City Dwellers Try Living Zero Waste For One Week

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Will we be able to survive a whole week without making any trash?
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Comments • 552

  • Kate F
    Kate F Day ago

    would not work where i live. no stores within an hour drive do dry goods in bulk unless you're talking 6 boxes of pasta in a cellophane wrap.

  • el basset
    el basset 2 days ago

    That girl that thinks only peanut butter is the only non animal source of protein 🙈 we have Google and oh yeah read labels

  • Eva Jabbari
    Eva Jabbari 5 days ago


  • Eva Jabbari
    Eva Jabbari 5 days ago


  • Eva Jabbari
    Eva Jabbari 5 days ago


  • Eva Jabbari
    Eva Jabbari 5 days ago

    YOU CAN GET MEAT IN YOUR OWN CLEAN CONTAINER (at least i know you can by law in california)

  • Ant V
    Ant V 10 days ago +1

    Where can I buy the sustainable alternative to the kitchen sponge ?

  • Jill Watson
    Jill Watson 10 days ago

    me watching drinking a bottle of soda☹️

  • Hayley Roche
    Hayley Roche 11 days ago

    When you see the amount of straws that get thrown out at restaurants, it wakes you up

  • A.N. Rhodes
    A.N. Rhodes 11 days ago

    Beans/lentils/quinoa/tvp all protien sources that can replace meat that you can get package free. I'm 4 dinners of 7 plant based.

  • Angela Capunong
    Angela Capunong 11 days ago

    5:47 there is a can plastic cover and a spoon and they did not mention it

  • Angela Capunong
    Angela Capunong 11 days ago +2

    I also want to do it, sadly my parents doesn’t agree(it’s not like they dont like helping environment,they aren’t just aware)😔

  • LAURa
    LAURa 12 days ago

    I am sorry this all is great but I find the all trash in a jar thing ridiculous

  • Vegan 4life
    Vegan 4life 13 days ago

    You guys really need to do research. As for protein there is tofu, beans, tempeh and tons more stuff. As for zero waste means making less waste. Reduce reuse and recycle. I was not a fan of this being on a vegan lifestyle and trying to lession my carbon footprint. And not many ppl use a masion jar for their trash and if u wanted to lession ur carbon footprint maybe try to be vegan.

  • Yayy y
    Yayy y 15 days ago

    Subtitles are all off.

  • Spider Millennia
    Spider Millennia 15 days ago

    Lentils are a good source of protein and most whole food sell them without packaging

  • Amy Sternheim
    Amy Sternheim 15 days ago

    Look around your home for tote bags, jars and bottles to reuse. If you like to grow plants reuse food containers. Don't buy stuff if you can reuse stuff you already have. You'll save money!

  • Elise'sPlace
    Elise'sPlace 17 days ago +1

    Is it weird that I want to be friends with all of them?! They all seem so nice! 🤗 It’s really refreshing to see new faces in this channel too

  • m. n.
    m. n. 17 days ago

    I’m in Suburbia San Antonio TX .
    A good step is to buy at a farmers market or join a coop and you reduce a lot of waste get things organically know your farmer ...

  • DiamondFox9
    DiamondFox9 18 days ago

    In the country you can grow your own food.

  • Ecaterina Busuioc
    Ecaterina Busuioc 18 days ago

    The worst thing about this video is that they show that it'a okay, as a zero waste living people, to use a plastic bottle as a trash bottle.

  • Tru Neilson
    Tru Neilson 18 days ago

    Thanks for doing this, a shift to low waste by everyone would help the most.

  • Megan Hutchinson
    Megan Hutchinson 20 days ago

    It’s not expensive if you’re smart with your shopping. Produce can be purchased anywhere- we go to Vallarta or 99 Ranch because the produce is super fresh and not usually wrapped in plastic. We buy bulk of certain items and you eat what’s available without packaging. Also, making more items yourself like mayo and condiments helps. We drink a lot of kombucha so I make my own which is super easy and SO cheap. We dehydrate food or freeze it if it’s overripe before it spoils. We make our own tofu and plant milks. We use cloth paper towels, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and make our own dish soap and laundry detergent. Our shower is all solid items. Check out @hellohibar for amazing shampoo and conditioner bars!

  • Melissa Louis
    Melissa Louis 20 days ago

    There is more protein in bean and legume than meat and chicken and whitout plastic

  • Abby Sunshine
    Abby Sunshine 21 day ago

    I'm litteraly drinking out of a plastic water bottle but I do own a hydro so

  • Emma Markks
    Emma Markks 21 day ago +4

    you can‘t talk about being environmentally friendly and still eat meat

    • Lex Wolfe
      Lex Wolfe 11 days ago

      But everyone being vegan or vegetarian is just as unsustainable

  • Strolling Through Life

    I love seeing the zero waste vids!

  • kyla fish
    kyla fish 22 days ago

    I just started on this journey and im so glad a lot of attention has been brought to this issue! thank you for doing this

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 23 days ago

    Its a fail if you didnt eat your poop and pee.

  • Laykan Thee Alien
    Laykan Thee Alien 23 days ago +1

    *All that money on expensive ass groceries and gas to get to wherever the hell to get them could go to WAAAAYYY better and more important things..*

  • Iamtotallynotanundercovercelebrity

    Welcome to sweden, girls, where these things have been around for decades and is a must-have in any swedish home.

  • Raquel
    Raquel 23 days ago

    I've been trying to be as low waste as I can (buying in bulk, shampoo bars, reusable utensils and bags, etc) and one thing that's a challenge is how much I have to cook. I meal prep for when I don't have time but it's definitely an adjustment to stop eating pre-packaged food.

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    I swear, these new people have
    personalities that are equivalent to watching paint dry

  • Cameron Buchanan
    Cameron Buchanan 23 days ago

    I love living in Canada where we have a major bulk food chain

  • Millie M
    Millie M 24 days ago

    I hate when it says FOR ONE WEEK 😭 why not lifeeeee

  • Christopher Colliers
    Christopher Colliers 24 days ago

    These people cry too much. This was almost unwatchable.

  • Toxic Gamer
    Toxic Gamer 24 days ago +1

    Suprised that ari didn't pop up In this video

    COCONUTANDWHAT 24 days ago

    I got my metal straws and silicone lunch boxes over 15 years ago and still going strong! being plant-based for me has made me aware of my movements.

  • J
    J 24 days ago

    Basic Vocabulary

  • Demi Sparks
    Demi Sparks 24 days ago

    3:10 it’s not expensive if you know the right way to do it

  • Demi Sparks
    Demi Sparks 24 days ago


  • Natalie G.
    Natalie G. 24 days ago

    Quinoa is a complete protein :D

  • My Imperfect Zero Waste Life

    I wish this video talked more about the city aspect of this. They all seemed able to compost easily enough, but I know sometimes that can be a challenge in the city. I'd love to know if they had any challenges and if so how did they overcome it.

  • Michelle Reap
    Michelle Reap 25 days ago

    I loved this! I think it's really refreshing to see a zero waste attempt video that doesn't harp on how expensive it is to replace all your stuff with cute reusable versions (which isn't really zero waste), or shop a expensive bulk stores. I really feel like this highlighted that even if that isn't accessible for you to spend a lot of money you can still make an impact on zero waste by being mindful of what you're consuming and making doable low cost changes.

  • ariel thanks
    ariel thanks 25 days ago +1

    i love these three??? we need MORE of them damn

  • hey mom
    hey mom 25 days ago

    I have seen a lot of single people trying this in videos & that’s great. However, I would like to see a family trying it, when the budget has to include kids

  • jw2345
    jw2345 25 days ago

    Smh y’all could’ve gone to Walmart and Target too. You can buy reusable produce bags and bring them with you. I love Whole Foods but the closest one is 2 hours away from my house.

  • Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith 25 days ago +1

    Zero waste doesn't have to be so expensive - look at your local farmer's markets! The produce there is almost always in zero packaging and local. My farmer's market also has eggs, honey, and some fish and meat. The only downside is that it doesn't run in the winter.

  • fezzyfestoon
    fezzyfestoon 25 days ago

    I love this idea and appreciate people reducing their waste, especially plastic waste, BUT it's hard not to be disappointed that there is no mention of political action or lifestyle changes. Not driving and not eating meat are vaguely mentioned, but not particularly emphasized even though they both produce/cause pretty severe environmental impacts. Moreso, individualizing the issue of waste ignores the fact that our governments as a whole are subsidizing high-waste lifestyles like the use of fossil fuels/petrochemicals (plastics) and clearcutting forests for cattle farms for beef. Corporations supported by our governemtns are the ones producing all this waste; Making individuals the only ones responsible for altering the deteriorating state of our environment absolves massive, powerful entities making these choices for us of their responsibility.

  • Julee Albert
    Julee Albert 26 days ago

    You could use a container at the delicatessen instead of buying the meat pre-packaged. Also you don't have to cut down a lot, like you can still have a trash but less of it because it is an effort of cutting down still.

  • Sarah Shae
    Sarah Shae 26 days ago

    It’s funny how she said cities are the first place with bulk stores but went online to a “Farmer’s” website 😂 Honey have you heard of farmers markets? The cities are only now catching up to the country

  • Emma Thomson
    Emma Thomson 26 days ago +1

    Freaking love these kind of videos! Save the planet and help our future

  • Exhibition Christina
    Exhibition Christina 26 days ago

    I know the grocery part of zero waste turns a lot of people away but even changing other parts of your lifestyle can be a really wonderful first step. Plus, it is a really good idea to contact your local stores and inform them about the zero waste movement and how they can cater to it. Produce sales, for example, tend to raise when they are naked instead of in packaging

  • Amanda11D
    Amanda11D 26 days ago +1

    Yeah if restaurants stopped handing everyone straws right when they get a drink it would help alot, they make foldable containers that could fit into most purses if your going out to eat instead of a foam takeout box

  • laura bittner
    laura bittner 26 days ago

    or you can use a washcloth to do the dishes and just throw it in the laundry

  • Callie Perez-Bent
    Callie Perez-Bent 26 days ago

    I work in an art supply store and I have to package everything in plastic for deliveries, all the products come in plastic wrappings and I have to give out plastic bags. I find it so hard to cut down my waste when I'm just selling it to other people.

  • amazingabby25
    amazingabby25 26 days ago

    Disabled person tries to live on zero waste...oh wait, we cant

    • J
      J 24 days ago

      amazingabby25 :(

  • Trinity Shupe
    Trinity Shupe 26 days ago +5

    half of everyone commenting hate probably doesn’t do anything to help the earth as well🤡🤡

  • Dani G.
    Dani G. 26 days ago

    I appreciate the effort but seems like the grocery was not done right, so expensive, and those stored have lots of coupons. Bulk is cheaper and rural environments are way better for zero waste than the city... But getting better.

  • typo queen
    typo queen 26 days ago

    not to be harsh but these girls are a bore to watch/listen to.