BAKED IN BROOKLYN - Official Trailer (2016) Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD

  • Published on Oct 25, 2016
  • BAKED IN BROOKLYN - Official Trailer (2016) Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD
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  • james Bond
    james Bond 3 months ago

    This video got 25million viewers only bcoz of alexandra dadario.

  • bubba bojanglez
    bubba bojanglez 3 months ago

    For some reason i thought this was going to be a movie on martin shkreli, turns out its just another "out of the ordinary/sheltered white person starts selling marajuanna and becomes sucsesfull at it" movie.

  • MrSihrus
    MrSihrus 7 months ago

    Another movie victory laping racial disparities in American society

  • CCilence
    CCilence 11 months ago

    whats the song called? starting 1:47

  • 415 Fusion
    415 Fusion Year ago


  • Andrew Caddick
    Andrew Caddick Year ago

    This is really an impressive video.

  • Nick B.
    Nick B. Year ago

    What color are her eyes? A nice, pillowy 34D.

  • Ak Kr
    Ak Kr Year ago


    XV XI XVI Year ago

    I bet Zac Efron would've loved to play in this movie

  • Ninjas Hyper
    Ninjas Hyper Year ago +1

    fap fap

  • Insha Innu
    Insha Innu Year ago

    girl sex

  • Maitre Achinan
    Maitre Achinan Year ago

  • Maitre Achinan
    Maitre Achinan Year ago

  • Keddaz10
    Keddaz10 Year ago

    This looks toss no comedy at all just a shitty story about a drug dealer who punches above his weight when pulling birds

  • Dingo Wendingo
    Dingo Wendingo Year ago

    I wanna tit fuck alexandtia

  • César Alberto ortiz Avila


  • Morr CL
    Morr CL Year ago

    I only came here because of Alexandra from Percy Jackson

  • Rajendra Rawat
    Rajendra Rawat Year ago

    Indian accent

  • Roger Nevez
    Roger Nevez Year ago

    The ugliest man Alexandra Daddario has ever kissed?

  • Jen L
    Jen L Year ago

    1:06 #teamsuper like whom is that man speaking??

  • Leo Pangestu
    Leo Pangestu Year ago

    This movie is fucking horrible

  • vikas negatively
    vikas negatively Year ago


  • Marcus Biggs
    Marcus Biggs Year ago

    More like fucked in Brooklyn

  • Frank Alcala
    Frank Alcala Year ago +1

    Indie films always show the entire movie in their trailers

  • The American Idiot
    The American Idiot Year ago +1

    At 0:24 for some odd reason, he reminds me of John Lennon. That's the only scene. Odd...

  • Outlore
    Outlore Year ago

    wait isn't that the actor of annabeth of percy jackson

  • Robiul Islam
    Robiul Islam Year ago


  • Angelo Ocon
    Angelo Ocon Year ago

    I could fuck alexandra daddario all day lang

  • Mar Angeles Z
    Mar Angeles Z Year ago

    Esta s mui zexi

  • Jan Winnicki
    Jan Winnicki Year ago

    pity they are giving up to gravity :D

  • Parul Patel
    Parul Patel Year ago


  • Chun Wong
    Chun Wong Year ago


  • 2kamakashi2
    2kamakashi2 Year ago


  • Philip McKinney
    Philip McKinney Year ago

    Screw this movie. Alexandra Daddario and women like her would NEVER be even remotely involved with a dude like that. This is too far beyond the realm of belief. Also, who thought this nebbish idiot could headline a film? #FAILURE

  • James Marok
    James Marok Year ago

    No way a guy like that would be with her not very good casting

  • Velocity
    Velocity Year ago

    Bighead the movie

  • Krishna Das
    Krishna Das Year ago +1

    Mast XXXX

  • Dhh Raa
    Dhh Raa Year ago


  • Tarun Gulati
    Tarun Gulati Year ago

    Is the main guy the same person who Stuart had given the charge of his Comic Store when he went out for coffee with a girl in Big Bang Theory. Almost looks like him. Just curious to know 🤨

  • Narendra Kushwaha


  • Andrew Caddick
    Andrew Caddick Year ago

    Is it going to be the best movie of Daddario?

  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers Year ago

    Big Head!

  • Rabi Rabi
    Rabi Rabi Year ago

    Nice sex momant

  • Rabi Rabi
    Rabi Rabi Year ago

    Nice sex momant

  • effyou128
    effyou128 Year ago

    If he could realy pully her then we all could hit that Movie looks stupid as fuck btw

  • OneAndOnly Lokey
    OneAndOnly Lokey Year ago

    Ma guy RJ Berger making a comeback!

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh Year ago

    Big heaaaaad😂

  • Kagemusha08
    Kagemusha08 Year ago

    Normally I hate these kinds of nerd fantasy movies where a complete dork with zero confidence, physical attraction or even job manages to bag a chick like Daddario. But in this case it's Bighead, so it makes perfect sense that he'd somehow pull it off.

  • Bio Tech
    Bio Tech Year ago

    How this l'oses get this woman

  • Saul S
    Saul S Year ago

    23 million people clicked for the thumbnail

  • Pro Genji
    Pro Genji Year ago

    Hey it’s bighead

  • aclock2
    aclock2 Year ago

    I think there is a logical reason here. The dude is already smart, but the very nature of his job makes him very boring. So, when he takes a very risky job, he becomes smart and interesting which can attract a lot of women ( It's not possible to be boring if you do something like dealing drug for living, your brain would be in high adrenaline most of the time ).

  • Sancler Santander

    push the release date back to 1976...and maybe someone will see it

  • Fenris 48
    Fenris 48 Year ago

    I'm pretty sure everyone came for Alexandra daddario😂

  • CrimsonWolf69
    CrimsonWolf69 Year ago

    Is this what Ben Shapiro meant about good decision-making? 'Cause his dad isn't doing so well.

  • A H
    A H Year ago


  • Max Wolff
    Max Wolff Year ago


  • Tech chevy
    Tech chevy Year ago

    Great movie 💕💕

  • Ta aD
    Ta aD Year ago

    Is this Link?

    MOOFAMDEEZ Year ago

    Why is Alexandria Dadario always "the girl I met at a party"