Janel Parrish Calls 'PLL' Co-Star Shay Mitchell 'Brave' After Miscarriage Reveal (Exclusive)


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  • Alisha Chowdhury
    Alisha Chowdhury 10 days ago +3

    Whatttt I’m shoooookkkk Shay was gonna have a baby awww I feel really bad it would’ve been so nice for her to have a little Shay running around

  • Nyomi Owen
    Nyomi Owen 14 days ago +1

    Wait r they making new episodes of pll

    • Nyomi Owen
      Nyomi Owen 14 days ago +1

      I knew that after i searched the comments but when r they released

    • Nyomi Owen
      Nyomi Owen 14 days ago

      Yeah a spin off

    • RevivalBabe& SelGoFan
      RevivalBabe& SelGoFan 14 days ago

      Nyomi Owen no they are working on the series which is the spin off of pll

  • isotope
    isotope 15 days ago +7

    Who is the father?

    • isotope
      isotope 13 days ago

      +britney bowman ok thanks

    • britney bowman
      britney bowman 14 days ago

      +isotope matte Babel

    • isotope
      isotope 15 days ago

      +Raquel Simon ya but what's his name?

    • Raquel Simon
      Raquel Simon 15 days ago +1

      isotope her boyfriend

  • Daisy Bee
    Daisy Bee 15 days ago +13

    She’s so not Mona lol love her

  • Kate Shortall
    Kate Shortall 16 days ago +3

    Where did shay announce it??

    • Pixie Gardens x3
      Pixie Gardens x3 16 days ago

      New Year's Day. She was reflecting on some stuff that happened in 2018 on her Instagram story

    • Catherine Pang
      Catherine Pang 16 days ago +1

      Her 2018 Instagram story

  • Marissa Groves
    Marissa Groves 16 days ago +4

    I can’t wait for season 8

    • Nyomi Owen
      Nyomi Owen 14 days ago +1

      +Marissa Groves its when you make a new show based off the old one but basically season 8

    • Marissa Groves
      Marissa Groves 15 days ago

      B to the T to the S BTS what’s that

    • B to the T to the S BTS
      B to the T to the S BTS 16 days ago +4

      Marissa Groves its not season 8 it’s a spin off

  • David Crayton
    David Crayton 16 days ago +25

    I feel so bad for her I didn’t even know

  • Lærke Kristensen
    Lærke Kristensen 16 days ago +8

    Love her!!!