Terry Crews Hallucinates While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 5, 2017
  • Terry Crews has more strength in one bicep than most humans have in their entire being. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star enters the Hot Ones terrordome and goes beastmode on the wings of death. As he tackles sauce after sauce with Sean Evans, Crews opens up about everything from his relationship with his father, to his difficult experience in the NFL.
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Comments • 35 073

  • Que Scott4
    Que Scott4 4 hours ago +1

    Swear his wings donโ€™t be having no sauces unlike the celebrities wings which be drenched in tht shit๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Bianca H
    Bianca H 4 hours ago

    How dare you hurt the pure soul that is Terry crews

  • Joa Jolie
    Joa Jolie 4 hours ago

    best guest the show has had ever. and that's facts

  • veggiesaremurder
    veggiesaremurder 7 hours ago

    I love Valentina. And I love Terry Crews even more. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Tina Chavez
    Tina Chavez 9 hours ago +2

    What an amazing man, admirable as well because he took a negative upbringing and made a difference with his son and broke a cycle of violence. Much respect!

  • Uliana Tokarenko
    Uliana Tokarenko 9 hours ago +1

    17:08 POOOWEEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ezra Mowery
    Ezra Mowery 10 hours ago

    Thank God for Terry Crews.

  • karina maldonado
    karina maldonado 13 hours ago

    Best interview hands down!!

  • Scott Toland
    Scott Toland Day ago

    First: Terry Crews is fucking awesome, and seems like a genuinely great human being, with some great advice.

    Second: Please tell me I can buy your custom sauces, especially the last dab...

  • Jorge Alberto Aguilar

    thi is muy dady

  • william ashbee
    william ashbee Day ago

    Why did waze pull the Terry crews mod? Why?

  • Sinestesia Sonora

    Vocรช nรฃo precisa disso Julius, tu tem dois empregos.

  • Mason Temiquel
    Mason Temiquel Day ago

    How has terry crews never been on jre

  • Mason Temiquel
    Mason Temiquel Day ago

    Hands down best episode!

  • Chelsea CD
    Chelsea CD Day ago

    That snot, though... 17:24

  • Shinkicker07
    Shinkicker07 Day ago

    what a fucking rad dude!!!

  • Fluffywuffy Production

    Invite Keanu Reeves

  • The Giraffe King

    He damn near took all those without a problem, the last 3 got him bad ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • gonzalo
    gonzalo Day ago

    Great guy

  • Esparza Cartoons
    Esparza Cartoons 2 days ago

    Talk about being a gentle giant. He's so polite for a tall muscle man.

  • Bryan Uecker
    Bryan Uecker 2 days ago

    Great guy Terry Crews

  • Redhead Update
    Redhead Update 2 days ago

    I love Idiocracy

  • Mathieu Revel
    Mathieu Revel 2 days ago

    17:25, snug on in Terry

  • moviesmag1971
    moviesmag1971 2 days ago

    I had tears in my eyes and I was drinking a smoothie! What a tremendous human being. His end quote from Emerson blew me away. I hope yโ€™all kept in touch. ๐Ÿ’‹

  • lmao
    lmao 2 days ago

    woah wtf i just got a state farm terry crews ad

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 2 days ago

    This shit is fukin nuts ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I wouldn't have made it..
    Torture method hmmm ๐Ÿ˜

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 2 days ago

    Pretty sure he can tell the diff between NorE and Terry ha
    2 diff niggas ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Le Harrison
    Le Harrison 2 days ago

    Jonny bells square dog dance

  • Graeme Wightman
    Graeme Wightman 2 days ago

    What a human being Terry seems to be.. Love his work and have a greater respect for him..

  • Random555
    Random555 2 days ago

    "Am I here?"

    • Sohan Daivik
      Sohan Daivik 2 days ago +1

      Random555 Hahaha ur so funny lol

      And btw that is sarcasm if u dint know...

  • Marcelo Liberman De Loreto

    Terry is amazing. He is the most effort person i heard about.

  • Jaymie Suarez
    Jaymie Suarez 2 days ago

    I feel like Steve Jobs in the 70s ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • Jaymie Suarez
    Jaymie Suarez 3 days ago +1

    Terry! My man! Battlefield PC! And doing it for and with your son. So awesome
    And much respect!

  • Ji Won Park
    Ji Won Park 3 days ago

    How the fuck do you fast until 2 and still gain weight

  • Jhon M
    Jhon M 3 days ago

    Idiocracy is such a great movie. It's basically the USA in 2019 hahaha

  • Amber McCobb
    Amber McCobb 3 days ago +1

    God will not have his work manifested by cowards.....love that!

  • blabber mouf
    blabber mouf 3 days ago +2

    He still should've knocked Weinstein out... many women would've been saved from his sexual harassment.

  • Chey Petras
    Chey Petras 3 days ago

    Get the rock on the show

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 3 days ago

    That story about his son in the computer made me tear up a little ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Shanna Lene Hattaway

    10:27 Terry Crews just gave away New Orleans Biggest secret lol.

  • Carlos Pizarro
    Carlos Pizarro 3 days ago

    This one was the best one!

  • jacz.
    jacz. 3 days ago +2

    Smells like POWEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!



    • jacz.
      jacz. 9 hours ago +1

      @Uliana Tokarenko hold on I said that wrong.

    • jacz.
      jacz. 9 hours ago +1

      @Uliana Tokarenko POWWWEEERRR!!!!!!
      Ur welcome!!

    • Uliana Tokarenko
      Uliana Tokarenko 9 hours ago +2

      Finally, someone who knows stuff!

  • proserfina21096
    proserfina21096 3 days ago

    Does it make anyone laugh when celebrities react the chicken's spiciness?

  • Bryan Manx
    Bryan Manx 3 days ago

    Terry Crews is awesome!

  • MJ
    MJ 3 days ago

    Terry pumping his pecs through his clothes with matching sound effects at 10:18 tho

  • Rio D
    Rio D 3 days ago

    Drinking water makes it worse. Milk or something sweet ONLY.

  • Riley Vanellope Vanegas


  • Racritia Hobson
    Racritia Hobson 3 days ago

    Him and Posty are my Favorite guests

  • Mike Paolucci
    Mike Paolucci 4 days ago

    Terry is absolutely brilliant!

    MAESTRO 4 days ago

    Most inspiring thing was him going out of his way to connect with his son most of us never had that its soooo niiiceeeee lots of love

  • Marie Combs
    Marie Combs 4 days ago +1

    Voielets are red roses are blue if you like Terri cruel make this like blue

  • Nadia Magdalena
    Nadia Magdalena 4 days ago +1

    Valentina is the starter in my family

  • Word Play
    Word Play 4 days ago

    Give this man a yogurt

  • The Brummy Gamer
    The Brummy Gamer 4 days ago +2

    What a legend! "Watch Brooklyn 99... Please" ๐Ÿ˜‚ such a down to earth dude!

  • Emperor Nimbala
    Emperor Nimbala 4 days ago

    Terry Crews is an inspiration for everyone.

  • meyer537
    meyer537 4 days ago +4

    Dammit, every time I watch this I gotta order some wings! My bank can't handle this!

  • david Lol
    david Lol 4 days ago

    Ideocracy or how ever you spell that. Was a funny ass movie.

  • Alexa Quinonez
    Alexa Quinonez 4 days ago

    โ€œI survive the nfl i can survive this โ€œ lmao damn

  • Alexa Quinonez
    Alexa Quinonez 4 days ago

    So did he paint the painting on white chicks ? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Wilhelm Roentgen
    Wilhelm Roentgen 4 days ago

    I LOVE this Guy, are so cool. Have a super good vibes all time, and it's so crazy

  • OK OK
    OK OK 4 days ago

    great person this guy terry crews

  • Nathaniel Prophete
    Nathaniel Prophete 4 days ago +3

    When he yelled I was expecting an โ€œOLD SPICEโ€

  • Justin McLain
    Justin McLain 4 days ago

    I want to know if they actually keep in touch. I feel like Terry is a fummy guy to be in contact with.

  • Jack Papp
    Jack Papp 4 days ago

    most underrated terry crews quote is โ€œAHHH! WHAT BITCHโ€

  • Robert Gittings
    Robert Gittings 4 days ago

    Who dislikes this, seriously?

  • Diell Limani
    Diell Limani 4 days ago +1

    Im proud of Terry becuase he had a horrible life and now he is this succesful now

  • ambient wizardry
    ambient wizardry 4 days ago

    omfg, รฏma build an app after this"rofl

  • Gladys Sandoval
    Gladys Sandoval 4 days ago +11

    Poor Terry, I wonder if its hitting him more than other contestants, due to his fasting. ๐Ÿค”

  • James Daquiz
    James Daquiz 4 days ago

    Respect from my man terry crews!

  • Vin ce
    Vin ce 5 days ago

    That leather coat is so smooth it looks animated

  • hecatearistocrat
    hecatearistocrat 5 days ago

    I never thought much about him but I love Terry Crews now

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 5 days ago


  • Oscar Giovinazzo
    Oscar Giovinazzo 5 days ago

    Awesome show

  • Morden Geist
    Morden Geist 5 days ago

    Terry Crews is undeniably one of my all time favorite people in this lifetime and I never even met the guy. His presence, personality, drive, humble demeanor, and just down to earth "real man" talk is something others should have as a goal. We need more Terry Crews in the world!!

  • Frank Goodface
    Frank Goodface 5 days ago

    as a mexican, seeing the black valentina in the first level was such a deception, it made want to try the other inmediately, I always thougt it could be in a mid position while watching other episodes, now I'm curious on how spicy the other can be. If you are mexican you know this is a matter of honor, we eat spicy things just for fun, come on!

  • YorkyPlayz
    YorkyPlayz 5 days ago +1

    Get keanu Reeves on here

    TIWGAGCVE Group 5 days ago +2

    Terry Crews is known as a mean bastard from his movies. But he is one of the most caring people ever

  • Andres Rondon
    Andres Rondon 5 days ago +19

    Keanu Reeves next please!

  • Claire
    Claire 5 days ago

    Terry was cut off by a State Farm ad with himself in it lol

  • Assmuncher iPod
    Assmuncher iPod 5 days ago

    very kind person

  • jsg040
    jsg040 5 days ago +1

    Hello Mr.Cube

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins 5 days ago +116

    This Man deserves every bit of Success that is in his life!!! He is Amazing and God Bless him!!!

  • Red Pilgrim
    Red Pilgrim 5 days ago

    Terry Crews forehead is a ultrasound of a baby's face. A fan of Terry, loved his role in White Chicks. His the guy you tell people "his not gonna eat you, his a awesome/chill dude."

  • P YBC
    P YBC 6 days ago

    Boy when he yelled I hollered ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Catracha
    Catracha 6 days ago +1

    Terry, if you gotta thank someone for having brooklyn 99 renew is my 8 y/o son! ๐Ÿคฃ Man, he watches that show so many time, when he done, he puts it back on from the start.

  • Jeri Raya
    Jeri Raya 6 days ago +5

    THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL TO WATCH. Terry is such a sweetheart!

  • Mando DeLeon
    Mando DeLeon 6 days ago

    lol. That was Awesome

  • sywesley
    sywesley 6 days ago +9

    T Crews, you are a great Dad! The same thing I tried to be with my boys. May God bless you.

  • Anthony St Hilaire
    Anthony St Hilaire 6 days ago

    Both of you are high

  • Pamela Jones-Meadows

    Like Terry!

  • snoopy1702
    snoopy1702 6 days ago


  • Claude Leto
    Claude Leto 6 days ago

    Sean, please invite comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

  • Isel Cruz
    Isel Cruz 6 days ago +1

    I love you Terry!! So humble!!!

  • Lance Wright
    Lance Wright 6 days ago


  • Zackary Santos
    Zackary Santos 6 days ago

    lol he looks like the old spice guy

  • Michelle Lรฉgarรฉ

    I fucking love Terry

  • Eric White
    Eric White 6 days ago

    Pure and undiluted awesomeness ๐Ÿ‘

  • Devin Mcquinn
    Devin Mcquinn 6 days ago +4

    Luv Terry Crews! Pretty amazing dude! Think Invidia needs to get him on board for an add campaign. That was the most amazing, life changing, description of building your own gaming rig ever!!

  • Konzetsu
    Konzetsu 6 days ago

    Of course you have old spice as a sponsor when Terry Crews is on. Golden.

  • roadrunnerzmb
    roadrunnerzmb 7 days ago +2

    This man is something else... Truly a role model.... So hard working, insightful and most of all passionate... Never letting his situation define him but instead defining himself... Such an inspiration for anyone who may be insecure, afraid of what lies ahead or may be doubting themselves.... He deserves everything he has earned and more.... A warm heart in a world that could be so cold... It's people like this who really make a difference and have such a positive influence on those around them... Thank you Terry Crews...