🚚Overland Adventure 1⚡ Testing out the 'New' Truck System

  • Published on Jul 6, 2019
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    The moment that everyone has been waiting for, this is the next Overnight Adventure and it's a wild one!
    It is the very first Overland Adventure featuring the 'New' Truck and a series of severe thunderstorms are moving into the high mountains of Virginia.
    In this trip we test out our next Overland setup, we hike some beautiful mountains, run from quickly approaching thunderstorms, see some seriously awesome lightning and enjoy hours upon hours of rain.
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Comments • 708

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  2 months ago +83

    I'm feeling the need for a Military Surplus Adventure, who is with me?
    Coming soon!

    Have an awesome weekend everyone!
    - Luke

    • chaz kyle
      chaz kyle 2 months ago

      How about a minimalist Military Surplus Adventure,. Like Poncho liner, tarp, a kabar etc. keep it lightweight and bush-crafty. Also the areas between Grayson highlands, Whitetop mountain going all the way to Damascus is some of my favorite hiking in he entire country!

    • Drunk Not I Am
      Drunk Not I Am 2 months ago

      Luke I GOTTA ask, will the lever action be making an appearance?

    • Matthew L.
      Matthew L. 2 months ago

      Indeed! Mil surplus all the way, I wanna see that improved combat shelter in action

    • Taekele Bijlsma
      Taekele Bijlsma 2 months ago

      Good idea Luke.
      I'm for it.
      Greetings from Friesland.

    • Len Ward
      Len Ward 2 months ago

      Indeed! Go for it!!!!!!

  • Boondocking Mainah's

    the dark wolf would be a killer name

  • Todd DiNezza
    Todd DiNezza 6 days ago

    Hi Luke & Susie,
    Here is my New Name Suggestion = "Stealth Beast" (Camper). The all black look is very cool and Luke's comments about those windows conviced me about including the word stealth. It even reminded me a bit of those Stealth Bombers used by our US Air Force since they are painted with an all flat black color scheme. Originally watched this on my TV with a new Roku devise instead of my usual iPad and it really makes a huge (pun intended) difference when viewing the scenery you capture in your videos. Really made it seem like I was along for the trip! Thanks again for sharing this video.

  • Christine kilar
    Christine kilar 16 days ago

    Thinking of yins, stay safe and hoping Dorian stats out in the ocean. 8/30/19

  • Matt Howard
    Matt Howard 20 days ago

    Love the rock warrior and Leer cap combo! The cloth liner in the cap cuts down on condensation. I got some AMARS USB powered globe string lights in warm white on amazon for $13- that are bright but easy on the eyes, 33 foot long string, so you can loop them inside and still have leftover to drape outside, and run a long time on a battery bank. Tres amigos off road club has a good video on how he set up his leer cap on his Tacoma. Some good info there. Good choice of vehicle Luke ! Looking forward to the journey!

  • JON H
    JON H Month ago


  • david brinklow
    david brinklow Month ago

    Call the truck razor beast

  • Solaria Solarius
    Solaria Solarius Month ago

    Call it "Rocky", yo. Perfect. Good choice yall! Keep up the good vids! Yall Rock!

  • David Solomon
    David Solomon Month ago

    you were wondering about lights in the rear, get some of those puck lights from harbor freight when they're free with purchase.

  • Peter D
    Peter D Month ago

    just zilla for short....

  • lilwayne212s
    lilwayne212s Month ago

    Name it Rocky

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Month ago

    You could add some Chinese 18650 thermoplastic COB flashlights as camp lights inside. You could bring extra batteries or flashlights and then recharge them when you get home. The put out a lot of light. www.ebay.com/itm/T6-LED-Flashlight-COB-Torch-USB-Charging-Lamp-Lantern-18650-6-Modes-Light-M3/142999021287?hash=item214b67e6e7:g:P8oAAOSwpp9avIj2

    SWAMPHUNTER644 Month ago

    Someone else already suggested a canopy.. Whether a pole frame with ropes and stakes or a stand alone patio canopy needs testing. I suggest something with mosquito netting to keep flies, black flies, and mosquitoes out of the truck. Transitioning the fly to the cap may require some duct tape or a short blue tarp and binder clips. You definitely need some way to cook meals during an all day rain and to sit in lawn chairs to eat. You can get netting for an awning of a cabin tent. I used several blue tarps for cold or windy wet weather held on by binder clips. Overlap them 2-3 ft, for a door.. An LP stand alone gas stove makes cooking easier, provides some early morning heat and also provides a source for a buddy heater. It can be used for a griddle for pancakes, French toast, etc. as well as accessory grills. For cooking on the tailgate, I recommend a sheet of heat resistant Masonite which you can set a hot pan on and is easy to clean. It also protects your tailgate. Plywood can be washed down if painted but isn't heat resistant. You can bring several large ceramic or fired clay floor tiles to set hot pans on. A backsplash of heavy plastic keeps bacon grease off your gear and can be thrown away. A indoor/outdoor carpet under the canopy keeps your sleeping area cleaner. A stool makes getting in and out of the cap easier. Put a light inside the canopy.

  • Steven McElyea
    Steven McElyea Month ago

    I would just stick with The Beast.

  • Raymond Ussery
    Raymond Ussery Month ago

    Black Knight....ohhh yeahh!🤗😎

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona Month ago

    No camp blanket for Okami?

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona Month ago

    UCO has some great lights or mpowered.

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona Month ago

    Okami means wolf in Japanese.

  • Morris Shipman
    Morris Shipman Month ago

    I talked to your brother today at Lowe's It's told me to check out this video. We Skyped back and forth for about 30minutes I'm talking about videos and going hiking. Keep up the good work I love watching

  • Morris Shipman
    Morris Shipman Month ago

    Fantastic video.

  • Travis Boley
    Travis Boley Month ago

    Does "Thirsty" (my name vote, I also drive a tundra) have a duel battery set up? We use the green home Depot brand 18v fans for portable use. We hang ours over head in the rtt and get a solid 6+ hours on low.

  • Terry A. Brewer
    Terry A. Brewer Month ago

    Looks like an amazing time. Going to have to make that journey myself soon.

  • goodbi99
    goodbi99 Month ago

    Awesome trip guys. Congrats on the new truck.

  • Jeroen van Achterberg Outdoor

    You know it's going to be good when the truck's a Toyota!

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy Month ago

    Overdrive off the back of transfer case or change both sets of gears with 4WD low it’ll go almost anywhere and most GM 4WD ratios are 3.73
    Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy Month ago

    BLOT Bacon, Lettuce, Onion & Tomato with Miracle Whip and a couple drop of a BBQ or steak sauce
    Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California

  • asbestomolesto
    asbestomolesto Month ago

    What's in that "Special blend"? ;)

  • Just Jen
    Just Jen Month ago +1

    You should name the truck wolverine

  • PS 400
    PS 400 Month ago

    Already 8 years old

  • SpecsPro
    SpecsPro Month ago

    Name it Sherlock(year) or Tiburon(Shark). I love the Tundra and I wish I had mine still, but not so echo friendly or wallet friend in Seattle Traffic.

    DARIN COX Month ago

    Id name the truck Tundra

  • scooter041031
    scooter041031 Month ago

    For trips like that look into some sort of roof rack system. Then add an awning to it. Essentially it's a tarp attached to the truck. Also lots of different RTT options out there to have some more space in the truck. If you want some more info on DIY roof rack set ups let me know there are some really good ones out there using some aluminum t-slot extrusions.

  • April Harwig
    April Harwig Month ago

    I am late to this but Beast is a perfect name....Suzie is your beauty and the truck is your beast

  • Dean Graham
    Dean Graham Month ago

    For such a colossal vehicle its got to be "Titan"

  • Berlin502
    Berlin502 Month ago

    What are the deployment bags?

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B Month ago

    Damn what with the overlanding crap theses days... people act as if its a new thing.... it’s just a road trip or camping trip like normal people call it. But “overlanding”I guess is the new puppets trend?

  • Miceal Adams
    Miceal Adams Month ago

    The Black Beast.

  • Zack's hiking channal

    name it falcon

  • bigfatno
    bigfatno Month ago

    Neat trip with Susie!
    Here's what you need for inside the truck: smile.amazon.com/Mirror-Disco-Lights-Decorations-Accessories/dp/B0758VTGHM/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=mini+disco+ball&qid=1563780783&s=gateway&sr=8-3
    Camping in the rain is always good as long as you can stay dry.
    Thanks for sharing your over night adventure.

  • puggle mic pug pug
    puggle mic pug pug Month ago

    Black Panther

  • MidnightModder
    MidnightModder Month ago

    This evening I tried to fill up a weedeater but there was extra pressure in the gas can so I got fuel all over my pants. And my guess for the sandwich is Ham and Cheese. It's basic and it's the sandwich I've most commonly eaten and seen.

  • Eli the pit master
    Eli the pit master Month ago

    I would have never gotten rid of that Chevy. Crying shame.

  • Josh Archer
    Josh Archer Month ago

    Regarding the camera - the main thing I noticed was the bitrate seemed way lower. There was quite a lot of pixelation in some of the leaf canopy shots, enough to notice it before you mentioned the new camera. I have G9 and agree the Panasonic autofocus is not that great!

  • severecracker
    severecracker 2 months ago


  • Mike Cape
    Mike Cape 2 months ago

    You two are awesome... great video.

  • Shaws on tour
    Shaws on tour 2 months ago

    That is one sweet truck Luke!! Greetings from a fellow outdoorsman from the U.K.
    I think Shadow would be an awesome name for your new ride, matches the colour and goes everywhere with you 👌🏻, enjoy, stay safe and have fun mate.

  • Mike Cape
    Mike Cape 2 months ago

    Wow, that's beautiful country, but it looks similar to where I spend my weekends and most of the Summer in NW CT, oh right on the Appalachian trail...that must be it...

  • joe bennett
    joe bennett 2 months ago

    Luke I think black Betty would work good, something you can do to help stop the rocking during windy weather is use a couple of adjustable stands that are used for campers to keep them stable #togr

  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S 2 months ago

    I swear you Americans are obsessed with gigantic vehicles. The Toyota hilux that we commonly have here in Aus looks tiny compared to this.

  • Paul Truslow
    Paul Truslow 2 months ago

    I have the Crewmax version of the Rock Warrior and the entire back window rolls down so you can have a pass thru into the cap. They make foam seals to go between the cap and the cab! You could also make a tarp/ tent setup that would allow you to keep the tailgate open and zip up the back for a cooking space a yard or so past the tailgate!

  • Silver Bucket 804
    Silver Bucket 804 2 months ago

    Great video, glad to see yall get into overlanding. My wife and I started doing it about a year ago, I bought a high rise camper shell for the dodge and we did a nice build in the back. We had alot of trials and found what was best for us,we even have ac in the back! Have fun!

  • Shum
    Shum 2 months ago

    Why not name it "Squirrel?"

  • Matt Spencer
    Matt Spencer 2 months ago +1

    after all those beans, better include a roof vent in the new setup.

  • S ,L L
    S ,L L 2 months ago

    Im glad you stuck with Toyota, I have a mk3 Rav4 in the uk, takes me wherever i want to go and totally reliable. Love Toyota will never let you down, even if you ran over a mine, lol. All the best keep up the good work, enjoy the truck, Jealous.

  • Dawrongguy
    Dawrongguy 2 months ago

    Name it "Big Bear"

    • Richard Gray
      Richard Gray 2 months ago

      I also like Bear... but just Bear there is no reason to add big all bears are big...

  • Ann Wolfe
    Ann Wolfe 2 months ago +1

    What are the three bags that you have the gear stowed in?

    • Ann Wolfe
      Ann Wolfe 2 months ago

      @joe bennett I went back and saw that. Thanks for letting me know.

    • joe bennett
      joe bennett 2 months ago

      Ann Wolfe Luke said in the video they are called deployment bags used for carrying troup equipment when going into the field

  • Jessy S
    Jessy S 2 months ago

    Good video! Like truck camping and always enjoy when Susie is in it.

  • John Stafford
    John Stafford 2 months ago

    I have the exact same Toyota Tundra with a LEER canopy. I have a Smittybuilt XL rooftop tent.. Did a shakedown camp run in Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona, worked out great.

  • B W
    B W 2 months ago

    that's a sweet rig my friend we don't have them here in aus that is so cool
    call it the crow

    • Jimmy S
      Jimmy S 2 months ago

      B W Imports for sure. 100% on the land cruiser, was going to say exactly the same to you. Especially for that kind of coin.

    • B W
      B W 2 months ago

      Jimmy S must be imported ones if they in aus
      I like how its trd but i still think id get a land cruiser tho

    • Jimmy S
      Jimmy S 2 months ago

      There are a few available on Carsales but they are around 100k!

  • shamoos outdoors
    shamoos outdoors 2 months ago

    Me too I am feeling the need to get but pa is very 🐍 this time of year. After a wet copperhead bite I am still leary to go into snake country