I'm In An Anime?

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 14 709

  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  Month ago +18715

    You are ALL floppy bananas

  • crazycoolpup 72
    crazycoolpup 72 2 hours ago

    I'm so sad my I had a floppy banana and I used it ever second I could and the second night it broke 😭 I'm so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌can I get an f in the chat

  • Trey Jacobson
    Trey Jacobson 6 hours ago

    The way that banana stuck to the whiteboard fo like 3 seconds was priceless!!

  • Benjy_roberts 69
    Benjy_roberts 69 8 hours ago

    I have a floppy poo toy

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia 10 hours ago

    Season two was verified can’t wait till it comes out for demon slayer 😁

  • LikeyYT
    LikeyYT 12 hours ago +1

    Butt mcfuckin

  • Hope Parker
    Hope Parker 13 hours ago

    4:46 captions

  • discord1805
    discord1805 20 hours ago

    the dragon prince


    0:21 Is that a dildo?

  • LoLBig
    LoLBig Day ago +1


  • Hello Derbby here

    Floppy banana vs the mcGlockin

  • Guillermo Sifuentes

    Never thought I'd hear jack say "no cap"

  • Gabriel Cabello
    Gabriel Cabello Day ago

    Don't fuck with Jack he has the power of anime and floppy banana on his side

  • bob ploplo
    bob ploplo Day ago

    In gonna think about this in all of my tests and quizes

  • Xeron anims
    Xeron anims 2 days ago

    12:48 -Gaara has left the chat

  • chassismelbro
    chassismelbro 2 days ago

    haha coz im 10% irish i dont qualify as a floppy banana i qualify as a galic gladiator

  • SolarDischarge
    SolarDischarge 2 days ago

    Anime Jack=Soren (from the Netflix show, The Dragon Prince) with green hair

  • Matt Chmielewski-Tremblay

    sean mcglocklin

  • ttv jake morgan
    ttv jake morgan 3 days ago

    stop mcglocklen!!!!!!

  • ttv jake morgan
    ttv jake morgan 3 days ago

    you sound Scottish an British

  • ttv jake morgan
    ttv jake morgan 3 days ago


  • ttv jake morgan
    ttv jake morgan 3 days ago

    don't kill me😣🤣

  • demon in black
    demon in black 3 days ago

    Sean McSocklin

  • Seth Kok
    Seth Kok 3 days ago

    Everyone named Seth is crying thanks Jack

    ULTRA COLOURS 3 days ago


  • Corbin Crawford
    Corbin Crawford 3 days ago

    i used to be excited for happy wheels on every post saying happy wheels on the entro now jack just said fuck happy wheels

  • KittyShark33
    KittyShark33 3 days ago

    Watched this for The Dragon Prince, but it's from the new season. Btw it's on Netflix!

  • caelan gillon
    caelan gillon 4 days ago

    1:20 trying to force two positive magnets together be like...

  • Komara koro
    Komara koro 4 days ago

    Frozen came out about 7 years ago

  • BlueFlameHero22
    BlueFlameHero22 4 days ago

    I have an actual banana, sorry I'm poor XD

  • JSeedProductions
    JSeedProductions 4 days ago

    "The desert is merciless. It takes everything from you."
    -Anakin Skywalker

  • Lephu 123
    Lephu 123 4 days ago +1

    Seriusly i HATE banana but i love sam boi

  • Tyler
    Tyler 5 days ago

    You're forgetting we are the ONSTANT CHILL PACK

  • FJ Zamora
    FJ Zamora 5 days ago


  • JennytheWeeb
    JennytheWeeb 5 days ago

    Memes: Overused jokes everyone loves

  • Burger Buns
    Burger Buns 5 days ago

    What about a floppy shit?

  • lautjuhh xd
    lautjuhh xd 5 days ago

    Im not gonna kill my fans... Not my fans he said

  • Nightmare Glitch
    Nightmare Glitch 5 days ago

    I find it funny how Seán basically fipped us off at 13:33 and I don't think Robin told him while editing 😂

  • moo oc
    moo oc 5 days ago

    Soren does say ding ding ding in the dragon prince

  • Dominick Santana
    Dominick Santana 6 days ago

    me am floppy banana

  • KcPir4te25 _music_
    KcPir4te25 _music_ 6 days ago

    I can’t believe that Jacsepticeye looks like Soren from the Dragon Prince. Ding ding ding.

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 6 days ago

    They combine to become sqooshy bannato.

  • PistenBroke
    PistenBroke 6 days ago

    I knew you were gonna say Skinny penis

  • Shyanne Montgomery
    Shyanne Montgomery 7 days ago

    dude i love how the thumbnail is a photoshopped version of my favorite show dragon prince like yASSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Re-damo Ha-no
    Re-damo Ha-no 7 days ago

    Me screaming ding ding ding top of morning at 3 am:

  • I’m gay Ya
    I’m gay Ya 7 days ago

    i was learning about Ireland and potatoes in geography and how they basically lived off potatoes.👌🏻😆

  • E Luksich
    E Luksich 7 days ago

    Is a hot dog a sandwich?

  • Matthew Brancheck
    Matthew Brancheck 7 days ago

    Hey Jack whatifwecouldputthematalittlebitofa delay? Huh😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • one angel wolf
    one angel wolf 7 days ago

    IS ?!JACK BEEN GAY!? OMG Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Moratorycandy1
    Moratorycandy1 7 days ago

    Lol the intro is me when my friends are sad.


  • amity p
    amity p 7 days ago

    has anyone only just noticed how big jacks nose is???

    no just me?......ok

  • PotatoBoi pokegamer
    PotatoBoi pokegamer 8 days ago

    Jack talking about Luigi's and teachers asses while smoking grass

  • Sasha Squire
    Sasha Squire 8 days ago

    I heard anime I came

  • Common Freak
    Common Freak 8 days ago

    you look like that guy from the beatles, nah, love you jack

  • GameBoy Cooler
    GameBoy Cooler 8 days ago

    *Hits spud* dude, if a lounge is just a long chair, does that make the Earth a round chair?

    *whispers silently in your ear* woahhhhh...

  • Cheese Mama
    Cheese Mama 8 days ago

    Im too old for dis shit, he gettin grey hairs

  • alpha draws
    alpha draws 8 days ago

    Me: *sees a the dragon prince reference* *surprised pikachu face*

  • T McGullion
    T McGullion 9 days ago

    Dude plz check this and play Doki Doki literature club plz dude.

  • BeeIconic
    BeeIconic 9 days ago

    Wait wasn’t it Padame that said sand is bad? I thought-

  • stephen messick
    stephen messick 9 days ago

    15:30 just had me straight cackaling