The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

  • Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink dish on bonding over disobedience while filming Stranger Things, and they summarize Season 3 in one word.
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    The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

Comments • 80

  • Juris
    Juris 45 minutes ago

    Before J-hope made chicken noodle soup, we had this

  • rachel is trash
    rachel is trash 5 hours ago +1

    wow can’t believe caleb invented sliding. an innovator.

  • Bor. Ly
    Bor. Ly 5 hours ago

    I thought of bts when I saw this.....

  • Nada Bendjamaa
    Nada Bendjamaa 6 hours ago

    I thought it was J-hope's CNS :3 my bad

  • Yo Juan Carlosz
    Yo Juan Carlosz 10 hours ago

    I love you all

  • Skyler Baird
    Skyler Baird 11 hours ago +1

    1 word for season 3 is that it's emotional

  • Thunderclix Phistophilis
    Thunderclix Phistophilis 12 hours ago +1

    So, there's nothing to lose heart.
    Yup, as Will said, S03 is sad but Hopper is alive as it shows in Teaser Trailer S04 + they are out of Hawkins so shooting will also be out of Hawkins, maybe. Plus, they will be in touch using their Walkie-talkie.
    So, all problems solved. No sad ending.

  • Jack PaddEn08
    Jack PaddEn08 15 hours ago

    I kinda wished Caleb would’ve said chicken noodle soup

  • Thunderclix Phistophilis
    Thunderclix Phistophilis 16 hours ago +1

    Yeah, absolutely
    Will said the truth, S03 is really sad
    Atleast, teaser trailer of S04 is up which acts an anti-sad.

  • Yasmine Chanel
    Yasmine Chanel 17 hours ago

    i think it was chicken noodle soup by j-hope and becky g 😭😭😭

  • ItzCr3eper
    ItzCr3eper 19 hours ago

    i thought this was the song from j-hope tho

  • Gacha Eggos
    Gacha Eggos 21 hour ago

    The way Noah looked at Sadie

  • Dee_xoxo
    Dee_xoxo 23 hours ago +2

    Omg i thought it was chicken noodle soup song by J-Hope..kinda dissapointed 😂😂#Army💜

  • Vanessa Marquez
    Vanessa Marquez Day ago

    Pensaba que este iba a ser el chicken noddle soup de J-hope y Becky G pero no :c

  • اهخخ
    اهخخ Day ago

    امنيتي اجتمع مع مايك في سرير واحد

  • Movie Ahead
    Movie Ahead Day ago

    Jimmy got beards

  • Gaming Memes
    Gaming Memes Day ago

    Actors singing chicken noodle soup

  • HIGH5
    HIGH5 Day ago

    Dustin is the guy
    Like if u agree!

  • fafa army
    fafa army 2 days ago +2

    Caleb:Chiken noddle soup


  • Jessica Grace Norton

    Noah’s laugh is so cute🥺

  • AwesomeEveForever
    AwesomeEveForever 2 days ago +1

    I love Millie's outfit

  • anonymous one
    anonymous one 2 days ago +2

    Everybody: Chicken noodle soup
    Dustin: OH GOD

  • Ginger Martin
    Ginger Martin 2 days ago

    Were joe Keery🤬😡

    • YaZex
      YaZex Day ago

      Il est pas là mskn

  • imogen lodge
    imogen lodge 2 days ago +3

    Anyone else sat here like chicken noodle soup is j-hope's song

  • That_Random_Post_Fan J

    Is caleb wearing the Nike hawkins high shoes???

  • Santos Vasquez
    Santos Vasquez 3 days ago +1

    7:12 hahah

  • Veer
    Veer 3 days ago


  • oliva june bts fan
    oliva june bts fan 3 days ago


  • namjoonstan btsstan
    namjoonstan btsstan 3 days ago +1


  • Nora H
    Nora H 3 days ago +1

    I love millie's boots

  • Watisenla Walling
    Watisenla Walling 3 days ago

    I was expecting bts's chicken noodle soup 😹

  • Claudia Capde
    Claudia Capde 3 days ago

    Cast: Let’s wear all black pants and don’t tell Noah

  • ZenZoFine
    ZenZoFine 3 days ago +2

    BTS J-Hope: these kids stealing my song!

    • Mallia Mahram
      Mallia Mahram Day ago

      On a Vhope V-live he told Tae to watch stranger things

  • DrawingProductions28

    guys it’s official caleb invented sliding

  • La Koreaboo Du 29
    La Koreaboo Du 29 4 days ago +3

    J'étais prête à chanter chicken noodle soup mais de Becky G et de J-Hope 😭😂

  • Naomi Casey
    Naomi Casey 4 days ago

    Gatens smile is what I live for

  • Lucie Lupin
    Lucie Lupin 4 days ago

    Now that I’ve seen s3, Noah’s sad really makes sense 😭😭

  • Sonam C
    Sonam C 4 days ago

    Sadie looks AMAZING

  • Ash
    Ash 4 days ago

    4:24 ..... don't mind me - just for when i come back to this video for the song lmao

  • imanagile cat
    imanagile cat 4 days ago

    Seems like Noah has a crush on Sadie

  • Vivian Smith
    Vivian Smith 4 days ago

    I feel like Noah likes mile he ceps on posting his arm around her

  • kat kouk
    kat kouk 4 days ago

    Sadie Gaten Finn and Caleb:Chicken noodle soup
    Noah and Mille:hdjdbdjdndjnd

  • Annabeth Cgase
    Annabeth Cgase 4 days ago +1

    Finn looks so separated from the group

  • Mee•BTS drawing
    Mee•BTS drawing 5 days ago +1


  • Lito Ts
    Lito Ts 5 days ago

    she looks like young Scarlet Witch and he looks like young Loki

  • Dannicka Sims
    Dannicka Sims 5 days ago +3

    Me and my best friend when someone says a stupid answer in class:

  • irish nicole suanino


  • ivie park
    ivie park 5 days ago

    Vídeo:chicken noodle soup..
    Me: j-hope?? chicken noodle soup 😀 *baila*

  • Lime Turtle69 • 9 years ago

    i miss these days

  • Princess Rameen
    Princess Rameen 5 days ago +3

    Noah: why didn't u tell me u were all wearing black jacket...

  • Princess Rameen
    Princess Rameen 5 days ago +3

    Armies be like: no no God j-hope

  • Angel Ardina
    Angel Ardina 5 days ago

    I'm so glad eveyone finally had the chance to talk and it's not just Millie, Millie, Millie, Millie, Millie... ❤

  • That's beauty
    That's beauty 5 days ago +1

    Noah: Yeah
    Noah again: yeaH

  • taevya_ bangtan
    taevya_ bangtan 5 days ago

    Am i the only one who watched the whole video bcuz i thought it was chicken noodle soup by jhope?

  • Javier Abel
    Javier Abel 5 days ago

    Why they dress like they're forthy

  • Slngshott
    Slngshott 5 days ago



  • Cristine Bernadette Arididon

    Mike:oh schnapp Noah Schnapp is getting Millie’s attention from me

  • Safa Shehzad
    Safa Shehzad 5 days ago

    They're literally looking everywhere and to everyone

  • Mattias G
    Mattias G 6 days ago +1

    Love the way finn dresses.

  • 0o0
    0o0 6 days ago

    Chicken noodle soup?
    I bet they are into j-hope if I'm not wrong

  • Ashanti Maturan
    Ashanti Maturan 6 days ago +1

    Anyone is so sad because Millie is so quiet? And Sadie...and Noah...

  • Good Time Skits
    Good Time Skits 6 days ago


  • Gacha_DuckXx
    Gacha_DuckXx 6 days ago

    I love Millys boots 😍

  • Ravi Babu
    Ravi Babu 6 days ago +1

    Any one here bcs of chicken noodle soup song bcs of jhope and becky g like the comment

  • xPETROx p3tr0
    xPETROx p3tr0 6 days ago

    Everyone talking about how Millie is so quiet but Sadie only said 1 sentence.

  • Liz Capulong
    Liz Capulong 6 days ago

    Am i the only one that the cns that theyre talking is the one jhope sang?

  • Little Pizza
    Little Pizza 6 days ago

    Aww,Millie and Noah are so cute together😍
    I mean they actually are having fun.BEST FRIENDS

  • maple xx
    maple xx 6 days ago +1

    “somethin’ wrong with this mall” 😂😂 0:45

  • BlameMay
    BlameMay 6 days ago

    Sadies face when Millie said jimmy stepped on her toe to try and sabotage her

  • I h8 my life
    I h8 my life 7 days ago

    The comment above this comment is so true

  • Cathryn Kane
    Cathryn Kane 7 days ago +2

    Finn being Serious with his musicals voice* the rest of the teens “CHICKeN NoOdLe SoEp Finn just sitting there: one of the teens makes him join in Finn hm what should I do* Finn OH YEAH ThIS IS tHe BesT

  • Ana Gold Ursulino
    Ana Gold Ursulino 7 days ago


  • Kate Pridgen
    Kate Pridgen 7 days ago

    Chicken noodle soup I love it when your around

  • Ruby Lilly
    Ruby Lilly 7 days ago +1

    7:12 Im living for Noahs laugh 🥺

  • Charlette Destrampe :P

    Gaten: They just look behind the curtains
    Also gaten: hU

  • Keira Ashton
    Keira Ashton 7 days ago

    Noah: sad
    Rest of cast: awww
    Me : dying of laughter

  • Tunahan Hayta
    Tunahan Hayta 7 days ago

    My fav song😁😁

  • Nam Lee
    Nam Lee 7 days ago

    Now compile and sum it'all, the next season will be much more interesting because a new rise has come then after season there'll be another one. Its just a hunch of mine.

  • kasper vrgoc
    kasper vrgoc 7 days ago

    I would not say that season 3 is like "spreading" - Millie. I will mean most likely season 2 is more like spreading :D. You know with all the caves, also where Hopper passed away.

  • Jandi Humilde
    Jandi Humilde 7 days ago