Smallville’s Lex Luthor Wants The Role Back From Jesse Eisenberg

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about Michael Rosenbaum's tweet concerning reprising his role as Lex Luthor for the DCEU.
    Morgan Williams writes, With the Henry Cavill departure and there apparently not being any plans for another Superman movie, do you think it’s likely that supporting characters like Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor could be recast as well? I mention that because the REAL Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum just tweeted that he’d be up for taking over the Lex role again. Could it happen???
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  • Ceeboy ForLife
    Ceeboy ForLife 3 months ago

    And he also said it on his podcast stating he would totally shave his head and come back as the part. It’s not a joke

  • Arcane City
    Arcane City 4 months ago

    Rosenbaum by FAR played the most menacing version of Lex.

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil 4 months ago

    Seeing Michael Rosenbaum as an older version Lex would fix the character as a whole. Not to mention he looks like an older version of Eisenberg as well! I`ve not seen Smallville but I`d like him to reprise Lex in the DCEU.

  • PlainBagel
    PlainBagel 8 months ago

    ....seems like he needs money

  • Ben V
    Ben V 8 months ago

    Give it to him!!!!

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 8 months ago +1

    Rosenbaum was fantastic, I’d love a smallville reboot, minus Chloe 😂

  • 你六J
    你六J 8 months ago

    Baum was one of THE BEST Lex’s ever in live action.

  • Juancho Corleone
    Juancho Corleone 8 months ago

    "I wish Holland was done at Marvel Studios. Give me my job back. >:(
    - Tobey Maguire.

  • MrWasa11
    MrWasa11 8 months ago

    Give him back his role

  • Chris Brennan
    Chris Brennan 8 months ago

    I hope so Jessie better of playing riddler

    ZENTORO HD 8 months ago

    Do ur research mate michael wasnt avtually joking hes said alot of times in comicon conventions he wants to be lex luthor again and the end of smallville was clark turning into superman so obvs he can be superman 20 years later or something u make zero sense on why both tom and michael could come bk as older versions of their self besides the new dc movies are shit so id be happy for them to reboot superman and lex as the smallville follow ons thats the superman that did brilliant and was way more believable if dc want to do good again then them two actors need to reprise their roles and there both up for it so i dont no why ur saying the source u found was a joke when they have both said they would do it again they just wont be able to do smallville because they would need alot of money from dc and warner bros to do so

  • Xehanort10
    Xehanort10 8 months ago

    "You were right about me all along Mr Eisenberg. I am the villain of the story."
    Rosenbaum was an actual Lex Luthor. Eisenberg was doing a bad impression of The Joker.

  • JG Gladden
    JG Gladden 8 months ago

    Please cast Micheal Rossenbaum.

  • Herbert Leggieri
    Herbert Leggieri 8 months ago

    For the love of God. How many times are you guys going to get this wrong. Jesse Eisenberg does not play Lex Luthor he plays Alexander Luthor jr. Lex Luthor's son. Smh

  • Sheet Man
    Sheet Man 8 months ago

    You're crazy... MR would be great I'm sure...

  • Stellar Basilisk
    Stellar Basilisk 8 months ago

    Or Batman

  • Stellar Basilisk
    Stellar Basilisk 8 months ago

    What if they used Sam whitwer in the arrow series as Bruce Wayne

  • WarSpite968
    WarSpite968 8 months ago

    Hell yessssss smallville was amazing

  • Vernon Herbert
    Vernon Herbert 8 months ago

    I hope he gets it he was a great lex

  • Blood King Vittorio
    Blood King Vittorio 8 months ago


  • Blood King Vittorio
    Blood King Vittorio 8 months ago

    Smallville was the absolute best of the best.

  • The Shady One
    The Shady One 8 months ago

    If we can get Michael as Lex and Tom as Clark, that would be nice, and we can even keep Amy Adams as long as we can write her better. I know she can pull off Lois, but like I said, she's been written the wrong way. Also, she knows Tom and Michael from Smallville too, as she was in an episode, so there is no reason not to

  • Richard More
    Richard More 8 months ago

    Jesse eisinberg was awful as lex luthor i would go as far as to say the worst ever. Michael rosenbaum was brilliant in smallville 1 of the best ever if not thee best ever. Get him back on board n save me😂😂.

  • Rob T
    Rob T 8 months ago

    Yeah he should take the role back hes my favorite version of lex

  • Richard robles jr
    Richard robles jr 8 months ago

    Please give it to him

  • xyr3s
    xyr3s 8 months ago

    i disagree with john. just because he played lex in smallville doesn't mean he can't play lex in the dceu. we don't know how he's going to play it. we can't just assume that he's going to bring the smallville lex to the big screen. so saying "this isn't smallville the movie? this is a superman movie" is not really a good point to why michael shouldn't be able to play lex.

  • Reem Nour
    Reem Nour 8 months ago

    Micheal was the best live action Lex hands down. I have no idea why they didn’t think to do an elevated version of his Lex for the movie. His background and his obsession and the way he held himself was just a great villain all around. Micheal was amazing.

  • Gabriel Stone
    Gabriel Stone 8 months ago

    He better then that fucked up lex luther we got from batman v superman

  • DimitriYar
    DimitriYar 8 months ago

    You are wrong. Superman /Kal-lel grow up in Smallville.

  • Cecil Harmon
    Cecil Harmon 8 months ago +1

    Give it to him he is awesome

  • Kashod Felder
    Kashod Felder 8 months ago +1

    I have to disagree I believe he would make a great Lex Luthor. His experience in Smallville will help him be the Lex he is suppose to be playing. Tom Welling would be excellent as Superman. Smallville was different but either Superman believe justice and doing what's right, protecting that is the same with Superman/Clark Kent of both worlds so it can work. The DCU needs to be saved and take time to build characters b4 you throw them together in another movie.

  • Chris R
    Chris R 8 months ago +1

    It's so obvious for years. Rosenbaum plays a perfect psychotic.

  • WystenDraco
    WystenDraco 8 months ago +2

    LOL! Even thought Michael Rosenbaum was joking, I'll be honest, he's still the best Lex Luthor I've ever seen. Elseworld or not, I love Smallville, it was great to see a show about a Clark Kent on a journey toward becoming Superman. I saw the first previews years ago and I knew I would be hooked from start to finish, and from the moment I watched the Series Premiere, I imagined what the Series Finale would be like at the very end, and YAY, ten years later, the very end was everything I imagine it would be and so much more. Anyway, Michael Rosenbaum voiced Wally West/Flash in the DCAU, so I don't see why they couldn't caste him as some other character in an other DC film. Smallville did a lot of things contradictory to the DC lore of the time, but that's why I loved it, it was different, and in those ten years of my life, having something that radically different was something I needed in a superhero story, as opposed to the regular stuff also around at the time. I disagreed with plenty of Smallville Universe's stuff, but overall I still love it, and will jump into the mudhole to defend it against purists, haters, and others whatever they call themselves who crap on Smallville either in non-constructive ways or do it just to be pricks. As for Tom Welling, yeah he was a great Clark Kent in growing up to eventually become Superman and I agree he was great in Lucifer, he played a great Cain, and I loved the twist on how Abel was as much of an ass as his brotherly murderer. I'd like to see them cast as at least others in a new Superman film. If they cast Erica Durance, who was Lois Lane in Smallvilel as Ulura Zor-El in Supergirl, I don't see why Michael Rosenbaum could be cast in some guest roles or even recurring ones where whoever he's cast as shows up every now and then. They even cast Brandon Routh from Superman Returns as Ray Palmer/Atom. I don't see what Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling couldn't be cast as different characters in a DC movie or as guest or recurring characters in Arrow, Flash, Legends, or Supergirl. Laura Vandervort was Kara Zor-El in Smallville and she was in a few eps of Supergirl as Indigo, so it's not like Smallville cast members haven't already been recast for other roles in hero media.

  • Cedric Soul
    Cedric Soul 8 months ago +1

    Why is it that there's all these rules about who can play what in what Universe f*** those rules

  • NinjaKitten77
    NinjaKitten77 8 months ago

    Yeah but if they get into flash point and stuff who’s to say they couldn’t bring him in as a replacement, it would work just fine

  • Medal Mold
    Medal Mold 8 months ago +1

    #BillyZane should be the next Lex.

  • darkashtar
    darkashtar 8 months ago

    Just reminding people Rosenbaum was also the voice of the Flash in the Justice League animated series which means he did supply the voice of Lex in the great brain robbery episode where the Flash and Lex end up switching bodies. If you've never seen the Justice League cartoon, watch it. (Hell the entire Diniverse of animated DC shows is excellent).

  • Rob Grant
    Rob Grant 8 months ago +1

    As he should he was the best lex no doubt about it

  • DarkKent
    DarkKent 8 months ago

    Smallville Lex Luthor was better than BvS Lex Luther!

  • Craig Hay
    Craig Hay 8 months ago +2

    Needs to be Michael, DC just needs to wake up and see that it doesnt have to be a hollywood star, Michael is a much better Luther....and actor really. Would be amazing to see Michael face off against Cavill.

  • Axel Shark
    Axel Shark 8 months ago +1

    Rosenbaum is the best Lex Luthor.

  • Ryan O'Keefe
    Ryan O'Keefe 8 months ago +1

    yes michael was the best lex luthor i ever saw same with tom as clark BRING THEM BACK

  • Rob D
    Rob D 8 months ago +2

    Give it to him. Rosenbaum was a great Luthor.

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 8 months ago

    Please I hope this is true.

  • raul Busters
    raul Busters 8 months ago

    Hell yeah..!!

  • The Christian Cowboy
    The Christian Cowboy 8 months ago

    I think too many fans live out their fantasies way too much, In our fantasies we would all love to see a Smallville version of Superman, but there is probably just as much a chance for these guys to get any attention by WB a there is that Welling can fly...

  • Brian Martinez
    Brian Martinez 8 months ago +1

    Personally I think Rosenbaum is the Lex Luthor on tv or the big screen so far.

  • VRIceblast
    VRIceblast 8 months ago

    Michael Rosenbaum is the best Lex Luthor. Honestly though, if they do another Superman movie, they should avoid using Lex. He's been done to death, and there are much better stories they can make without using the same old same old.
    How about a more uplifting Superman movie, not so dark version. Fun, entertaining, and exhilarating. The real world is dark enough everyday, let's have our movies be brighter!

  • Victor VonDoom
    Victor VonDoom 8 months ago

    Well lets face it, he couldn't possibly do any worse than Eisenberg.....

  • Travis Stevens
    Travis Stevens 8 months ago

    Henry is still playing Superman,they just aren't doing a movie anytime soon so he's trying to stay busy. Ya gotta eat.

  • Nicegy019
    Nicegy019 8 months ago

    Personally, Eisenburg and Adams are at the top of my list for recast.

  • Chris Waltman
    Chris Waltman 8 months ago

    Yes, Yes, Yes please.

  • Dark Boy
    Dark Boy 8 months ago +1

    Ohh HELLLLL YEAH! Please put Mike Rose back as Lex. He played that role very well. I miss Smallville.

  • Zarp
    Zarp 8 months ago

    No chance

  • Tyler Jhonson
    Tyler Jhonson 8 months ago

    he may have been joking, but he would be much better for the role of Lex then fucking Eisenberg.

  • Sydney Piper Bristow
    Sydney Piper Bristow 8 months ago

    Please, Jesse was horrible. Just one of the many reasons why DC makes horrible choices for their movies. MR would've been a paramount choice.

  • TheMarcosHZ
    TheMarcosHZ 8 months ago


  • adivizard 21
    adivizard 21 8 months ago

    Smallville ended into superman
    Why not cast them again :3

  • Dr. Dragon
    Dr. Dragon 8 months ago +1

    I'll say it Smallvilles main cast is better than nearly every other Superman lure casts of all times. As much as I love them all I know the show had it's flaws and Hollywood would never be ballsy enough to bring anyone from that cast to play an equivalent role on the big screen.

  • Marco Zolo
    Marco Zolo 8 months ago

    I'm done with dceu after Cavill and Batfleck are out. I would just watch WW2 and 3 and Aquaman if it surpasses my expectations. If not I'm outy 500

  • Perry Bullock
    Perry Bullock 8 months ago

    I'd love it. Plus, Tom Welling as Superman!

    WIZARD Z 8 months ago

    That doesn't make sense. He's an actor what does smallville and superman have to do with anything he's an actor.

    • WIZARD Z
      WIZARD Z 8 months ago

      Break that 4th wall

    KILLAKINGD0M 8 months ago +1

    That’s like asking if Bruce can play Batman. He’s easily the best interpretation Of Lex by any actor. That is better than Kevin spacey and better than Gene Hackman, and your argument is Smallville wasn’t Superman? He can play this role with his eyes closed, if that involves tweaking things or undoing smallville lore I don’t see that is the least bit problematic for him.

  • seqouiaflame
    seqouiaflame 8 months ago


  • nakyer
    nakyer 8 months ago

    SMALLVILLE did nothing that contradicted Superman lore.
    Please give us examples, or don't make such claims.

  • Shawn Boley
    Shawn Boley 8 months ago +1

    Give Tom weiling the superman role back to then.

  • SMF and Reviews
    SMF and Reviews 8 months ago

    Yes! And Tom Welling should play Supes. Marvel kept the same actors in their movies, DC should've done the same. That's why their universe doesn't feel as connected as Marvel, they keep switching up actors.

  • Terry Mitchell
    Terry Mitchell 8 months ago +1

    He can play it on smallville.And play in movie to.

  • Anibal Castro
    Anibal Castro 8 months ago

    *s o m e b o d y s a a a a a a a a a a v v e m e*

  • Chris’s Top Level Media

    You have no proof that michael was joking around, where are you getting your facts from ?!

  • Chris’s Top Level Media
    Chris’s Top Level Media 8 months ago +1

    Wrong Smallville is Superman, michael could be lex again even if it is a Superman movie ... your wrong...

  • Paul F
    Paul F 8 months ago

    Jesse doesn't act like Lex at all...

  • Micah Griffin
    Micah Griffin 8 months ago +1

    Tell that to Kevin Conroy and mark hamill who had reprised there roles count less of times

  • Andrew Coatsworth
    Andrew Coatsworth 8 months ago

    hell yess he was the best ! might even save the franchise ;)

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher 8 months ago

    I don't think he's kidding. I hope not. On his podcast he mentioned how he would crush the audition. I agree. His Lex could easily be adapted to the movies since there hasn't been a decent Lex out side of the cartoons or Smallville. Yes I include Hackman in there as well. Didn't care for him.

  • andrew wheeler
    andrew wheeler 8 months ago

    He was the best, you got to see young lex and young clark. But i think he could easily pull it off.

  • Michael Land
    Michael Land 8 months ago +1

    I say they should bring the whole cast of Smallville into the DCEU. It’s better than the shit they got now.

  • Cedric Soul
    Cedric Soul 8 months ago

    Well they can do a Smallville Movie to Reboot the Superman DCEU franchise. I would rather have that then the Black Superman. Coming from a black guy. We are not ready for a SuperMan earth 32 just get. Smallville Superman yes. Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbum, yes.

  • Leo Silva
    Leo Silva 8 months ago

    that would be cool

  • Bboi Black
    Bboi Black 8 months ago

    what a f*cking misleading title

  • Detective Jay K.
    Detective Jay K. 8 months ago

    I'd be impressed if it weren't just shallow smack talk. Step up Morgan Williams STEP UP do a Worlds of DC else world flick.

  • GICking
    GICking 8 months ago

    Fact is, Rosenberg did a weird whiny luthor, while Rosenbaum was a good portrayal.

  • Jay Jordan
    Jay Jordan 8 months ago

    Jesse Eisenberg was probably hands down the worst Lex Luthor ever. He was God Awful!

  • Dan Campbell
    Dan Campbell 8 months ago

    No idea, whether there's a chance or not.
    But the reasons given here, are not reasons. So what if 'Smallville is not Superman'? That doesn't preclude them from using a TV character in a motion picture.
    It doesn't seem likely, but the fact is we all love Michael Rosenbaum. That's at least one reason for it to happen.

  • T. Stamp
    T. Stamp 8 months ago +2

    I can’t imagine he’s doing much else these days

  • andres rey
    andres rey 8 months ago

    You are 100% right. No chance. He made an awesome Luthor, and I would love to see him and Welling in a Superman after Smallville movie, but no chance. That being said, Snyder's Superman movies ALSO do a whole lot of stuff that contradicts Superman lore, so does that make them Elseworlds? I SURE HOPE SO.

  • Matthew Mckinney
    Matthew Mckinney 8 months ago

    Give it to him

  • Chef Winter
    Chef Winter 8 months ago

    It will mess it up as it is

  • ddm62571
    ddm62571 8 months ago +1

    Michael Rosenbaum is the best Lex Luthor ever! Yes cast him!

  • rakeem
    rakeem 8 months ago

    Totally fucking agree he should take his role back as the only person that can play lex atleast this time DC gets one thing right and now the rest of them

  • pat theman
    pat theman 8 months ago

    Also it would be seriously cool if Michael Rosenbuam had a cameo or small guest appearance on the show Supergirl.

  • pat theman
    pat theman 8 months ago

    I was always of the opinion that the two genres should be separate. Keep Rosenbaum as TV Lex, of course. There's no question about that in my mind. But as for a movie version of Lex, I actually think that John Glover (who played Lionel Luthor on Smallville)could pull it off, He has the cinematic acting chops and a decent portfolio behind him. And if he dies his hair Fiery red, he looks like the comic version of Lex during the Doomsday Saga. So there's a pick for me. Eisenburg just ruined that movie for me. His delivery, his quirk choices, his little ticks. I was sure I was watching Ed Nigma have a nervous breakdown. Lex is supposed to be stone face serious, not a bumbling child.

  • Chris Polak
    Chris Polak 8 months ago

    Do it!

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 8 months ago +40

    I mean hey. It is "Worlds of DC" now with the whole multiverse thing. So it's possible they can cast Rosenbaum as Lex again. I wouldn't mind that.

  • TheRandomOne
    TheRandomOne 8 months ago

    They can do a Smallville movie as an Else World movie since they hate their main characters minus Wonder Woman anyway

  • TheRandomOne
    TheRandomOne 8 months ago

    I think he was joking he hated shaving his head

  • Henry Truong
    Henry Truong 8 months ago

    Could be worse like, Kevin Spacey playing Lex, lol.

  • Somedude Watchintv
    Somedude Watchintv 8 months ago

    Plese let him have it.

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 8 months ago


  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen 8 months ago

    what about Bruce Willis AS Lax Luthor,