Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Jun 26, 2017
  • The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver discusses why some people may still feel uncertainty about childhood vaccinations.
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Comments • 36 902

  • only1excellent
    only1excellent 9 hours ago

    You have to know what causes Autism before you can say what does not.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 7 hours ago

      no you don't, you idiot. do candy canes cause gulf war syndrome?

  • MadLad 555
    MadLad 555 Day ago

    "Memes aren't facts" yeah I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one...

    *Epstein didn't kill himself*

  • truthtrekker
    truthtrekker Day ago


    • truthtrekker
      truthtrekker 4 hours ago

      @eeeaten *You are entitled to your opinion. Your father didn't leave your mother and abandon his entire family because he was happy with the situation. Death is still eternity inside the Sun. We all get the notion that you think slavery is an acceptable act. You believe dropping bombs on pregnant woman, children playing and old folks walking in the park, is a obviously a display of sanity and that all owners of slaves and warmongers can just waltz out of life and leave everything to their children. The bombs that are dropped daily on human beings is a clear sign of the worshipers of the devil. Anyone, like you, that lacks plain common sense is bound for the Sun and richy deserves their fate. Nature uses death as the catch all. When you get back inside of the Sun, all the that shit you tried to pull is paid in full. Enjoy Stupid!*

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 13 hours ago

      i don't know what you're trying to say here, but i do know you're insane.

  • elchamber
    elchamber Day ago

    One reason why people don’t vaccinate is cause there were so many lies spread in the media that was suggested scientifically proven safe and then later retracted. It’s a state of distrust. And, like the psychic video, there’s plenty of people that are willing to capitalize on it.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 13 hours ago

      what psychic video?

  • Ratboy2004
    Ratboy2004 Day ago

    Unbiased source? They're called DOCTORS

  • mai rodriguez
    mai rodriguez Day ago

    His analogy’s are to laught about certainly .

  • No Nope
    No Nope Day ago +1

    facebook users have perpetuated disinformation of vaccines and now I have whooping cough.
    Just delete your fuckin facebook, people

  • puspita
    puspita Day ago

    John Oliver keeps itching his nose is it s symbol of sign of some sort lol

  • SongBird
    SongBird 2 days ago

    I think people forget that you can trust others without being blind or naive. I have a doctor in my family and from the conversations I have with them I can say that the distrust for medical professionals is understandable. Doctors are humans just like the rest of us and make mistakes, sometimes they are wrong and they should be held accountable. However, occasional mistakes do not discredit our collective knowledge as a species. Science isn't inherently bad or dangerous, we just have to stay educated and take precautions. If you don't trust your doctor get a new one. If you don't like what a doctor says, get a 2nd opinion. You can also do your own research but be aware of a lack of credibility and temper it with an understanding that your grasp of the concept is limited. It's okay to question the status quo, it isn't okay to throw logic out the window and reach a nonsensical conclusion that might harm others.

  • Magnus Sandström
    Magnus Sandström 2 days ago


  • MetteLentz
    MetteLentz 2 days ago +1

    Okay, I seriously get the doubt and confusion there is about Vaccines in America. From where I stand (in another country FYI) It seems to me that American's have little faith in a lot of their systems (goverment, medical, education) so I don't find it surprising that people doesn't trust expert knowledge, as it seems (from an outsider's perspective) that there is a lot of lobbying going on (like, experts being one the pay role). I think it is good to question things and trying to investigate things, but you also have to realise, that if you are not educated in the field, chances are that you are not able to get the full picture, also that it will take time and you have to be critical of every paper you read and investigate who wrote it and their possible interests in writing the paper....It is a rather confusing dilema, but a big problem is that it is the people who have no knowledge and just parot other's who are the loudest. (Or at least that is my view some aspects of this problem, feel free to argue respectfully against my points)

  • Bailee’s Bookshelf

    Am I the only one who thinks John Oliver looks like an owl who can’t get a date
    either that or a parrot working at a bank

  • Dave Howe
    Dave Howe 2 days ago

    I totally believe the jar thing, but what can you expect from someone who is not only anti-fish but anti-minion? :)

  • Oh No Get Out!
    Oh No Get Out! 3 days ago trust MERK... It's only glyphosates your injecting into your babies. What could go wrong?

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 13 hours ago

      @DM584 poe's law ftw. my guess is he doesn't know.

    • DM584
      DM584 Day ago

      Wait, you do realize The Science Post is a satirical website like The Onion, right?

  • Петър Георгиев

    It is hypocritical to say that a politician who presumably did that or this is corrupt and your only evidence is the news, but to say that vaccines are safe and your only evidence are some studies who may very well be manipulated by the vaccine makers. Who has the money is the one who holds the power to do things.

  • Cas Hartnell
    Cas Hartnell 3 days ago

    "Children are fucking disgusting"
    -John Oliver, now a father of two

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 13 hours ago +1

      he should know as well as anyone. he's not wrong!

  • backiman
    backiman 3 days ago +1

    somebody revoke dr robert sears medical license asap

  • blackbird163
    blackbird163 3 days ago

    This is great thank u.

  • Chipwhitley274
    Chipwhitley274 4 days ago

    The concern, that any scientific minded, person should have with vaccines is that there have been zero long term properly controlled studies proving the safety of vaccines... What is currently being relied upon are short term and Non-controlled or improperly controlled inconclusive tests... none of which have been repeated, in any attempt to verify results/conclusions.
    Skepticism is often not because people doubt the idea of a vaccine... their skepticism is about the additives that could potentially be a problem. Additives in different vaccines vary, but often include things that are potentially toxic... toxic to organs, toxic to the lymph system, intracellularly toxic, toxic to neurons etc. It has not been definitively proven that those toxins cause Autism or any-other neurological disorder or organ damage... but it has also not been dis-proven... there has not been any legitimate testing to conclusively make either claim.
    Again, it isn't that we know, as a fact, that these dosages are actually a danger, they may very well not be... but they haven't proven their safety with legitimate controlled studies, and people should question that, and demand proper testing... and if problems are revealed, then substitute ingredients with safe alternatives. Many ingredients are currently being used simply because they are inexpensive, which lowers the cost of manufacturing.
    If we have concerns about food, and the chemicals and genetics of the food we eat... Should a reasonable person not be concerned with what is directly injected into our bodies?
    Even when we look at the dosage levels of a single vaccine, it may be determined that the levels are too low to be dangerous... but are we considering that an infant or a toddler can get up to 6 vaccines (whether multiple or combination shots) in one session?
    Another factor that many people overlook... is the risk versus the reward. When people think of Measles, and other diseases, people imagine terrible skin conditions, encephalitis, and a lot of severe suffering, and death. When people think of Polio they think paralysis. They think those things because those are common symptoms from 100 years ago, and in Third World Countries. The symptoms of any disease are exacerbated in poor conditions, lack of hydration, lack of sanitation, lack of nutrition, and lack of basic medical attention. But in the U.S. we have easy access to those things. And historical data actually shows the disease incident rates were on a massive decline before wide spread vaccination took place... the drop was more likely occurring because society was improving those conditions of sanitation, nutrition, clean water etc. etc. And that is the same reason that recent outbreaks are more easily controlled when they do occur now.
    For instance, in the U.S., contracting Polio has a 95% chance of no symptoms at all, and only a 0.5% chance of resulting in paralysis.
    In the U.S., Measles, for example, almost always simply amounts to a body rash and flu symptoms, and then the person recovers fine. There is only a 0.1% chance of it progressing to encephalitis, and even then the symptoms are usually mild and can be fully recovered from, severe cases of encephalitis are rarer. There is only a 0.01% chance of it progressing to SSPE. And there is only about 0.3% chance of measles progressing to being fatal.
    Back when the Disneyland outbreak occurred... there were Zero fatalities, none were anywhere near fatal conditions. But people got scared because they thought a terrible disease was going to run rampant.
    Now, as an adult, people can make informed decisions about the risk and rewards. Many people will feel the protections vaccines provide are definitely worth the current risks... and that is their right to make that choice freely, and I don't condemn anyone for making that choice for them or for their children.
    People may feel that other people who don't vaccinate are being irresponsible, and that they are a threat to others... But if you disagree with people that don't believe in vaccinations, and you decide to vaccinate, then you have increased protections, that reduce their threat to you in the first place. Also consider, that even if they chose to vaccinate, they are still able to be carriers of the pathogens. With those factors, the idea that they are being a high risk threat isn't accurate.
    So, a vaccinated person has a low risk of contracting the disease from someone who is un-vaccinated, and what risk there is, anyone vaccinated or not, can be a carrier... and in the rare case someone contracts the disease, the symptoms can be non-existent, or they can be flu-like symptoms with a body rash, and they will recover just fine.
    Only in extremely rare cases will all the factors work against a person, it would be extremely rare that even though they were vaccinated they contract measles, then have severe symptoms and contract encephalitis, and then SSPE, and then the disease becoming fatal.
    While any death is tragic... and we'd like to prevent them all... there is no way to prevent them all... statistically the risk vs. reward isn't as clear as it is made out. And let's not forget that many people opposing vaccines (in their current state) are not advocating for stopping the use of vaccines altogether... all they are requesting is to properly test them, to make sure they are safe, and if they aren't then we should make the vaccines safe.
    Without properly controlled long term studies being done... we are taking the pharmaceutical industries word for it. But I personally don't trust untested claims... I am not so willing to just take their word for it, when it comes to injecting substances into my body. And when the medical community is dismissive about legitimate scientific testing... there is a problem... that isn't science. And when adverse effects of a treatment are a part of what is being dismissed... then it isn't medicine anymore.

  • an anomally
    an anomally 4 days ago

    If you think that big Pharma is influencing vaccines then how about using NHS research where the market is mostly stable and the government would meditate them since you know lobbying is illegal here
    But that would be a good idea and we all know how much the president like those

  • Dawn Pettersen
    Dawn Pettersen 4 days ago +4

    In New Zealand children can't go to a Pre-school or Kindergarten unless you have all the shots they require for entering.

  • Marcio Alvarado
    Marcio Alvarado 4 days ago

    For all anti vax, go live in Africa for a year if you're so confident in your "natural immune system"

    • Y I
      Y I 3 days ago +1

      Marcio Alvarado actually there is a good portion of Africa that doesn’t have problems like this.

  • callmewisdom
    callmewisdom 5 days ago

    The story about the french girl seems a bit strange since the herd-immunity in Austria is actually higher than it is in France

  • Shane Martin
    Shane Martin 5 days ago

    Fuck Garrison Keillor

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 4 days ago

      why, what did he do?

  • Altysha Koichueva
    Altysha Koichueva 5 days ago

    john oliver you are a liar, ignorant puppet of the big pharma! Go check HighWire with Mr. Del Bigtree! He has all the answers for you! And all vaccine-zombies go check and get the real science! Can you guys question your point of view? Can it stand questioning?

    • DM584
      DM584 Day ago +2

      Del Bigtree has no relevant education in this field. If he wants people to listen to him, he should go get a medical degree first.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 4 days ago +1

    • Marcio Alvarado
      Marcio Alvarado 4 days ago

      Your white privilege is showing

    • L1ttleT3d
      L1ttleT3d 5 days ago +1

      So with over 50 toddlers dead in Samoa you're _still_ poisoning the world with your disgusting idiocy?
      What does it take for you people to get it? How many deaths is enough?

  • RWS12234
    RWS12234 5 days ago

    13:09 yes, contrary to what the public is led to believe - science is deeply flawed. Data is skewed all the time.

  • Mortato Doesnthaveasurname

    someone on this show had the job of googling stupid pictures of fish. I wish I was that someone

  • Michaela Vrell
    Michaela Vrell 5 days ago

    I was raised in a family that didn’t vaccinate. I now have 1 son, and we continue to not vaccinate. We are literally NEVER sick. None of us get sick. We have incredible immune systems. Doctors always comment on how healthy we are.
    Seriously why would there be an entire segment of the government to pay off vaccine injuries? Why has there been no double blind placebo test on ANY vaccine?
    I’m so used to getting hated on that I welcome it. Someone explain to me why 79.4% of SIDS deaths happen within 48 hours of DTaP vaccine? You know what, saying that one group of kids who got all their vaccines including MMR and comparing it to another group who got all their vaccines EXCEPT MMR and saying they have done a fully vaccinated versus unvaccinated makes me sick. Be honest people, and give us REAL and HONEST studies. And Senator took $95,000 dollars to pass your bill so you lost all credibility.
    So frustrated.

    • DM584
      DM584 Day ago

      +Michaela Vrell
      *"Why has there been no double blind placebo test on ANY vaccine? "*
      Do you even know what a "double blind placebo" test is you moron? No. I guarantee you just read that on an anti-vaxxer website and are repeating it here. A double blind placebo test on vaccines would be unethical, and no IRB would ever approve it. You can't randomize a group of people to just not get vaccines when we know they work.

      *"I was raised in a family that didn’t vaccinate. I now have 1 son, and we continue to not vaccinate. We are literally NEVER sick."*
      You were raised by idiots, and you're an idiot too. The fact that you think your family's experience says anything compared to population studies with millions of people is pathetic. Go take an intro to statistics class. Your understanding of basic math is worse than a 5th grader.

    • Mizaris
      Mizaris 3 days ago

      Get slammed ^.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 5 days ago +2

      _Seriously why would there be an entire segment of the government to pay off vaccine injuries?_

      There isn't. They created a special court to deal with injury claims because otherwise the vaccine companies would be faced with endless vexatious lawsuits and the impossible burden of proving that the vaccine did not cause the claimed injury - proving a negative is extremely difficult. Also note that the court offers a "no fault" policy,. Claims that fail are not charged. Also note that there have been about 127 payouts. In that period there have been about _100,000,000_ vaccinations.

      _Why has there been no double blind placebo test on ANY vaccine?_

      Because (a) it's unecessary and (b) it would be totally unethical, since it would involve randomly injecting people with either a vaccine or placebo, then exposing them all to an infectious disease (one that could potentially kill them or leave them paralysed, etc) to see whether the vaccinated people got sick less. If you want to colunteer for the ebola or rabies vaccine like that then knock yourself out.

      _Someone explain to me why 79.4% of SIDS deaths happen within 48 hours of DTaP vaccine?_

      Your source for this claim? Proof please. You really think the medical profession would not notice this or worse, ignore it? From the World Health Organisation:

      *"One myth that won't seem to go away is that DTP vaccine causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This belief came about because a moderate proportion of children who die of SIDS have recently been vaccinated with DTP; on the surface, this seems to point toward a causal connection. This logic is faulty however; you might as well say that eating bread causes car crashes, since most drivers who crash their cars could probably be shown to have eaten bread within the past 24 hours*
      *If you consider that most SIDS deaths occur during the age range when three shots of DTP are given, you would expect DTP shots to precede a fair number of SIDS deaths simply by chance. In fact, when a number of well-controlled studies were conducted during the 1980s, the investigators found, nearly unanimously, that the number of SIDS deaths temporally associated with DTP vaccination was within the range expected to occur by chance. In other words, the SIDS deaths would have occurred even if no vaccinations had been given.*


  • M G
    M G 5 days ago


  • Quentin Brown
    Quentin Brown 6 days ago +8

    I’m autistic and I can tell you that it’s better than being dead, deaf or blind (I’m just blind to social cues😄)

  • Behind The Curtain
    Behind The Curtain 7 days ago

    Vaccines kill babies?
    No vaccines kill babies?
    One way or another I'm getting more dead baby jokes.

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex Lewis 7 days ago

    By creating the 'memes aren't facts' meme, he has unknowingly created a paradox in which, if that's not a fact, memes are facts, making it true again. Have fun with that logic paradox.

  • Vincent Lagana
    Vincent Lagana 7 days ago


    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 6 days ago

      who's telling you this? oh, this antivax-funded tv salesman:

  • Vincent Lagana
    Vincent Lagana 7 days ago

    You fucked up John!

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 6 days ago

      it's you who fucked up, vince.

  • Ionut Tapciuc
    Ionut Tapciuc 7 days ago

    What else to expect from somali,

  • Walter Winston ONeil


  • Charlie Forster
    Charlie Forster 8 days ago

    Go onto redid and go r/vaxhapend which is were they all are

  • Walter Wachs
    Walter Wachs 8 days ago

    This poor excuse of a human being claims to know about vaccines? What a disgraceful liar.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 6 days ago

      del bigtree "It's crazy that there's this level of intensity around a trivial childhood illness."

  • Maximus
    Maximus 8 days ago

    I can kind of understand Dr. Sears' idea behind spreading the shots out. While it isn't as effective as the conventional vaccines, the important part is that parents previously opposed to vaccinations or parents who would normally skip certain vaccinations would feel more comfortable giving their children extremely important vaccinations. Some vaccinations are better than no vaccinations.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 7 days ago

      Maximus it doesn’t work that way. 90% of people vaccinate according to the schedule. If 100 people read the book and ten percent of those follow sears’ plan, 9 people will be vaccinating less and one will be vaccinating more. The total result will be kids with more vulnerability to infectious diseases.

  • Yeet Man
    Yeet Man 8 days ago +1

    I was already done with all the 💩 trump has already said, but now he’s an anti-vaxx too?

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 6 days ago


  • eeeaten
    eeeaten 8 days ago +1

    42 dead kids in samoa now. come on antivaxxers, enough is enough

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 4 days ago

      @Walter Wachs did you know, walter, that people can just click on your name and see that you are a 100% top shelf loon?

    • Walter Wachs
      Walter Wachs 8 days ago

      This poor excuse of a human being claims to know about vaccines? What a disgraceful liar.

  • Definately not Joseph Stalin

    hopefully the people who aren't vaccinated are saved by herd immunity.

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 8 days ago

    i stopped watching JOr because his personal views on vaccines as per this pathetic episode. not very scientific ... and not very funny for the seriousness of autism epidemic creeping up to reach one in two kids born with autism. Thank you Doctor Andrew Wakefield for your much needed research on autism.

    • Pernille Hviid
      Pernille Hviid 7 days ago

      Keyword BORN with autism, its not something you can get. From a proud member of the autism epidemic.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 8 days ago

      wow what an embarrassment.

  • Md Almas
    Md Almas 9 days ago

    GOVT. Should mandate vaccines. idk if that's the right word.

  • Bill Hardin
    Bill Hardin 9 days ago +2

    Oliver is a truly funny guy...but a complete shill for Big Pharma. Did you see the movie 'I Am Legend'? It was the great, new cancer vaccine that turned the world population into zombies. I'm expecting something like that to happen pretty soon. Well, maybe it already has with the opioid epidemic, a product concocted by the same outfits that make vaccines that you all seem to be drooling over to stick into your kids. Watch a few episodes of 'The Highwire' with Del Bigtree, and then go out and get your shots.

    • Marcio Alvarado
      Marcio Alvarado 4 days ago

      Shut up!

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 8 days ago

      _Did you see the movie 'I Am Legend'? It was the great, new cancer vaccine that turned the world population into zombies. I'm expecting something like that to happen pretty soon._

      Yeah, and I saw the movie Independence Day so any minute now I'm expecting a fleet of flying saucers to arrive to blow up Washington with their death-rays. lol

      You do know that it wasn;t a cancer vaccine, right? It was a virus, and Neville escapes because he's immune, and his attempts at a cure are based around making a vaccine. The original book is also about a virus (though the origins are unexplained). It was also adapted as The Omega Man, in which the virus is the result of a biological war. In that Neville develops a vaccine but only has time to use it on himself.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 9 days ago

      @Sekai Ni Heiwa are you showing how much of an antivax nut kalokerinos was?

    • Sekai Ni Heiwa
      Sekai Ni Heiwa 9 days ago

      “It forced me to look into the question of vaccination further, and the further I looked the more shocked I became. I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instances of these diseases you will realize that this is not so… My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business [medicine] is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the unofficial policy of the ‘Save the Children’s Fund’ and… [other vaccine promoting] organizations is one of murder and genocide. I cannot see any other possible explanation. You cannot immunize sick children, malnourished children, and expect to get away with it. You’ll kill far more children than would have died from natural infection.” - Dr Kalokerinos

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 9 days ago +1

      i am legend is not a documentary. bigtree is a self-promoting kook who endangers children. the worst kind of person.

  • pleiades
    pleiades 9 days ago +1

    So Did you vaccinate your new born son and cut off his foreskin? Let us know so we can pray for him.

  • John Eshleman
    John Eshleman 10 days ago

    Most Americans are idiots.vaccines today are not what they were 50 years ago.they murdered millions of africans with vaccines.but u dont no that.or the number of Americans who are murdered by shots.americans are traned and educated to be idiots.cant wait for the anti me comments versus doing your think diamonds are rare..why do u believe that...there not rare at why dont u question why u think they children are fooled deceived about everything

  • John Eshleman
    John Eshleman 10 days ago

    C.d.c. admitted vaccines cause autism.and many other illnesses.its all about money just like every thing inn America.Jewish usery is the root cause going back to Jesus overturned jewish money tables.they tried in America in 1625 just 5years after the pilgrims landed.and they sent Alexander Hamilton whos real name is jewish and covered up.but his whole life in America was pushing a central bank till Aaron burr shot his ass.tired of Hamilton and his non stop criminal behavior..thommas Jefferson warned us ...and jackson had 23 attempts on his life fighting jewish banksters.and they succeeded in their infiltration of Congress and the congressional act of 1871 abolished our constitution opening up this country to jewish banksters and the federal reserve act of 1913 enslaved all Americans and were using jewish money called federal reserve notes
    .its not american money.and its not worth anything its worthless green pieces of paper

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 8 days ago +1

      @eeeaten He does come across as being very unwell.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 9 days ago +1

      the more you write, the more insane you appear.

  • Shadow1Yaz
    Shadow1Yaz 10 days ago +1

    I am very biased. I am firmly against making children suffer.

  • mongo99999
    mongo99999 10 days ago +1


  • indyola
    indyola 10 days ago +1

    No child has died from measles in the US since 2003. In that time, 400 children have died from the vaccine.

    • Sekai Ni Heiwa
      Sekai Ni Heiwa 9 days ago

      400? Are you crazy 40000 that would be close to reality

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 10 days ago +2

      _No child has died from measles in the US since 2003_

      Ever stopped to think why? It's because vaccines prevent the massive epidemics that used to happen every year right up until the early 1960's before the vaccination programmes rolled out nationally.

      _In that time, 400 children have died from the vaccine_

      Outright lie.

    • Doctor Strange
      Doctor Strange 10 days ago +2

      Oh I see, so you anti-vaxxers want more people to die of measles because no one has died because of it since 2003
      Do you have any proof of that claim?

  • Quod Commodus Est
    Quod Commodus Est 10 days ago

    Fish can't breath air, you can't breath water...

  • melvina628
    melvina628 10 days ago

    I hope this announcement by Kennedy about poisonous mercury and the overload of shots helps a little.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 10 days ago

      @eeeaten and you get more mercury from just eating and drinking.

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten 10 days ago
      there isn't even any mercury in any childhood vaccines except multi-dose flu vaccines, and mercury-free versions are available.

  • Sakura Chiba
    Sakura Chiba 11 days ago +1

    Well at least John was right about the comments section on this video ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • SeedPlanter
      SeedPlanter 5 days ago

  • Natalie Michele
    Natalie Michele 11 days ago

    Spread this far and wide!!
    Paul Offit, co-inventor of the rotavirus vac caught on video, “you can never really say MMR doesn’t cause autism, but frankly, when you get in front of the media, you better get used to saying it . . .”

    • Marcio Alvarado
      Marcio Alvarado 4 days ago

      Lol, get measles.

    • Natalie Michele
      Natalie Michele 9 days ago

      Sekai Ni Heiwa some people will.. maybe after it’s too late for their child unfortunately but it will click eventually for many. The movement is getting larger, every year that passes as more people are killed and injured and more people connect the dots because they saw something, that maybe they mocked or ignored, but later made sense.

    • Sekai Ni Heiwa
      Sekai Ni Heiwa 9 days ago

      So what....90%people still won't connect the dots because the brain is already irreversibly polluted .

  • syncmaster913b
    syncmaster913b 11 days ago +1

    MINUSCULE RISKS?! Take that:

  • doug keyes
    doug keyes 12 days ago

    Some people need to be aborted......if your genetics are so week you are sick before your first birthday then maybe it's you not the rest of us

  • MadMcgee
    MadMcgee 12 days ago

    11K stupid anti-vaxxer. Kill yo self with the flat-earthers.

  • Misty Whispers
    Misty Whispers 12 days ago

    Got MMR vaccine, got sick with a high fever, chills, horrible aches, and of course, throwing up. Was sick for a solid week.
    I'll take another MMR vaccine over measles ANY fucking day. By the way, Wakefield can suck my autistic diiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

    • Sekai Ni Heiwa
      Sekai Ni Heiwa 9 days ago

      You forgot to mention that your brain left your skull permanently.
      "Bye-bye brains, now with my butt I believe that I am protected." LOL

  • Jacques McBrearty
    Jacques McBrearty 12 days ago

    I HATE frère Jacques with the fiery passion of one thousand suns!