Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Gal Gadot Impression


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  • Dusty Red
    Dusty Red 23 hours ago +1

    she's really not that special...

    • Jonathan Orenday
      Jonathan Orenday 19 hours ago

      Oh shit get ready for those comments....
      You know what I'm talking about right?

  • Pars Kick
    Pars Kick Day ago

    Sorry but not even in the same league as Kristen Wiig.

  • Chris Papamitrou
    Chris Papamitrou 2 days ago

    I wish she told gals story

  • JigsawJay007
    JigsawJay007 2 days ago +1

    Wow shes good looking

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 4 days ago

    How in the FUCK is Fallon still on and Arsenio lost his show??!

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore 4 days ago

    her impressions are awful... don't get all the futz ...

    STORCK 4 days ago


  • ctdvargas
    ctdvargas 6 days ago

    jimmy fallon might be thee fakest person on late night and that aint easy to do...

  • macy lawler
    macy lawler 8 days ago

    I want to marry the both of them

  • chrisfi3d C
    chrisfi3d C 9 days ago

    3:29 - slight touch to let her know not to go on with it.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 10 days ago

    Jimmy, can you please STFU!

  • varun rajput
    varun rajput 13 days ago

    Gal Gadot has so much more energy than tht !!

  • Vikas
    Vikas 14 days ago

    I thought her hair was stuck in the desk

  • S.E. Hunt
    S.E. Hunt 14 days ago

    If that guy smacks the table one more time please somebody take him out

  • CavemanJesus4Life
    CavemanJesus4Life 15 days ago

    Everyone check out Kate McKinnon reaction with Nina Hartley. It is one of the funniest things you will see Kate do. She literally gets....

  • Qwa'ha Xahn Vahla ha'nesh

    She's the American Tatá Werneck.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 days ago

    Kate is so awesome! She’s not funny at all and her impersonations are terrible but she is cool. There’s something about her. Maybe it’s that I want to fuck the gay out of her. Def not funny though.

  • Rimsha Khalid
    Rimsha Khalid 21 day ago +1


  • On 2Wheels
    On 2Wheels 21 day ago

    Kate reminds me so much of my HS drama teacher. But he's a guy...


    I've got a crush on genius Kate Mckinnon. When she wants to be she's just gorgeous.

  • Dolzadolza
    Dolzadolza 22 days ago +1

    I feel like most people watch the show despite Fallon, not for him

  • Carole Elijio
    Carole Elijio 23 days ago

    I just love this woman. She’s incredible!

  • Neuro Soul
    Neuro Soul 24 days ago

    When two people with ADHD have a conversation ha ha

  • Fuzzy Butkus
    Fuzzy Butkus 24 days ago

    Well guys we lost her to the other side. She loves the hole and not the pole, but she’s funny as hell.We’ll get the next one.

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 25 days ago

    LET HER SPEAK !!!!!

  • Sliiim Cridder
    Sliiim Cridder 25 days ago

    Hold up.....she was listening to an audio book by Hillary Clinton??? 😔

  • Sally Yip
    Sally Yip 25 days ago +2

    Her impression is brilliant.

  • Biswajeet Sahu
    Biswajeet Sahu 27 days ago

    Favourite comedian

  • winehousedrunk
    winehousedrunk 27 days ago

    I believe that Gal Gadot doesn't mind that Israel grossly abuses Palestinian human rights, or am I wrong. And I believe that Hillary Clinton is a corporate democrat who sold her power to big money, so she's actually a default Republican, or am I wrong. So I believe that Kate's admiration for these women is wholly inappropriate, or am I wrong. I believe that I'm right. Which doesn't take away anything from Kate's comedic genius, because she is fantastic.

    • cere tomer
      cere tomer 7 days ago

      Yes...………………………...you are wrong.

  • Niggo
    Niggo 28 days ago

    Eww Hillary

  • Duarte Silva
    Duarte Silva 28 days ago

    He starts clapping randomly and laughing when she's explaining something. It is funny, but not to the point where Jimmy starts clapping

  • unclematt3
    unclematt3 28 days ago

    My Lord, is Jimmy Fallon freaking annoying.

  • Drop Bear
    Drop Bear 28 days ago

    I suddenly really want a red suit

  • winston smith
    winston smith 29 days ago

    100% lame and unfunny.Only the people who watched the new Ghostbusters think this woman is funny.

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  • Selina
    Selina 29 days ago

    She’s gorgeous

  • juan
    juan 29 days ago

    I hate how fake these interviewers are obvious af

  • schnuff
    schnuff Month ago

    why do these people glorify hillary clinton? i dont get it.

  • Cobra Rising
    Cobra Rising Month ago

    I'm sincerely sorry Jimmy, I know what you do is hard AF, but PLEEEAASSEE for the love of god shut up when the guest speaks.. You're like that one annoying person you find in a crowd that thinks they should help us finish our sentences

  • Sim Won
    Sim Won Month ago

    does the host know that we are there to hear the guest speak, not him interrupting all the time wtf

  • radha ramani vasam
    radha ramani vasam Month ago

    Jimmy needs to listen, instead of interrupting every second,

    • radha ramani vasam
      radha ramani vasam Month ago

      Kate observes and imitates, that is how she does SNL skits of various famous people. And that is Kate's talent. :)

  • shiva premparvathy
    shiva premparvathy Month ago

    Love u kate 😍

  • Brandi White
    Brandi White Month ago +5

    I was so turned on when i watched wonder woman Gal is so sexy damn😍💯

  • Jackie Freeborn
    Jackie Freeborn Month ago

    Kate’s Midwest is showing.

  • ldylkr
    ldylkr Month ago

    Midwestern toads

  • Tony Perri
    Tony Perri Month ago +1

    Impression at 1:56

  • Pedro sandoval
    Pedro sandoval Month ago

    OMG I LOVVEEEE kate mckinnon so muchh like i LeGit love her so freaking much 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💙💙💛💗💜💚💜💚💗💚💗💗💚

  • Giovanny Fandiño
    Giovanny Fandiño Month ago

    I love her! I am becoming her first loyal fan. She is fantastic.

  • kuci fejz
    kuci fejz Month ago

    this fallon guy is 100% fake !!!

  • doug cheedie
    doug cheedie Month ago

    fucking libtards

  • C.S.R
    C.S.R Month ago +2

    Spot on Gal impression

  • Abhimitra Karreddula

    I am very scared of her, I would run away the moment If I would come near her. LOL she is so scary!

  • Lisa Pollitt
    Lisa Pollitt Month ago

    That's amazing

  • Jim Cameron
    Jim Cameron Month ago

    Please GHOSTBUSTERS 2 please

  • David Willems
    David Willems Month ago

    Jimmy sucks sooooo bad!

  • macy lawler
    macy lawler Month ago

    1:52 is what you came for

  • Flamingo Mingo
    Flamingo Mingo Month ago

    I’m sorry but am I the only one that thinks she’s not that funny ?

  • Draec
    Draec Month ago +1

    I wouldve answered Gal like "I want my hobby to be listening to you talk"

  • Alberto aka Turtleman
    Alberto aka Turtleman Month ago +1

    When Kate dose impressions like that I get a little aroused. Kate is a sexy woman.

  • Melany Rahel Toussaint Sosa

    #KateInRed *I love it her suit* 😻😽😽😽🙈

  • Sam Shady
    Sam Shady Month ago

    Kate makes Gal sound like a woman douchebag 😂

  • the bartman
    the bartman Month ago

    Ghostbusters girl

  • reyna diaz
    reyna diaz Month ago

    Kate is so weird Bruh lmao

  • Indiegirl007
    Indiegirl007 Month ago

    She was so pretty!

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones Month ago

    Her tongue was hard as a rock!

  • G V
    G V Month ago

    First evidence of big dick energy.

  • Zinnia Jane
    Zinnia Jane Month ago +328

    "We are Midwestern toads compared to this Mediterranean goddess."

  • Graeme Fish
    Graeme Fish Month ago

    Jimmy’s fake laugh is awful

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Month ago +1

    Sounds like Kate has Wonder Woman fantasies.

  • A Khan
    A Khan Month ago

    Jimmy Falon interrupts too much

  • BIueharvest
    BIueharvest Month ago

    Shut the fuck up, Jimmy.

  • Raw Oyster
    Raw Oyster Month ago

    She's gorgeous!!!

  • nodd85
    nodd85 Month ago +2

    Jimmy Fallon is a piece of garbage

  • omomoification
    omomoification Month ago

    Kate doing impressions never gets old, I can't stop laughing at her Gal impression

  • Luis Contreras
    Luis Contreras Month ago

    Chris Deburgh - Lady in Red

  • Alicia  Rodriquez
    Alicia Rodriquez Month ago


  • William
    William Month ago

    Fo fucks sake, stop talking over your guests.

  • Paula C
    Paula C Month ago

    "Mediterranean" goddess? more like middle eastern one..just being accurate..

  • UberSprite
    UberSprite Month ago

    I'm out of touch with these modern celebrities. I was expecting an impression of Gad Elmaleh.

  • Brian Jenkins
    Brian Jenkins Month ago

    Perfect imitation

  • Joe Garcia Jr
    Joe Garcia Jr Month ago

    Wait what happen when he was ten?!?!?!?

  • CommonSenseMeasures

    What a bunch of suckass liberals oblivious of the real world.

  • Jeffrey M
    Jeffrey M Month ago

    She is hot but not really all that funny.

  • Hardcore Pasafist
    Hardcore Pasafist Month ago

    Kate McKinnon talking about Gal Gadot and her reaction when Jimmy said her name was me when anyone says the word “Kate McKinnon”

  • Beer Andy
    Beer Andy Month ago

    Jimmys fake laugh is cringy

  • Chad Sabourin
    Chad Sabourin Month ago

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  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Month ago

    He’s so phony.

  • Deepak Kishan
    Deepak Kishan Month ago

    damn that forehead is huge

  • daniel voss
    daniel voss Month ago

    Fallon is such a worthless host

  • a dank lord
    a dank lord Month ago

    Jimmy's fake laugh has me rolling

  • brian lucas
    brian lucas Month ago +1

    ..."America....I know you hate me..."....Immortal. Regarding Gal Gadot's impact...Re: the look on Flash's face.You all know when. Joss Whedon at work there-and elswhere.

  • jed
    jed Month ago

    "mid-western toads compared to this mediterannean goddess" im actually crying this is so relatable

  • Franz Kafka
    Franz Kafka Month ago

    Jimmy. I want you to stop trying so hard. (Gal Gadot voice)

  • Franz Kafka
    Franz Kafka Month ago

    Omgosh y’all. You know what I just realized? I could totally do Jimmy’s job.

  • Fares yones
    Fares yones Month ago

    Jimmy must stop Interrupting his guests that is so fucking rude

  • Taylor Made2
    Taylor Made2 Month ago

    His fake laugh is irritating.

  • 21whichiswhich
    21whichiswhich Month ago

    Jimmy laughs fake AF!

  • loodlebop
    loodlebop Month ago

    Jimmy is so fucking annoying

  • Heather Bell
    Heather Bell Month ago +1

    Her red suit is absolutely stunning! Love her!