• Published on Aug 18, 2019
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Comments • 1 157

  • yorke wallace
    yorke wallace 2 days ago

    never been a HW champ.. disgusting cheater

  • Rex Magi
    Rex Magi 6 days ago

    Whitest black man on the planet. This dude is such a goof.

  • Paschan TOPs
    Paschan TOPs 10 days ago

    Cormier is a great guy but he's never in shape. His lucky run ended.

  • Laurent Reti
    Laurent Reti 11 days ago

    Stipe wasn't Stipe in the first ....

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 days ago

    No eye pokes were the difference...

  • charles Thompson
    charles Thompson 14 days ago

    Daniel 'unintentional' Cormier

  • jasir saii
    jasir saii 16 days ago

    I like seeing this guy's dreams getting crushed.

    • jasir saii
      jasir saii 15 days ago

      @Fire Montana This guy is opportunistic, and the type of dude to lick men's balls to ascend one step further on the hierarchy. He does not have principles and ready to prey on the weak if everybody treats the weak with injustice and ready to stand with the strong even if the the strong is doing injustice. This guy is money worshiper and jealous of whoever has more. HE just goes with the current and does not have a meaningful colorful trait like Khabib or Jon Jones, I am not surprised he said he is competitive and hates it bcs that means he is ready to do whatever it takes to portray his oppoents as bad and destroy their characters in front of the public like what he did with Jon Jones and he spoke about "prostitutes" despite not seeing Jon Jones doing it but everything for him becomes personal.

    • Fire Montana
      Fire Montana 15 days ago

      Kinda sound like an idiot wishing wrong towards another human beings, but sure i guess lol

    • Fire Montana
      Fire Montana 15 days ago

      jasir saii why?? Lol

  • ohhectizzy Carreon
    ohhectizzy Carreon 17 days ago

    And u wanted to fight jones again lol nigga u fat retire

  • rest in peace
    rest in peace 17 days ago

    DC was overconfident.

  • silvastomp
    silvastomp 17 days ago

    Love this dude. Never get the hate on him.

  • DrSarac
    DrSarac 19 days ago

    Cro Cop vs Cormier .... imagine that shit haha

  • Dave Miller
    Dave Miller 20 days ago +1

    You suck Daniel.

  • elitist douche bag
    elitist douche bag 20 days ago

    Cormier deliberately eye gouged Stipe numerous times in the first fight, tried to avoid the rematch after talking a bunch of shit on him, eye gouged him numerous times in the second fight, and the biased dickriding UFC commentators and refs underplayed the hell out if it in boths fight even though it was blatantly obvious. Herb Dean said "that's clean" after Cormier shoved his thumb into stipe's eye without even trying to disguise it as a punch. Now, 13 days after Stipe won his title back, the UFC still hasn't put his belt back in his picture in the rankings. They left it in cormiers picture, the guy who had to dig into stipes eyes to win the belt in the first place. Stipe has been disrespected so hard. It's bullshit, and the bandwagoner fans enable it.

    TYSON CROW 21 day ago

    Oh I fukin love an eye poking cheat getting knocked the fuck out.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 22 days ago

    DC the faggot in a fake marriage who eye pokes for wins and it finally didn’t work. Biznaaaaatch

  • Jason Ladd
    Jason Ladd 22 days ago

    Was a great fight which is rare in ufc these days.

  • The GZA
    The GZA 22 days ago +1

    Show some respect, his father just died
    Daniel is a good guy and family man

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 23 days ago

    Stipes fightplan was amazing in history of ufc..

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis 23 days ago

    Still not as good as when jones made him cry 🤣

  • Never happy Assclown
    Never happy Assclown 23 days ago

    Biggest Stipe fan here. DC said he wasn’t deserving of a shot. He poked his eyes, slammed him. And still wasn’t enough. DC is a legend but he needed this

  • M S
    M S 24 days ago

    I thought that fight would go the other way with DCs iron liver and all those shots Stipe blocked with his face. What a slug fest.

  • Mfreijo 81
    Mfreijo 81 24 days ago

    DC, hell of a fighter. My respects!!! And a "good" (honest) loser. Good for you. You are a legend no matter what. Thank you both for giving everything you've got.

  • anonymous 81
    anonymous 81 24 days ago

    Fuckin cheater tried but he failed..

  • Joseph Browne
    Joseph Browne 24 days ago

    Beat that meat

  • Michael s
    Michael s 24 days ago

    Class act, cool cat, dc.. much love n respect, great champion!!! Great person.

  • HammerK99
    HammerK99 25 days ago

    Aldo deserves a rematch with Conor for the title by Stipe's logic. Good luck on your rematch with Ngannou, Stipe. Lol

  • HammerK99
    HammerK99 25 days ago

    Why the hell did he try to out box a golden gloves champion? But congratulations, Stipe, you were a lil bitch to get a rematch and now you can say you beat a 40 year old retired light heavyweight.

  • robots1
    robots1 25 days ago

    I'm glad this chump loss....

  • Breez Brown
    Breez Brown 26 days ago

    Emotional??? I believe you meant emotionless!

  • Urban Dropper
    Urban Dropper 26 days ago +1


  • Johnny BAGGINS
    Johnny BAGGINS 26 days ago

    Hang em up fatty! your done.

  • cory nuno
    cory nuno 26 days ago

    DC is always a class act always owns up and never makes excuses...

  • HardDie
    HardDie 26 days ago

    DC will Always be the Best Champ Champ to Me!

  • Josh Trojanowski
    Josh Trojanowski 26 days ago +1

    I love stipe . But the whole eye poke thing is getting out of control. Cormier is a beast. He had constant pressure in this fight. He won the first 3 rounds. And lost the fourth. If he would have kept stipe on the ground and grounded and pounded with him. He would have won by decision.

    • Jake Green
      Jake Green 24 days ago

      @Josh Trojanowski you must be the comedian of your village 👍

    • Josh Trojanowski
      Josh Trojanowski 24 days ago

      @Jake Green didnt know stipe couldn't see after the fight

    • Jake Green
      Jake Green 24 days ago

      When someones fingers go in the back of your eye sockets you think that does not affect you? Getting blinded is not like losing a tooth

  • Sky duster
    Sky duster 26 days ago

    he looks like he just came out from a whore house.. So much lipstick to his face.

  • Idris Hussain
    Idris Hussain 26 days ago

    Please carry on fighting in the octagon.

  • Uncle Fister
    Uncle Fister 26 days ago

    They have to do “Stipe vs DC 3”

    GLEVUM REX 26 days ago

    stipe vs jones

  • jimmy walter smith the 3st

    dumbass lost cause he didnt wanna use his wrastling
    he wanna try strike when he sucks

  • bob marley
    bob marley 26 days ago +3

    Jeez get to the hospital man, the interview can wait

    MANNY MANNY 27 days ago +3

    Stipe did a great job escaping the fingers this time.

  • Rostov Ripper
    Rostov Ripper 27 days ago +4

    Daniel “The Eye Poker” Cormier.

  • Samuel
    Samuel 27 days ago

    So happy!! DC won by eye pokes, man still poked him in the eye this fight too. I'm so happy Stiepe came back and took the belt which is rightfully his. LETS GO CLEVELAND!!

  • elitist douche bag
    elitist douche bag 27 days ago

    Proof Cormier cheated AGAIN.
    Cormier blatantly cheated in the first fight, tried to duck the rematch, cheated again in the 2nd fight, and people are still fans of his? Just shows how fucking stupid most people who watch mma are

  • damnedtexan1976
    damnedtexan1976 27 days ago

    I can't stand DC and his eye poking which was VERY apparent in this fight. Stipe got smart and looked for DC's weakness, his body and won. DC should be glad he didn't have to fight Jones!

  • ambidextrousfapper
    ambidextrousfapper 27 days ago +11

    "what do you think made that approach effective"?
    His belly is a huge target.

  • gokugohan9000
    gokugohan9000 27 days ago

    Cormier:" Sometimes you ask for shit you really dont want!"

  • Rome O
    Rome O 27 days ago

    he looks like he just got into a brawl with Mike Tyson

  • 백정우
    백정우 28 days ago

    He looks like cejudo :D

  • Tim Cross
    Tim Cross 28 days ago

    Daniel Cormier is the dirtiest fighter I have ever seen, his eye pokes have won him a lot of his fights, just like Urijah Faber, the second dirtiest fighter.

    • Hawks fan 3
      Hawks fan 3 25 days ago

      Tim Cross Nah. Jon Jones is worse with eye pokes to be fair

  • JJ Hammer
    JJ Hammer 28 days ago

    This guy annoys me

  • Patrick McCall
    Patrick McCall 28 days ago

    Lol nigga always crying

  • Ryan Kenny
    Ryan Kenny 28 days ago

    If there is no crying in baseball, there is most definitely no crying in fighting!

  • emanuel rodriguez
    emanuel rodriguez 28 days ago +1

    If dc takes this loss and comes back to fight stipe and wins he will be the best heavyweight fighter of the era in my eyes.

  • 71donkrider
    71donkrider 28 days ago +3

    "Stipe is a Dam brat"

  • Andy W
    Andy W 28 days ago

    I hope John Jones come back and beat this fat foo again. Dirty ass fighter. No respect for you loser.

  • big boy
    big boy 28 days ago

    DC must. He's going to be the champ forever everybody gets time to lose so take your loss like a man and just get ready for next fight that's all

  • big boy
    big boy 28 days ago

    Wa wa wa wa

  • Here We Go Again
    Here We Go Again 29 days ago

    Cormier would be an even greater fighter if he would build his body & stamina to their full potential! I Still have respect for him for his accomplishments though!

  • Davor Stjepic
    Davor Stjepic 29 days ago

    Daniel is simply a cheater!