Mark Hamill and His Return of the Jedi Prop Lightsaber Reunite in Pop Culture Quest Clip

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  • blue wolftrainer
    blue wolftrainer 3 hours ago

    Wow mark looks so happy seeing it

  • Kristi Walker
    Kristi Walker 17 hours ago +1

    Ask George lukas if i can be in the next movie

  • Redstone shark
    Redstone shark 18 hours ago

    Mark is like: Wtf, why are u telling me about MY lightsaber? I held that thing before u were even born, So stfu


  • Liam Cristopher
    Liam Cristopher Day ago

    0:23 yea right?

  • euphplayer2000
    euphplayer2000 Day ago

    who is talking at 0:23? cuz mark's mouth isnt moving

  • Xel Tanni
    Xel Tanni Day ago +1

    I like how he just threw it over his shoulder like it didn't hold any significance to him at all.

    ... oh wait!

  • sborreo sborresi

    this scene is like the new movies

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee 2 days ago

    God tier story teller.

  • DeltaFoxtrotWhiskey3

    I didn't realize that Luke's lightsaber from ROTJ was the same as Obi-Wan's in ANH. Then again we never actually got a real clear image of it in ANH (except maybe when he surrenders to Vader), like we did in ROTJ where Vader holds it for inspection.

    • Quarax
      Quarax 7 hours ago

      The one Vader holds is actually a different prop than this one. They made a few different props for Return of the Jedi.

  • Adrian Elsewhere
    Adrian Elsewhere 4 days ago

    Mark Hamill is a JILF.

  • James Steven
    James Steven 4 days ago +1

    Surprised he didnt throw it over his shoulder! Love Hamill! Forever the original trilogy!!

  • FragmotionArts
    FragmotionArts 4 days ago

    I don't get why the dude tells Mark Hamill all this stuff, like duh, he also used that exact lightsaber, he knows that already

  • lego star wars czyli recenzje jedi

    I love luke skywaler

  • VenomZ
    VenomZ 5 days ago

    Many fans of any movie simply love the actors for the characters they played as. I love Mark Hamill for not only being Luke Skywalker, but for also being a charismatic, genuine human being that if someone somehow has no idea who he is, he/she would still say "I can already tell that this is one cool guy!"

  • NorthernLaw
    NorthernLaw 5 days ago

    Where did you find that? "good question for another time"

  • Gabe Simmons
    Gabe Simmons 6 days ago +3

    Its a crime that luke didnt reunite with his lightsaber in the last jedi. Or even fight with one. But you know you got to see him with a stick so that's awesome.


  • Penguin Pie
    Penguin Pie 6 days ago +3

    surprised mark didn't toss it over his shoulder. what the hell were they thinking?

  • Dwayne Newton
    Dwayne Newton 6 days ago

    If you watch a new hope you can see the cord Mark is talking about running up Alec Guinness' arm up his robe during the Vader fight scene

  • Mattix
    Mattix 6 days ago

    did he throw that too

  • TheComposerNamedStephen

    He didn't toss it behind him XD

  • Duarte Canário
    Duarte Canário 7 days ago +2

    Over the shoulder it goes

  • Konigstiger
    Konigstiger 7 days ago +1

    I love when he said: "This is yours..."

  • AndyArmstrong88
    AndyArmstrong88 7 days ago

    I had the high ground

  • Shatzer
    Shatzer 8 days ago

    You can see the wire he was talking about at 0:54 in Episode 4 when Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader are fighting in the Death Star. The time for this scene is 1:30:17.

  • legoBuilder1999
    legoBuilder1999 9 days ago

    I have a question Did mark Hamill get to keep the prop he had

  • The Bassics
    The Bassics 9 days ago

    Top tip for meeting actors that were part of the project: don't try to lecture them on stuff they were there for first hand.

  • ollie pop
    ollie pop 10 days ago

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  • Jake Mackie
    Jake Mackie 11 days ago +1

    please dont just throw it over your shoulder Mark....

  • codeywings10
    codeywings10 11 days ago

    Lost Galaxy :)

  • Metal Militia
    Metal Militia 11 days ago +2

    That's the best saber... And, Rian Johnson &Co. = fucking useless, twunt, cunts!

  • Jack O'neill
    Jack O'neill 14 days ago

    It is Obi Wan from episode 3

  • errol scalise
    errol scalise 14 days ago

    Did he get to keep it because i wish he did

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 14 days ago +1

    He Tried to Kill Me with that Saber

    JOSHUA COLEMAN 14 days ago

    Top ten anime couples

  • RD Mountford
    RD Mountford 14 days ago

    Hamill doesn't give a shit about a prop and film he really hates

  • Tyrannosaurus 166677
    Tyrannosaurus 166677 14 days ago


  • Benfica Live
    Benfica Live 14 days ago

    When we have a great Mark Hamill in shape , Harrison Ford with a great job in Force Awakens , and Carrie Fisher back , what decided to do? Kill Han and Luke and never given us a reunion with 3 carachter we love for the Original triology , when we almost waiting 30 years , thanks to feminist SJW , and other bullshits , Thanks JJ , Rian Johnson , and principle to Kathleen Kennedy , Thanks for diserespect the most beloved and iconic characters in the cinema universe ? To what ? To replace by a chinese girl and a Purple hair SJW , and a Marey Sue .
    What a miss oportunity.. Shame on you , you morons.

  • Gzmar zapp
    Gzmar zapp 14 days ago

    Its a trap!

  • JustinC87
    JustinC87 15 days ago

    After seeing the new movie and now coming across this again... I totally envisioned him throwing the damn thing over his shoulder. This new Star Wars movie really jacked things up!!!

  • Gam3rGuy10 *
    Gam3rGuy10 * 15 days ago

    Props to you, young skywalker.

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 15 days ago

    *Throws it away*

  • sultaa86
    sultaa86 15 days ago

    The music in the back makes it quite intense

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A 15 days ago

    That'd be hilarious if Mark said it wasn't the real prop after all.

  • Jayman493
    Jayman493 16 days ago

    What really sucks is that Mark Hamill is actually a really good actor, and yet his career got destroyed by these movies.
    But *DAMMIT* are these new movies good

  • xChuddy
    xChuddy 16 days ago

    I wonder how much did he pay for it.

  • ARevengeBroken
    ARevengeBroken 16 days ago +1

    And then he tosses it over his back. XD

  • Hamzah Ali
    Hamzah Ali 16 days ago

    The very great mark hamill

  • Stewart Fletcher
    Stewart Fletcher 17 days ago

    That is frickin' cool

  • crud08
    crud08 17 days ago

    Mark Hamill is such a likeable dude. Im so glad he's not all "Hollywood".

  • Adam Bleacho
    Adam Bleacho 18 days ago

    The only thing I think about when I see this is why is that interview guy kind of dickish. It's like can you lighten up a little.

  • GorillaKobeYT Roblox and More!

    Do what must be done..

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 18 days ago

    There is it😂

  • Demonmixer
    Demonmixer 18 days ago +1

    It's your old lightsaber, the weapon of a Jedi knight; not as clumsy as a blaster.

  • Benjamin Cuzon
    Benjamin Cuzon 18 days ago +4

    This is how Luke should have reacted to Rey handing him his lightsaber in the 8th movie.

  • Death Hammer 303
    Death Hammer 303 19 days ago

    She should have asked.... “did it come with a hand?”

  • Connor Tessier
    Connor Tessier 19 days ago

    that's his lightsaber a I want to steal it

  • TallTiger
    TallTiger 19 days ago

    He wanted it.

  • Anthaleus Decriseus
    Anthaleus Decriseus 20 days ago +3

    This guy got Luke back with his Green Saver, but a multi billion dollar company with all the resources and writers in the world couldn’t even depict Luke Skywalker properly...
    The Rebel Alliance has won.

  • John Smithee
    John Smithee 20 days ago +5

    Mark Hamill more fascinated with LightSabers than Luke SkyWalker in The Last Jedi

  • SparkZ1420
    SparkZ1420 20 days ago

    Better Star Wars moment than The Last Jedi

  • 張克力
    張克力 20 days ago +2

    It would be funnier if he tossed it over his shoulder

  • Genesis San Agustin
    Genesis San Agustin 20 days ago

    My favorite I have is green light saber toy the green one 🙂In Luke's my favorite

  • KamidakeRed
    KamidakeRed 20 days ago

    I would have gave the Lightsaber back to Mark
    And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have took it and chucked it over shoulder Rian Johnson.

  • thisismyfirstusername i made this up

    The Mark Hamill drops it

  • Hafizul Huq Babar
    Hafizul Huq Babar 21 day ago


  • CoolsBreeze
    CoolsBreeze 21 day ago

    This is why you love Mark Hamill because he's never been ashamed of his work on Star Wars or any of his past work, he embraces his fans and loves their positive enthusiasm. You really respect actors that respect their fans in return.

  • Doctor Weird
    Doctor Weird 21 day ago


  • Lecardead 7
    Lecardead 7 21 day ago

    The murder weapon against kylo

  • thanabadee chaiburin


  • Trace Cinnamon
    Trace Cinnamon 22 days ago

    Mark is the's a same Rian Johnson didn't have the ability to write him a fitting ending.....shame on you Ruin Johnson.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 22 days ago +2

    Mark should have said: "that lightsaber... it belongs to me..."

  • Joe DiSalvo
    Joe DiSalvo 22 days ago

    Rian Johnson thinks he should have just chucked it over his shoulder and walked out of the interview 🙄

  • Alex Stinks
    Alex Stinks 22 days ago

    Mark always remember his green lightsaber But he freaking threw it in the 3rd movie

  • IceBear Random
    IceBear Random 22 days ago


  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 23 days ago +3

    that's mine

  • The The
    The The 23 days ago

    Interesting that my comment was removed? Maybe I was hitting a nerve? All I was pointing out that this was not the Original OB1 sabre. It's well documented that these were completely two different builds. OB1 sabre was made from found parts and Luke's was manufactured. I will say no more!

    • Quarax
      Quarax 7 hours ago

      There was more than one prop used in both movies. The more reconizable versions of Obi-Wan's and Luke's lightsaber props were, as you said, made from found parts and custom made, respectively, but this prop was originally and alternate (stunt) version of Obi-Wan's used in A New Hope, which was repurposed for Return of the Jedi and was likely what the design of the new custom-made lightsaber they made for the film was based on.

  • bazlbooi
    bazlbooi 24 days ago

    When you tell mark hamill about his own film

  • Russell
    Russell 25 days ago

    This was more satisfying than the latest movies.

  • biyo gamerz
    biyo gamerz 27 days ago

    I hate luke fu*k luke liquid fart

  • JJ Lee
    JJ Lee 27 days ago

    JjI love you danii

  • JJ Lee
    JJ Lee 27 days ago

    I love you dan

  • Mason Eckebrecht
    Mason Eckebrecht 27 days ago

    i like how he's explaining how it worked to one of the few people who actually used it

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa 27 days ago

    They should have gave it to him

  • Udbhav Seth
    Udbhav Seth 27 days ago +112

    "Haven't seen this thing in years...."
    Guess that was our hint that this lightsaber wasn't going to appear in The Last Jedi

    • Declan McGuinness
      Declan McGuinness 2 days ago

      Udbhav Seth it did

    • IP Films
      IP Films 6 days ago

      They don’t use the exact same prop for sequels

    • Alec Hamilton
      Alec Hamilton 24 days ago +11

      Yeh for like maybe a few seconds haha, and plus the lightsaber prop tht they used was most likely a different one than they used in RotJ, so him saying he hasn’t seen tht thin in years isn’t really a hint tht it wouldn’t appear, it just means he hasn’t seen the original green saber prop in forever

  • Pax
    Pax 28 days ago

    I like how he's explaining it to Mark like he has no idea what he's holding in his hands

  • Lionel Martin
    Lionel Martin 28 days ago

    i beat luke in a battle

  • Nathan Marion
    Nathan Marion 28 days ago

    accccctually thats not obi wans lightsaber thats luke skywalkers from episode 6. obi wans hilt was black, silver and gold and was flush on top

  • Emmanuel Corral
    Emmanuel Corral 28 days ago

    That's got to worth like, THOUSANDS of dollars

  • Hadley McIntyre
    Hadley McIntyre 29 days ago

    Good to see you went by the clone planet and got a new hand.

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Incredible, every word you said was wrong

  • PhenomProductions23
    PhenomProductions23 Month ago +2

    Better 1:14 than Luke had in The Last Jedi with the lightsaber.

    DSYOT Month ago +3

    Star Wars: The Last SJW
    I can't wait until Western Civilization dies. I just don't care anymore. This society is decadent and degenerate. The last wimper of a dying culture.

  • Mario Trick 869
    Mario Trick 869 Month ago

    I thought mark hamil got to keep the lightsaber

  • Søren Stilling
    Søren Stilling Month ago

    You could build the fucking eiffel tower out of pure gold with the money you'd get by selling that shit.

  • GeneralEmperor
    GeneralEmperor Month ago

    Mark: I see you have constructed a new lightsaber...your skills are complete!

  • Qihua Yang
    Qihua Yang Month ago

    am i the only to think that Mark Hamill looks like Frank Gallagher from Shamless

  • MrStensnask
    MrStensnask Month ago

    Thumbnail looks like Luke's 'bout to drop the mic

  • Skullhoof
    Skullhoof Month ago +2

    He should just flip it over his shoulder like a piece of trash

  • 2 2
    2 2 Month ago

    Shave your face !

  • Samuel Ling
    Samuel Ling Month ago