Blair Witch Crowd Reaction! - E3 2019

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Blair Witch Crowd Reaction! - E3 2019
    Live from the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles California.
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Comments • 19

  • Shab Patil
    Shab Patil Month ago

    0:48 " it's got an Alan wake feel to it"

  • AetherialSoldier02
    AetherialSoldier02 Month ago

    Ok...this game is getting a lot of shit...but dammit I'm enjoying it okaaaay 😂

  • Indian.techsupport
    Indian.techsupport 4 months ago +1

    I swear to god I could hear ijustine in this clip talking at one point

  • LeVelle Coley
    LeVelle Coley 4 months ago +1

    PlayStation=State of play.
    Xbox=next e3

  • RpgBlaster
    RpgBlaster 4 months ago +8

    1:29 Please no time loop expect if this game have many endings or getting an quick bad ending after 1 hour of gameplay

  • RpgBlaster
    RpgBlaster 4 months ago +8

    The stick figure will be just like mr x from re2 remake but it wont stop chassing you until you died
    it will prevent you from staying on the same spot for too long after all its a horror movie the creature dont wait for you from getting to point a to point b

  • Rocky Bautista
    Rocky Bautista 4 months ago +13

    Was wishing more people got hyped for this in the vid but hey they sounded excited at the end- I’m pumped!

    • Dustin Maki
      Dustin Maki 4 months ago +2

      When I saw this on the live stream, the moment the news reporter said Black Hills Forest. I was like BLAIR WITCH!! I'm freaking stoked for this!! Can't wait.

  • Michael Prince 777
    Michael Prince 777 4 months ago +2

    Is it going to be released on the PS4

    • Michael Prince 777
      Michael Prince 777 3 months ago

      @Antoni Rędziniak thank you very much for telling me that

    • Antoni Rędziniak
      Antoni Rędziniak 3 months ago

      @Michael Prince 777 It will come to PS4 later, it's Xbox exclusive only for a period of time.

    • Michael Prince 777
      Michael Prince 777 4 months ago

      @Oricalescrolls thanks for the information but who knows

    • Oricalescrolls
      Oricalescrolls 4 months ago

      Michael Prince nope!

    • Daniel Antoniio Morales Vizcaino
      Daniel Antoniio Morales Vizcaino 4 months ago +6

      Michael Prince Xbox buy the studio the last E3 the game is a Microsoft exclusive SUUUUUUUUU ❣️

  • Overlord Raiden
    Overlord Raiden 4 months ago +28

    At first I was thinking slender man then outlast then I was thinking Allen wake but it was Blair witch 🤣

  • Eliiiane Mariaa
    Eliiiane Mariaa 4 months ago +72

    Me: outlast 3
    Xbox E3: Blair witch

  • Viewed This
    Viewed This 4 months ago +3

    I remember seeing this movie in the back of a pickup truck at the drive in theater. Very cool that it’s becoming a game.

  • Sincere Meteor
    Sincere Meteor 4 months ago +18

    Great upload, was hoping for a big “OHHHH!!!!!!” kinda reaction but for the most part I think it got a few people hyped for it.