Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Video)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Everyday Life is taken from the new album of the same name, out now. Listen / buy from
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    Director :Karena Evans
    Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
    Production: Company Popp Rok
    Executive Producer: R Taj Critchlow & Director X
    Head of Production: Adam Palmer
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    © 2019 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company.
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  • Paul Bond
    Paul Bond 3 hours ago

    What a song, those lyrics,brilliant

  • ocelot salarian
    ocelot salarian 4 hours ago

    What a beautiful song. Haunting melody complemented by a reflective, heart stopping lyric which sums up the existential crisis humanity is facing. Coldplay at their very best.

  • 1K Subscribers Challenge without any video in 2020

    I comeback again and again.

    *Take me back to the start*

  • Christian Co
    Christian Co 7 hours ago

    People now tend to listen more of the tempo rather than the essence of the song.

  • Hyvana Bilo'o
    Hyvana Bilo'o 8 hours ago

    This is healing 💜💜💜

  • Mokete Tsolo
    Mokete Tsolo 13 hours ago

    South Africa Loves Coldplay... 💓🙏🏾🙌🏾

  • Janine Wörenkämper
    Janine Wörenkämper 17 hours ago


  • Suraj Rijal
    Suraj Rijal 17 hours ago

    Most underrated song ever.. it deserves billion views..

  • Bmw fans
    Bmw fans 23 hours ago

    Everyday life should be on top of the all list

  • jorge Z
    jorge Z Day ago

    So great are you. Amazing band

  • Ádám Zsoldos
    Ádám Zsoldos Day ago

    3:41 Benedict :D

  • Trout Tickler
    Trout Tickler Day ago

    Can't stop listening to this 👌🏼

  • Hubert Meier
    Hubert Meier Day ago

    Verquaster Gutmenschen-Bullshit. Unhörbar für Leute mit funktionierendem Gehirn.

  • Harshad Choudhary
    Harshad Choudhary Day ago +1

    So heart touching..beyond imagination

  • maroc buz
    maroc buz Day ago +1

    Coldplay fans from morocco

  • just Another Tuesday

    Humanity Ambassadors
    Thank you Coldplay

  • don botz
    don botz Day ago

    All song from coldplay, love

  • Giuseppe Ombelli
    Giuseppe Ombelli 2 days ago

    Semplicemente magica ..sia musicalmente che il magnifico video ..emozionante todi prov perugia italia

    FUTEBOL NA GARRA 2 days ago

    i really like Coldplay, if you can sing the song love the way you lie by rihana and eminem. I appreciate it. thankful.

  • Shakyla Ahmad
    Shakyla Ahmad 2 days ago

    I hope you will come for a concert tour to Malaysia, and I definitely will make an effort to attend to your concert. So much love in all your songs. Love you Coldplay!

  • yenikeyev
    yenikeyev 2 days ago

    Приятно увидеть столько славянских имён и фамилий в титрах. :)

  • Don't drag Nicky into your Drama again, Done.

    No mental trauma would be nice 😔, x

  • michael lyons
    michael lyons 2 days ago


  • Pamela C Tavares
    Pamela C Tavares 2 days ago

    Cold play is the best band in the world, theres no question!!

  • orked omar
    orked omar 2 days ago


  • AimOsscar
    AimOsscar 2 days ago

    Oohh ohhh, ohhh ohh,...

  • pelupss
    pelupss 2 days ago

    Chris martin piano 😊

  • Prince Osayande
    Prince Osayande 2 days ago +6

    There is my buddy reading comments and listening to the music.... hi there🙋🏾‍♂️

  • Pampa Sil
    Pampa Sil 3 days ago +1

    Masterpiece..........the feeling I got after listening to this song cannot be expressed in words

  • musicispower1970
    musicispower1970 3 days ago +1

    The piano on this song is beyond beautiful

  • Arya Pradana
    Arya Pradana 3 days ago

    Coldplay i like band you,because very nice

  • 3 d'jenggo Keluyuran


  • Deepali Singhvi
    Deepali Singhvi 3 days ago


  • Alexia Magalhães
    Alexia Magalhães 3 days ago

    que clip/projeto meus amigos!

  • Linda Impagliazzo
    Linda Impagliazzo 4 days ago

    Amo la loro musica e quello che riescono a trasmettere💗

  • Kristina Toliušienė

    Wtf, only 3mln views?

  • roshan gallage
    roshan gallage 4 days ago

    Loving band♥️♥️♥️

  • Mohamed medilla
    Mohamed medilla 4 days ago

    I am a Muslim

  • Rio Rio
    Rio Rio 4 days ago

    Chris. Has become bhpo fit. Sorry I

  • faty fij
    faty fij 4 days ago


  • Dave Rocks School of the Arts a baby

  • muntasir salman
    muntasir salman 4 days ago

    Coldplay should get 1 billion for this song but people don't understand😭😭😭😭.they just wants to fight fight and fight😣😣😣😓😓😓

  • simy mango
    simy mango 5 days ago

    Mamma mia capolavoro 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍musica divina

  • Olga Pavlichenko
    Olga Pavlichenko 5 days ago


  • Shaun89 lfc
    Shaun89 lfc 5 days ago

    Another banger from a great band.

  • Efrain Ulate
    Efrain Ulate 5 days ago

    Beautiful song, is a masterpiece. Thanks Coldplay

  • Taťurinoron Taťurinoron

    Miluju Vás!!!!

  • Titis Agustiana17
    Titis Agustiana17 5 days ago


  • Nelson Alvarado
    Nelson Alvarado 5 days ago

    This songs gives me a throws get louder I break down the city that strongholds me. My power is within in...who ever wants to join is the power of 1.

  • It's what You make it

    Coldplay and KING ISO. I could drift softly in my sleep.

  • Frahnz Music
    Frahnz Music 5 days ago +1

    Brilliant song as always! I'd be grateful if you guys could check my music out on my channel. I'm an amateur musician and I make music similar to Coldplay's early days and I could really use the feedback :)

  • tutaj nic nie ma
    tutaj nic nie ma 5 days ago

    Coldplay in 2009
    200 mln view in song
    Coldplay in now 3 mln views in "new" song :/
    This is very sad

  • Kevin Taerea
    Kevin Taerea 5 days ago

    j'adore moment de détente après une bonne journée de travail. merci 🎧

  • Autumn Ball
    Autumn Ball 6 days ago

    Love this song omg

  • Khaled Rahman
    Khaled Rahman 6 days ago

    hey man if you are here that means you have a great test in music

    KELLY ZUÑIGA NINASQUI 6 days ago +1

    🇵🇪😍❤ so beautiful

  • lior sanders
    lior sanders 6 days ago

    Coldplay is a way of life, and Coldplay is my life ;)

  • Official New Music
    Official New Music 6 days ago


  • Official New Music
    Official New Music 6 days ago

    Hello lake

  • Hicham Elouali
    Hicham Elouali 6 days ago

    Morocco! those 2 women dancing a folkloric dance by the start of the video is in the mountains of Morocco and those are the first inhabitant of Northern Africa are called Amazigh. They believe strongly in "Ubunto"!