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  • Posh Unicorn
    Posh Unicorn 4 hours ago +1

    Those 129 are my favorite kind of people

  • m
    m 5 hours ago

    I would’ve done it

  • xXx_Full House_xXx
    xXx_Full House_xXx 14 hours ago

    I love how some play then continue walking like nothing happened

  • Elaine Reeves
    Elaine Reeves 22 hours ago

    I'd hopped on it!! I love to play an have a great sense of humor. Loved watchin this

  • Sara Naiser
    Sara Naiser Day ago

    Did anyone else play snail more than hopscotch?

  • John Calcano
    John Calcano Day ago

    No one every really grows up fully^^

  • heyxter
    heyxter Day ago

    Did they really count each person

  • Novern Flare
    Novern Flare Day ago

    Those awkward pauses really get to me -.-

  • Pigeon Pigeoff
    Pigeon Pigeoff Day ago

    Most of these people were with friends or in groups maybe its sort of a social thing idk

  • Leela Martin
    Leela Martin Day ago

    This is so pure. I love it!

  • K & K Brown & Burrell

    Play time is necessary. This made me smile.

  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal Day ago

    I would play it.

  • xxEnnie Noobie Robloxian

    2:01 I loved watching that person play! It made me giggle and smile ear to ear 💕

  • Kondratio
    Kondratio Day ago +2

    Can you give me the music please?

  • e phelon
    e phelon 2 days ago

    I don't know why this made me so happy

  • Emily Kline
    Emily Kline 2 days ago

    I would totally play

  • A Bird Lover
    A Bird Lover 2 days ago

    If I wasn't with friends, I would subtly play it. I would walk in the squares, but to other people it would just look like my stride function.exe malfunctioned
    If I was with friends I would go all out

  • A Simple Dog
    A Simple Dog 2 days ago

    those 1,058 people are cowards

  • Maejoye Dwanah
    Maejoye Dwanah 2 days ago

    yeahh.... we're kids

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise 2 days ago

    Hello yeah?!!!!

  • tRAsH pOtAtO
    tRAsH pOtAtO 2 days ago

    Y’all know I’d be the one doing it 15 times in a row

  • Olivia Lavrenko
    Olivia Lavrenko 2 days ago

    All the the ones that walked by are boring people

  • Patricia Who keeps it quiet

    I would

  • Lps Hamster
    Lps Hamster 2 days ago

    I would play!

  • Maddie_ Unicorn
    Maddie_ Unicorn 2 days ago

    I don’t get the point of this but either way it was cool

  • Browsing.The.Internet

    I play hopscotch on the tile pavements even where there are no outlines 😂😂😂

  • _ kachi
    _ kachi 2 days ago

    124/1053 people walking the street are children like me

  • Lisa Bet
    Lisa Bet 2 days ago

    Love how some put a lil twist into it 😂👏🏽

  • Bryne Josava
    Bryne Josava 2 days ago

    1:38 this is so me

  • Rose Derricourt
    Rose Derricourt 2 days ago

    Genuinely cheered me up so much 😁

  • Bitch I Might
    Bitch I Might 3 days ago

    dude I would be playing for HOURS

  • Cameron Curtis
    Cameron Curtis 3 days ago

    I love this video! It's so cute watching people play little kid games, idk why

  • Caroline Hinson
    Caroline Hinson 3 days ago

    Man I haven’t played hopscotch in so long

  • Haylie Morris
    Haylie Morris 3 days ago

    It would have been cool if they would have put this as a 10 hour live video

  • BAG _Plays
    BAG _Plays 3 days ago

    We all have a child inside us.

    It’s just that some people aren’t cool enough to let it out 😎

  • FutureFriend
    FutureFriend 3 days ago

    I would!

  • Mymy MH
    Mymy MH 3 days ago

    I legit just did this in store 5 below and I was shook at how many awkward and weird stares I got when I did the hopscotch. 😂

  • *I AM GROOT*
    *I AM GROOT* 3 days ago

    Why did more men play then women? Lol

  • Grace Likes Circles
    Grace Likes Circles 3 days ago

    Someone had to count all this

  • Soappy Waters
    Soappy Waters 3 days ago

    At around 2:00 montage, that would be great for a Target add

  • Sergeantpaprika
    Sergeantpaprika 3 days ago

    I really enjoyed watching this idk why

  • Kaydence Graham
    Kaydence Graham 3 days ago

    Why did this make me happy

  • Emily Von Dohre
    Emily Von Dohre 3 days ago

    If this was secret filming they would have had to bleep out faces

  • Hamilton.Is.Life
    Hamilton.Is.Life 3 days ago

    How do people walk without looking down? I would’ve seen it at least

  • becca
    becca 3 days ago

    when the construction worker played omg so wholesome

  • Lid ya
    Lid ya 3 days ago

    1053 boring people

  • Sol Usman
    Sol Usman 3 days ago

    This is a good video to start my morning 😊

  • ThisIsNajma
    ThisIsNajma 3 days ago


    YouAre BEAUTIFUL 3 days ago

    This made me super happy for whatever reason

  • bethie reanna
    bethie reanna 3 days ago +1

    this video just proves that we should take time to be silly every once in a while in our busy lives

  • Potato _Chips
    Potato _Chips 3 days ago

    Who else expected the pigeon in the beginning to do ot

  • 高梨あきら
    高梨あきら 3 days ago

    I was walking home from work one day, i seen hopscotch on the side of the road and some kids walked away, the next thing i knew i was playing hopscotch. I cant resist my brain just tells me to do it

  • Didi Verbeek
    Didi Verbeek 3 days ago

    The couple (im assuming) at 2:37 is too cute

  • Alex x
    Alex x 3 days ago

    sad some people chose not to play

  • Kaii
    Kaii 3 days ago

    This is so interesting! And watching it made me happy haha

  • Ode to She
    Ode to She 3 days ago

    Silly little humans

  • libby kay
    libby kay 3 days ago

    honestly this made my day

  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl 3 days ago

    thats only 12%

  • CherriiSoda
    CherriiSoda 3 days ago +1

    2:37 gOaLS aF

  • pepperrgirl
    pepperrgirl 3 days ago

    How many of those 129 were construction? They seem like people to chill with.

  • Zombie_Slik
    Zombie_Slik 3 days ago

    its returned!

  • Hailey Espinosa
    Hailey Espinosa 3 days ago

    Someone must of had to of gone through all ten hours of footage...

  • Vanessa Osei
    Vanessa Osei 3 days ago


  • Becky F.
    Becky F. 3 days ago

    So approx. 12% of people played

  • Mill
    Mill 3 days ago

    Stay away from a random hopscotch on the sidewalk, you could get secretly filmed

  • Good for nothing
    Good for nothing 3 days ago

    How to tell who is a fun person or in a good mode

  • chloe genelle
    chloe genelle 3 days ago

    aww that made me so happy. do more experiments like this!!

  • lc
    lc 3 days ago

    this is the best video i watched today

  • M4R7U :3
    M4R7U :3 3 days ago

    129 yes/ 1,058 no :(

  • M4R7U :3
    M4R7U :3 3 days ago

    can i just be friends with all those people that did jump??

  • Mica Gladding
    Mica Gladding 3 days ago

    Seeing that a lot of these people were construction/maintenance workers made me so happy.

  • Юрий Пименов

    кто эти ущербные, которые поставили дизлайки?

  • SG Janani Sri
    SG Janani Sri 3 days ago

    2:11 is me.

  • Maureen Wanjiku
    Maureen Wanjiku 3 days ago

    Would definitely play... Unless I am sick and near death or 3HRS late to a meeting ☺. Is that too childish..

  • That One Daydream
    That One Daydream 3 days ago

    Never lose the child inside ☺️

  • Tyler Pinkerton
    Tyler Pinkerton 3 days ago +2

    Does anyone know the music in this ?

  • deziree macias
    deziree macias 3 days ago

    You can tell that the people walking by wanted to try lol

  • Haha Lol
    Haha Lol 3 days ago

    The man is 1:50 is so adorable?? Like I really want to hang with him

  • Anding Geli
    Anding Geli 3 days ago

    ❤ i miss being a child

  • Theodore Pike
    Theodore Pike 4 days ago

    Pretty sure a few knew the cameras were there though, especially the couple at 2.36. She looks directly at it several times.

  • Habby N
    Habby N 4 days ago

    i love the couple one, wearing the same black outfit :D

  • Léa Bouchard
    Léa Bouchard 4 days ago

    This put a big dumb smile on my face hahaha

    BTS SNATCHED MY WIG 4 days ago

    I would definatly play it

  • vivien figuro
    vivien figuro 4 days ago

    Aahhh i miss playing this. If i was there i would totally use my sick moves!

  • Karly Kitten
    Karly Kitten 4 days ago

    I love how people of all ages played it :)

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 4 days ago

    So about 11%.

  • Hanah Simpson
    Hanah Simpson 4 days ago

    129 people know how to have fun 😄

  • astrophysx
    astrophysx 4 days ago

    I never even learned how to play hopscotch lmfao. You Americans are funny.

  • Gaba Jastrzębska
    Gaba Jastrzębska 4 days ago

    that dude at 1:49 tho

  • Kevin Matthew Warren

    I used to LOVE hopscotch in school, if I saw this in the street then that would be it for the rest of the day. I need to buy some chalk and set this up!

  • Joey Espinosa
    Joey Espinosa 4 days ago

    2:29 WIN!!

  • McKell Groves
    McKell Groves 4 days ago

    this is so cute & made me so happy!

  • Pota Totes
    Pota Totes 4 days ago

    I would have. I see matching tiles on places and I still jump on them.

  • Giorby Miranda
    Giorby Miranda 4 days ago

    putting the fun into walking. i like it. random fun activity.

  • Maia Marmour
    Maia Marmour 4 days ago

    This made me so happy

  • Rayene Mammeri
    Rayene Mammeri 4 days ago

    Teaches u to enjoy little things

  • 606 Defender of Justice

    Wow so many boring people

  • Clarissees Pieces
    Clarissees Pieces 4 days ago

    I would’ve played too heheh

  • Reinaldo Torres
    Reinaldo Torres 5 days ago

    Shit, knowing me- I would've done it too:) it was nice to see people actually playing hopscotch 😂😅

  • OhtheSuffering
    OhtheSuffering 5 days ago

    As I approach my 30s, I find myself having flashbacks to times like this. Always retain a part of your childhood.