How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme - Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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    Adam Ruins Everything
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Comments • 6 544

  • Abhishek Soni
    Abhishek Soni 6 hours ago

    I tasted bacon once. I didn't like it. Which means, it's an aquired taste. It's not universally tasty like chocolate or pizza. It's tasty for only those who are exposed to it since early age.

  • Pesky Dragon
    Pesky Dragon 7 hours ago

    I love bacon

  • YouTuber Singing Moments
    YouTuber Singing Moments 9 hours ago +1

    I like the taste of bacon, no matter what kind lobbying, forced-enjoyment propaganda you try to sell to me. And I'm sure if you looked hard enough, every food will increase our risks for some kind of cancer. As many others have already pointed out, I'm not going to live as a miserable vegan if it means I can delay an inevitable death for a few more years.
    Just my take on it. I do think the price of bacon is a little extreme for what is, though, and I do understand the morality argument of consuming animals. But everything's gonna die, folks, so just try to enjoy yourselves.

  • Cujo
    Cujo 12 hours ago

    Adam you took it too far man, too far

  • Thaha Alam
    Thaha Alam 13 hours ago

    Guess who’s laughing now...muslims

  • SnaksBea
    SnaksBea 14 hours ago

    TBH this kinda sounds like leftist propaganda just like adams video about Trump's wall. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Carter Shyers
    Carter Shyers 18 hours ago

    All this is, is the history of bacon and how they marketed bacon. Atleast they use every part of the pig now

  • Adam Sharp
    Adam Sharp Day ago

    God I miss the bacon three way

  • Epic Sicko Mode
    Epic Sicko Mode Day ago

    They should put sources in description instead of just the upper left hand corner with vague information.

  • Ethan Hoffer
    Ethan Hoffer Day ago +1

    I don’t care what you say I’M STILL EATING MY BACON!!!

  • Jose Reyes Bonilla

    Glad I rarely eat bacon😅

  • Elim Kwok
    Elim Kwok Day ago

    The name "big meat" is already a meme

  • K.C Moore
    K.C Moore Day ago

    What about Turkey bacon? That's all I eat?

  • Xiellion
    Xiellion 2 days ago

    They really don't get that just because things are marketed well doesn't mean they aren't also good and enjoyable

  • danwic
    danwic 2 days ago

    I'll still eat bacon sandwiches :p

  • Christian Ramos
    Christian Ramos 2 days ago

    This is the equivalent of “ruining” Kim kardashian by saying she got famous off a sex tape. Uh..... ya dude...... everyone knows.

  • uwu owo
    uwu owo 2 days ago

    Not the hero we wanted, but the one we needed

  • Elfy, The elf no one knows

    Me: huh, that’s pretty neat
    Also me: proceeds to eat bacon*

  • Mason F
    Mason F 2 days ago

    Its almost like bacon tastes good and lots of people like it

  • Jung Hoseoks’ Thighs

    *laughs in Muslim*

  • mijota666
    mijota666 2 days ago

    maybe some people just like bacon

  • Echo Smyth
    Echo Smyth 2 days ago

    Adam fails to mention why the campaign worked. There are a lot of campaigns that big business tries to push down our throats that don't stick. The truth about bacon is that it doesn't taste bad, but it also doesn't really taste as great as people make it out to be. My family will get a craving for bacon, make a whole batch and then we have about 3/4 of it as left over. So what's the catch, why is the campaign so successful?'s the smell of bacon. The smell of bacon is multiple times better than its taste.

  • Kevin Norton
    Kevin Norton 2 days ago


  • Zyransama
    Zyransama 2 days ago

    Well we muslim didn't eat bacon

  • YandereTale Dev
    YandereTale Dev 2 days ago

    Adam: Bacon will give you fucking cancer
    Me: This sign won't stop me because I can't read!

  • Caged Creature
    Caged Creature 3 days ago

    Breathing causes cancer, talking causes cancer, sitting causes cancer, standing causes cancer, blinking too much causes cancer, not blinking enough causes cancer, staring at an elephant too long causes cancer, being in a room with more than three pigeons causes cancer, standing on your head and singing the national anthem backwards causes cancer...

  • pilot jeff
    pilot jeff 3 days ago

    This is why bacon is forbidden in Islam.

  • Andreas Hykade
    Andreas Hykade 3 days ago

    Yeah, you Americans and your plastic paper-thin distateful crap you call bacon... Come on Balkans and try homemade slanina

  • Cole Starr
    Cole Starr 3 days ago

    That’s why I eat turkey bacon

  • 10macattack
    10macattack 4 days ago

    Yeah you didn't ruin bacon I'm sorry

  • KBSA
    KBSA 4 days ago +1

    yeah but like, have you tried bacon? smelled bacon? shitz amazing

  • Zuxlshl
    Zuxlshl 4 days ago


  • Gizmo fromPizmo
    Gizmo fromPizmo 4 days ago +29

    "Maybe we should eat vegetables"
    Next up, Adam Ruins Vegetables.

  • Brianna Handy
    Brianna Handy 5 days ago

    Eh bacon is still delicious

  • Sami Official
    Sami Official 5 days ago +1

    You didn't even mention the pig slaughterhouses.

  • Bryon Allen
    Bryon Allen 5 days ago

    he said it's ok to turn a 7 year old child into a transexual. sad excuses for a man !!!!!!

  • CrystalDaKitten66
    CrystalDaKitten66 6 days ago


  • Bingo The One-eyed Wondercat

    anybody hear of Sizzlean?

  • Ikea Lamp
    Ikea Lamp 7 days ago +3

    Wait bacon is an amzing food and shortens my lifespan?
    I see this as an absolute win

  • S.P.Requiem
    S.P.Requiem 7 days ago

    I don't think the corporations can convince consumers to love shit. Bacon still has to taste good in the first place.

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez 7 days ago

    Now I want some bacon

  • Jay B
    Jay B 7 days ago +2

    This is one of those things where you can’t stop anyone from doing it.
    In fact, I’m eating some right now.

  • Jack Funk
    Jack Funk 7 days ago

    I like bacon because it tastes good not because of a “conspiracy” I wish Adam ruins everything would stop ruining good things. The real video should be about Adam ruins everything saying how an evil company try’s to ruin things for people just to make money 💰

  • DeLanda Morris
    DeLanda Morris 7 days ago

    Lobbying is still legal because the lobbyist want it to remain legal and the American population is overwhelmingly comfortable with its own ignorance.

  • I love Dogs [sub to PewDiePie]

    Eating bacon while watching.

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 8 days ago

    Okay, dudes: that 18% risk of colorectal cancer or other cancer risks may seem small, but think about it. That’s just food alone, only 50 grams of it per DAY. What about other factors like tobacco use, alcohol use, inactivity, etcetera? Maybe 5 or 6% colon cancer risk, or that 18% colorectal cancer risk might not seem so small with those other factors in play? Wanted to point that out to the commenters who actually looked at the sources they used and scoffed at the numbers.

  • Saitoubosh
    Saitoubosh 8 days ago

    Lol. I ate bacon in the 80s. It's always been a quintessential weekend breakfast staple for as long as I've been alive. Jane Fonda Jazz-ercise acolytes don't represent the majority of society of the time.

  • Leanne Nicole
    Leanne Nicole 9 days ago

    Cigarettes are also a group 1 carcinogen .... Just added perspective ❤️ watch "what the health" on here it talks in depth on the meat and dairy industry

  • GhostGuy
    GhostGuy 9 days ago +1

    Yum yum

  • Ralph So
    Ralph So 9 days ago

    People, they literally made a video about everything can kill you years ago. Don't take it seriously if you like bacon then eat it, everybody gonna die anyways only difference is how long

  • rythmcubed
    rythmcubed 9 days ago +7

    You know I never got why bacon was such a meme. It really doesn’t taste THAT good.

  • Alvin Anika Putra
    Alvin Anika Putra 10 days ago

    Bacon Made from Pig
    Pig Eat They Own Poop


  • TheWyleECoyote
    TheWyleECoyote 10 days ago +3

    Everything causes cancer, didn't ruin bacon for me

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 10 days ago

    Actually, again Adam is wrong about the full studys. On top of that my grandparents all lived into their mid 90's. So eat a balanced diet. Because, well... Remember when tomatoes and egplant where those poisonous berries in Itily? It was just 400 years back. However the pesants noticed the animals eating them and then discovered it they helped to fight off the plague.

  • A I
    A I 10 days ago +1

    DUDE BACON !!1

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 10 days ago

    Bacon has been a mainstay since the dark ages dumb asses.

  • DVD playerz
    DVD playerz 11 days ago +5

    Ok so 3:21 How much is this 20%?
    This reminded me of an earlier video of adam about pregnancy and deformations before the age of 40.
    Here he says 20% because it sounds *much bigger* and scaryer that the real number.
    For example: You are 50% more likely to get cancer if you eat toast. but if your chances were 1% whithout toast, that means that your chances increased only to 1.5%
    Saying 50% more likely is more scary and impactfull than 1.5%
    And the problem with that is the fact that the audience now doesn't know what the real number was.
    This is the second video I see do the same thing about the same topic.
    *The chances increase from 5% to 6%.*
    THERE is your damn 20%

    • Monroe Robbins
      Monroe Robbins 8 days ago

      Okay, dude. At 3:16 , he shows the source they used for that tidbit: The International Agency for Research on Cancer. While yeah, the lifetime risk of colon cancer is 5%, raised to 6% by eating processed meat, what about the 800 studies that showed eating 50 grams of processed meat (1 hot dog or 4 bacon strips) a day raise the risk of colorectal cancer to 18%? Or Colleen Doyle’s (American Cancer society managing director of nutrition, RD and MS) statement of ‘we should be limiting red and processed meat to help reduce colon cancer risk, and possibly the risk of other cancers. The occasional hot dog or hamburger is okay.’ ? What about those stats?

  • Tyrese Harding
    Tyrese Harding 11 days ago

    The real reason Jews don’t eat bacon

    It’s just a joke, I’m not racist.

  • Rey_ cray:3
    Rey_ cray:3 11 days ago +6

    I still love bacon NO MATTER WHAT.

  • Patton 2401
    Patton 2401 11 days ago

    But you can just eat a little bit of bacon or a hot dog a week right?

  • Kevin Mcmaster
    Kevin Mcmaster 11 days ago

    It seems as salad consistently been the most dangerous food for the last ten years with continuous recalls from ecoli sickening thousands

  • Derick Chafton
    Derick Chafton 12 days ago +1

    We're not supposed to eat meat at all. Gross! Bullied the state though?! Bahahaha! You don't know the nature of the state or.... This is just some cleverly crafted seemingly honest and helpful bit of propaganda.

  • Chris Voss
    Chris Voss 12 days ago

    man, idgaf. bacon is good af. o and then the cancer part came on 😡

  • bryceowen
    bryceowen 12 days ago

    Pork belly is "processed?" Funny, it looks like a piece of meat cut right off the bottom of a pig. So what part of the pig is the bologna? Or hot dog?

  • James VerHulst
    James VerHulst 13 days ago +5

    You also forgot to mention bacon is made from Baby Piglets...

    Still think it's delicious tho! XD

  • america roleplayer
    america roleplayer 13 days ago

    *is a vegetarian* *laughs hysterically* My parents were right, Bacon is horrible.

  • Samuel Carver
    Samuel Carver 13 days ago

    Oh you’ve got to have bacon with breakfast

  • Jay B
    Jay B 13 days ago +3

    I dont know what memes he's watching, but i dont see what's funny.

  • totally not colton
    totally not colton 13 days ago

    Oh well

  • Juanpa 561
    Juanpa 561 14 days ago

    I really don't understand the problem

  • Shadow Essence
    Shadow Essence 15 days ago

    I really dont care if it could cause cancer
    There are so many more things where i live that can cause even worse cancer
    In australia we have the highest rates of melanoma in the entire world..
    The sun is more deadly than bacon and i have yet to experience anything to do with melanoma yet.. so i must be doing something right
    And in going to get it out of the way.. things that could kill me like snakes, spiders, dropbears (yes they are real.. dont believe the government... one killed my entire family.. i called it pauline hanson)
    Sharks, crocodiles, homicidal box jellyfish, and worst of all... cyclists.. yuck

  • Amal M
    Amal M 15 days ago +4

    Adam Ruins Vegetables.
    Do it!

  • Jacob Rengen
    Jacob Rengen 15 days ago

    I just eat it because it tastes good

  • Cam Stickney
    Cam Stickney 15 days ago

    He can’t ruin bacon shut up shut up shut up

  • Cory Patton
    Cory Patton 15 days ago

    Your from California.... Everything causes cancer. When did it become a news flash that everything is killing is slowly and that we're all going to die some day?

  • Tyde Iulo Abbitt
    Tyde Iulo Abbitt 15 days ago +3

    Like so many other mistakes it was conceived in Orlando

  • malgold88
    malgold88 15 days ago

    Still going to eat bacon. On a long enough time scale, everyone's survival rate drops to zero.

  • Beatrice Rusconi
    Beatrice Rusconi 15 days ago

    Bacon 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Cabal Paxiarch
    Cabal Paxiarch 15 days ago

    And thank God they did. Sorry Adam, sometimes corporate greed is a beautiful thing.

  • Epicvlshotzvl 1
    Epicvlshotzvl 1 16 days ago

    That’s why muslims don’t eat pork

  • Skeletor-156
    Skeletor-156 16 days ago

    We can get cancer from eating bacon omg who knew. Everything gives you cancer just add bacon to the pile.

  • Phonoe Pouk
    Phonoe Pouk 17 days ago

    But Bacons is still great

  • Midnight Sonnet
    Midnight Sonnet 17 days ago

    Just eat other meat. ^^; I hardly ever consume pork. Ever tried Wagyu beef? Best damn beef ever.

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 17 days ago

    Sorry Adam, but I'd rather have bacon than be 90 and trapped in a decaying body, with a decaying mind and sitting in my own shit and piss because I can no longer control my bladder.

  • CormAlan
    CormAlan 17 days ago +1

    3:34 was that an isle of dogs reference?

  • Ryan McEwen
    Ryan McEwen 17 days ago

    Except for the fact that pork fat actually has a lot of beneficial nutritional value.
    If you really want good bacon invest in a smoker and make your own.
    It will be healthier and taste better.

  • Ashlia ashie
    Ashlia ashie 17 days ago

    the dont eat pig bacon i eat turkey bacon

  • Saerise
    Saerise 18 days ago

    Now I want bacon still. Damn it.

  • Katya Anikeev
    Katya Anikeev 18 days ago

    You just have to get high quality bacon....

  • Walter Hawkins
    Walter Hawkins 18 days ago

    So ummmm yeah everything causes cancer.
    PS: Your vids have become veary pathetic and nothing but propaganda.

  • Professor Plays
    Professor Plays 18 days ago

    Right after this he took a big bite out of bacon burgers

  • Scott S.
    Scott S. 18 days ago

    People lose weight eating bacon.. i call bull

  • David Chacon
    David Chacon 19 days ago

    Adam, how many time are we gonna tell you. We are here for the good time, not the long haul.

  • Saso Fermin
    Saso Fermin 19 days ago

    That's cool and all but I've seen hot dogs being made. I'm still gonna eat pork. I already wasn't eating bacon and/or hot dogs every day anyway, but thanks for the cancer heads up

  • Elias Pereira
    Elias Pereira 19 days ago

    Just one little thing. Let's say the chance of you getting cancer is 10%. An increase of 20% would make your chances 10%+(10%×20%)=10%+2%=12%. So you end up with 12% chance of getting cancer.

  • Matt Sprayberry
    Matt Sprayberry 19 days ago

    Well if more people would raise their own hogs and process them themselves we wouldn't have all this cancer

  • Hodor Hodor
    Hodor Hodor 19 days ago +2

    Is there anyone in the world who's actually surprised by hearing that processed foods are bad and sometimes carcinogenic? Like, that's basic knowledge where I live. Breakfast cereal has lots of fake colours and highly processed sugars. Boom - carcinogenic. White sugar that we have at home - that's super harmful too. And honestly, even stuff like mass-produced kale chips or whatever have too many preservatives to actually be healthy. What's next, Adam telling us a can of Pringles everyday isn't good for us?
    PS: substitute bacon with real meat, if you're looking for healthier options. Vegetables obviously have their place, but they are NOT a substitute for meat.

  • Minoxis
    Minoxis 20 days ago

    The fact that you Americans constantly use Italian references to describe an intimidating conduct is just frustrating. You don't seem to understand how this affects the Italian community and the way it is considered. You just put gasoline on a stereotype, but apparently you don't care.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 20 days ago


  • Sinathi Kunene
    Sinathi Kunene 21 day ago +69

    "Bacon causes cancer".. Adam, we're here for a good time, not a long time

    • imma_dipshit _and_then
      imma_dipshit _and_then 10 days ago +1

      You seriously should consider suicide... Its glamorous way to go...
      Cool death is the suicide!!
      Good time is short... Please do it right now...

    • Sinathi Kunene
      Sinathi Kunene 14 days ago

      @Rosyna Keller I have a recommendation for you; Adam ruins mice.
      I'm not kidding. Adam does ruin mince and that might interest you

    • Rosyna Keller
      Rosyna Keller 16 days ago +2

      It’s funny because cooking *anything* creates carcinogens and precursors to carcinogens. It’s part of the results of the Maillard reaction.
      However, proving they actually cause cancer or don’t cause cancer in humans hasn’t been investigated. Instead, they ask people with cancer and not cancer what their diet is like.
      (They are definitely carcinogens in lab mice and rats that have been bred to get cancer if you look at them funny, but so is saccharine and that’s absolutely not carcinogenic in humans as we lack the genes that trigger it)

    • Bobby Bliss
      Bobby Bliss 18 days ago +1

      Sinathi Kunene “So have a good time, cause the sun can’t shine everyday!”