Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Gal Gadot Impression


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  • TheTRUTH
    TheTRUTH 2 hours ago

    I could never watch this show 'cause the dude just won't shut up...

  • Miriam Hernandez
    Miriam Hernandez 17 hours ago

    Kate looks absolutely lovely in red.

  • Spiffy Turtle
    Spiffy Turtle 19 hours ago

    Gal Godot is filthy #zionist swine

  • Cory Allen
    Cory Allen Day ago

    I have no idea who these people are..

  • Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    If Kate McKinnon is a midwestern toad, what does that make the rest of us?
    I'm thinking I might be a southeastern mole person.

  • Polona Florijancic
    Polona Florijancic 3 days ago

    orgasming over a war criminal mentioning you in a shitty book and fangirling over an IDF supporter. Yep, typical Hollywood trash.

  • sina RaziZadeh
    sina RaziZadeh 3 days ago +1

    Gal Gadot is someone NOT really special !!!

  • Alosaimi tmi
    Alosaimi tmi 3 days ago

    I love her ♥️

  • Kyle Price
    Kyle Price 5 days ago


  • asdasdasdasd714
    asdasdasdasd714 5 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon gotta learn to SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN GUEST IS TALKING!

  • Shadow
    Shadow 10 days ago +1

    Jimmy is annoying af

  • Manish Ghosh
    Manish Ghosh 11 days ago

    Can someone please tell Fallon to just SHUT THE FUCK UP when another person is talking?

  • Multi Fandom
    Multi Fandom 13 days ago +2

    Wow, Kate is EXTREMELY attractive.

  • tinyfeet101
    tinyfeet101 14 days ago +1

    Jimmy can you like STFU for like 5 seconds?

  • M. Ael
    M. Ael 14 days ago

    Johnny Carson must be rolling over, watching how fake Jimmy fake over the top laugh is.

  • Jim Grow
    Jim Grow 14 days ago

    1:57 Hahahahahahahaha !!!!

  • ktn
    ktn 16 days ago

    Gal is overrated. And the host is annoying as always. The guest though

  • Jinan M
    Jinan M 23 days ago +1

    She seems bi

  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter 24 days ago

    Why would anyone carry what Clinton thinks of them? That's about the most worthless endorsement I can imagine.

  • kan der
    kan der 25 days ago

    Fallon is just godawful whereas Kate is a an angel with loads and loads of talent and charm

  • Danny Reeves
    Danny Reeves 25 days ago

    beautiful and funny!

  • Dyurri Endong
    Dyurri Endong 27 days ago

    Shut up jimmy! You're fucking annoying

  • Dino saurus
    Dino saurus Month ago

    galga goat

  • Pedro Navajas
    Pedro Navajas Month ago


  • M Thomas
    M Thomas Month ago

    Love this girl. Cute as hell too!

  • Damir Perkovic
    Damir Perkovic Month ago

    I can only imagine that she's always "on" in real life.

  • Universal Filmmakers and Filmmaking

    Happy diwali jimmy

  • X
    X Month ago

    Kate talking about gal is like me praising my crush

  • Simon Davey
    Simon Davey Month ago

    Jimmy is so fake! Even the comments that are mildly funny make him collapse in fits of 'laughter'. It's uncomfortable to watch and very obviously contrived.

  • Ronnie J
    Ronnie J Month ago

    so did jimmy just intentionally stop kate from revealing lorne michaels abusive childhood history?

  • Miggy Balba
    Miggy Balba Month ago

    “Can you buh-leuv dhta?”

  • Iryna Kalychak
    Iryna Kalychak Month ago

    She just lacked red hair to match her attire.

  • capimsi7
    capimsi7 Month ago

    Midwestern toads vs Mediterranean goddess. that sounds just about right :)

  • Panda
    Panda Month ago

    Dude. u can see Jimmy's face looking for the perfect chance to bring out his inner fake laughs. His mouth is itchingly twitching while waiting.

  • Caélum Green
    Caélum Green Month ago

    Kate McKinnon should play the movie version of batwoman

  • Catarina
    Catarina Month ago

    I never got tired of watching this 😂👏

  • Haro Master
    Haro Master Month ago

    Amazing in all ways

  • hollywoodshopaholic

    She’s even kind of dressed like Gal Gadot lol

  • xtop23
    xtop23 Month ago

    im a guy and a republican.... shes a lesbian and liberal.... and yet i still think shes sexy. dig this chick.

  • Chasing theUnknown
    Chasing theUnknown Month ago

    Why are you all so hard on Jimmy? Some people aren't as proper as you. What if he's too excited with her stories that's why keep on commenting? And are you all always able to listen intently lol and be on 24/7? I know he's a host and it's his job to do that. But for fuck's sake let people be people. Is he being an asshole?

  • Heena Naz
    Heena Naz Month ago

    Jimmy's "wow" is the most fake in the history of fakes.

  • Fre Sha Voca Do
    Fre Sha Voca Do Month ago

    Kate: *has orgasm while she’s talking about Gal*

  • _dksha s
    _dksha s Month ago +1

    kate : talks
    jimmy : ahaahahahahhah MEETOO! ahaahah

  • Keira Ng
    Keira Ng 2 months ago

    yup so she’s in love with gal

  • Isabella Ramirezzo
    Isabella Ramirezzo 2 months ago +1

    shes so gay lol

  • SOLEcial Work
    SOLEcial Work 2 months ago

    I would do dirty things to Kate

  • Blake S
    Blake S 2 months ago +2

    Jimmy Fallon is incredibly bad at fake laughing. My god.

  • Morteza Akrami
    Morteza Akrami 2 months ago +2

    Her beauty is breathtaking. Gal Gadot is nothing compared with Kate .

  • religion is poisonous
    religion is poisonous 2 months ago

    she is GD stunning

  • Ram Jam
    Ram Jam 2 months ago

    Gal Gadot is the gift DC needs but doesn't deserve.

  • Gokul Balamurugessan
    Gokul Balamurugessan 2 months ago

    How they let fallon host anything is beyond me

  • Francis Vincent Ong
    Francis Vincent Ong 2 months ago

    You never think about it when a fictional book character is adapted to live action, but Gal's accent really sealed the deal for me concerning her being cast as Wonder Woman in a live action film.

  • stranraerwal
    stranraerwal 2 months ago

    Jimmy is horrible. He constantly interrupts his guests, playing himself into the foreground-bad habit.

  • men_ dax_
    men_ dax_ 2 months ago

    I feel like everytime a guest speaks about another celebrity jimmy does the "we love him/her"

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang 2 months ago

    after i saw that movie she with mila, i think she is very very funny, in a good way.

  • Do Kio
    Do Kio 2 months ago

    No hate but jimmy should let the guest to finish what they say. Its kind a bit annoying while somebody talking he say something also like his been there.

  • Shantanu Deshmukh
    Shantanu Deshmukh 2 months ago

    Jimmy 101 basics
    Repeat what everyone says
    Fake laugh

  • Dusty Red
    Dusty Red 2 months ago +1

    she's really not that special...

    • Jonathan Orenday
      Jonathan Orenday 2 months ago

      Oh shit get ready for those comments....
      You know what I'm talking about right?

  • Daniel Adler
    Daniel Adler 2 months ago

    Sorry but not even in the same league as Kristen Wiig.

  • Chris Papamitrou
    Chris Papamitrou 2 months ago

    I wish she told gals story

  • JigsawJay007
    JigsawJay007 2 months ago +1

    Wow shes good looking

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 2 months ago +1

    How in the FUCK is Fallon still on and Arsenio lost his show??!

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore 2 months ago

    her impressions are awful... don't get all the futz ...

    STORCK 2 months ago


  • ctdvargas
    ctdvargas 3 months ago

    jimmy fallon might be thee fakest person on late night and that aint easy to do...

  • macy lawler
    macy lawler 3 months ago

    I want to marry the both of them

  • chrisfi3d C
    chrisfi3d C 3 months ago

    3:29 - slight touch to let her know not to go on with it.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 3 months ago

    Jimmy, can you please STFU!

  • varun rajput
    varun rajput 3 months ago

    Gal Gadot has so much more energy than tht !!

  • Vikas
    Vikas 3 months ago

    I thought her hair was stuck in the desk

  • S.E. Hunt
    S.E. Hunt 3 months ago

    If that guy smacks the table one more time please somebody take him out

  • CavemanJesus4Life
    CavemanJesus4Life 3 months ago

    Everyone check out Kate McKinnon reaction with Nina Hartley. It is one of the funniest things you will see Kate do. She literally gets....

  • Qwa'ha Xahn Vahla ha'nesh

    She's the American Tatá Werneck.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    Kate is so awesome! She’s not funny at all and her impersonations are terrible but she is cool. There’s something about her. Maybe it’s that I want to fuck the gay out of her. Def not funny though.

    • Neophema
      Neophema Month ago +1

      Just like a gay guy could fuck the straight out of you. ;)

  • Rimsha Khalid
    Rimsha Khalid 3 months ago +1


  • On 2Wheels
    On 2Wheels 3 months ago

    Kate reminds me so much of my HS drama teacher. But he's a guy...


    I've got a crush on genius Kate Mckinnon. When she wants to be she's just gorgeous.

  • Dolzadolza
    Dolzadolza 3 months ago +1

    I feel like most people watch the show despite Fallon, not for him

  • Carole Elijio
    Carole Elijio 3 months ago

    I just love this woman. She’s incredible!

  • Neuro Soul
    Neuro Soul 3 months ago

    When two people with ADHD have a conversation ha ha

  • Fuzzy Butkus
    Fuzzy Butkus 3 months ago +1

    Well guys we lost her to the other side. She loves the hole and not the pole, but she’s funny as hell.We’ll get the next one.

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 3 months ago

    LET HER SPEAK !!!!!

  • Sliiim Cridder
    Sliiim Cridder 3 months ago

    Hold up.....she was listening to an audio book by Hillary Clinton??? 😔

  • Sally Yip
    Sally Yip 3 months ago +10

    Her impression is brilliant.

  • Biswajeet Sahu
    Biswajeet Sahu 3 months ago

    Favourite comedian

  • winehousedrunk
    winehousedrunk 3 months ago

    I believe that Gal Gadot doesn't mind that Israel grossly abuses Palestinian human rights, or am I wrong. And I believe that Hillary Clinton is a corporate democrat who sold her power to big money, so she's actually a default Republican, or am I wrong. So I believe that Kate's admiration for these women is wholly inappropriate, or am I wrong. I believe that I'm right. Which doesn't take away anything from Kate's comedic genius, because she is fantastic.

    • cere tomer
      cere tomer 3 months ago

      Yes...………………………...you are wrong.

  • Niggo
    Niggo 3 months ago

    Eww Hillary

  • Duarte Silva
    Duarte Silva 3 months ago

    He starts clapping randomly and laughing when she's explaining something. It is funny, but not to the point where Jimmy starts clapping

  • unclematt3
    unclematt3 3 months ago

    My Lord, is Jimmy Fallon freaking annoying.

  • Drop Bear
    Drop Bear 3 months ago

    I suddenly really want a red suit

  • winston smith
    winston smith 3 months ago

    100% lame and unfunny.Only the people who watched the new Ghostbusters think this woman is funny.

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    hello by forcke and lavenço closs benal delire flax bush

  • Isabella
    Isabella 3 months ago

    She’s gorgeous

  • juan
    juan 3 months ago

    I hate how fake these interviewers are obvious af

  • schnuff
    schnuff 3 months ago

    why do these people glorify hillary clinton? i dont get it.

  • Cobra Rising
    Cobra Rising 3 months ago

    I'm sincerely sorry Jimmy, I know what you do is hard AF, but PLEEEAASSEE for the love of god shut up when the guest speaks.. You're like that one annoying person you find in a crowd that thinks they should help us finish our sentences

  • Sim Won
    Sim Won 3 months ago

    does the host know that we are there to hear the guest speak, not him interrupting all the time wtf

  • Brandi White
    Brandi White 3 months ago +7

    I was so turned on when i watched wonder woman Gal is so sexy damn😍💯

  • Jackie Freeborn
    Jackie Freeborn 3 months ago

    Kate’s Midwest is showing.