Pizza! Pizza! My Thoughts On Little Caesars

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Talking about the Pizza Chain Little Caesars and my thoughts thereon, I also talk about their ExtraMostBestest [sic] Extra Most Bestest Pizza as well as their Chicken Wings and Crazy Bread.
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Comments • 2 779

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  8 months ago +446

    I hope you enjoy the video! If you're interested in checking out my Amazon Store or Teespring Store you can find the info here:

    • Aaron Call
      Aaron Call Month ago

      You should try it "crazy style"

    • BIG BEN
      BIG BEN 7 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek now little ceaser has a app now and I can finally call and order what I want. I go to Little Caesars every Sunday with my grandpa .

    • Adalberto's Mexican Restaurant
      Adalberto's Mexican Restaurant 8 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek I just want to thank you for the videos you make they give me a good feeling

    • IM Just Saying
      IM Just Saying 8 months ago

      Try the meximelt at TACO BELL! It's not on the menu but they will serve it to you!!! Delicious

    • Damidas
      Damidas 8 months ago

      Can you do a video without a shirt on?

  • Patrick Mckeown
    Patrick Mckeown 10 days ago


  • Michael Garofalo
    Michael Garofalo 16 days ago

    He nailed it, because I really was waiting for that intro....

  • these BISCUITS!!!
    these BISCUITS!!! 18 days ago

    I guess they never miss huh

  • Van PastorMan
    Van PastorMan 20 days ago

    I always say, "Little Caesars is good pizza for $5." If you had to pay $13 for it you would probably go elsewhere. What's up with that glass? It seems out of place to me. But hey, to each his own. Lol.

  • David Mason
    David Mason 26 days ago

    Eating this for a meal is like putting water in your gas tank.. like you said good for the mind not the body lol

  • AJ Montero
    AJ Montero Month ago

    He called it a "pie". .... Classic NY terminology! lol !! 😅

  • The5thAstronaut
    The5thAstronaut Month ago

    Yo real talk little ceasars pepperoni cheese bread is really good with some ranch, one of the food decent foods I get there

  • wetdot
    wetdot Month ago

    this animals only chews 3 times max.

  • Mathew Berger
    Mathew Berger Month ago

    I used to work at a little caesars and hated every bit of it. Their food is made with just pure trash. They lost their quality.

  • Bob Poppins
    Bob Poppins Month ago

    Your talent is unmatched man. Idk anyone else who could sit and talk about pizza all in one take without any slip ups.

  • EchoFox 69
    EchoFox 69 Month ago

    Their Italian Cheese Bread is consistently one of the most delicious I have ever eaten and continue to eat. It is the literal definition of perfection.
    Also, the pizza and crazy bread for $6? Jesus Christ, the pizza alone is like 8 fucking dollars where I live. Wtf

  • RebelFox A.I.
    RebelFox A.I. Month ago

    Smoothest paper towel rip. Ever.

  • Walker Boh
    Walker Boh Month ago

    I'm a bit of a fan, but damn, you evaluate food items. That being said, manicure those dragon claw fingernails, you're in the presentation of food business, you must be well kept my friend, we see those nails when you eat and it needs to be checked. Just a bit of a tip ( I'm in the food industry )

  • Max mackinnon
    Max mackinnon Month ago

    Yeah buddy!!!! i love the Honesty, love the professional approach ! you are the Man!

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    I'm a GM, and I've been working for Little Caesars for about one year now. In the cheap South, that same meal is closer to ten bucks. Don't know how the hell you got it all for six, unless they discounted it for some reason.
    Also, we now have an app available for iOS and Android!

  • Christine W
    Christine W Month ago

    Wow, tell us how you really feel about their wings!!! 🍗🍗🍗😂

  • alphacino
    alphacino 2 months ago

    they do online ordering now PogChamp

  • PAZUZU93
    PAZUZU93 2 months ago

    You should review at home frozen pizzas like digiorno.

  • Rick Fontaine
    Rick Fontaine 2 months ago

    "Consumption Sequence" is going to be my next band name.

  • Eric Espen
    Eric Espen 2 months ago

    what kind of accent does he have

  • Dave Casey
    Dave Casey 2 months ago

    I'll just sit here and enjoy my $5 Lunch special while I watch this video. Mmmmmm .... good.

  • Crossfilm Productions
    Crossfilm Productions 3 months ago

    The Three Meat Treat is where it’s at

  • Alex Q
    Alex Q 3 months ago

    Now I'm hungry for pizza. Little Caesar's is one of my least favorite pizza, but damn I'd love to eat a slice right now. And I admit, part of it is because your commentary. Excellent review.

  • ReeferMadness
    ReeferMadness 3 months ago

    Why dont you wear slim fit dress clothing? Looks very loose

  • Ace D. Copular
    Ace D. Copular 3 months ago

    I'll tell you that

  • livnevi
    livnevi 3 months ago

    "it satisfies the hunger" i think that is THE most accurate quote that best describes LC's

  • PoliticalAbstract
    PoliticalAbstract 3 months ago

    Yo I honestly thought that was a green screen at first

  • Barbie's Slime-a-tory
    Barbie's Slime-a-tory 3 months ago

    This was posted one day before my birfday

  • BigC100 561
    BigC100 561 4 months ago

    you should really start eating all the food that you do reviews on

  • TwoBarBills
    TwoBarBills 4 months ago

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that this young ass dude is sitting down looking like a grandpa talking to his grandchildren looool mans even got the old man accent haha

  • suny123boy1
    suny123boy1 4 months ago

    The plant keeps moving around!

  • Tris Turner
    Tris Turner 4 months ago

    Did he say that was his meal for the DAY

  • Rakenessa
    Rakenessa 4 months ago

    Need me a freak like John - all American and wholesome.

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. 4 months ago

    I like their crazy bread the most, except sometimes they've given me rock hard inedible breadsticks.
    So it's a huge risk.

  • Stelio da Silva
    Stelio da Silva 4 months ago +1

    Serious question, no judgement or anything. To me it looks like you chew with your front teeth, it looks like your food stays in the front of your mouth instead of going to the sides by your cheeks where ones molars would do the chewing ? anyone else notice ?

  • culture045
    culture045 5 months ago +1

    Ahhh Reviewbrah showing his most tasteful of humor by putting Little Caesars’ iconic slogan “Pizza Pizza!” In the title of the video. A very risqué move, but one that paid off entirely in the end. A firm 10/10 for this video.

  • priestessmikokikyo77
    priestessmikokikyo77 5 months ago

    such a handsome young man, love his look! he looks like he time traveled from 1950's AWWW so sexy!

  • Julio
    Julio 5 months ago


  • The German Reich
    The German Reich 5 months ago

    Dad came home from work

  • Wehere323
    Wehere323 5 months ago

    Worked there and manager they’ve been giving bonuses to the stores that make the most money (aka selling pizza and wasting less products ) so that’s why most of a lot of stores has not focus on quality and quantity
    In a attempt to save money while to keep making money to get those bonuses

  • Mister Irony
    Mister Irony 5 months ago

    Is it 🅱️oneless?

  • Lorenzo Notarianni
    Lorenzo Notarianni 5 months ago +1

    Do a video on Caviar.

  • NerdimusPrime
    NerdimusPrime 5 months ago

    The sauce is really good which makes it worth it..

  • DivinexDragoonxRising
    DivinexDragoonxRising 5 months ago

    Deep dish pizza is the best fake pizza.

  • James Walker
    James Walker 5 months ago

    What a tool. Jesus effing christ, what a pretentious twit. “When I was young, in 2015”. Just suckstart a glock, and stop trying to sound like your knowledge is vast...

  • Beach Development Tips and Tutorials

    That cost 9.54 not 6.36. The ExtraMostBestest is 6.36 itself. I would know because I am a manager at a network of Little Caesars in Michigan.

  • Ghastly Grinner
    Ghastly Grinner 5 months ago

    I love Little Caesars

  • Silent_Killer71
    Silent_Killer71 5 months ago

    Who got a Burger King Ad?

  • Great Dragon
    Great Dragon 5 months ago

    I bought a 3 dollar pizza from a fake little ceasers, shit was gross as hell. only shop at real little ceasers

  • Fully Mobile XL
    Fully Mobile XL 5 months ago

    I remember the square/Rectangle pizza in elementary school and they were GODLY but when I got to middle school the classic triangle pizza taste so nasty and cheese taste fake lol. So I'm going to high school this year and let's hope the pizza is better

  • Woodrat Scix
    Woodrat Scix 5 months ago

    The struggle is real we ALL know what little Caesars looks like.

  • jesus bastidas
    jesus bastidas 5 months ago

    What state are you in? Were I live this would cost 9.50.

  • fitemecunt
    fitemecunt 5 months ago

    You look like my dad if he quit work

  • Young Legend
    Young Legend 5 months ago

    7:20 Phantom of the Opera reference

  • Black Fox
    Black Fox 6 months ago

    Этож мистер бин

  • Robin B.
    Robin B. 6 months ago

    One thing I like about Little Caesars, is that the CEO actually does some pretty charitable stuff. Fast food is always sort of a deal with the (corporate) devil, but LC is one of the lesser evils. It's not my favorite pizza, much like ReviewBrah my favorite is a local Mom and Pop pizza place, but LC is nice for the price and leaves me feeling only a little ethically guilty.

  • Eustice Scottsdale
    Eustice Scottsdale 6 months ago


  • Low Flow ;_;
    Low Flow ;_; 6 months ago

    You could sit down with this guy and talk about anything. He's just that type of guy.

  • camaro rider
    camaro rider 6 months ago

    do you like turtles?

  • Droid6689
    Droid6689 6 months ago

    Waiting for you to come out with your own paper towel brand

  • PrinceCadance
    PrinceCadance 6 months ago

    they charge 7 for just the pizza at my little caesars -_-

  • TY GY
    TY GY 6 months ago

    Btw your location very peaceful I love it thanks for the excellent content :) putting on my list to show people :) you got my sub!

  • TY GY
    TY GY 6 months ago

    Its made from California cheese. I hadd it in Mexico cuz I got my American crave and man the value is the good ol little Caesars:)

  • TY GY
    TY GY 6 months ago

    Extra most best I have every week. But damn the amount of pepperoni and quality of bread and cheese and than even the next day it taste better. Idk why but it's fucken delicious

    GAY GAY 6 months ago

    all I eat every day is one large half sausage half pineapple pizza from papa johns, been doing it since the summer of 2011. and I love it , occasianly I will skip food for a day or two. I also take vitamins and digestive enzymes. and everything is pretty much good, except my cholestral is a bit high, but not too bad.

    GAY GAY 6 months ago

    star bucks is over priced

  • Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus

    What makes the bread crazy? That you bought it! :)

  • Anne
    Anne 6 months ago

    That sofa looks so goddamn comfy.

  • Cam Hornsby
    Cam Hornsby 6 months ago

    I would have dumped that crazy bread deep into the sauce

  • Stanak
    Stanak 6 months ago


  • mmaanime doubledragon
    mmaanime doubledragon 6 months ago

    Why do I keep watching your stupid videos lol

  • David Barton
    David Barton 6 months ago

    These pizzas are never firm when I get them. Yeah they are still worth 5 dollars I guess but the customer service is always trash. I guess it isn’t fun making cheap pizza for cheap people. 😭

  • brandon anderson
    brandon anderson 6 months ago

    An extra most bestest comes with 54 pepperinis costs $6.36 and the bread stick comes in bags of 8 with butter and Parmesan that costs $2.92 with out sauce and $3.71 with sauce so his whole meal on today's standards would cost $10.07

  • brandon anderson
    brandon anderson 6 months ago

    Boo you looking nike the damn Pepperoni's on that pizza jk lol

  • DizPenguin
    DizPenguin 6 months ago

    I'm getting hungry just staring at it. :(

  • Garrett Heatherly
    Garrett Heatherly 6 months ago

    Do you practice saying food review?

  • April Mae
    April Mae 6 months ago


  • ChokeMeMistress
    ChokeMeMistress 6 months ago

    I used to manage a little caesars. It makes me sad it's not your favorite.

  • Troy Shaffer
    Troy Shaffer 6 months ago

    Who gets suace and don’t finish that zang yo.

  • Zyzor
    Zyzor 6 months ago

    Sir you have a future in broadcasting and television

  • The Shootist
    The Shootist 6 months ago

    dang but I miss James Norton,'s former Supertaster

  • Digital
    Digital 6 months ago

    Really the only reason I like his content is because he finishes chewing before talking

  • David Montiel
    David Montiel 6 months ago

    Why are your dress shirts and suit jackets oversized? Why not have them tailored or size down to have a better fit?

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 6 months ago

    Lol even this guy’s chair is too big for him 😂

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 6 months ago +1

    *G O O D* *A M O U N T* *OF* *PEPPERONI*

  • electrictroy2010
    electrictroy2010 6 months ago +1

    I think their cheese tastes like plastic (cheap). I’d rather pay 2 dollars extra for quality from Pizza Hut

  • Fortnite master
    Fortnite master 6 months ago

    9:50 that’s what she said

  • jermzdee
    jermzdee 6 months ago

    Usually he kind of nibbles, but he freaking dove into that slice

  • electrictroy2010
    electrictroy2010 6 months ago +1

    Sooooooo I tried Little Caesar’s because it was cheap, but the cheese was plstfic😒. I returned to Pizza Hut for 6 dollars (sale price)! Waaaaaaaay better quality

  • Tom Slak
    Tom Slak 6 months ago

    Of all the chain pizzas in my area, I prefer Little Caesars. Besides, a made while you wait supreme pizza for under $10 is a good deal. Same pie at Pizza Hut is twice the price and I'm not a fan of Pizza Huts sauce.

    CYCLOWL 6 months ago

    Slow simmer one bottle Franks hot sauce, two tbsp honey, and one stick butter. Dry coat the wings in Drakes. Deep fry the wings (extra crispy). Pour sauce into large bowl. Add hot wings. Toss. Enjoy the best wings ever.

  • Brainless Fool
    Brainless Fool 6 months ago

    Rat like claws

  • PraetorianZayda
    PraetorianZayda 6 months ago


  • Magoosh CS
    Magoosh CS 6 months ago

    Mid 90s? Hahahahahaha you're so lucky. 116 here with 55% humidity....

  • Happyein
    Happyein 6 months ago

    i respect you for finishing the food even if its bad

  • Outstanding Cruise
    Outstanding Cruise 6 months ago

    I AGREE there pizzas are really inconsistent with the way they are made and it seems to depend on the store location as well.Dang man when's the last time you ate????You looked like you were in starvation mode !!!!..You inhaled that slice of pizza.

  • Blaise
    Blaise 6 months ago

    I wonder how he deals with pit stains. Wearing suits all the time, even in the heat

  • Reece
    Reece 6 months ago

    That stuff will Easily give you a stomach ache.. it's the cheap ingredients... amd all the grease... Hmm maybe I want sum tomorrow 🤔

  • Morgan Wyatt
    Morgan Wyatt 6 months ago

    Your skin looks like a fillet of salmon to match the salmon hair