Captain Marvel Is Crazy

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • Seems like Marvel got a new crazy member included in their cast.
    Captian Marvel is Crazy Af.
    WATCH TILL END and you'll know about this.
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Comments • 2 160

  • tsaalex
    tsaalex 13 minutes ago

    She’s abit cringy not to lie

  • skallywalla
    skallywalla 14 minutes ago

    She's so delightful, I love her so much 😍

  • bryan Rojas
    bryan Rojas 2 hours ago

    she is sexy

  • Edwin Chong
    Edwin Chong 7 hours ago

    I love it ❤

  • Di Basser
    Di Basser 9 hours ago +1

    so ugly..

  • Jonny B Goode
    Jonny B Goode 11 hours ago

    00:56 damn.

  • Mohsin rafiq
    Mohsin rafiq Day ago +1

    Her smile is oooh sooooo crushing...
    He's very lucky guy..
    Whos she with her...

  • Gaugan
    Gaugan Day ago


  • Brie Larson Fan 2003

    But in a positive way.

  • Akshay Narkhede
    Akshay Narkhede Day ago

    Dats ri8 shez crazy but one thing dat i know iz craziest persons r alwz happy.....

  • Zenik X
    Zenik X Day ago

    She’s cute but not hot so it’s 50/50

  • Steve Campeau
    Steve Campeau Day ago +3

    God she is gorgeous and funny!!

  • gashthrasher v.2

    I don't think she's crazy. She's pretty fuckin' hot. Every celebrity on talk shows are nuts.

  • Ebul
    Ebul Day ago

    01:17 if she had this haircut for captain marvel, I probably would've bought the ticket.

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison 2 days ago

    Crazy hilarious

  • Antonio Lucas
    Antonio Lucas 2 days ago +1

    Now I know why Tom Hiddleston fell in love with this woman

  • Julien Gonzalez
    Julien Gonzalez 2 days ago


  • Richard Joseph
    Richard Joseph 2 days ago

    But I bet she isn't on a massive amount of medication....

  • Akmal HD
    Akmal HD 2 days ago +6

    she's fine to me. she's just being herself, and i love people who stay true to themselves :)

  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 2 days ago +3

    Hah, Brie Larson's personality fits in perfectly with the rest MCU cast, god I'm glad Marvel baught to life their universe I mean c'mon look at the cast they picked!

  • Revenge Ghost
    Revenge Ghost 3 days ago

    She's not crazy, she just braindead.

    • Night raptor
      Night raptor 2 days ago

      +Revenge Ghost That's why you bothered to comment right, because you don't waste your time on shit like this. I'm actually working on pitching two television shows as well as a comic. I'm also attending college to get a degree in Biology. Now you tell me good sir, what are you doing that's so productive?

    • Revenge Ghost
      Revenge Ghost 2 days ago

      Night raptor it's funny how everything that you don't like is automatically trolling. I'm not that pathetic like you to waste my time on shit like this. Go do something productive.

    • Night raptor
      Night raptor 2 days ago

      You're not a revenge ghost, just an internet troll

  • stealthb0y1
    stealthb0y1 3 days ago

    not funny, annoying, full of herself.. must be brie larsson

  • Ivan Petrov
    Ivan Petrov 3 days ago

    She so cute and talent!

  • Juanka S.A
    Juanka S.A 3 days ago

    ¿Esta loca?.... ¿Que alguien me explique por que no la entendi?

  • Suicide Bonger
    Suicide Bonger 3 days ago

    Brie Larson like a few years ago can mash my balls in to dust

  • Ryan MacNeill
    Ryan MacNeill 3 days ago

    Pointy and dangerous.... her awful ______ ?

  • peter jackson
    peter jackson 3 days ago

    I noticed than some machistas criticize Brie as a crazy and a "Femi-nazi" bitch...Funny that they do not criticize or have similar opinion when a male actor behaves the same way on TV.

  • Memo
    Memo 3 days ago +1

    Oh my god!! I love Brie!!

  • Shubham Jaiswal
    Shubham Jaiswal 4 days ago +1

    So is this some kind of a positive publicity GOOD JOB!!

  • Kenny Omega
    Kenny Omega 4 days ago +5

    Her real life persona is just like Ryan Reynold, just sayin ..m

  • viktor
    viktor 4 days ago

    Esa perra está loca!!!

  • Jonatan Perez
    Jonatan Perez 4 days ago

    Lol whats wrong with jimmy fallon's laugh? Lol

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 4 days ago

    bettinaa me deixa em paz!!

  • John Fell
    John Fell 4 days ago

    charisme d'huitre ! Gal Gadot is the best !

  • Apple TheoColoure
    Apple TheoColoure 4 days ago

    Dat forehead though

  • PsychoChat97
    PsychoChat97 4 days ago

    3:41 Watch boobie ♥

  • Berk Ç.
    Berk Ç. 4 days ago

    Craig is the best!

  • MP Fann
    MP Fann 4 days ago +1

    DAMMIT! Craig Ferguson can get ANY woman to flirt with him. The man's powers are unparalleled.

  • Audy Damara
    Audy Damara 5 days ago

    still my queen ❤️

  • Audy Damara
    Audy Damara 5 days ago

    still my queen ❤️

  • chris b
    chris b 5 days ago

    Most actors are nuts. No grip on reality.

  • skyeplus
    skyeplus 5 days ago +1

    I've got my parachute of happiness after watching this video.

  • Chippy Chip
    Chippy Chip 5 days ago


  • Deadpool 37
    Deadpool 37 5 days ago


  • Pit Stone
    Pit Stone 5 days ago +1

    please thanos make this captain bullshit an end and win the endgame.
    then take over disney/marvel and we are satisfied.

  • Torian Troutman
    Torian Troutman 5 days ago

    I love her she so fuckin hotty

  • kelem Dz
    kelem Dz 5 days ago

    Carismátic and beautiful

  • Team Marvel
    Team Marvel 5 days ago

  • rob hoppe
    rob hoppe 5 days ago

    I really enjoyed watching this. It was really nice to see her just hanging back, going with the flow and having fun. I hope to see her like this all the time and not being haughty. This is the type of Brie Larson that resonates with mcu fans.

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 5 days ago +1

    She is crazy because Tom has a better ass 3:42 I can see her tit

  • jonathon schott
    jonathon schott 5 days ago

    I totally agree with her answer to relocating hollywood. Yep, she went there. Go Brie. And for the record, thats not crazy, or at least bad crazy because I have seen the bad kind waaaaay too many times. It must be the crack that helps her keep an even keel. The good kind.

  • Chris Oneil S
    Chris Oneil S 6 days ago +1

    Stupid video. She is far from crazy. Beautiful vibrant wonderful young lady

  • Yan Setiono
    Yan Setiono 6 days ago +1

    I like Captain Marvel movie..Brie Larson & Samuel L.Jackson act is funny and terrific..especially the cat is so adorable, cute and also scary (the cat can swallow anything)

  • Ella Jefferies
    Ella Jefferies 6 days ago +2

    She is not crazy.....She's AWESOME!

  • Ethan Duhammer
    Ethan Duhammer 6 days ago

    2:32 😳

  • Blink
    Blink 6 days ago

    Her eyes are always a little too wide, a true sign of a bat shit crazy sjw.

  • Mizanur Rahman Bakth
    Mizanur Rahman Bakth 6 days ago +1

    Gal Gadot....I love you

  • Marvin the Martian
    Marvin the Martian 6 days ago

    She's such a fake person.

  • Azaz Azaz
    Azaz Azaz 6 days ago +2

    World no 1 stupid & crazy girl Ms Captain Marvel. From now i hate stupid Captain Marvel.

  • MjkEl Kempachi
    MjkEl Kempachi 7 days ago

    was always thinking that actor should be likeable... was so wrong apparently... sory for my eng..

  • sajad barak
    sajad barak 7 days ago

    0:58 when they look at you weirdly for being normal

  • Anuran Bordoloi
    Anuran Bordoloi 7 days ago

    I am in love with her personality.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 7 days ago


  • Alexx Grey
    Alexx Grey 7 days ago +2

    Go watch Alita:Battle Angel Instead :)

  • hillmut berger
    hillmut berger 7 days ago +3

    Beautiful and talented Brei Larson.

  • Elder God
    Elder God 7 days ago

    Yeah she is a crazy feminist SJW.

  • SB videos -Sanjay
    SB videos -Sanjay 7 days ago

    She is like lady RDJ

  • prurito style
    prurito style 7 days ago

    Stop Feminist

  • sam grey
    sam grey 7 days ago

    she hates white men, why is she here? why does she work with time? she's such a hypocrite

  • Sandhu Manvinder
    Sandhu Manvinder 7 days ago

    Captain marvel 💕💕💕🇮🇳

  • Umar Official
    Umar Official 7 days ago +23

    captain marvel and captain america interviews matches, they both are hilarious. i mean steve and barie

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado 8 days ago

    😳😳😳 This lady is coo coo for coco puffs.

  • vaibhav
    vaibhav 8 days ago +8

    It's not her fault. The character name was captain marvel on name of beloved captain America, on top of that the story of the movie came on wrong time just pop-up out of nowhere, brie or someone else was played that character, that movie was destined to attract hate

    • THEoneNonlyFOX
      THEoneNonlyFOX 3 days ago

      People hate her because she is a condescending little cunt.

    • MaFer Olvera
      MaFer Olvera 5 days ago +2

      I dont think so about the name but at the same is true i think that the people hates the diferrences

  • Run Run
    Run Run 8 days ago


  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 8 days ago

    i dont like her at all

  • Ayush Roy
    Ayush Roy 8 days ago

    why is she going on 40 yr old talk show

  • Ayush Roy
    Ayush Roy 8 days ago +1

    she is an asshole

  • svr surapraj
    svr surapraj 8 days ago


  • Nexie  Terithu
    Nexie Terithu 8 days ago +2

    This is the Marvel cast, people.

    A dysfunctional family of crazy people.

  • Isaiah Eggebrecht
    Isaiah Eggebrecht 8 days ago +35

    Politics and bad scripting can destroy a persons image, this is proof. People need to keep politics to themselves and out of the entertainment industry.

    • James Deshazor
      James Deshazor 4 days ago

      I agree

    • King Soft
      King Soft 4 days ago

      to be honest, she's an amazing actress but I thought her lines in captain marvel were bland, the script didn't do it for me.

    • Aivan M. Vaughn
      Aivan M. Vaughn 4 days ago

      Most definitely. Small minority group of people creating hate videos against her. It says a lot about the haters

    • Killer Queen
      Killer Queen 5 days ago

      MaFer Olvera na tom’s ass definitely

    • MaFer Olvera
      MaFer Olvera 5 days ago

      I think haters

  • Erasmo Junior
    Erasmo Junior 8 days ago

    Her voice is rather cute

    BARAN BASO 8 days ago


  • Infinite Things
    Infinite Things 9 days ago +1

    I’m starting to like Brie Larson

  • Nahid mirza Max
    Nahid mirza Max 9 days ago +3

    I love you CM

  • Prateek Ranjan
    Prateek Ranjan 9 days ago

    Why did this end!

  • RedSlashGaming
    RedSlashGaming 9 days ago +3

    And here we have ms. captain no butt pretending to like and get along with 40 year old white dudes

  • Jamie Fullton
    Jamie Fullton 9 days ago +2

    She's so cute!

  • EmaMasterchef
    EmaMasterchef 10 days ago +1

    why you cut the upper part?

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 10 days ago

    She’s a robot.

  • Mr. Destruction
    Mr. Destruction 10 days ago

    why is she talking to a white male? hypocrite !!

  • Genaro Honorio Rengifo

    I love her now.

  • Love 8 Hate
    Love 8 Hate 11 days ago

    2:40 smh killn it

  • Shreyash Singh
    Shreyash Singh 13 days ago +4

    When my friends say would you like to watch Caption Marvel..? and i be like 00:28

  • Daniel Korolev
    Daniel Korolev 13 days ago

    Room is still my favorite movie. But now I am avoiding movies with this woman.

  • RGJ
    RGJ 13 days ago +6

    You can play two games with this video: 1) a drinking game 2) checking off narcissistic trait boxes


    She does look like heath ledger... good call... Anyway she ruined the marvel comics franchise with her sjw stunt... She dont like white people, but mostly just white guys. Crazy bitch, your white. Guess what Larson white people dont like you now dumb ass, especially marvel comic movie fans. They hate your movie Larson, you done in that franchise sweetie. Captain marvel, you took a shit, and wiped your ass with twelve fucking years of pure talent, all the actors that made that franchise, and you flushed their talent down your hundred thousand dollar toilet. Good job, you social justice warrior crazy ass bitch...

  • Star Buck
    Star Buck 13 days ago +1

    Its amazing that despite she is pretty physically she is so mentally disgusting that i couldnt even touch her, just see her is nasty

  • Reginald Workman
    Reginald Workman 13 days ago

    But wait she doesn’t like white males, gonna lose a large part of the intended audience.

  • VX2TV
    VX2TV 14 days ago

    She seems like she has a fun personality. I won't see the Marvel movie in protest of the political crap she said but she seems like she could play a fun character if the writing is done proper.

  • J. A. George
    J. A. George 15 days ago +5

    I was on her side for this whole "Captain Marvel" battle going on on the internet. Not only that, but now, after seeing this video, I'm crushing on her. Badly.

    • J. A. George
      J. A. George 13 days ago

      +Chris Winston Check your insecurities at the door, manbaby.

    • Chris Winston
      Chris Winston 14 days ago

      Well, she does like pussies, so she might crush on you too.