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  • Mary Jerome
    Mary Jerome 5 months ago +2

    I'm from the future
    I miss sourcefed :(

  • JJ Rodgers
    JJ Rodgers 6 months ago +1

    Like if today is July 6 2017 and group nine pulled out of source fed nerd and got rid of all of now this nerds content

  • Apprentice Wizard
    Apprentice Wizard 9 months ago

    Remember when Curb Cash was still a thing?

  • SJ Ross
    SJ Ross 9 months ago

    Thank you.

  • whitegohst33
    whitegohst33 10 months ago +2

    Watching this again hit me right in the feels man.

  • Jerry Xie
    Jerry Xie 10 months ago

    When this video was linked to the final SourceFed Livestream. RIP :(

  • oO PPH Oo
    oO PPH Oo 10 months ago

    "And every day after for the rest of time"
    This is why I have trust issues T^T

  • Psimple Gamer
    Psimple Gamer 10 months ago

    Joe looks so strange clean shaven. Curb Ca$h was such an awesome thing. Every day after for the rest of time, indeed.

  • Ben
    Ben 10 months ago

    RIP SourceFed January 23 2012-March 24th 2017. You will be missed

  • Vinay Thomas
    Vinay Thomas 10 months ago

    goodbye sourcefed :'[

  • Steven Vis
    Steven Vis 10 months ago


  • Sam Hunt
    Sam Hunt 10 months ago +1

    R.I.P Sourcefed

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 10 months ago +1

    I was convinced from the start.

  • Abe
    Abe 10 months ago

    I miss curb cash

  • Phinyo
    Phinyo 10 months ago +1


  • Alex M
    Alex M 10 months ago +1

    well time ended.

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez 10 months ago +2

    I will never forget these beautiful people. I am so honored to have been able to grow up watching them along with Phil, they will always mean so much to me. Thank you for everything. I love you guys.

  • Jaron
    Jaron 10 months ago +4

    hey phil. its over, and im so sad

  • Akaneki
    Akaneki 10 months ago +2


  • David Keeler
    David Keeler 10 months ago +1

    Yea I just finished watching the stream

  • Evan Smyjunas
    Evan Smyjunas 10 months ago +5

    the rest of time, aka March, 24,2017

  • Jordynne Desrosiers
    Jordynne Desrosiers 10 months ago +10

    Watching this after the last live stream ever and I can't actually believe it's over

    • Elias Chavez
      Elias Chavez 10 months ago

      Jordynne Desrosiers "for the rest of time". I guess time had a limit

    • csquire667
      csquire667 10 months ago +1

      Yeah I know right

  • L Doe
    L Doe 10 months ago +4

    Anyone else just come from the Goodbye Stream?

  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer 10 months ago +1

    This seems completely different from what it actually ended up being like. Well, good run you guys. Rest in piece.

  • Kai Robin Courtney
    Kai Robin Courtney 10 months ago

    the rest of time huh? (sobs)

  • PokerFaceZero
    PokerFaceZero 10 months ago

    right now this show is ending

  • john smith
    john smith 10 months ago +1

    I can't believe this channel is ending

  • caraoji
    caraoji 10 months ago +1

    Bring back SourceFed! And Curb Cash!!!!

  • vegeto247
    vegeto247 10 months ago

    Man, watching the earlier videos makes the whole thing being canceled that much more painful. Sorry 2012 Phil, this ship you built eventually sinks.

  • MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer

    Turns out it wasn't "Till the end of time." It's so sad to see you guys go.

  • TheAtomicMadness
    TheAtomicMadness 10 months ago +1

    Who else intends to binge SF videos?

  • Mrsnafu57
    Mrsnafu57 10 months ago

    Feel like if we still had these hosts plus Steve Trisha and Meg we wouldn't have a dead channel now....

    • Savethefans
      Savethefans 9 months ago

      well it wasn't them leaving it was because discovery defunded them so they could better support one of their other branches of youtube channels

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts 10 months ago +3

    and now it's dead

  • BeBeVe
    BeBeVe 10 months ago


  • Pablo Rose
    Pablo Rose 10 months ago +3

    I just came from their last video

  • brandon brackett
    brandon brackett 10 months ago +3

    That last part... Apparently the rest of time was only five years rip sourcefed

  • Allizabeth
    Allizabeth 10 months ago +3

    Who came here because they found out sourcefed is ending :(

  • mario Deluna
    mario Deluna 10 months ago

    I can't believe the last video just went up, it's crazy how much it went through.

  • EveryCrazyDay
    EveryCrazyDay 10 months ago +1

    I will never forget this show. ❤

  • Daddy's Home
    Daddy's Home 10 months ago +2

    Who looked this up in 2017 as we say goodbye to Soursefed?

  • Deathgaming
    Deathgaming 10 months ago

    I remember these guys being the cast. When they left I lost interest in the channel but it's a real shame that it's ending.

  • dylan johal
    dylan johal 10 months ago

    well i guess it wasnt till the end of time

  • ComputerNerd92
    ComputerNerd92 10 months ago +3

    RIP SourceFed 2012-2017

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams 10 months ago

    And now its ending...

  • Marie
    Marie 10 months ago

    I guess time is ending now... I will miss this channel.

  • soapftw96
    soapftw96 10 months ago

    Oh ya, this is why we thought the hosts were better.

  • Johanes W.A.
    Johanes W.A. 10 months ago


  • Max Tindall
    Max Tindall 10 months ago


  • Tyler Correll
    Tyler Correll 10 months ago +4

    "every day after for the rest of time"

  • Bun Squish
    Bun Squish 10 months ago

    so sad it is ending

  • KaiTheIaniteFollower
    KaiTheIaniteFollower 10 months ago

    Gonna miss this channel.
    Stay awesome guys :')

  • Thousand Sons
    Thousand Sons 10 months ago


  • Elizabeth Kotowski
    Elizabeth Kotowski 10 months ago +1

    Watch back old source fed vids, all the memories coming sad to see it cancelled

  • Jeff Boschmann
    Jeff Boschmann 10 months ago

    RIP Sourcefed...

  • 481morda
    481morda 10 months ago

    Gonna miss this show

  • Barney Quinn
    Barney Quinn 10 months ago

    Rest in peace.

  • Thompson Thomas
    Thompson Thomas 10 months ago +1

    Oh my this was a ride 😧✌

  • Seamus Campbell
    Seamus Campbell 10 months ago +1

    I can't believe this is all ending.

  • Cam Pagnani
    Cam Pagnani 10 months ago

    Aw rip sourcefed

  • TheRealBenSoule
    TheRealBenSoule 10 months ago +4

    This makes my heart aches. This is were it all started. I wish sourcefed lasted forever.

  • Katy D
    Katy D 10 months ago +1

    Phil, you lied!!! RIP Sourcefed!!!

  • BoringMan
    BoringMan 10 months ago +183

    "every day after for the rest of time"
    or 5 years

  • Erick Salazar
    Erick Salazar 10 months ago +43

    like if you are here from 2017

  • Gingeas
    Gingeas 10 months ago +1


  • The Hh
    The Hh 10 months ago +31

    SourceFed: 2012-2017

  • Ian Lenn
    Ian Lenn 10 months ago +4

    God dammit

  • Lisa Mango
    Lisa Mango 10 months ago +1

    Unfortunately it wont be everyday ever for the rest of time. I will always come back to my fave sourcefed videos. I have been watching since this video

    • RedMinja
      RedMinja 10 months ago

      I really hope they don't delete the channel like they did with D-News, so that way we can always come back and watch these memories.

  • Gavintino
    Gavintino 10 months ago

    Rip SourceFed

  • Longurimont
    Longurimont 10 months ago

    he was so young!

  • JerDude
    JerDude 10 months ago

    RIP Sourcefed <3

  • po_pandabear
    po_pandabear 10 months ago

    just had to go back to the beginning today (I miss your beautiful faces)

  • Thatonecolorblindghost -1


  • AlexGrob_Playz
    AlexGrob_Playz 10 months ago

    R.I.P sourcefed

  • Mitch Mac
    Mitch Mac 10 months ago +1

    Everyday after for the rest of time ....aaaand CANCELLED

  • Samuel Mateo, Jr.
    Samuel Mateo, Jr. 10 months ago +3

    "Everyday after for the rest of time" Nope. SourceFed Oficially over on March 24,2017 :(

  • Fatima Vi
    Fatima Vi 10 months ago +1

    Lowkey sobbing

  • Error4815
    Error4815 10 months ago


  • Richie Basu
    Richie Basu 10 months ago

    I'm afraid it wasn't actually the rest of time :/

  • Flodux
    Flodux 10 months ago


  • Legato
    Legato 10 months ago

    It's been a good run guys...

  • David Traina
    David Traina 10 months ago

    And now it's gone... :(

  • XEN
    XEN 10 months ago

    RIP SourceFed.

  • Jordan Mac
    Jordan Mac 10 months ago +2

    "Everyday after for the rest of time" 😭😭

  • Jackson Catlett
    Jackson Catlett 10 months ago

    Damn. It's been five years and it's all over now.

  • AssassinOcelot
    AssassinOcelot 10 months ago


  • Jesse Velasco
    Jesse Velasco 10 months ago +2

    Needed to go back after the finale announcement, can't believe it's ending. This channel has influenced my life so much and it's a damn shame to see it go.

  • Delilah Fox
    Delilah Fox 10 months ago

    5 years later, the channel is ending. Sad to see it leave.

  • Gabriel Izzo
    Gabriel Izzo 10 months ago

    Dear Lord, what a legacy...

  • piratecheese13
    piratecheese13 10 months ago +1

    been a great 5 years

  • KiahRenamae
    KiahRenamae 10 months ago +3

    Had to come back to the that it's ending :(

  • cathalisnotfunny
    cathalisnotfunny 10 months ago +1

    Well shit...

  • audreyackles
    audreyackles Year ago +3

    oh my god..

  • Siddharth Soman
    Siddharth Soman Year ago

    2nd video done!!!!!

  • Rainfall
    Rainfall Year ago +1

    sheds a tear 2012 when youtube wasnt full of lizards gnomes and reaction shit fest

  • TheMrWaffelyum
    TheMrWaffelyum Year ago


  • Blue Shell
    Blue Shell Year ago +10

    Wait? There's a Joe without a beard?

  • Shanaynay
    Shanaynay Year ago

    It's been too long

  • Drudley
    Drudley Year ago


  • Riuuzaki23
    Riuuzaki23 Year ago +1

    And this, kids, is the why older is always better.... Or maybe is just nostalgia goggles.

  • Jay Z Riding a Bike

    i havent watched this channel in like 2 years.. what happened to the hosts??

    • theo wlachos
      theo wlachos Year ago

      Most of them left (job opportunities and such) but steve is still here :)