Kids Try 100 Years of the Most Expensive Foods

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • In this episode of "Kids Try Food", the kids try 100 years of expensive foods. Let's see how kids eat and react to raw oysters, frog legs provençale, shrimp cocktail, lobster thermidor, beef wellington with Madeira truffle sauce, truffled tagliatelle with truffle butter and shaved truffles, caviar and egg, seared foie gras with cherry gastrique, Barclay prime wagyu cheesesteak with yellow label Veuve Clicquot, Manila Social Club 24K golden Cristal Ube donut.
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    Kids Try 100 Years of the Most Expensive Foods
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Comments • 20 626

  • gumball Watterson
    gumball Watterson 7 hours ago

    Girls: i like the texture it's very nice, but then you taste weird stuff! But it's good
    Boys: TaStEs lIkE cHickeN

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    Kharin Settman 10 hours ago

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  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 14 hours ago

    Where do all these *react and compare* channels find these kids?! I don't know 13-year-olds who talk like this!

    be honest...dy? ❕❔

  • Susans Martin
    Susans Martin 17 hours ago

    That black girl is so unculture I can't even

  • GucciGamer XD
    GucciGamer XD 17 hours ago

    Bruh they got their caviar and crap while I got a (mircowaved) Costco hot dog 😂
    Also, how does that kid know what gold taste like??

  • Cade Hill
    Cade Hill 18 hours ago

    5:27 😂 wtf

  • jeff123305
    jeff123305 20 hours ago

    It makes me so sad watching the kids smaller than me eat all these expensive foods and critiquing it like their a food critic

  • emilienovember
    emilienovember 20 hours ago

    Thought the slides where you describe the food should be left on for a little longer. Am I the only one who thought they were too short? Besides from that, absolutely love the concept! Great and feel good entertainment

  • Xena Vola
    Xena Vola Day ago

    Oyster tastes salty?? I've ate them before and they taste sweet.

  • Vanessa Smith
    Vanessa Smith Day ago

    these kids are so witty! i love it

  • brandon lee
    brandon lee Day ago

    Someone make " iS tHaT ChiCkEn?!" into a meme

  • FanniChoo Chan
    FanniChoo Chan Day ago +2

    Me if I was in there: I don’t care if it tastes bad.

  • Skills with Beckett

    The beef wellington wasn't even medium rare!!!!!!! Like wut.????? Where's the lamb sauce

  • .
    . Day ago

    Expensive food nowadays burgers and chicken and chips

  • Mohammed Playz
    Mohammed Playz Day ago

    This was soo cute

  • CroSshY!
    CroSshY! Day ago

    These kids are so cringy

  • jfhf jfjf
    jfhf jfjf Day ago

    Kids are so annoying

  • Aiden Tan
    Aiden Tan Day ago

    These kids are literally deprived

  • rrsjb27
    rrsjb27 Day ago

    woah I didn’t know oysters were expensive before but now you can buy it from a can

  • Moka
    Moka 2 days ago

    American kids don’t know how to eat

  • Natasha Romanoff
    Natasha Romanoff 2 days ago +5

    The girl in pink talking about how the food tastes sounds smarter than me answering my 8th grade math test.

  • mjtn
    mjtn 2 days ago

    9:35 is that kid autistic?

  • mjtn
    mjtn 2 days ago +1

    Kid: iTs A dOnUt!!!!
    Yea ofc. What have u been eating?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 days ago

    Uncultured filth.

  • fxllingboy
    fxllingboy 2 days ago

    **eats raw egg**

    it tastes liek chiken

  • fxllingboy
    fxllingboy 2 days ago

    "OoohHhHHHH is iT a duCk??"

  • j4m3sdoesmemes
    j4m3sdoesmemes 2 days ago

    Whoever prepared that wellington should be shot.......

  • Patrick Vetter
    Patrick Vetter 2 days ago +1

    8:35 that kid catches on quickly.

  • Carson Krichman
    Carson Krichman 2 days ago

    1:56 I’m not even gonna say it

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen 2 days ago

    Foie gRRRRRRRRRas not foie gWas


    THE PUGSTER 2 days ago

    ... their anoyying

    • Mark Dope
      Mark Dope Day ago

      THE PUGSTER learn how to spell first my guy lol

  • wupperelfe
    wupperelfe 2 days ago

    I want Sydney from "Kids react"!

  • wupperelfe
    wupperelfe 2 days ago

    It's sad to see how overfed Western kids treat food that they don't know (and automatically assume they won't like it...) - it hurts to watch their table manners, too ! Who chose those children, anyway? I mean, wouldn't it have made more sense to find some kids who are more interested in experiencing new tastes?
    I was raised by my Gran during my formative years ; she fled from Eastern Prussia and spent month in a Danish camp, being hungry all the time. She taught me to appreciate food, never to take it for granted or being wasteful with it which made me the laughingstock of my class at school (I never dumped my lunch sandwich in favor of sweets).

  • Owish Football
    Owish Football 3 days ago

    I eat this on a normal basis

  • Mochi Macarons!
    Mochi Macarons! 3 days ago

    I have eaten frog legs DElicLoUs

  • smileEXE
    smileEXE 3 days ago

    im a kid and i love oysters

  • Michelle Evert
    Michelle Evert 3 days ago

    The little girls are so cutee!❤️😍

  • Logan Martinez
    Logan Martinez 3 days ago

    They are very picky and cringy

  • Logan Martinez
    Logan Martinez 3 days ago

    There all mac an cheese and hot dog white kids

  • FuSion Kryptzy
    FuSion Kryptzy 3 days ago

    6:31 this girl make me cringe alot

  • Rainbow Husky
    Rainbow Husky 3 days ago



    Wait are you guys trying to be hiho kids....................COPYCATS

  • The Puppet Master
    The Puppet Master 3 days ago


  • Karen Rubio
    Karen Rubio 3 days ago +1

    Raw oysters taste good when added salt, lemon, hot sauce (tapatio)

  • msiuqt
    msiuqt 3 days ago +4

    5:27 when she pulls ya pants down

  • TonyOwned
    TonyOwned 3 days ago

    I mean what did you expect most kids taste buds haven’t fully developed so every meat is chicken and anything out of the ordinary is gross

  • Ryan Craig
    Ryan Craig 3 days ago

    Smells like pasta hmmm wonder why

  • Zay
    Zay 3 days ago +4

    8:41 "it kinda taste like gold"
    Kevin hart: "wait we not gonna speed past that like u didn't just say what u said" 😂

  • •Quesadilla Coconut•

    A gold donut
    The epitome of fancy cops

  • •Quesadilla Coconut•

    It tast like spicy chicken

  • Sweswio
    Sweswio 4 days ago

    Damn those are cool kids

  • Hi.
    Hi. 4 days ago

    Hiho kids are better

  • DoodieHead Dood
    DoodieHead Dood 4 days ago

    "Its purple", ohhhhh my heartttttttttt💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I love that little girl :')

  • DoodieHead Dood
    DoodieHead Dood 4 days ago


    • wupperelfe
      wupperelfe 2 days ago

      DoodieHead Dood.... What makes her so adorable?! She is moody, looks super annoyed and had no clue what was going on.

  • Daydreaming Eclipse
    Daydreaming Eclipse 4 days ago +4

    "the shell or the inside?"
    The plate, sweetie

  • Victoria Le
    Victoria Le 4 days ago

    Caviar are soo good

  • Afresh
    Afresh 4 days ago

    It must have cost a lot to make this video.

  • hhjj with no videos
    hhjj with no videos 4 days ago +1

    I think oyster taste like a gigant booger

  • Araz 15
    Araz 15 4 days ago

    Theres 2 kinds of toddlers who eat food
    1: “iT tAstE likE chIcken”
    2: Takes a bite of the food and throws the food back on the plate

  • Araz 15
    Araz 15 4 days ago

    I felt like these two were not necessary especially the girl like she really cant even give any comments so like whats the point its just a waste of food at that point

  • Araz 15
    Araz 15 4 days ago

    4:04 that was painful to watch
    It tAstEs lIke ChiCkeN

  • Divine Cheese
    Divine Cheese 4 days ago

    "I've never had any sandwich with beef and cheese before" 2018
    - some random kid

  • Bootifulpuya
    Bootifulpuya 4 days ago

    *_is this chicken_*

  • M. Sama
    M. Sama 4 days ago

    4:08 *I SMELL LIKE BEEF*

  • Sam Goodman
    Sam Goodman 4 days ago


  • クリス
    クリス 4 days ago

    Half of the kids can’t even talk and they’re eating food worth more than my pay

  • Stylin *
    Stylin * 5 days ago +1

    At 5:27 close your eyes and listen

  • Lilu Dempsey
    Lilu Dempsey 5 days ago

    The girl in the pink Top should be a food conasure😂

    • wupperelfe
      wupperelfe 2 days ago

      Lilu Dempsey.... conasure?
      Try connaisseur !

  • Usksu -
    Usksu - 5 days ago +2

    “Where do I eat? The shell or the inside?”
    What the fu-

  • Marsmello fan
    Marsmello fan 5 days ago

    00:15 worlds SMARTEST DAMN KID

  • Smartgamingpotato Potatoz

    It tastes like chicken next thing u know 1 kid says it tastes like meatballs

  • Eruanne
    Eruanne 5 days ago +1

    *Okay I'm sorry but that one girl who was confused by the caviar and egg? She is like 12? Literally how did she live this long without EVER ENCOUNTERING A SOFTBOILED EGG!?!*

  • Dissolved Echo
    Dissolved Echo 5 days ago

    I wouldn't try any of these....hands up, those kids are brave.

  • Boros Ádám
    Boros Ádám 5 days ago

    6:43 WW2 flAsHbAcK

  • Boros Ádám
    Boros Ádám 5 days ago

    5:27 that kid got HiGh and got oRGaSmIc feElings

  • Jessica Chen
    Jessica Chen 5 days ago

    Gillian no 😂

  • Roman Yee
    Roman Yee 5 days ago +1

    They're wasting so much money and food, giving this stuff to kids...

  • Señor Gato
    Señor Gato 5 days ago

    we need to burn these kids.

  • Ognjen A.
    Ognjen A. 6 days ago

    Please teach your children how to hold a fork and a knife

  • Xad Person
    Xad Person 6 days ago

    They got to freakin eat caviar. Wth these kids are lucky

  • RadarBear
    RadarBear 6 days ago

    8 year old girl when eating the lobster: "why is this fluffy?"

  • X Frostbyt X
    X Frostbyt X 6 days ago

    Bruh they be eating caviar and they don’t appreciate it!

    • X Frostbyt X
      X Frostbyt X 6 days ago

      Gam Alexa it’s so sad

    • Gam Alexa
      Gam Alexa 6 days ago

      X Frostbyt X i think they dont even know what caviar is

  • Cedric Co Ting
    Cedric Co Ting 6 days ago

    Man they are so lucky

  • DqrkReacts
    DqrkReacts 6 days ago

    They ruin the egg and caviar and Wagyu sandwich and they say "Is dis ChIkIN?"

  • tatiana
    tatiana 6 days ago

    4:26 he looks like a little Shawn Mendes

  • dat one boi
    dat one boi 6 days ago

    * sees oysters*
    wE aRe GoNnA eAt ThE sHeLl oR iNsIdE?

  • Shakira Jenkins
    Shakira Jenkins 6 days ago +2

    Best reaction: 6:43
    Nvm: 8:10 and it was just a box :')

  • its saiyan
    its saiyan 6 days ago

    Lol 😂😂😂 7:21

  • Fox Dorn
    Fox Dorn 7 days ago

    I knew that was gonna be the last one

  • Paul R. Alo
    Paul R. Alo 7 days ago

    6:27 the best part.

  • Damien Villanueva
    Damien Villanueva 7 days ago


  • Lucas Michaud
    Lucas Michaud 7 days ago

    the kids IQ dropped at 5:05

  • EAce
    EAce 7 days ago

    Im taken back by the kids eating everything. I was ( and still am a bit) really picky as a kid.

  • Sara Tsang
    Sara Tsang 7 days ago

    kids just don’t know/understand what food this is

    wait a minute, i’m a kid 🤔

  • MichaelGhetto AceJackson

    1940 wasn’t a hundred years ago my great grandma was born in 1941 and she’s 78

  • Bongo Boy
    Bongo Boy 7 days ago +1

    *Kid sees foie gras*
    *iS tHiS liKe FrEnCh tOaSt?*

  • masterShifu
    masterShifu 7 days ago

    Frogs taste like chicken 👌

  • Piet Y
    Piet Y 7 days ago

    6:56 'There is alcohoo in it, right?'. 10 year old kid expects alcohol too be in his food. This kid is going places, drinking bars to be precise.

  • nmwbYwbd
    nmwbYwbd 8 days ago

    I love this.

  • Sebastian HUANG
    Sebastian HUANG 8 days ago

    although they're still young, but they could have had better taste buds, like they thought beef is chicken wtf
    what do you mean eat shells or inside, what do you think.....
    most kids here prob just too familiar with those unsophisticated junk and sugary food that is just kinda trash but ok they're kids