Terry Crews Hallucinates While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 5, 2017
  • Terry Crews has more strength in one bicep than most humans have in their entire being. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star enters the Hot Ones terrordome and goes beastmode on the wings of death. As he tackles sauce after sauce with Sean Evans, Crews opens up about everything from his relationship with his father, to his difficult experience in the NFL.
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Comments • 32 956

  • Dylan Dunlap
    Dylan Dunlap Day ago

    Did Terry ask for his wings to be well done? Lol

  • xonegunx
    xonegunx Day ago

    Love Terry Crews

  • Nextolic
    Nextolic Day ago

    5:10 Terry Crews can talk about sewing a button back on his jacket and you'd still listen with interest. 3.8K thumbs down though? Now that's something that doesn't make sense to me.

  • Young Nizzy
    Young Nizzy Day ago

    Watching this video and the one with Kevin Hart had me sweating like if i ate the damn wings 😂😂

  • Kain Rogers
    Kain Rogers Day ago

    Give Terry a youghurt. 1 like = 1 youghurt

  • Marvin Perez
    Marvin Perez Day ago

    Lil pump should be on this he likes wings

    • Wee Aboo
      Wee Aboo Day ago

      Hell no this is for actually talented celebrities not drug addict talentless mumble rapper's

  • Casey Young
    Casey Young Day ago

    Terry Crews is the best human ever

  • Nikos Oik
    Nikos Oik Day ago

    Holy shiet that cheat meal is nasty

  • Haydn Anderson
    Haydn Anderson Day ago

    They call him Crews because he's as strong as a crew of men.
    Edit: Crystal hot sauce is good shit

  • Joe’s strain reviews

    Terry I love ur acting this was inspiring

  • Andrea Moll
    Andrea Moll Day ago

    What a guy!!

  • Allain Hunsiker
    Allain Hunsiker Day ago

    That was funny. Guttural screams of pain. He did well though.

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa 2 days ago

    Fuck Terry Crews , and his feminist razor blades

  • Abr Tes
    Abr Tes 2 days ago

    who is watching in 2019?

  • Amani
    Amani 2 days ago

    I've watched all of the episodes with Black people. This show is great so I'm ready to watch more and subscribe.

  • Ezpeazie
    Ezpeazie 2 days ago

    Please get Nick Offerman!

  • Michael K Clark
    Michael K Clark 2 days ago

    I love the premise of the show. Yes I said show. So is he really just interviewing people and Masking Personal and potentially embarrassing questions with Hot Wings ?
    I Love It 👌🏾

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson 2 days ago

    What an amazing man.

  • Jason Warner
    Jason Warner 2 days ago

    That was the best one yet

  • rcsnapp
    rcsnapp 2 days ago

    Think about getting David Goggins in for an interview.

  • Lucy Blades
    Lucy Blades 2 days ago

    We don't deserve Terry Crews.

  • Adrian Valenzuela
    Adrian Valenzuela 2 days ago

    What Terry Crews is part of the PC Master Race? I love him even more.

  • Jose Dominguez
    Jose Dominguez 2 days ago

    The homie is super humble

  • Alex Horn
    Alex Horn 2 days ago

    Terry is a legend, just such a happy beautiful soul

  • Mackenzie Leighton
    Mackenzie Leighton 2 days ago

    Wait, Terry Crews was a football player?

  • PvPaddict007
    PvPaddict007 2 days ago

    i dont normally watch this show but i clicked it just for my man terry, hes a great actor and hes a dream im chasing for my ideal body. Keep it up man

  • ValhallaBeckons
    ValhallaBeckons 2 days ago

    Terry Crews is a goddamn national treasure.

  • James Whitmarsh
    James Whitmarsh 2 days ago

    If we had 100 terry crews’ the earth wouldn’t go to shit

    IAN DEXTER TULOD 2 days ago

    When I become a father I think im a type of father like terry crews

  • renivideht
    renivideht 2 days ago

    I think he should have shouted "NINE-NINE!!!" at the end. XD

  • Kobi Esciba
    Kobi Esciba 3 days ago

    Its ICE CUBE's Turn! lolol

  • Kobi Esciba
    Kobi Esciba 3 days ago

    "Im just chasin the Dragon Terry". LMAOOOOO

  • Yung Upgrade
    Yung Upgrade 3 days ago

    Pc gaming master race

  • Protean Alcor
    Protean Alcor 3 days ago

    Double Sun Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nk1992
    nk1992 3 days ago

    Terry Crews is such a great dad!

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe 3 days ago

    I think it’s adorable when big dudes are sweethearts

  • maxturbo45
    maxturbo45 3 days ago

    Did Terry just say run the gauntlet?
    For those who don't know, RTG is a test to see if your a bitch or if your boss when it comes to watching disturbing/gory shit.
    For example; asian cock cleaning, a broken arm wrestling match, and everyone's favorite; 1 Guy 1Jar
    Have fun 🙃 👌

  • DallyBoy
    DallyBoy 3 days ago

    Get Alex Honnold on the show! Maybe he can get an interview where someone’s not asking if he’s afraid of dying.

  • lis
    lis 3 days ago

    I love how every single person says "okay" in a very distinct way when they know its helluh hot.

  • Kyle Aileru
    Kyle Aileru 3 days ago

    Terry crews is the man

  • Niki Dregant
    Niki Dregant 3 days ago

    Terry seems to be a very nice guy!

  • Yer Boi
    Yer Boi 3 days ago

    It tastes like POWWEEERRRRRR!!@

  • Rebekah Daws
    Rebekah Daws 3 days ago

    That bit about Chelsea just made me cry.

  • Moki Mon
    Moki Mon 3 days ago

    We have a show here where a comedian named Anh Do paints people as he interviews them and hes an amazing painter

  • Dr Valen
    Dr Valen 4 days ago

    Terry had a legit spiritual experience. He met god when he kept closing his eyes

  • LGiacomini50
    LGiacomini50 4 days ago

    assim que o chris chegar em casa


    Gotta get Danny Duncan on there

  • Alexis Ibarra
    Alexis Ibarra 4 days ago

    Terry is definitely on my list of people I want to meet. He's an amazing human being!!! Power!!!! 🤣

  • Daniel Christy
    Daniel Christy 4 days ago

    I don’t even need to say no homo... I love this nigga. The way he is with his kid. He’s just good shit.

  • Redd Rojo
    Redd Rojo 4 days ago

    Such Beauty at the end. Thank You Terry

  • B Bennett
    B Bennett 4 days ago

    I would sweat profusely from the fourth one on, like a faucet was left on. LOL at Terry

  • Bigoun Big
    Bigoun Big 4 days ago


  • Kevin Durham
    Kevin Durham 4 days ago

    I had no idea what kind of dude Crews was going into this...he's the real deal, salt of the Earth type of guy.

  • Naael Mufti
    Naael Mufti 5 days ago

    Okay will Smith we’re starting the first take of TVclip Rewind, you know what you’re gonna say?


  • David Lozano
    David Lozano 5 days ago

    Best part was where he talks about getting into his son’s world

  • R G
    R G 5 days ago

    Wait what? Terry's career started with friday after next???

  • Mok the Magic Man
    Mok the Magic Man 5 days ago

    Sean is Sans Undertale

  • Pabst B. Ribbon
    Pabst B. Ribbon 5 days ago

    Cheeseburger Eddie!!!!!!

  • Aisha
    Aisha 5 days ago

    So wait... did he actually draw those composite sketches in Brooklyn 99 and maybe even paint the portrait of captain holt???

  • Aisha
    Aisha 5 days ago

    Kinda disappointed that Andy is srs irl lol

  • Dan Baum
    Dan Baum 5 days ago

    So apparently this guy is talented as fuck. I never woulda knew tbh, a ton of unexpected skills

  • MrArjan101
    MrArjan101 5 days ago


  • Troy King
    Troy King 5 days ago

    love love fucking love this show thank you

  • DarknoorX
    DarknoorX 5 days ago

    Before I watch...

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson 5 days ago

    I've watched a bunch of Hot Ones, and I have to say, this is my favorite interview.

  • Edgar Magana
    Edgar Magana 5 days ago

    I want to be more like terry Cruz

  • Dizzy Shark01
    Dizzy Shark01 5 days ago


  • jigger jagger
    jigger jagger 5 days ago

    Imagin Terry sitting on the toilet like that the next day

  • Marono _
    Marono _ 5 days ago

    Terry Crews must be the coolest dad ever

  • JokerAQ13
    JokerAQ13 5 days ago

    one of the best ones i have seen. lol

  • TheOneCleanHippy
    TheOneCleanHippy 5 days ago

    I wish our current president was President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

  • tom qwert
    tom qwert 5 days ago


  • Marianne
    Marianne 5 days ago

    He might be dying a horrible, spicy death, but his teeth are having a shiny moment

  • ElizPapiz819
    ElizPapiz819 6 days ago

    My favorite one so far..about 20 episodes deep right now

  • Nick
    Nick 6 days ago

    I love this guy Terry grew up laughing cuz of you

  • Odin
    Odin 6 days ago

    Anyone else see the familiarity between this gentleman and the Devil in the Tenacious D vid for tribute……..

  • the78thHesparian
    the78thHesparian 6 days ago

    I've seen them all, and this one was the best.

  • nelly cervantes
    nelly cervantes 6 days ago

    NINE NINE!!!!!

  • darkliberty
    darkliberty 6 days ago


  • Cameron Dominguez
    Cameron Dominguez 6 days ago

    Terry Crews is such a lovable guy

  • Zadok of Asher
    Zadok of Asher 6 days ago

    Terry Crews is the best.

  • Bojack Horseman
    Bojack Horseman 6 days ago

    Poor Terry!! Damn

  • LKR Delano
    LKR Delano 6 days ago +1

    give us ricegum lol

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett 6 days ago

    Dude... I want to do this just because I love hot wings! Bet! I'll eat a dozen of these wings with the last dab sauce!

  • Xanofar
    Xanofar 6 days ago

    Good interview!

  • Tripps_on_Knives
    Tripps_on_Knives 6 days ago

    i think we need bear grylls on the show.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 6 days ago

    did you know terry’s also an incredible artist? he’s so talented and humble and kind- truly an angel

  • Dammit Kakarot
    Dammit Kakarot 7 days ago

    What a great person.

  • Ericka Balladares
    Ericka Balladares 7 days ago

    I respect him soo much and how he is a dedicated father hes such a big teddy bear and a great actor and his backround as a childhood is what made him who is today ❤

  • Henk Grobler
    Henk Grobler 7 days ago

    To the 49'ers Coach / Trainer / Douchebag: Thank you for mistreating Terry Crews so he'd quit football, you're lucky he didn't rip your head off. Doing this gave the world chance to see the real Terry Crews, awesome man, love his movies, awesome father.
    You are the man Terry Crews!!

  • Julianna Gonzalez
    Julianna Gonzalez 7 days ago

    "omg im hurtin"

  • Lorenzo Cacciacarro
    Lorenzo Cacciacarro 7 days ago


  • Mazakp
    Mazakp 7 days ago

    Damn his ancestors felt that last one!

  • Tate D
    Tate D 7 days ago +1

    Turn on the captions at 3:50

  • Alexis Fellner
    Alexis Fellner 7 days ago

    "I survived the NFL I can do this" hahahaha

  • Bryan Betancourt
    Bryan Betancourt 7 days ago

    Get Gordon Ramsey!!

  • Harry Ruffin
    Harry Ruffin 7 days ago

    That whole computer segment was fucking awesome

  • Dtonationify
    Dtonationify 7 days ago

    Terry's teeth glow in the dark

  • Lion Of Judah
    Lion Of Judah 7 days ago

    15:38 his inner demon exposed itself