Game of Zones - Game of Zones - S5:E1: 'A Golden Summer'


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  • R Walt
    R Walt 8 days ago +1990

    How many references can y'all spot in the painting?

    • George Williamson
      George Williamson Day ago +2

      Lebron is in the painting, in real life draymond was confused why Lebron was on a picture in the warriors practice gym

    • Alex Casares
      Alex Casares Day ago

      Clark Titus Caberto Skyrim style

    • Studio D
      Studio D 2 days ago

      Steph is chewing on his paintbrush just like he does with his mouth guard.

    • Joe Endoso
      Joe Endoso 2 days ago

      Curry LeBron is a direct reference to Michael casting Satan down to hell. Epic

    • Donovan Newman
      Donovan Newman 2 days ago +2

      1. Draymond looking down at LeBron's you know what :)
      2. LeBron caling for more help! :)

  • BR C
    BR C 2 hours ago

    this doesn't top the cavs one, mayb it's the music

  • ÄquåIçeFrøštÿ [Random Content :p]

    That outro Lol.

  • CleverTacticGaming
    CleverTacticGaming 7 hours ago

    I like how you put the Warriors injured reference in the end

  • george mikal
    george mikal 8 hours ago +1

    Kerr smoking the finest kush in all of westeros

  • Ishi
    Ishi 13 hours ago

    Anyone ever watch the old British show Fawlty Towers? The music...

  • a c
    a c 13 hours ago


  • Jhared Jones
    Jhared Jones 15 hours ago

    Damnn Steve Kerr is a savage😂

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes 17 hours ago


  • Can't Beat The BAY!
    Can't Beat The BAY! 17 hours ago +1

    McCaw said Vince gave him a bad feeling agagahahahaha that's coooooold!

  • kostas kara
    kostas kara 18 hours ago


  • f2a Finito
    f2a Finito 18 hours ago

    Swagged out..

  • DJ Barber
    DJ Barber 19 hours ago

    3:03 and look at the rockets now lol

  • Raphial Lee
    Raphial Lee 20 hours ago

    Lol houston may affect their chances

  • Feisty Narwhal
    Feisty Narwhal 21 hour ago +1

    "Uncle Swaggy" lol

  • Issa v Splxsh
    Issa v Splxsh 23 hours ago

    Patrick McCaw has a Gatorade symbol🤣🤣

  • Birds in the Rodeo Sing Astroworld

    They even managed to fit a Klay Thompson building reference, pure genius

  • Connor TSIH
    Connor TSIH Day ago

    2:59 every warriors fan at the start of season

  • Sink Rock
    Sink Rock Day ago

    Hey Furkan Korkmaz is my boy😂haha when he plays he ain't bad!

  • royalnovember66
    royalnovember66 Day ago

    Ofc Lebron is the devil in the painting lol

  • Will D.
    Will D. Day ago

    Hahahaha.... awesome!! Its not that far from the truth either, LOL...

  • Danny Harvey
    Danny Harvey Day ago

    kerr is passing a joint to klay lmfaooooooo 0:10

  • MigsDescalzo
    MigsDescalzo Day ago

    0:27 look at the painting at the right!!!! And so much references on the ceiling painting!
    Edit: Patrick says he has a bad feeling about vince!

  • Adam McDonald
    Adam McDonald Day ago

    They played VC dirty

  • Jaden Hodge
    Jaden Hodge Day ago

    Fuck kd

  • Tim Chung
    Tim Chung Day ago

    RIP patrick

  • Lonsomgonom49
    Lonsomgonom49 Day ago

    I have got a bad feeling about him, says Patrick, almost gets his back broken by Vince

  • dieselshug
    dieselshug Day ago

    So the Warriors

  • JyMaster1
    JyMaster1 Day ago

    1:57 yooo bleacher is crazy 😅😅😂😂😂

  • Ali E
    Ali E Day ago

    Throwing so much shade. Can't wait for the Rockets to win the championship

  • Andrew c
    Andrew c Day ago

    Gold... I want to see "a making of" for this series.

  • sports fanboy930

    I just saw pat mccaw reference Vince carter “I have a bad feeling about him” because he injured him😂

  • Harold Asugar
    Harold Asugar Day ago +1

    I’m so late but damn I just noticed Nick Young’s painting 😂😂😂

  • JAY ?
    JAY ? Day ago

    Dwight dropped 29 12 and 7 against the Warriors
    And still won by double digits

  • Alex Casares
    Alex Casares Day ago

    Wonder if they should do a Blake Griffin trade episode and 2 moons later he gets injured.

  • ryan schmitt
    ryan schmitt Day ago

    Klay was hilarious

  • Amu Baloyi
    Amu Baloyi Day ago +1

    the end

  • Troy DeAnda
    Troy DeAnda Day ago


  • dimitrije manic
    dimitrije manic 2 days ago +1

    we have waited for so long, and now we have the worst episode ever. what is going on?

  • Poramet Prajapart
    Poramet Prajapart 2 days ago

    Sir Christopher Paul has been traded to house Rockets. Is that hurts your chances Lord Commander?

  • Domdoesgamingz-Fortnite and more

    Whwn he was talking about vince carter he should have crawled up the stairs

  • Ronaldo de Lima Fan
    Ronaldo de Lima Fan 2 days ago

    Steve Kerr reminds me of Michael Schumacher in this

  • DeAnte Christian
    DeAnte Christian 2 days ago

    Uncle Swaggy 😂😂

  • 11Dubs30
    11Dubs30 2 days ago

    The more I sit with it, the joke about VC is too far. McCaw is lucky he can walk. It's in poor taste.

  • Gods Child
    Gods Child 2 days ago

    The ending was hilarious, everyone getting injured. Lol😂

  • Vision white
    Vision white 2 days ago


  • Rob C
    Rob C 2 days ago

    The way I see it, Curry is perfectly healthy, Kerr is only resting him while the Dubs play the weak ass Spurs in the first round. Gonna need a well rested Curry against those damn Rockets in the later rounds.

  • James Simmons
    James Simmons 2 days ago


  • Rickey Williams
    Rickey Williams 3 days ago

    That ending was savage bruh, this episode reaks of Warrior-bias😒😒

  • Eus Forde
    Eus Forde 3 days ago

    hahaha Patrick McCaw is so funny


    100% facts

  • Big O
    Big O 3 days ago

    we need so much more of this it should be a full length show forreal

  • Sniper Steph #Unlocked with Microtransactions

    When Patrick Mccaw said “ I don’t know, I just get a bad feeling from him” about Vince Carter it took me a few seconds to realized what that meant oml I can’t 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Daniel P.
    Daniel P. 3 days ago

    We need more!

  • Dennis Gachanja
    Dennis Gachanja 3 days ago

    Yall done McCaw wrong with that Vince Carter joke! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rashad Forcine
    Rashad Forcine 3 days ago

    swaggy p has his moments but all to often he plays the fool...#dead

  • Socrates Rosimo
    Socrates Rosimo 3 days ago


  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson 3 days ago

    Lol and look where we are now

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G 3 days ago

    Not a Warriors fan but this was bad ass

  • Christopher Permetti

    Like the inside joke of Vince Carter

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P 3 days ago

    So glad it’s back! Love this so creative and mixes in perfect

  • Bomb Jahlaam
    Bomb Jahlaam 3 days ago

    They called Andrew Wiggins "The Maple Knight" SMH LOL

  • D!ZZY Vila Nova
    D!ZZY Vila Nova 3 days ago

    They never get the fucking complexions right. It's not hard to do fucking research & get the accurate skin color. White people kill me with this retarded

  • Eion Dmitri Montes
    Eion Dmitri Montes 3 days ago


  • Elliott Lee
    Elliott Lee 3 days ago

    cmon give us ep.2

  • Reka
    Reka 3 days ago

    I love watching all the Game of Zones they are so funny.

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison 3 days ago


  • Brian Fantana
    Brian Fantana 3 days ago

    Kerr is always baked 😂

  • DooDoo Man
    DooDoo Man 4 days ago

    British Draymond is best Draymond.

  • Jojo 95
    Jojo 95 4 days ago

    The will regret disrespecting furkan kormaz he can ball

  • Justis Heiner
    Justis Heiner 4 days ago

    The real game of thrones starting five would have to be:
    PG:John snow (a floor general with no quit)
    SG: Oberyn Martel (got that deadly viper mentality)
    SF: The Night King ( the dude literally got ice in his veins)
    PF: The Hound (strong physical defender and will probably lead the realm in technical fouls)
    C: The Mountain ( same as the Hound but bigger)
    6th man: Jamie Lanister ( early in his career he was considered one of the best players to ever play the game but due to serious injury he is now but a shell of his former self; however he is still capable of providing valuable minutes off the bench)

  • Dub Nation
    Dub Nation 4 days ago

    Thompson one is legit,he get distracted very often

  • sfshinz
    sfshinz 4 days ago

    Vince Carter certainly hurt Young Patrick's chances...

  • Larkin Hancock
    Larkin Hancock 4 days ago

    Sir Chris Paul is Alstar Ahai the point guard who was promised. He will see the Rockets throught the long night

  • IKuudere King
    IKuudere King 4 days ago

    The ending 😂😂😂😂😂 that was priceless they made the injuries so funny

  • Trixie Nadela
    Trixie Nadela 4 days ago

    2017-18 season = warriors finally getting beat by which team?

    a team of injuries.

  • Trixie Nadela
    Trixie Nadela 4 days ago

    “Are you okay”

    “Yeah, just.. tweaked my ankle”


    Yooooo they just legit announced this on TNT. Every Thursday we get an episodes on the BR app

  • Nature King
    Nature King 4 days ago

    This episode actually insulted any team there is lol,looks like steve kerr worries about no one out there,lol

  • Jonathan Wetz
    Jonathan Wetz 4 days ago

    Finally there talking about the kings

  • Derrell Baker
    Derrell Baker 4 days ago

    How they leave out Boston at the end

  • Theo Josephs
    Theo Josephs 4 days ago

    1:54 I’m dying

  • L For LeBron
    L For LeBron 4 days ago +1

    1:55 Lol Patrick has a bad feeling about Vince Carter. Probably because he caused his back injury...... How recent are these???

  • Koustics M
    Koustics M 4 days ago


  • ted woods
    ted woods 4 days ago

    Lmao warriors will win the ship again

  • Soggy Waffles
    Soggy Waffles 4 days ago

    Rockets 🚀

  • Cole The Universe
    Cole The Universe 4 days ago

    Lmaooo the ending credits tho

  • King Benny Garcia
    King Benny Garcia 4 days ago

    1:55 they talking bout tha injury

  • lilmoneysniper
    lilmoneysniper 4 days ago

    2nd best team in the west

  • Red Dawn Alliance
    Red Dawn Alliance 4 days ago

    Lmaooo Something that actually effects us

    JUSTO MORO 4 days ago

    Lol..true..dub nation..

  • Santiago Molina
    Santiago Molina 4 days ago

    LeBron James the devil 0:14

  • Emre Kahraman
    Emre Kahraman 4 days ago


  • Drew Aggus
    Drew Aggus 4 days ago

    Enjoying the Humouresque in the background. 😌

  • Fresh Games
    Fresh Games 4 days ago

    as bayraklari furkan korkmaz

  • Blood Brothers
    Blood Brothers 4 days ago

    How about Patrick saying he has a bad feeling about Vince cause a couple weeks ago Vince took his feet out from under him and almost made him break his back. Funny shit.

  • Nelson King
    Nelson King 4 days ago

    i been waiting all season for this whack $hit

  • Dev Brooks
    Dev Brooks 4 days ago

    Why is kerr passing klay a blunt? Lol I don’t get the reference

  • D Wr
    D Wr 4 days ago

    2:00 oh fuck they went there already lmfao