C-SPAN: Seth Meyers remarks at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner

  • Published on May 1, 2011
  • Seth Meyers remarks at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner. View the complete program here: www.c-spanvideo.org/program/WhiteHouseCorrespo

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  • Anita Subramanian
    Anita Subramanian 2 hours ago

    I miss him so much.

  • M. A. DAVIS
    M. A. DAVIS Day ago

    I had a Trump tie once. Once... Trump's face and the scorn and malevolence in his glare says EVERYTHING about one needs to know about him. If you can't laugh at yourself-don't go to the White House Correspondence dinner and that's why President Thump never goes...

  • Jacob Niemeier
    Jacob Niemeier Day ago

    @3:40 seth's dad

  • Rene P
    Rene P 3 days ago

    so the white hair joke of 2015 was inspired by the white hair joke in 2011.... yawn

  • Rene P
    Rene P 3 days ago

    Keith Olbermen (sp?) donated to three democratic campaigns? hmmm

  • Rene P
    Rene P 3 days ago

    this aged well... Obama found to have politicized the Department of Justice... shame.. shame shame on you evil bastard, take Hillary and go straight to hell.

  • World Peace
    World Peace 3 days ago +1

    Who he laughs last,laughs the best

  • Sean Wiblin
    Sean Wiblin 8 days ago

    This hasn’t aged well at all...

  • Queen Elizabeth I
    Queen Elizabeth I 11 days ago

    10:45 stay mad, bitch

  • Queen Elizabeth I
    Queen Elizabeth I 11 days ago

    Nobody looks more like a proud father than Obama at 0:40 😂

  • Noor Aziz
    Noor Aziz 12 days ago

    @12:16 was the moment he decided to prove them all wrong

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi
    General Obi Wan Kenobi 14 days ago +1

    Trump's narcissism makes him think he is too good to be made fun of. Fucking child can't take a joke but Republitards call Libtards snowflakes who get easily offended. Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

  • Vt Wannabe
    Vt Wannabe 15 days ago +1

    Ah, yes, back when shit was normal and we had a potus with a spine...

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 19 days ago

    Trump looks about as amused as Adolf Hitler would have been at a Nuremberg rally if Josef Goebells had said " Has anyone noticed how much the Fuhrer looks like Charlie Chaplin?"

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose Ortega 21 day ago

    TRUMP 2020!

  • John Chessant
    John Chessant 22 days ago +1

    2:18 Obama laughing at the fact that he was killing bin Laden at that very moment!

  • Giselle
    Giselle 24 days ago

    Omg this is so funny!

  • Rollercoaster Rider
    Rollercoaster Rider 24 days ago

    Wow, So weird to be watching the President at a White House Correspondants Dinner

  • pbr streetgang
    pbr streetgang 25 days ago

    Meyer suffering the early stages of Trump derangement syndrome.

  • Ibra Sal
    Ibra Sal 28 days ago

    0:59 Trump

  • Lasanka De silva
    Lasanka De silva Month ago +1

    Thanks to this fucker hes president

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous Month ago

    I love how Trump just takes it. Shouldn't have fucked with the Lion.

  • Approximate
    Approximate Month ago

    i miss obama

  • tjokke
    tjokke Month ago

    The No.: 1 least funny guy in TV - S E T H M Y E R S. Does all the writers collude against him - How is it possible that even when others write his material - it`s still really not nfunny?

  • John M
    John M Month ago

    15:58 - Still say that Ginny Thomas comment was the best joke of the night.

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange Month ago

    It’s adorable how proud Seth’s parents look! They cut to his mom @3:28 & cut to his dad @3:39

  • Jocelyn Savard
    Jocelyn Savard Month ago

    Are democrats still laughing now that Donald Trump is the President???

  • Yiryujin
    Yiryujin Month ago

    the difference between peoples reaction in 2011 VS 2017, 2011 is so lively and expressive. correspondents in 2017 are so stoic...

  • Rachel
    Rachel Month ago

    Trump looked so mad. Very funny 😂😂

  • Matthew Butler
    Matthew Butler Month ago

    Trump is such a humorless piece of shit.

  • brittany ouldcott
    brittany ouldcott Month ago

    Dear 2011,
    You were so innocent. I wish we could have kept your dream alive.

  • Blake
    Blake Month ago

    Obama laughing at the Trump jokes gives me life.

  • LH
    LH Month ago

    I want to thank you Seth for launching Donald Trump’s Presidential career. If not for you and Obama’s encouragement that fateful night, we might not have one of the greatest Presidents in our nation’s history serving our Republic today. God bless you, Seth Meyers.

  • RandomPerson
    RandomPerson Month ago

    #Donald do I see you in the crowd?

  • RandomPerson
    RandomPerson Month ago +1

    Where have I been all of these years??!😂

  • Mehmet Ozcakar
    Mehmet Ozcakar Month ago +1


  • charlene webb
    charlene webb Month ago

    What a schmuck

  • Annie Lou
    Annie Lou Month ago

    2019 🤦🏾‍♀️ some people still actually blame Seth’s performance this night for inspiring trump to run in the first place....I disagree

  • Patrick Pin
    Patrick Pin Month ago


  • Stacy Melanson
    Stacy Melanson 2 months ago +1

    I'm not really a Seth Meyers fan, but he is BOSS at this dinner.

  • Bulky Dube
    Bulky Dube 2 months ago +2

    He killed the Bin Laden Host joke

  • FallenCookie
    FallenCookie 2 months ago

    1:02 So this is where it all started...

  • Cordelia
    Cordelia 2 months ago

    10:20 years later Trump is present, who would have thought it!

  • Philip Alexander Hassialis

    12:05 GOD DAMNIT SETH! WHY? - Well, if the Correspondents' Association has some spine they should re-invite Seth when this whole bruhaha is over.

  • Ashley Reed
    Ashley Reed 2 months ago

    This guy is funnier than Hassan minhaj lmao

  • pork belly
    pork belly 2 months ago

    thank you hack seth.. for this was the night that sealed the deal and made Mr Trump into Our President

  • AG702
    AG702 2 months ago

    Anyone watching in 2018 and planning to watch it in 2019?

  • Mohammad Alshehri
    Mohammad Alshehri 2 months ago

    He roasted Trump badly

  • Ajo Wong
    Ajo Wong 3 months ago +2

    Trump is there with his funny hair style 😆😆😆

  • Cecilia Wong
    Cecilia Wong 3 months ago +1

    He is so insightful

  • Pine Tree
    Pine Tree 3 months ago

    Can the big issue be whether or not to pass a Constitutional Amendment
    to expel Jews from the United States? Including expelling Jews who don't
    advertise their Jewishness, such as Stephen Miller, Conan O'Brien, and
    Barack Obama? That's an issue that would be worth my time.

  • Paul Heckbert
    Paul Heckbert 3 months ago +2

    Trump jokes at 12:02. Excellent.

  • djguapo
    djguapo 3 months ago

    That Osama Bin Laden Joke though, what timing! 💀

  • depannist
    depannist 3 months ago +4

    The woman sitting next to Trump is trying her best not to laugh

  • Darryl Flinch
    Darryl Flinch 3 months ago +5

    11:45 Trump can't take a joke. Now he doesn't attend the WH correspondents dinner because he is the biggest snowflake of all time!

  • Darryl Flinch
    Darryl Flinch 3 months ago

    Funny how Obama can take jokes. BUT Trump cries like a big baby!

  • Connie Carroll
    Connie Carroll 3 months ago

    Parts of his speech were either edited or paused

  • kathy C
    kathy C 3 months ago +2

    Interesting how even back in 2011 Trump was the butt of their jokes.

    • Darryl Flinch
      Darryl Flinch 3 months ago

      meanwhile in 2018. Trump can't even attend this because he is a SNOWFLAKE!

  • Atanu
    Atanu 3 months ago

    20.23 British girl spotted..She said "It is okay"

  • Atanu
    Atanu 3 months ago

    Trump is taking revenge now for this roast happened in 2011

    • Darryl Flinch
      Darryl Flinch 3 months ago +2

      You mean he is crying in the corner because he can't take jokes. Trump is such a baby!

  • Cc猫骨头
    Cc猫骨头 3 months ago

    Well it’s pretty clear who does have a soul and who DOESN’T.

  • Neo _
    Neo _ 3 months ago

    No wonder this inbred trump is so mad all the time they made fun of that idiot most of the night & everybody looks at him then just like they look at him now as nothing but a joke.

  • Dan Boyle
    Dan Boyle 3 months ago +1

    I'm beginning to think that perhaps Donald Trump may just be deaf.
    Or maybe stupid. Who knows?

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 3 months ago

    3:38 Seth's dad :-)

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 3 months ago +4

    Nobody will ever forget this night...Seth blew shit up. Best performance since 2006 (Colbert)

  • heidiclaire
    heidiclaire 3 months ago

    Those Tr*mp jokes though!! 😂

  • Eric Marin
    Eric Marin 3 months ago +2

    SOB it's his fault Trump is president

  • Michael Ferreira
    Michael Ferreira 3 months ago +5

    Anyone notice that Seths impersonation of Trump as president is exactly how it has really been?

  • Vac Efron
    Vac Efron 3 months ago +2

    I love how democrats made fun of Trump cause nothing they could ever do would prevent him from becoming president and kicking abama out of the white house.

    • Darryl Flinch
      Darryl Flinch 3 months ago +2

      You IDIOT!!! Obama did two terms! BTW - funny how Trump doesn't attend these dinners because he can't take a joke! What a snowflake!

  • muzicluvrgirl77
    muzicluvrgirl77 3 months ago

    3:25 that woman looks like the female version of trump

    • William k Smith
      William k Smith 3 days ago

      if you're referring to the woman at the end, blonde in red dress, I do believe it is Ivanka

  • Burn Bobquist
    Burn Bobquist 3 months ago

    Most of the jokes have been as mean as Wolfs, in all direction and noone complained. Why? Because back then the government and media were not full of crybabies.

  • markmac
    markmac 3 months ago

    why the hell was trump there? was he gonna assassinate obama? or does he like being humiliated in public? or both?

  • MrDavid849
    MrDavid849 3 months ago

    Watching Trump's angry face is my moment of Zen. I come here often.

  • Madisyn Dressel
    Madisyn Dressel 3 months ago

    Its crazy that he's making Osama jokes when literally 2 days later he was killed

    • Darryl Flinch
      Darryl Flinch 3 months ago

      Yeah that is crazy. Obama must have been like we about to kill that bastard!

  • Teresa R.
    Teresa R. 3 months ago

    OMG Seth Roasted the shit outta Trump # BOOM!!!

  • Meghna R. Iyer
    Meghna R. Iyer 3 months ago

    I saw Trump at 1:00 and I was shook... And I love how everyone ALWAYS makes fun of C-Span and the Hilton Hotel

  • Torben Otten
    Torben Otten 3 months ago

    That Bin Laden joke and Obama was thinking "I know exactly where he is".

  • Ama
    Ama 3 months ago +3

    And now a historian will host whcd.I wonder why surely its not because trump got roasted here. The look on his face is priceless. No wonder he hasnt been back since

  • Johnathan Carman
    Johnathan Carman 3 months ago +2

    you cut off the best part

  • S K
    S K 3 months ago

    Trump looks absolutely pissed.

  • panicfanzy
    panicfanzy 3 months ago

    This did not age well

  • Ian Pleasant
    Ian Pleasant 3 months ago +1

    Trump is practically crying.

  • Ian Pleasant
    Ian Pleasant 3 months ago +1

    Seth Myers said “how stupid are Americans?” And the entire south said “Yes we can.”

  • David_Hartway
    David_Hartway 3 months ago

    Omfg when the zoomed in on Trump 😂 when he talked about the birth certificate

  • Fred Nezami
    Fred Nezami 4 months ago

    Trump intended to run for president on this night.

  • Frances Zapata
    Frances Zapata 4 months ago

    Please include closed captions so that the information is accessible to everyone

  • Hogan Meyer
    Hogan Meyer 4 months ago

    Way to rip off South Park.

  • t flo
    t flo 4 months ago

    he who laughs last, laughs best.....and Trump45 is laughing his ass off now.............

  • Eddy Roldan
    Eddy Roldan 4 months ago

    Lol Trump got the last laugh.....

  • Ben Rall
    Ben Rall 4 months ago

    Oh if only Seth knew the monster he created that night...

  • Randall Ketcher
    Randall Ketcher 4 months ago +1

    I do not know why there is a line through that sentence. I do not know why I am being edited before Canadian Editors because nothing hits independent Energy until it makes it up to Canada I want to know why I Canada is not getting my every word???!!! I am Sulphur I am America the founder of this Sphere and Canada is the country of my independent place in space of origins!!!!!!

  • Randall Ketcher
    Randall Ketcher 4 months ago +1

    Please tell paul ryan *who said please stop using my tax dollars to take care of me* (I am allowed to be naked or nude and allowed to ejaculate and cum and allowed to have sexual interaction it is a completely different story about whether or not I will be permitted to do what I am allowed to do judicial regulation policies)
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  • Rene Treur
    Rene Treur 4 months ago

    Good for you Trump 🤣
    Obama takes the jokes about himselve like a man and laughs, Trump just sits there like a pissed off toddler. Which is exactly where his iq is still stuck at I guess. The level of an average 2018 toddler (children these days keep getting smarter, as opposed to...)

  • Thomas Rowland
    Thomas Rowland 4 months ago +2

    I came back here for the vintage Trump burns.

  • Dave Mahler
    Dave Mahler 4 months ago +1

    Watching this now is hilarious.

  • willoughbyave4
    willoughbyave4 4 months ago


  • Blessed everyday
    Blessed everyday 4 months ago +1

    RETARDED CRYBABYS😂😂😂😂😂💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦MAGA🇺🇸💯

  • Visual Cube
    Visual Cube 4 months ago

    12:12 lmao killed the monster of Osama that night to make the topic of this the new monster

  • Burton Poole
    Burton Poole 4 months ago +1

    Trump is a fat ass scumbag

  • pete mitchell
    pete mitchell 4 months ago

    all of his points about how shitty cspan is are completely validated by the fact that the audio on this video is absolute ass, and the video cuts out like three times