Author Josh Malerman on BIRD BOX at Midwest Literary Walk 2015


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  • Cody Naethe
    Cody Naethe 16 days ago

    Soooo Lovecraft, or junji ito, or Stephen king, or twilight zone, or guillermo del toro, or bloodborne etc. got it.

  • ttombow
    ttombow Month ago

    The root tried saying it was about white supremacy and Forbes said it was about unwillingness to be a mom lol those people get paid to research and write and they still could look it up in 5 minutes and find out what it meant or they did and hoped others wouldn't so they could spin it to fit what they wanted lol I wish people would just let us enjoy the entertainment or at least do their job right

  • MrWillthechief
    MrWillthechief Month ago +1

    Why is infinity hunting and killing people? Why is it coming out of no where? Why did it show up at this time? Why are “Blue Birds” specifically agitated by infinity? Why does it drive you crazy to the point you kill yourself and not just crazy? How do you miss something that’s infinite?

    • B real
      B real Month ago +1

      Be good if he asked those questions. But oibviously he's more famous for being in a band no one has heard of.

    • Michael Perfect
      Michael Perfect Month ago

      I think he Josh didn't really think this through, he didn't pay enough attention to the explanation his teacher gave about why do you immediately kill yourself if you imagine infinity, he just was too in a hurry and excited to write a story with the little he gathered and therefore never was able to express anything more. There are no answers to these questions, he said it himself, he just started with the mom and the kids on the boat fleeing something because he thought it was cool. Super 👍

    • RenaissanceMarieAustin
      RenaissanceMarieAustin Month ago

      Great questions. Sometimes the author themselves know not what they write. I and a few of my friends so many spiritual principles all throughout the film. Some of my friends could not make it through the film at all. To each their own.

  • Alex Bittencourt Galindo

    Just watched the movie, so the creature is not the depression as many are talking about. It's the infinite. He plainlu says it. So it's actually pretty religious since infinity is one of the attributes of divinity. We might brought a lot of conclusions from that.

    • RenaissanceMarieAustin
      RenaissanceMarieAustin Month ago +2

      Interesting. I never saw it as depression. Interesting that people see the dark force that way. My facebook page is private but I did a live last night about Bird Box and we all had a really great discussion about it. Yes I saw a lot of spiritual/Biblical principles in the movie and that does not happen often. I actually took notes. Generally tv watching is just entertainment to me.

    • BattletekHD Gaming
      BattletekHD Gaming Month ago

      +ThatGuyAnthony -_- Exactly!!

    • ThatGuyAnthony -_-
      ThatGuyAnthony -_- Month ago +1

      Infinity has connotations with mathematics and science too. Many other areas and philosophies that are not religious. Therefore, your assertion that this movie is religious based on an idealism of religious teachings is a damn reach.

    • Alex Bittencourt Galindo
      Alex Bittencourt Galindo Month ago

      +ThatGuyAnthony -_-?

    • ThatGuyAnthony -_-
      ThatGuyAnthony -_- Month ago +1

      Alex Bittencourt Galindo that’s just as much of a fucking reach.

  • dmx92145
    dmx92145 Month ago +7

    The Netflix movie brought me here.

  • K C
    K C 2 months ago

    Cool guy

  • GamingTwins
    GamingTwins 5 months ago +6

    Hometown guy. He lives down the road from me in MI. Have to get everything he wrote now. Very cool.