• Published on Dec 4, 2019

    This video is full of new ideas that are incredibly useful! You will find several ways to open a beer bottle, for example, you can use a ring to open it. Moreover, beer works perfectly to clean jewelry. Place a ring in a bowl filled with beer. Leave for a while and your ring will be perfectly clean. You will find a super easy trick on how to resize your ring using nail polish. If you have lost a gem at home, put pantyhose around the end of the vacuum hose to find it easily.
    Check out another collection of clothing ideas that will help you to renew your wardrobe and get ready for the holidays. You will learn how to revamp your old clothes without spending a ton of money.
    Have you ever seen a tea table with an aquarium? Sounds crazy? Watch this video and you will an incredibly easy tutorial. Besides, you won’t need to buy expensive supplies to make this fabulous table. As a bonus, check out a cool collection of gadgets and tools that will ease your life and help to solve annoying problems. Check out what to do if it’s too hot at home, how to make a BBQ at home using tin cans and a lot more!
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    00:09 Incredible life hacks with rings
    00:46 How to clean a ring using beer
    03:05 Vacuum cleaner hack
    03:50 Clothing ideas for beginners
    09:27 Tea table with aquarium
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  • LoneWolf xXx
    LoneWolf xXx Day ago

    Hmmm should I wear my jeans today?
    Naw ima just grab some dirt from my back yard and fill em up. Cuz that’s not weird and tacky at all 👍

  • Roxanne owo
    Roxanne owo Day ago


  • Bel Ferreira
    Bel Ferreira 2 days ago


  • Naureen ch
    Naureen ch 2 days ago

    Did anyone ttry this??? is it working ??? 12:14

  • Fatima Glitter
    Fatima Glitter 4 days ago

    Good life hack

  • Meena Tewari
    Meena Tewari 4 days ago +1

    Who wants to see the 5 minute craft face

  • Jacques Duskin
    Jacques Duskin 5 days ago

    I don’t think Ring cost a penny

  • gier Ali
    gier Ali 6 days ago

    Awesome hacks Hahahah funny

  • MsJulia04
    MsJulia04 6 days ago

    Title saying: this won't cost a penny
    Me: Looking in the shops

  • HiRa Sheikh
    HiRa Sheikh 6 days ago

    11:50 to 12:00 😂👍

  • Danica Pavlovic
    Danica Pavlovic 7 days ago

    2:20 my mom

  • Chocxlate Milk
    Chocxlate Milk 7 days ago

    >Man makes womans phone fall<
    Me: Theres such thing as a pop socket...

  • Rubina Shaikh
    Rubina Shaikh 9 days ago

    5:04 Lol you didn't even stick glue on the edges and the glitter got stuck on it's own

  • Zuriah Robinson
    Zuriah Robinson 10 days ago

    Now how do you get the ring out

  • Nowa Modig APEL08
    Nowa Modig APEL08 10 days ago


  • Rojeen Fathulla
    Rojeen Fathulla 11 days ago

    I actually thought the floss for the ring was quite genius

  • Ǥⱥchⱥ_Cøøkie
    Ǥⱥchⱥ_Cøøkie 11 days ago +1

    Just ruin a perfectly, pretty good ring-

  • Brooke Boronski
    Brooke Boronski 11 days ago +3

    Who else just watches 5-minute crafts because they are bored 😑
    Leave a like if you do

  • Isapg Gaming Animator
    Isapg Gaming Animator 12 days ago

    Oh that won’t cost you a penny? Um those nails, and um that ring and that WHOLE HOUSE WITH SUPPLIES IN IT um.. idk..

  • Icecream Gurl
    Icecream Gurl 12 days ago +1

    11:05 yeah or you could just turn down the heat

  • home decoration services


  • Emma Davis Year 9 Wickersley

    realy am i just going to have a MASSIVE sheet of plastic laying around and if i did would i then get up eventhough i am too hot and then get up to stick together the fan and every thing just to sit in a bag of air. personally i would just turn the fan on if i had a fan in the first place 😂

  • J S
    J S 17 days ago

    9:25 WTH =_=

  • Sarg3nt Bomber
    Sarg3nt Bomber 17 days ago

    2:15 could of just brought a pop socket or a case that had one

  • Banya Trejo
    Banya Trejo 19 days ago +1

    At 2:32 she literally destroyed her ring

  • 김꽁꽁
    김꽁꽁 19 days ago +1

    4:13하면 엄마한테 혼날수있음

  • mebrahtu kokob
    mebrahtu kokob 19 days ago

    kul Idee

  • dusmanta dutta
    dusmanta dutta 20 days ago

    Nice craft

  • laurafmv
    laurafmv 20 days ago +1

    They ‘re right it wont coast a penny,hundreds.

  • John Jones
    John Jones 20 days ago

    Let's get a ring and and strangle a kid
    Great idea Sally

  • rebekah martin
    rebekah martin 21 day ago +2

    2:34 is like a little shield for you hand!!! It’s so cute! 😂

  • doge doge
    doge doge 21 day ago

    Diy's that only cost a penny. Oh then i can go to the appe store and get a iphone for a penny? Apple people say they are 1000$😠

  • Irai
    Irai 21 day ago

    You can’t take of the ring because hot glued it to you finger

  • Maria Tol
    Maria Tol 21 day ago

    The ring she just got it glode

  • Emani Darko
    Emani Darko 21 day ago

    Everyone totally has about 10 rings that cost about 1-3k lying around to waste on this, or even their wedding ring to put on a necklace that looks like your 5 year old kids learned in school and proved to be cool

  • Kaylee George
    Kaylee George 22 days ago +2

    2:12 that's why there is something called a popsocket

    MORDHWAJ 22 days ago

    Wese dukaan bht chlti hogi tmhari.. ...hena😃😀😊☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Reina Tanaka
    Reina Tanaka 22 days ago +1

    How does a giant ring tell you it’s real pashmina

  • Maria Tyrer
    Maria Tyrer 23 days ago

    How do they have this many subscribers all of their stuff is fake

  • rich L
    rich L 24 days ago +1

    Finger protection
    You just used your wedding ring

  • ZoZo !!!!!!!
    ZoZo !!!!!!! 24 days ago

    2:06 Well that's just *RUDE*

  • Tamara Kozáčková
    Tamara Kozáčková 24 days ago +1

    Good day,
    you would write to me how to call those videos you played with that plastic twist to make it like 3D.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Rocky/Amber Animations
    Rocky/Amber Animations 24 days ago +17

    Literally everything in the video: **costs more than a penny**

  • Maja Sips
    Maja Sips 24 days ago +1

    Your ideas are some times boring

  • Byllee jo Reinthaler
    Byllee jo Reinthaler 24 days ago

    Well what if your not married,or doesn't have a ring

  • Ava Green
    Ava Green 25 days ago

    Won’t cost u a penny unless u don’t have all this stuff just randomly laying around in ur house somewhere

    Read more

  • Sara __
    Sara __ 25 days ago

    Io sono il commento italiano che stavi cercando... 😂

  • Lilly Müller
    Lilly Müller 25 days ago

    2:10 sowas gibt es schon… In besser

  • Marie Makhlouf
    Marie Makhlouf 25 days ago

    Ma kmn helo

  • Veronica Noguera
    Veronica Noguera 26 days ago +7

    How many 😂 is how many likes I get
    I only counted one because I liked my own comment...

    • Veronica Noguera
      Veronica Noguera 22 days ago

      And I hope you have a great day/night as well!!!

    • Veronica Noguera
      Veronica Noguera 22 days ago

      Thank you 😊 I didn't really want likes but you made my day!

  • Loretta McGinnis
    Loretta McGinnis 26 days ago

    I did not like any of those

  • Mahnoor Iram Malik
    Mahnoor Iram Malik 26 days ago +1

    *UseLessss...* 😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😠😡😠😡😠😡

  • Art_123
    Art_123 27 days ago +5

    Who else watches 5 minute crafts before 2019

  • Sanata Boyd
    Sanata Boyd 27 days ago +2

    10:51 is so werid

  • Соня Супрунюк


  • Deepthi M
    Deepthi M 27 days ago

    38 brilliant DIY ideas that would cost you 12 minutes and 44 seconds of your life

  • Crybaby K-12
    Crybaby K-12 28 days ago

    The one where they glue the ring on the phone case, what happens if the ring gets too small?