How to Win A Harassment Case At Your Deposition


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  • Samantha Aqua
    Samantha Aqua 5 hours ago

    Got a nutcase that I love to sue to get cash or place in jail. Best to document everything & report to police.These harassers have no lives their losers.

  • David Fox D.D.
    David Fox D.D. 19 days ago

    What if I'm experiencing workplace mobbing? The difference or indifference in attitude , nit picking , faces, change in attitude of other associates or employers , Negative comments no support .

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  14 days ago

      You can ask HR or appropriate personnel to help you, but nothing can be done to physically force your employer to promote you or to treat you better. .

    • David Fox D.D.
      David Fox D.D. 14 days ago

      So can anything be done ? Also I was up for a promotion. And since the change I've been overlooked twice .

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  14 days ago

      This is a classic situation of unfair but not illegal.

  • Gayané Antinyan
    Gayané Antinyan Month ago

    Thank you. Very nice and clear explanation.

  • Anthony Keller
    Anthony Keller 3 months ago

    My boss was always asking my sex life and my gf every day

  • Kurt Bruer
    Kurt Bruer 3 months ago

    Thank you

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  3 months ago

      Thanks for watching and your kind words.

  • Cheryl Young
    Cheryl Young 6 months ago

    I have a deposition coming up, what kind of questions will I be asked?

    • Cheryl Young
      Cheryl Young 6 months ago

      The deposition is regarding termination employer terminated and harassed me shortly after returning from FMLA.

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  6 months ago +1

      It very much depends on the facts of your case and your role in the case.

  • Alex Carmona
    Alex Carmona 7 months ago

    this kid was talking shit to my gf so i told him i wanted to fight him and that i was gunna whoop his ass.he disnt beileve me so when i go to pick my gf up and i see his car so i wait for him i didnt touch him but i told wussup then he calls the cops but they just came to my hoise saying i have a trespass warning could they do anything more to this bc there is rumors saying they pressing charges for harrasment

  • Olga BorDeNyuk
    Olga BorDeNyuk 8 months ago

    Hello.Do I have a chance to talk with you about my case, if so what the best contact to you? Respectfully,Olga.

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  8 months ago

      Please e-mail a brief summary of your situation to and we will follow up with you asap. Thanks.

  • Andre Lopez Noble
    Andre Lopez Noble 8 months ago +1

    Too bad psychological research does not bear out that being calm and unemotional = truthfulness. In fact the opposite is true. The legal system is antiquated from a social science, psychological perspective.

    • Temp Account
      Temp Account 16 days ago

      Targets and victims are not protected in the US, because most people bosses, co workers and judges are corrupt. Good luck finding justice in this country.

  • Nichole Milligan
    Nichole Milligan 8 months ago

    I am being issued a right to sue letter for a pregnancy discrimination case. I am thinking about contacting you for further information on where my next step should be.

  • xhristalina
    xhristalina 10 months ago

    are you based in the UK?great videos!thank you

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  10 months ago

      Hi, Thank you. No, sorry - we are based in California.

  • Cheryl Young
    Cheryl Young Year ago +2

    I would have mixed feelings about hiring a lawyer that represents both sides.

    • CitizenOWorld
      CitizenOWorld 11 months ago

      +Cheryl Young I think it could be an advantage. Say you are an employee and you hire someone who has represented employers in the past. They know what kinds of tactics are used by employers' lawyers to win. It goes the other way, too. Unless you have reason to believe that your lawyer would sabotage you for a payoff from the opposition, I wouldn't worry about that.

  • David W
    David W Year ago

    When I think of jury trials in civil suits, I think of the continental US, but not my home country (Canada). In the latter country, judges, not juries, typically get to decide civil cases, even though I still believe that the advice Arkady Itkin provides is useful, in that telling the truth is better than lying (even if that means saying "I don't remember").

  • Butterfly lost
    Butterfly lost Year ago +2

    since I started working,i have been bullying by the whole staff,I'm been told that in the least common denominator,my number change and manager said your fired and laugh,so the whole team of 5 not including me has been domino effect,for 6 month now,customer come in and they tell the customer you can get at her if you want,the Mexican co worker call me pinche tu madre,the manager start laughing I address the issue nothing was done,I ask to be transfer and they say no,help me please

    • Kalima
      Kalima Month ago

      Please record these people with your phone in video or voice record app. Hide the phone as best you can and record.

    • CitizenOWorld
      CitizenOWorld 11 months ago +1

      You should be writing all of this down. Date, time, what was said or done, who said it or did it, their title and relation to you (supervisor, co-worker, etc.), who else was there when it happened, how they reacted. Be sure and also write down the times you addressed it and to whom. Also document your requests to be transferred. Also, find someone you trust and start telling them what happened as soon as you can after it happens. It doesn't have to be a coworker but it should be someone whose word would probably be trusted in court, such as your minister or a trusted family friend who is older than you. If you choose to tell it to a psychiatrist or psychologist, be aware that a lot more than what happened at work may come out in court if you authorize them to testify. If you can afford a lawyer, get one who is experienced with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law, and who is authorized to represent clients in federal court (this would not be a civil case). They will help you file a complaint with the EEO. If you cannot afford a lawyer, report all of this to your nearest EEO office yourself. You can also do it online or over the phone. Report it as soon as possible, as there are time limits on how long you can wait after these things were done to you. No one is going to help you but yourself, so be proactive. Start with writing everything down and keep on writing it down.

  • My Tiology
    My Tiology Year ago +2

    I was verbally assaulted by my boss. He got close enough for me to feel his breath on my face. I am a woman. I have been contemplating filing an Fed EEO, but is it true that if he harasses and verbally assaults men, my claim of harassment based on sex will be void? There were 2 men he yelled at the same time, however I was the only one he charged physically.

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  Year ago

      Being treated unfairly or being yelled at is not against the law, and EEO would not be the proper channel to address this with. This type of conduct is only illegal if there is specific evidence that the reason he does this is your age, sex, disability or one of the other protected classes. You should discuss this with an employment attorney.

  • liat NSLS
    liat NSLS Year ago

    is there an email you can be reached at?


    do you have an email or number I was wrongfully searched because I had a bag of ruffles in my jacket and they said they have that product and I have suspicion to believe youre stealing and truth be told core mark international doesn't carry chips like those and the only write up I got were attendance they once tried to fire me over false allegations of threating a co-worker but never did I had been retaliating against their new unetheical policies and refused to comply with signing them and was also educating co-workers on their civil rights as well they didn't find anything on me but still suspended me for so called loss prevention what's even more upsurde is that I was supposed to go in to work on Wed but I knew if I did it was going to be attack after attack & it's been like this for about 7months now check this out though they had told me that that day wed we were going to talk to my manager and see where they're going to go from there and I felt like they were going to set me up so instead I used my last day of sick pay so that Thursday I could talk to hr about what's really been going on I have spoken to her about it before but she had told me to try and let my managers 1st handle it and if they cant that then she would but I tried to let my managers know but they'd just leave me alone for 3 days come back or just take turns between the 3 of them question can they suspend you after I had already requested my paid sick and they clearly hadn't suspended me yet my co-worker even said I was on the roster but not on the paid sick she let them know I called in sick and then an hour later I get told I'm suspended core mark is a 18 billion dollar company with over 3000 employees help me plz I've been the only person to speak up for those with no voice I can't help it my heart just tells me that I have no other choice

      EL MEXICAN MALCOM X 10 months ago

      Arkady Itkin so you don't think I'd be considered false imprisonment since after all both supervisors lied that the ruffles was not only their probable cause but literally one of the item that I had supposedly stole that they don't even carry I told them multiple times what was their burden of proof and all they could point to was the ruffles that they don't actually carry but lied and told me if I left that's grounds for termination and u told them that's B's if you're going to search me you better search everyone else coming out of here and they just ignored me and I ended up having to comply they had no cameras to prove anything just hehersay smh it got to the point I told one of them to their face that I will not tolerate disrespect & I will most definitely tolerate even disrespecting myself & that I know why you guys are targeting me your targeting me because I'm finally starting to stand up for myself and the supervisor that searched me two weeks before that told me he was going to get me for any company policy who could possibly get me for I could probably even get munipulive confession by telling him oh really you didn't well I even have it all recorded because I know he'd instantly say that it's against the law and then I'd say yes that is but it's not against the law to record your confession or is it? and lastly what are your views on jury nulifcation and also appointed judge trustee that try to pose as the public benificary isn't that in someway unconstitutional I thought unalienable meant unalienable..

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  Year ago

      Hello. I am sorry but this is not something we can help with. Generally, such false accusations by security are not worth pursuing legally (except limited circumstances where there is false imprisonment, assault / battery, etc.) For more information, you are welcome to e-mail

  • jessie james
    jessie james Year ago

    he's good

  • Peterthepiper
    Peterthepiper Year ago +1

    Good stuff dude a cognitive example is always helpful. I am a believer though that usually the angry or emotional person is the one who is telling the truth because they are in shock of the crap being presented, unfortunately today though that when that happens it becomes a lost cause after expressing your feelings because they then evaluate that as evidence of probable guilt which is !@#$%^&* because it is only natural to get upset when your accused of something you dont agree with, whether or not a person gets upset should have little or no bearing at all as it should only be about the facts and can it be proven

    • Arkady Itkin
      Arkady Itkin  Year ago

      I agree. Feeling and anger is understandable but because the outside decision makers (attorneys, judge, jury) are not present at the scene where it all started, they only get to see the second part of the picture - the angry reaction, and not the cause. This rarely, if ever, help the victim / claimant.

  • Charlotte Gayles
    Charlotte Gayles Year ago

    Thank you!

  • Sandile Sibiya
    Sandile Sibiya 2 years ago +9

    This video is very helpful....Thanks a lot my brother