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  • Dobre Brothers
    Dobre Brothers  8 months ago +4995

    THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Did you guys get scared?

  • max The Savage 18
    max The Savage 18 2 hours ago

    No it was not scary

  • John Worrall
    John Worrall 3 hours ago

    Yo why is it snowing in Feb its Oct

  • John Worrall
    John Worrall 3 hours ago

    YO OMG 😦

  • John Worrall
    John Worrall 3 hours ago


  • John Worrall
    John Worrall 3 hours ago

    YUP I got scared!?!?!?!?💑💑💑💑💑

  • Andy Barclay
    Andy Barclay 3 hours ago

    Well, i maybe late for comment this but a month ago i worked in that hotel. At the first day it was nothing happen. But the second day, i see some shadow hanging but when i come there there is nothing. Those "thing" always disturb me when i work so i regsined because what "they" did to me.

  • Nevaeh Whelan
    Nevaeh Whelan 4 hours ago


  • Ashley Sizemore
    Ashley Sizemore 4 hours ago

    I didn't get scared and dires ment 666

  • Noreen on
    Noreen on 13 hours ago

    I got scared but I love you guys so much

  • Tina Simms
    Tina Simms 16 hours ago

    you have might get in trouble

  • Whitney catterton
    Whitney catterton 17 hours ago

    yall are crazy

  • Paige Foss-Holstein
    Paige Foss-Holstein 17 hours ago


  • Tyana L
    Tyana L 21 hour ago

    I almost peeed myself

  • sprinkle sisters


  • Night Mare
    Night Mare Day ago +1

    The light was a cut -_-

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez Day ago

    I now it's just fake but I loveed it

  • lalito1029
    lalito1029 Day ago

    I am pz4

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Day ago +1

    that scared me

  • li li
    li li 2 days ago

    Soys unos

  • Κατερίνα με λενε

    im sorry guys... 6:33 minute this is so fail

  • Cesiley Marks
    Cesiley Marks 2 days ago

    From Cecily I love you so much 😘😘😘

  • Renata Todd
    Renata Todd 2 days ago

    Come to my place

  • Anna Ephrem
    Anna Ephrem 2 days ago

    That was seve

  • Amanda Bissoondial
    Amanda Bissoondial 2 days ago

    dobre brothers

  • Caitlin Reid
    Caitlin Reid 3 days ago


  • Alejandro Montes
    Alejandro Montes 3 days ago

    I turn on the notifications

  • Jessica Phillips
    Jessica Phillips 3 days ago

    Marcys and Lucas you guys are soso cute love serenity

  • Reginna Lat
    Reginna Lat 3 days ago

    How to do backflips

  • Toya Tee
    Toya Tee 3 days ago

    that be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary.

  • Tamhra Brown
    Tamhra Brown 4 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️I LOVE YOU😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😻😻😻😻😻😻❤️💕💕💕💕💕

  • jiah Manjarawala
    jiah Manjarawala 4 days ago

    Who was he

  • J GH
    J GH 4 days ago

    Yo that was crazy

  • B3N S3MAN
    B3N S3MAN 4 days ago

    What the hell did I just watch, yr fans are so delusional...
    Can't yu tell thus is the fakest shit going

  • Ada Lima
    Ada Lima 4 days ago

    Yep i lm crying because you guys dont come To my house is 15 Berkeley one more time guys my name is ada if you want To Call me my name is ada

  • Riley PHILLIPS
    Riley PHILLIPS 4 days ago

    No I was not scared

  • Derek Johanning
    Derek Johanning 4 days ago

    Oh my gosh that scared me 😨

  • TheMatty1969
    TheMatty1969 5 days ago

    I saw a person in the darkness wen you left the room 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Aarsh Vlogs
    Aarsh Vlogs 5 days ago

    I am scared

  • Anna Ohaituk
    Anna Ohaituk 5 days ago

    We're you from guys

  • Tracey Leggett
    Tracey Leggett 5 days ago

    Do yoll guys kniw i am tour bruthre but you nevr mente me and i am Luis daniel berrios

  • Nathaly  Felix
    Nathaly Felix 5 days ago

    I have a sweater that looks like Lucas's green sweater

  • Annabelle Ortega
    Annabelle Ortega 6 days ago

    That person scared me

  • Annabelle Ortega
    Annabelle Ortega 6 days ago

    That was cute when Darius and Lucas where scaring each other

  • Annabelle Ortega
    Annabelle Ortega 6 days ago

    That was scary

  • Julia_GAMER
    Julia_GAMER 6 days ago

    I get so scared when Derry open the Door

  • Danielle Herr
    Danielle Herr 7 days ago

    I love haunted places, I live near Gettysburg pa.next time you guys come to pa gotta check out moonshine church .

  • noni Kerekes
    noni Kerekes 7 days ago

    I love marcus and lucas

  • Heidi Perdomo
    Heidi Perdomo 7 days ago

    That was not really scary😕

  • Gaming with gamer cupcake Love

    That was so sketchy

  • Gaming with gamer cupcake Love

    That's very sketchy looking

  • Mark Schreiber
    Mark Schreiber 7 days ago

    Yes I got very scared and also if it is cold than there are ghost in that room

  • Maddi Wells
    Maddi Wells 7 days ago

    the dog scared me

  • LCC Manager
    LCC Manager 7 days ago

    That guy in front of there car like if u agree😱😱😱

  • SideManKilla 535
    SideManKilla 535 8 days ago

    Ok why would you enter someone's hotel without premission that's a stupid idea

  • devinya plays roblox jaja

    I im scared guys like if u too a little bit scared😢😓🤕

  • Camila Rios
    Camila Rios 8 days ago


  • Camila Rios
    Camila Rios 8 days ago

    Wow so cool NOT HAHAHA

  • Keely Long
    Keely Long 8 days ago

    The man that was chasing him was there dad

  • Hannah Marisse Estigoy

    Watching 2018 we went there 2016 (left after 2 hours in hotel)

  • Gretchen Cisco
    Gretchen Cisco 8 days ago

    That was fucking scary

  • Pricilia Fernandes
    Pricilia Fernandes 8 days ago

    If someone is inside working
    I will get out

  • Kayla C
    Kayla C 8 days ago

    I love your guys videos but on this video on the light thing where the lights turned of by them selves that looked pretty fake

  • Charis Faburada
    Charis Faburada 8 days ago

    The dobre brothers are very brave all the scary thing they will face it like a, scary clown,green man
    Go dobre doit I gonna support all of you 😉😉😉😊☺☺☺🙂🙂🤓🤓

  • Jesse Kilburg
    Jesse Kilburg 8 days ago

    You guys r brave to be doing stuff like this alot

  • Korey888le
    Korey888le 8 days ago

    This was my birthday

  • Jordany Penaloza
    Jordany Penaloza 9 days ago

    I was so scared it freaked me out so good

  • Narcis CR7
    Narcis CR7 9 days ago

    If u like''

  • Narcis CR7
    Narcis CR7 9 days ago

    Dobre bros i love u...im subsribed if i like this comment subscribe to my channel dobre bros...PLS

  • Kaylah Wilson
    Kaylah Wilson 9 days ago

    to cylis that the forest that you are talking about was called the blayer witches forest

  • Jorge Jimenez
    Jorge Jimenez 9 days ago

    I got scared 🤭

  • Irma Quinteros
    Irma Quinteros 9 days ago

    i love You marcus

  • Heydie Gonzalez
    Heydie Gonzalez 9 days ago

    I wish I am brother

  • Kristina Cowart
    Kristina Cowart 10 days ago +2

    I saw the guy!

  • Kristina Cowart
    Kristina Cowart 10 days ago +2

    I love your video's

  • Garcia Erick
    Garcia Erick 10 days ago

    fuck you all

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    Ur reactions was so damn funny

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    UZ almost slipped on the ice hahahahahahaha

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    Luv u lucas and no there is no food in the fridge

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    Ur funi Darius hahahahahaha

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    Uz are so risky and sketchy still luv us tho

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    Uz turntable the light off because it did a pause hitch but it did scare me and the phone ring

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    Uz r so funi good fright Darius my man luv u 2 lucas

  • Hilda Danford
    Hilda Danford 10 days ago

    For my dearest ask can uz come to new Zealand pppppplllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz

  • call of duty waw
    call of duty waw 11 days ago

    in the thumnail cyry and daeri are not feeling it

    SERIN AND NAZLI 12 days ago


  • valentina perez
    valentina perez 12 days ago

    We got so scared

  • Lové Carter
    Lové Carter 12 days ago

    Dorbe Army

  • Salvador Palomares
    Salvador Palomares 12 days ago

    Do you die

  • Siarra Porch
    Siarra Porch 12 days ago

    I love you you’re brother I want you to come up and have a girls really good network of me I wish I could meet you guys there

  • Siarra Porch
    Siarra Porch 12 days ago

    Funny especially specially LucLucas

  • Haley Womack
    Haley Womack 12 days ago

    OMG when y'all was walking out that room there was a man in black clothes with no face down the house

  • Cinda Andrus
    Cinda Andrus 13 days ago

    Omg that scared me

  • Francisco Garduno
    Francisco Garduno 13 days ago

    What happend?
    And I like your videos

  • Marie C
    Marie C 13 days ago

    I love TVcliprs

  • Megan Roy
    Megan Roy 13 days ago

    Did u get scared when the guy jumps in front of the car like if you agree😱😂👋😜

  • Mya Majaidea
    Mya Majaidea 14 days ago

    Wait when Darius scared little kid that was so funny I literally jumped out of the bed until I fell that was so funny Darius like oh my God

  • Lewis Yawson
    Lewis Yawson 14 days ago

    I want to meet you guys

  • Hannah Harris
    Hannah Harris 14 days ago

    i think i passed out when that stupid dog barked lol

  • Patricia Wroblewska
    Patricia Wroblewska 14 days ago

    0:28 Oh sh i'm not saying anything but i heard that