Filming the Speed of Light at 10 Trillion FPS

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • What is the fastest thing we as the human race know of? Gav and Dan try and film that.
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  • Правильно

    Фэйк ?

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker 2 hours ago

    You can't fillm the speed of light because you need a shutter that is faster that the speed of light - does not exist! because nothing goes faster than light (as far as we know currently)

  • Laurence Ormsby
    Laurence Ormsby 18 hours ago

    Why does the big one have one sleeve

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Absolutely brilliant, regards.

  • G G
    G G 21 hour ago

    By the time the laser had progressed 1 inch, Chuck Norris had unscrewed the cap, taken a swig, and replaced the cap.
    Three times.

  • Doug Graves
    Doug Graves Day ago

    you gotta apply this technology to the infamous "Double-slit" Experiment!

  • WOohoo PLAYZ
    WOohoo PLAYZ Day ago

    The flash was there the whole time watching

  • X class laxxz
    X class laxxz Day ago

    I wonder if this can capture women with their mouths closed

  • Kargadan
    Kargadan Day ago

    Can you please film the double slit experiment with this. Im guessing light acts a particle and as soon as it hits the slits(because they are so close to each other) it kinda expands into a wave, just like in this clip when it hits the end of the bottle and kinda expands like a gas/wave

  • Rolf Glätzer
    Rolf Glätzer Day ago +1

    Amis nur eine verlogene Bande

  • Deep Sea
    Deep Sea 2 days ago

    Obvious quantum limitations.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 2 days ago

    Light from stars does not reach us and yet we see them also note that many stars are binary so what we see is two stars as one.

  • Aaron Washington
    Aaron Washington 2 days ago

    Imagine if this is what you see every time you turn on a light.

  • Anima Dubey
    Anima Dubey 2 days ago

    12:08 it seems like windows 10 logo 😆😆

  • Goggle Hero Omega Maple

    what happened to dans coat...?

  • Karma
    Karma 2 days ago

    6:28 that was the most awkward sarcasm Ive ever heard

  • Тутанхамон Игнатевич

    мне когда хуёва с утра,я блюю быстрей в унитаз

  • paul morley
    paul morley 3 days ago

    interesting but the 2 blokes make it boring

  • Wellcome Waggon
    Wellcome Waggon 3 days ago

    This makes me realize that a high-power lazer beam could be use as an assassination tool, and nobody would ever know what happened. Just *pew* and its over. Through glass, stone, metal, it doesn't matter.

  • Piyush Mahapatra
    Piyush Mahapatra 3 days ago

    These guys should have worn Quicksilver and Flash Costumes

  • Geo montielle
    Geo montielle 3 days ago +1


  • PoppaBear
    PoppaBear 3 days ago

    There's something else going on with light. If it were a particle, you'd think you'd see specific beams in that particle, not just the cloud or "plasma" surrounding the light pulse itself. So, there's another law of physics in play here, where there's an instantaneous glow, created by the light particle. So, light itself must have another entirely different physical property that science can now determine based on this camera. The glow of the light itself, changes shape, and the particles themselves have a separate property which diffuses the particle as if a mysterious plasma property itself is changing in intensity and shape.. unless I am missing something entirely. I realize this isn't one particle, or maybe it is, but something is creating a beam to glow, increase and reduce intensity, which is faster than light itself. So, is light a particle, a wave and why is this instantaneous glow from this particle increasing and reducing in intensity at a speed greater than light itself?

  • ColdPulse20
    ColdPulse20 4 days ago

    I like space

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 4 days ago +1

    Smart People: we are witnessing the speed of light being recorded
    Me: yay now they can finally understand how fast girlfriends are when jumping to conclusions

  • Nguyen Nhu Ngoc
    Nguyen Nhu Ngoc 4 days ago +1

    I wish i had 10 trillion FPS in fortnite

  • Алексей Зеленкин

    Нихрена хрень нахрен, хреновина охренительная!

  • Макка Борова


  • Brent Evans
    Brent Evans 4 days ago +1

    What are we looking at? Is it a single pulsed photon?

  • Nick Diamond
    Nick Diamond 4 days ago

    Proof that photons DO experience time. But at much much smaller increments of our time.

  • pigeonlegs
    pigeonlegs 4 days ago

    albert einstein is quaking

  • EJ Smith
    EJ Smith 4 days ago

    wish they couldve shot a gun simultaneously in the frame

  • EJ Smith
    EJ Smith 4 days ago

    at this speed it would take a human 12 minutes to make it to mars but 25000 years to make it to the nearest neighboring galaxy.. considering you dont hit a rock on the way

  • Marco Oliva
    Marco Oliva 4 days ago

    But can it film ludicrous speed?

  • The Kevbo
    The Kevbo 5 days ago

    As I’m sitting here at 60fps

  • Anna А
    Anna А 5 days ago

    Круто, спасибо

  • Grayffiti
    Grayffiti 5 days ago

    2019 anyone????
    I guess I am not the only one...

  • Дон Кихот
    Дон Кихот 5 days ago

    А у нас , в Сколково Чубайс изобретает вечную кувалду.
    Ею можно бесконечно бить всё, даже грецкие орехи.

  • Mahmoud Hafez
    Mahmoud Hafez 5 days ago

    sorry but this thing was filmed wasn't the light ... it was the effect of light on water/figures "distributed energy" ....
    light moves straight ... ((the thing was filmed looked like fog )) ... dude ... light is much faster and much more complicated to be filmed -_-

    • Brendon Taylor
      Brendon Taylor 5 days ago

      Mahmoud Hafez light moves straight through a vacuum, remember its interacting with atoms on earth like air and water at a quantum level and photons have properties of particles and are effected by gravity and quantum forces. So it will naturally bend around atoms of air and water and reflect when it contacts an atom

  • Billy Jolly
    Billy Jolly 5 days ago

    Cant comprehend the nature of the photon light. Never ever seen photons do that....

  • Briayant Herrera
    Briayant Herrera 5 days ago

    what is youtube orignal in intro

  • Мехаил Синеокоффф

    А не проще было снять направленный луч лазера на расстоянии километр в слоумо? Долбаебы походу. Не такая уж это нереальная скорость на самом деле, особенно на приличных расстояниях.

  • Not-As-Good -As
    Not-As-Good -As 5 days ago

    I am really confused...if the blue light can be seen moving slowly .why isn't the light reflected from the bottle cap..or room wall..or bottle sticker does not show the same effect

    • Not-As-Good -As
      Not-As-Good -As 5 days ago

      @The Hidden Ninja I was talking about the natural light...the photons from the bulb which they are using..according to theory...if light is emmited as quanta(photons) and the camera is supposed to capture the path of light i.e path of photons...some of the frames should be dimmer than the other ones shouldn't they?
      The bulb I am talking bout is the one which they are using for the room

    • The Hidden Ninja
      The Hidden Ninja 5 days ago

      The light is shone in a single pulse that's moving in a straight line from the bottom of the bottle through the top, and we see it after some of the photons in the pulse bounce off of a particle in the milk and towards the camera. The light isn't shining on the outside of the label or the cap for us to see it

  • willump 4
    willump 4 6 days ago +1


  • Ron Pickett
    Ron Pickett 6 days ago

    Watching this, I am reminded how the image may have been created on the shroud of Turin. Intense, powerful LIGHT emanating from the body of Jesus. Absolutely mind blowing!!

  • Ma liberté financière

    If you want to make a science/tech video more credible, just put an Asian guy

  • Méchant Manu
    Méchant Manu 6 days ago

    Viva Los Nerds !!

  • zRebel
    zRebel 6 days ago

    Can I get a computer with 10 Trillion Frames plz I need better Minecraft gameplay

  • Rodrigo Salas Olivares

    What a wonderful demonstration that mother nature has all the answers, even those for questions we haven't think about it yet.

  • Windows Media
    Windows Media 6 days ago

    It's edited blue light and I would know !!! I can show ya where they did the mistake!!

    • Blank Gaming
      Blank Gaming 4 days ago +1

      Where was this mistake, Captain Disillusion?

  • That Tech Channel
    That Tech Channel 7 days ago

    This is to good to be true

  • 49alekc
    49alekc 7 days ago


  • João Paulo Chaib
    João Paulo Chaib 7 days ago

    There is a small chance to see a spark forming? The current come from the positive, negative, or it come from both terminals?

  • Alyna Lonskaya
    Alyna Lonskaya 7 days ago


  • Srinivas Kini
    Srinivas Kini 7 days ago


  • Suleyman g
    Suleyman g 7 days ago +1

    Русско-язычные есть?

  • Snipers boy14
    Snipers boy14 7 days ago

    Use playback speed 0.25%

  • Ashok Kumar Mishra
    Ashok Kumar Mishra 7 days ago

    whoa... so we are seeing light moving!!!!! if nothing moves faster than light how are we building such camera!!! im just wondering!!!

  • Joel Mundy
    Joel Mundy 7 days ago

    the worlds fastest camera runs on windows xp

  • Brad Poteet
    Brad Poteet 7 days ago

    I watch this at 1.5 speed. Sooo what am I seeing here?