• Published on Sep 18, 2017
  • Cliques- whether it's jocks, emo kids, the debate team, drama club, or more, this is EVERY HIGH SCHOOL CLIQUE EVER!
    Ian Hcox
    Noah Grssman
    Keith Lak Jr.
    Courtney Mller
    Olivia Si
    Shayne Tpp

    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by: Ryan Finnerty, Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, Luke Barats
    Produced by Ryan Todd
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    Art Assist: Laura Buffington
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    Script Supervisor: Talia Brahms
    Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
    Behind-the-Scenes: Phil Mohr, Pat Egan
    Post-Production Supervisor: Katie Reed
    Colorist: Mike Burton
    Production Assistant: Jake Sperling, Mark Raub, Aaron Hluch
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Matthew Fernandez
    Matthew Fernandez 4 hours ago


  • Bridget Chepita
    Bridget Chepita 23 hours ago

    Noah,Keith and Shane in cheerleading outfits lol 2:49

  • 1 kid 3 dogs
    1 kid 3 dogs Day ago

    Pause at 2:56 and just look at nohas face

  • XxxyoungdaggerdickxX31

    Every field trip ever

  • SkyChrome
    SkyChrome 5 days ago


  • Mayson Nguyen
    Mayson Nguyen 5 days ago

    The highest gpa(grade point average) is 4.0 in 5th grade trough high school

  • Hoody
    Hoody 10 days ago +1

    I love how the person that wears glasses isn't wearing them and the person who doesn't wear glasses does wear them.

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 12 days ago +1

    That was really rude I kinda feel really bad for him 3:50

  • expired milk
    expired milk 12 days ago +2

    at 2:02 to 2:03

  • ChillFriday
    ChillFriday 13 days ago

    So we aren't going to talk abot 3:19

  • Whitneylh
    Whitneylh 13 days ago

    It is 2019

    CJSKULL 28D 13 days ago

    2:50 play it at 0.50 speed. Thank me later

  • Palzum Y
    Palzum Y 13 days ago

    You can see her under pants 2:51

  • Tre
    Tre 17 days ago

    3:42 *you wanna join my rubik's cube club* thats so me

  • Jessica Bryce
    Jessica Bryce 18 days ago



  • Masked Life
    Masked Life 18 days ago

    idk if its how Australians say it, but its pronounced clishay, right?

  • 1M Subs With 1Videos
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  • Rachel Brookes
    Rachel Brookes 19 days ago

    Roses r red
    Violets r blue
    I like my own comments
    Cos no one else will 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kahstarah Walker
    Kahstarah Walker 20 days ago

    Do every house ever

  • Kahstarah Walker
    Kahstarah Walker 20 days ago

    Do every dad ever

    • Kayla Taylor
      Kayla Taylor 18 days ago

      Kahstarah Walker they already have ☺️

  • Lucqs K
    Lucqs K 21 day ago

    Hey shayne are you still on the goldbergs

  • Tiger Butt
    Tiger Butt 21 day ago +1

    I don’t even know what clique means but great vid

  • nathan vue
    nathan vue 23 days ago


  • izzythestaffiegirl 22
    izzythestaffiegirl 22 24 days ago

    Keith really likes those dreads

  • Emily Phillips
    Emily Phillips 27 days ago

    Haven’t you heard? All emos collectively died in 2013 when MCR broke up

  • Strenter
    Strenter 28 days ago

    Im basicall bob

  • I-love YouTube Tass-Queen


  • Stevethe Eevve
    Stevethe Eevve 29 days ago

    2:52 Pause the video and you got panties

  • Edwinator64
    Edwinator64 29 days ago


  • Riley Doerner
    Riley Doerner Month ago

    Thanks for your time today for a little bit then for the info

  • The love Wolf
    The love Wolf Month ago

    You need more girls... 2:50

  • YoBoiYo -TC
    YoBoiYo -TC Month ago

    Im in a rubiks club...

  • Mohammed Jassim
    Mohammed Jassim Month ago

    3:43 I WANT TO JOIN

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen Month ago

    ⚜️ *night of magic* ⚜️ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  • Mikeminer
    Mikeminer Month ago

    do "every youtuber ever"

  • Cataplower 03
    Cataplower 03 Month ago

    at 2 25 for one sec he stares at the camra lol

  • ShiryuXube
    ShiryuXube Month ago

    Is it just me or did I see Courtney's panties when she's doing the side flip thing

  • Lost Abyss
    Lost Abyss Month ago

    Yeah I'm a jock and yeah I slammed 20 bears at the party but I also like poetry

  • Anonymous loser
    Anonymous loser Month ago


  • PrizKing505
    PrizKing505 Month ago +1

    Emo sex is just emo people getting their piercings stuck and trying to get out and WHOOPS!!!!! Now there’s child support n’ shit and the worse thing is that I’m talking about like sophomore year.

  • Jean Nguyen
    Jean Nguyen Month ago +8

    • Every Costco Ever
    • Every Jail Ever
    • Every Barber Ever
    • Every Earth Quake Ever
    • Every Mime Ever
    • Every Crime Ever
    • Every Cop Ever
    • Every Festival Ever
    • Every Psychic Ever
    • Every Storm Ever
    • Every Shower Ever
    • Every Magic Show Ever
    • Every Prank Ever
    • Every Pirate Ever
    • Every College Ever
    • Every House Every
    • Every Billionaire Ever
    • Every Superpower Ever
    • Every Power Rangers Ever
    • Every Hunter Ever
    • Every Power Outage Ever
    • Every CEO Ever
    • Every Spy Ever
    • Every Homeless Ever
    • Every Olympic Ever
    • Every Nerd Ever
    • Every Godparents Ever
    • Every Texting Ever
    • Every Marathon Ever
    • Every Race Ever
    • Every Chef Ever
    • Every Cooking Ever
    • Every Talent Show Ever
    • Every Pilot Ever
    • Every Karate Ever
    • Every Sensei Ever
    • Every Bully Ever
    • Every Kung Fu Ever
    • Every God Ever
    • Every Science Fair Ever
    • Every Investigation Ever
    • Every Zoo Ever
    • Every School Trip Ever
    • Every Pet Store Ever
    • Every Contest Ever
    • Every Restaurant Ever
    • Every Lunch Break Ever
    • Every Celebrities Ever
    • Every Hide’n Seek Ever
    • Every Tutor Ever
    • Every Virtual Reality Ever
    • Every (Every Blank Ever) Ever
    • Every Arcade Ever
    • Every Casino Ever
    • Every Fangirl Ever
    • Every Fanboy Ever
    • Every IKEA Ever
    • Every Brunch Ever
    • Every Spa Ever
    • Every Art School Ever
    • Every Zombie Apocalypse Ever
    • Every Winter Ever
    • Every Summer Ever
    • Every Beach Ever
    • Every Game Night Ever
    • Every Comic Book Store Ever
    • Every Burger King Ever

  • Depydawg
    Depydawg Month ago

    how cliqué

  • Molly O'Brien
    Molly O'Brien Month ago +1

    2:03 lol my principals name is Mr. Beckett

  • XxDrawer GirlxX
    XxDrawer GirlxX Month ago

    Look at the whiteboard at 3:57 (what movie they are watching lol)

  • Gaming Virus34592
    Gaming Virus34592 Month ago

    Congrats on 24 million subscribers

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown Month ago

    Do American not know how to pronounce clique it’s (clee-shay) not (click) 😂😂😂

  • Tricken
    Tricken Month ago

    Every every blank ever eve

  • Mikayla Friedman
    Mikayla Friedman Month ago

    Do every TikTok ever

  • Roblox Callie
    Roblox Callie Month ago +1

    Its not every highschool clique its every highschool click

  • foxyboi 1264
    foxyboi 1264 Month ago

    Jocks:hey nerd
    Me:hi thanks for calling me smart

  • Dillon Rollins
    Dillon Rollins Month ago

    2:51 panties😉😉

  • Alma Flores
    Alma Flores Month ago

    La gente

  • Muties Twin Brother

    The debate team bit hit so close to home. I feel so called out

  • Consider Your WeAvE sNatChEd

    *The emoji kids scene is just my friend group 😂*

  • fortnite god man of iron

    😂😂 you make me happy

  • Ghost x Power98GAMER

    When was this video made?

  • MagicMan Monkey3245

    1:55 “DOOD WHAT R U DOING UR STUCK IN MY CHAINS” kills me every time

  • Brodee Fortnite player

    Willam Yates is my school

  • Krystal Velazquez
    Krystal Velazquez Month ago

    There’s a click in my class and school

  • aaron
    aaron Month ago


  • juan ortega
    juan ortega Month ago


  • Roblox Rap Battle
    Roblox Rap Battle Month ago

    2:04 that was my moms last name before she got married.

  • Hassan Abdullahi
    Hassan Abdullahi Month ago

    Who else noticd the mising letters in the dscrpton for the cast?

  • The Sandwich
    The Sandwich Month ago

    Poor bob

  • Eric Duran
    Eric Duran Month ago

    Hold it there baby girl 😁

  • F K
    F K Month ago

    Pause at 2:51

  • #1 Victory Royale
    #1 Victory Royale Month ago

    What is a High School Clique

  • Madison Holt
    Madison Holt Month ago

    Okay the emos......make em more sad and make em listen to mcr. Oh and they are also depressed!........i just made myself....

  • Sebasticool89 Gaming

    Go to 2:52

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah Month ago

    *yOu cAnt sIt wItH uS* literally my school summed up



  • InitiateBoss 172
    InitiateBoss 172 Month ago

    3:43 yes i would like to alot😂😂😂

  • Redchest Bowers
    Redchest Bowers Month ago +1

    What's a clique?

  • Ginger Kickboxer 666

    I'm in emo because that's closest to goth.

  • Leotdm 1324
    Leotdm 1324 Month ago

    I love you guys you guys are so funny

  • Victoria Jolly
    Victoria Jolly Month ago

    You forgot the gays/ LGBTQ+ group but love the vid!😊

  • Tiller Games
    Tiller Games Month ago

    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no
    Oh no no

  • Nirvana Cjef
    Nirvana Cjef Month ago

    It's not click it's clique

  • Owen Martin-Dufaur
    Owen Martin-Dufaur Month ago

    As an English guy ‘ it’s not pronounced click ahaha it’s pronounced Clee shay

  • Cato And random stories

    I know this is off topic but who misses Anthony

  • Kevin Dorame
    Kevin Dorame 2 months ago

    At 2:51 does courtny not had panties on?

  • Fnaf Gaming bro/ Entity420 da boss

    2:51 if you turn down playback speed to 0.25 you can see her panties

  • Vlog H 2
    Vlog H 2 2 months ago

    I meant mr

  • Vlog H 2
    Vlog H 2 2 months ago

    I literally have a coach named Me Henderson

  • Savage God
    Savage God 2 months ago

    This is not relatable at all honestly smosh is awful without Anthony just don’t even try

  • Random Short Clips
    Random Short Clips 2 months ago

    *MY BOI POE*

  • T E
    T E 2 months ago

    i’m in mock trial 😂 but we don’t have a debate team so our rivals are the speech team which is different than debate

  • lyric smith
    lyric smith 2 months ago +1

    2:58 jojo siwa

  • Tacocat™️
    Tacocat™️ 2 months ago


  • Destery Gunther
    Destery Gunther 2 months ago

    That drama kid one is so true lol

  • your local communist
    your local communist 2 months ago

    where are the teens f*cking in the bathroom

    FROST XD 2 months ago


    FROST XD 2 months ago

    Look at 2.51

    THANOS 2 months ago


  • KTsavage
    KTsavage 2 months ago

    That's a ponytail btw

  • Hayley Bolton
    Hayley Bolton 2 months ago


  • Bakugo Katsui
    Bakugo Katsui 2 months ago


  • myrra 08
    myrra 08 2 months ago

    Every ASMR Ever

  • Matilda Da Gacha Newb
    Matilda Da Gacha Newb 2 months ago

    Ian could never be a jock

    GHOSTBOY 64 2 months ago

    I killed all the students on my scholl