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  • Louie Lizarde
    Louie Lizarde 11 minutes ago +1

    That is Logan Paul🤯🤯

  • Sambo Tek
    Sambo Tek 34 minutes ago

    Logan Paul

  • Leamsy Saavedra
    Leamsy Saavedra 54 minutes ago +1

    Super fake the real shark puppet already revealed his face in jeffys shark pet behind the sences

  • _EnderUnkownYT_
    _EnderUnkownYT_ 55 minutes ago

    Fake the scream at the end hadn't convenience me

  • Valkyrie Amvs
    Valkyrie Amvs Hour ago

    If you see Jeffys shark bts and go 8:16 you can see his real face

  • Skully
    Skully Hour ago

    But you a shark you have a face

  • Skully
    Skully Hour ago


  • Brawl Man
    Brawl Man Hour ago

    No wayyy

  • Alfred J Alcala
    Alfred J Alcala Hour ago

    Really Logan paul

  • Nate FAGAN
    Nate FAGAN 2 hours ago

    No way logan

  • epic games EG
    epic games EG 2 hours ago

    is that logan paul

  • Chaos
    Chaos 3 hours ago

    How did He get Logan Paul to do this

  • Cosmic Wolf
    Cosmic Wolf 3 hours ago

    My friend asks ARE YOU LOGAN PAUL

  • Kajto 96 _
    Kajto 96 _ 4 hours ago +1

    How buy that's coll shirt

  • l_meh —
    l_meh — 4 hours ago

    Nah it’s not Logan balls

  • Winnnter Caaat
    Winnnter Caaat 4 hours ago


  • 1 2
    1 2 6 hours ago

    Please say sike :(

  • - GameEnded -
    - GameEnded - 7 hours ago

    Oh shi-

  • el riper :u
    el riper :u 7 hours ago


  • Vishal Paramesh
    Vishal Paramesh 7 hours ago

    Logan Paul: I’m the shark puppet
    Shark puppet :what u never played tuber simulator!!

  • I K
    I K 7 hours ago

    Try again didnt even move his mouth

    K3NK3N VIDEO 8 hours ago

    Logon pall

  • Bass Boy
    Bass Boy 9 hours ago

    Logan Paul is shark puppet, because when he says yeah his throat moves like Jeff Dunham's does when he makes the puppets talk

  • laddy hitter In training

    It all makes sense now

  • dero the dusky
    dero the dusky 11 hours ago +1

    That's not him when shark puppet said yeah his mouth didn't move

  • my perfectly imperfect family

    How did you get Logan Paul in this vid though?

    SHAWN LAST GUEST 11 hours ago

    Logan Paul is my favorite TVclipr but he didnt say yeah and he is not the shark puppet
    But still Logan Paul is still my favorite TVclipr

  • Samira Mahroei
    Samira Mahroei 13 hours ago


  • ohad fortnite
    ohad fortnite 13 hours ago


  • Myah Banks
    Myah Banks 17 hours ago

    A lie he not work out because some. Thing said yeah and I saw he's moth so I'm mad now stop living ugh be honest

  • Min Torres
    Min Torres 18 hours ago


  • poly cati
    poly cati 18 hours ago

    So u can do that high pitch scream

  • gonzalo martinez
    gonzalo martinez 18 hours ago

    Already Sold Out just Sad 😢!!!

  • Fabrixio PL
    Fabrixio PL 18 hours ago

    Tengo el presentimiento q él no es el verdadero shark puppet

  • Mr Not a lot subscribers

    not him.

  • Mr. Gorro
    Mr. Gorro 19 hours ago

    Omg, You so beatiful, Sorry i dont speak very good english xD

  • Pikachu Gamer
    Pikachu Gamer 20 hours ago

    When he dead the yeah thing he didn't even move his mouth

    RC7 GAMES 20 hours ago

    Damn it...he is too pretty

  • Julian Ledezma
    Julian Ledezma 20 hours ago

    This is not real people at 0:27 Logan Paul didn’t open his mouth and that scream was so fake we all heard shark puppets real scream but Logan’s scream was just 🤢🤮

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 20 hours ago

    how did u find logan paul

  • Paul magpatoc
    Paul magpatoc 20 hours ago

    I sound like shark puppet

  • Naomi's Melody
    Naomi's Melody 20 hours ago

    Logan paul...

    Im *speechless*

  • sophia.
    sophia. 20 hours ago

    logan paul

  • SuperRocketLaser Gaming

    It’s Logan ? Lol

  • Abdiel Aguilar
    Abdiel Aguilar 21 hour ago

    That’s a lye he got Logan on the video he can’t even do the voice right

  • Maras Nest
    Maras Nest 21 hour ago

    Holy shit did not expect that

  • Lng_StormXx Gaming
    Lng_StormXx Gaming 21 hour ago

    In a bloopers of Jeffys pet from sml, you can see shark puppets face

  • Kevin Saldana
    Kevin Saldana 21 hour ago +1

    Wow shark puppet said yeah and your mouth didn't move your lied to your own fans

  • the real sans dreamer
    the real sans dreamer 21 hour ago

    Why do you keep screaming

  • Abel Servin
    Abel Servin 22 hours ago

    Bruh aint the real one from sml im getting a connection logan and logan paul🤔

  • Giselle Cantillo
    Giselle Cantillo 22 hours ago +1


  • Ceyz
    Ceyz 22 hours ago

    you are howtobasic

  • Zachary Cordova
    Zachary Cordova 22 hours ago


  • Zachary Cordova
    Zachary Cordova 22 hours ago

    I want the real actor!!!!!

  • TbX Clan
    TbX Clan 23 hours ago

    That’s not you

  • bigandre 1103
    bigandre 1103 23 hours ago

    We have been bambozzeld

  • Amy Bartholomew
    Amy Bartholomew 23 hours ago


  • Destiney hathaway
    Destiney hathaway 23 hours ago


  • Mememan69 Bruh
    Mememan69 Bruh 23 hours ago

    The thumbnail had me scared until 0:27 of the video

  • Kyle Elite
    Kyle Elite Day ago