 days ago

    I think this weed idea has merit.

  • O-Ren Ishii
    O-Ren Ishii 20 days ago

    I never asked to play the game though I just kinda of showed up and forced to pay for game time...

  • O-Ren Ishii
    O-Ren Ishii 20 days ago

    So does being a criminal or homeless make you a hacker since you refuse to obtain subscription based game time legally?

  • MyHowHowHow
    MyHowHowHow 20 days ago

    6:12 I see what you did there

  • overlayerxzy39ofganing

    Ancap Earth

  • Aaron Schaffer
    Aaron Schaffer 21 day ago

    “And some just want weed”😂

  • Rob Shaw
    Rob Shaw 21 day ago +1

    "need college or university dlc to get a good career" NEEEEWWWWWWBBBB LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL git gud you try hard.

  • Moon血液
    Moon血液 22 days ago

    Is this TierZoo?

  • weapons wheel
    weapons wheel 22 days ago

    Baby boomers didn’t live in the time of dab carts and juuls so we win

  • Hyder Hadi
    Hyder Hadi 23 days ago

    such a shitty sandbox...

  • subscribes
    subscribes 23 days ago +1

    Millenials vs gen z pls

  • Kurthan Tatari
    Kurthan Tatari 23 days ago

    The higher levels had it easier in general because when they were growing up because right after the new patches following the WWII Expansion,
    all the players in the U.S server had strong national pride, healthy family mods that allowed for low level players to grow up without distraction from the new social media and mass communication content that the Devs forced new players in the 21st century to have to deal with, which confuses them and made life quests seem less satisfying and pointless. The Devs also didn’t manage the University Degree perk system correctly and allowed the high players who owned the universities to jack up the price relative to the game’s internal inflation meter by guaranteeing loans, and now players have to pay 1500% more for the same quality content that higher level players got to play through the 1950s-80s.

  • Snoop Doge
    Snoop Doge 23 days ago

    they need to change the tutorial, its like a minecraft tutorial but the game is call of duty.

  • yit the yak ,
    yit the yak , 23 days ago

    the university DLC costs way too much

  • Cuprous
    Cuprous 23 days ago

    Tier Zoo.

  • Duno
    Duno 23 days ago

    omg this is so accurate when I compare me with my brother 😄

  • Vos Gaming
    Vos Gaming 24 days ago +65

    The California map pack is gradually raising its subscription fee

    • GamerMomRenn
      GamerMomRenn 11 days ago +1

      Well, yeah. Anyone you talk to here thinks the price is bogus, but if you think about it they have no choice but to raise the costs because it's the favored server. It's got a lot of people so when you get to the multiplayer part of the game it's a lot easier to build your own faction/guild, the weather temperatures (at least near the ocean anyway) are set somewhere between not cold enough to snow (which I hear is a pain to deal with and drive in) and not hot enough to melt your character. Well, that last is a really fine balance and sometimes some sort of glitch sweeps through and raises the temp higher than normal, but even still it's not as bad as some maps. The only natural disasters they've got checkboxed are Earthquakes, Fires and Tsunamis (if you live near the beaches) so if you're lucky/prudent you can do your homework map-wise and only settle on the parts of the map that are the least likely to encounter any of those problems (unless you are particularly keen to have your character die in a spectacular fashion).

    • JayDee
      JayDee 21 day ago +1


  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 24 days ago +1

    why don't the devs just do a server -nuke- wipe and start fresh

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 24 days ago

    Terrible video, just going on about some dumb video game when the title promised a cross-generational debate about the theory of natural selection

  • Fruit y pebbles
    Fruit y pebbles 24 days ago

    I'm in lvl 15 with a skill tree expansion planned to skew towards the modern day Vietnam dlc if Iraq. As of right now I'm having issues figuring out the social skill tree and accidentally got hit with the crippling anxiety debuff, any ideas on how to rebuff myself back into a normal status again. Any qdvice for the social skill tree is also greatly appreciated. Let's go gamers.

    • Izaiah Creager
      Izaiah Creager 23 days ago

      What you need to do is start a questline called "get help". You need to find a psychologist npc and start from there. It costs a lot though, so either convince the host to pay for you, or go to a party gathering and secretly kill someone for the inheritance drop.

  • José Ancapdolf Hidler

    This is the most uninformed video I've ever seen

  • D0lmyke
    D0lmyke 24 days ago

    I want the devs to bring my parents together :(

    PARADOX 24 days ago +1

    5:05 nice ass

  • Operation317
    Operation317 25 days ago


  • cheesegrits
    cheesegrits 25 days ago

    Dear Dev,
    I'd like to delete my account please

  • Dr Squiggly
    Dr Squiggly 25 days ago

    Lol, so accurate, love it

  • MoserThe Hue
    MoserThe Hue 25 days ago

    this video feels like a tierzoo video

  • xXBlackKZoruaXx
    xXBlackKZoruaXx 26 days ago

    What is this tier zoo

  • onezerotwofour
    onezerotwofour 27 days ago +1

    Tinder isn't that easy.
    I still haven't gotten 1 real match this year. One was an accidental super like but that didn't lead to a fulfilling relationship.

    • MattDSTNY
      MattDSTNY 26 days ago

      Well, it is RNG after all. It's a bit of a grind but makes the game more interesting in the long run.

  • Henry Kreemer
    Henry Kreemer 28 days ago

    U copied tier zoo

  • TrueDiamant 777
    TrueDiamant 777 28 days ago

    Why don't the devs just erase me

  • K Canada
    K Canada 28 days ago

    You could playtest the middle east map pack, but PvP is on there and most of the clans in the area will shoot you if your not in the same guild, hell even if your in the same guild

  • Shayar Vakil-Gilani
    Shayar Vakil-Gilani 29 days ago +15

    honey... also a good spread 😂😂
    How did I JUST discover this channel

  • Aeiges Robo
    Aeiges Robo 29 days ago

    The university dlc + micro transactions is too real and also a scam

  • Le Bouteur
    Le Bouteur 29 days ago

    It seems *Casually explained* took the style of *Tier zoo*

  • Paola Caten
    Paola Caten 29 days ago

    Boomers and Millennials both suck

  • Cammand veil
    Cammand veil Month ago +2

    If you raise the salary cap, the inflation bug will get worse, the middle class of players salary caps will remain the same, thus patching out the middle class, only leaving low cash players and high cash players.

  • ComputingAsh47
    ComputingAsh47 Month ago

    And some players just want weed

  • Helskrim
    Helskrim Month ago

    Devs should stop being lazy and do something about those fucking hackers shooting up schools, make pvp only zones? I mean how hard can it be?

  • Jed san pedro
    Jed san pedro Month ago +1

    Casualy Explained: Vegans

  • Karma FPS
    Karma FPS Month ago

    honey doesnt have coupons for weed

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  • blubastud
    blubastud Month ago

    I just want weed.

  • Odasyti !
    Odasyti ! Month ago +2

    I'm grinding for the Peace of Mind dlc, but youtube's a helluva mini boss.

  • Odasyti !
    Odasyti ! Month ago

    2:07 *REPS FOR JESUS*

  • scoof
    scoof Month ago +2

    I need the rich and beauty mod. I accidentally started the game as deprived and my character creation is all screwed up. There must of been a bug in the coding.

  • Henry Garrett
    Henry Garrett Month ago

    Some players just want weed. 👍🏻👋🏻

  • Soullscape
    Soullscape Month ago +40

    Devs need to warn us of the random school purges, So i can save my game

  • CoffeeShrine
    CoffeeShrine Month ago

    i thought i was watching tierzoo

  • A Turtle Being Held Up To The Sky

    The campaign was pretty okay until Level 18 where I played co-op with another player in the Canada DLC to beat the University raid. We ended up not working well together and I realized the University raid was rigged, not meaningful or worth the effort so I went back to my starting area and have been grinding low level xp ever since. Not paying for my home base is pretty cool, but I don't get along with the mod well and the depression de-buff is pretty substantial if you stay in one area for a long time. So I'm at Level 22 and trying to find a new home base currently.

  • AsianNinjaNation
    AsianNinjaNation Month ago

    I thought this was TierZoo

  • Chris Grandy
    Chris Grandy Month ago

    Next time more time on substance and less on making it sound like life is a stupid game.

  • KoolieB
    KoolieB Month ago

    Kinda wish life was like this

  • Arjent
    Arjent Month ago

    “Some people just want weed”

  • Angelo Taormina
    Angelo Taormina Month ago

    Not sure why baby boomers are so against spawn killing

  • directfunebru
    directfunebru Month ago

    Yes, that was in fact, casual.

  • Genegie B
    Genegie B Month ago

    Oh god the leather belt....good times.... *cries*

  • Declan Hill
    Declan Hill Month ago

    The companion finding app nerfed relationship length and need for communication before the players engage in new player creation simulator, but players are still debating as to whether the nerf was intentional or not, some still aren't sure if the app is a bug or a feature.
    Other players have been reporting zero matches with the companion finding app, but that has unfortunately been deemed to be the app functioning correctly.
    Devs continue to be nowhere to be found and impossible to be communicated with directly, leading some to believe that all of the bugs and features are simultaneously working as intended.
    The boomer generation made use of ritualistic behaviours in order to garner influence from the devs but millennials remain skeptical.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Can I switch server?

  • Dovacat
    Dovacat Month ago

    The hey Google hecked with my phone

  • Juj
    Juj Month ago

    extra extra pineapple no ham.. you savage monster.

  • Aaron Tuscherer
    Aaron Tuscherer Month ago

    My Google assistant legit started up when you said "Ok Google".