Part 1, Finding Colorado Treasure, Rockhounding

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • We dig, hike, get crazy footage, share tips and have fun in this three part series of two separate digs /prospects. Fluorite, a 10lb smokey quartz, some gold, crystal Hematite and Amazonite are all part of this show, plus LOTS more! This is part one of three

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  • Kathleen Stout
    Kathleen Stout Month ago

    Awesome video, great tunes, great energy and enthusiasm. I recently went on a prospecting excursion (Mother Lode/California) about 7 hours from where I live, and I had a little luck, but on the 'big hike' had to turn back due to the 110 degree heat. I've used crystals for years and am somewhat obsessed, now convinced prospecting is my calling after 15 years in education, thirty in food service, and two generations of kids, I'm so ready to devote my time, energy, and funds to gem prospecting. Loved the vid! Let me know if you come to California, we're ready over here! I'm in Morro Bay, CA and there are many gems in California :)

  • Kelly Ashworth
    Kelly Ashworth 3 months ago

    You find some wonderful gemstones, but mostly those that are sold & cherished as specimens, not jewelry & yet I see you quite often totally destroying the matrix that they grow in. I'm just wondering why & if I'm missing something. I like your bigfooting as well, btw!

  • Midnight Past One
    Midnight Past One 10 months ago +1

    You should contact the channel called "Mr. Duffy" channel as he is just did a video with Illinois Sasquatch up in that very area.

  • Kaleb Barron
    Kaleb Barron Year ago

    How do you figure out spots to search