No. 844 Prepares for Frontier Days Debut

  • Published on Jun 23, 2016
  • UP’s Living Legend No. 844 continues to pass its exams as it readies for its big return to service at Cheyenne Frontier Days July 23. No. 844’s engine was successfully test fired June 16, and a full steam test was completed on June 17.
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  • Appleheadsguy1
    Appleheadsguy1 5 months ago

    844 is looking weird like mallard did in 78

  • EvanF1293
    EvanF1293 9 months ago

    Ok now was is the boiler white? The headlight/headlamp missing? and a diesel behind 844?

  • Joao Ricardo Araujo Granzoto

    How i become a train druver if this train

  • silent_wolf_jace1
    silent_wolf_jace1 2 years ago

    that is a air whistle

  • Enrique González López


  • Okay Then
    Okay Then 3 years ago

    It looks weird without its lights lol

  • Blucifer
    Blucifer 3 years ago +1

    So will these old (but awesome!) steam locos be put into regular service? Or will these become part of a railroad museum?

    • vector6977
      vector6977 2 years ago

      both, more like a rolling museum.

  • psychoCrazyNinja
    psychoCrazyNinja 3 years ago

    Go 844 !! :D

  • 09trainfan
    09trainfan 3 years ago +1

    SHE'S BACK! :D

  • Middle Tennessee Rail Productions

    I hear and see a FEF-3 Hancock long-bell 3-chime up there!!!! THAT'S the way the old girl's supposed to sound!!!!!

    • theUP844
      theUP844 Year ago

      Believe it or not, that whistle was not originally used on the 844. That is the very whistle 4014 used to wear back in the 40s and 50s. I wonder if anybody at UP besides Ed knows that, I doubt it though.

    • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
      Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography 3 years ago +1

      yup #844 is telling the world that she is back

    • Middle Tennessee Rail Productions
      Middle Tennessee Rail Productions 3 years ago

      +Jon B. Rail Videos Yep. They are.

    • Jon B. Rails Video
      Jon B. Rails Video 3 years ago

      I think 611's whistle and what UP uses/used are pretty much the samething. A Hancock long-bell 3-chime.

    • Jon B. Rails Video
      Jon B. Rails Video 3 years ago

      I thought UP used the Hancock 3-chime on everything. Heck, N&W 611 is using one because of fight over her original whistle.

  • Moparmadman69
    Moparmadman69 3 years ago

    Proof that good things comes to those who wait. I'll bet that was a satisfying day for the U.P Steam crew. Great work and thanks U.P.

  • Brian Falzon
    Brian Falzon 3 years ago +1

    What happened to 838 and 5511?

    • Tanvan180
      Tanvan180 3 years ago +2

      Both are inoperable. 838 is a parts source for 844. 5511 had both drive rods cut.

    • Brian Falzon
      Brian Falzon 3 years ago

      @Tanvan180 What are the current status of both 838 and 5511 right now?

    • Tanvan180
      Tanvan180 3 years ago

      They're both in the roundhouse.

  • Rockies Railfan
    Rockies Railfan 3 years ago +2

    Does anyone know if it's gonna get the mars light back?

  • USS Iowa
    USS Iowa 3 years ago +2

    Maybe when they're done with 4014 they should restore UP #833 in Ogden :)

    • 09trainfan
      09trainfan 2 years ago

      Why? Because I'm right? Get a grip dude.

    • TGs Train Clips
      TGs Train Clips 2 years ago

      +09Trainman just shut the fuck up already

    • 09trainfan
      09trainfan 2 years ago +1

      Trains / Gaming 3219 Incorrect, 835 was the first FEF-3. 833, like I said, is an FEF-2.
      800-819: FEF-1
      820-834: FEF-2
      835-844: FEF-3

    • TGs Train Clips
      TGs Train Clips 2 years ago

      09trainman 830 was the first FEF-3 833 IS an FEF-3 not an FEF-2

    • 09trainfan
      09trainfan 3 years ago

      833 is an FEF-2.

  • Michael88 MK4
    Michael88 MK4 3 years ago

    sweet you've made the Fef #844 work again keep the update on the big boy:)

  • monkeybiscuits78
    monkeybiscuits78 3 years ago

    maybe a silly question, maybe not... is there a break in period for the mechanical gear after the rebuild? or just go for the gold as normal once its ready?

  • j swain
    j swain 3 years ago

    Hooray!!! I had faith and fingers crossed that all the work would be done on 844 for Frontier days. She looks beautiful, even without her dress on. On to other things, and congrats to a fine steam rebuild crew!

  • Thomas Austin
    Thomas Austin 3 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! She looks brand new!!!

  • TexasRailfan21
    TexasRailfan21 3 years ago

    I hope they fixed the Marz light and put it back on the 844

  • Connor Flaherty
    Connor Flaherty 3 years ago +1

    I look forward to seeing her in action. One question, is Union pacific planning to have her appear in the greyhound livery again?

  • OldelPaso68
    OldelPaso68 3 years ago +4

    Can't say "Thank You" enough to Ed Dickens and the entire UP Steam Shop crew for completing #844's update to meet the CFD's schedule. Many of us have watched over the past years with bated breath, the rebuild steps that have been posted on YT. Outstanding results!
    I'm looking forward to add to my collection and video-capture the return trip to Cheyenne the morning that they leave Denver, in a few weeks.
    I can imagine what a brute the #4014 will be when it's at this same state. Best wishes and Carry on...!

  • Mike Pericolosi
    Mike Pericolosi 3 years ago

    where da headlights

  • sparky107107
    sparky107107 3 years ago

    still lots of bits and pieces to put back on the 844 , but she a thing of beauty for sure

  • USS Iowa
    USS Iowa 3 years ago

    ALL HALE STEAM #AllHaleSteam

    • TheBlueComet833
      TheBlueComet833 3 years ago

      +TheBlueComet833 it's just an opinion

    • TheBlueComet833
      TheBlueComet833 3 years ago

      +Cape Main Rail Photography I like all, I just prefer the USA

    • Cape Cod Railfan
      Cape Cod Railfan 3 years ago

      @TheBlueComet833 I prefer all railroads I don't care I'm American and I like all trains

    • TheBlueComet833
      TheBlueComet833 3 years ago

      +Keil Gilby I know. I just prefer the USA over British steam. I mean, all steam is amazing but still I just prefer the US locos.

    • TheBlueComet833
      TheBlueComet833 3 years ago

      +TheBlueComet833 just an opinion. People can hate me for it

  • Mr Trains
    Mr Trains 3 years ago

    Will the Mars light be on the 844

  • Alexa BP
    Alexa BP 3 years ago

    What a beauty, I'm glad she's getting closer to being back to work

  • Jordan Michael
    Jordan Michael 3 years ago

    I'll start celebrating once I see 4014 and 3985 operational once again

  • thelasthallow
    thelasthallow 3 years ago

    lets see a top speed run at 120Mph, we all know it was designed to do it!

    • 09trainfan
      09trainfan 2 years ago

      I know, I just thought I mention 833 cuz +Trains / Gaming 3219 told me 833 was an FEF-3

    • thelasthallow
      thelasthallow 2 years ago

      This discussion is about 844, nothing else.

    • 09trainfan
      09trainfan 2 years ago

      I should've known you wouldn't have a response. It tells me what kind of person you are to just assume that someone (me in this case) meant another locomotive when they meant the one that someone typed the first time and then tell them to use their brain before talking smack. Also, you need to look up more locomotives, even if they're not running, I myself have known 833 (not 844) for a while.

    • 09trainfan
      09trainfan 2 years ago

      And yes, I know 844 is an FEF-3, I've known that for years.

    • 09trainfan
      09trainfan 2 years ago

      I meant the ACTUAL 833, which is an FEF-2! She's one of 844's surviving sister engines. I was also told by Trains / Gaming 3219 that 830 was the first FEF-3, also wrong. I forgot which video, but he told me. Ya didn't have to be rude... >_>

  • B. C. Schmerker
    B. C. Schmerker 3 years ago

    *Right on schedule!* No problem dragging one of those new EMC/Caterpillar SD-90MAC's on full dynamic. Looks ready for the lagging and the plancked-iron jacket and sandboxes on the boiler, and the head- and taillamps on the smokebox door.

  • Falkenroth
    Falkenroth 3 years ago

    Favorite train. Can't beat the large drive wheels. Especially in person.

  • David G. Hawkins
    David G. Hawkins 3 years ago +1

    Great job, UP.

  • northstar2007
    northstar2007 3 years ago +1

    a Job well, well done!

  • neonhomer
    neonhomer 3 years ago

    You have to ignore the rumble of the diesel in the background.... but there is something to be said about the sound of a steam whistle...

  • Snuffy's Cat Productions


  • buntik1687
    buntik1687 3 years ago

    Nice! Welcome back!

  • Willysmb44
    Willysmb44 3 years ago

    And for all the nay-sayers who said it would never happen... SUCK IT! Congrats to UP for getting her back in running condition!

  • Upstate New York Railfan
    Upstate New York Railfan 3 years ago +2


  • austin73
    austin73 3 years ago +2

    You guys have no idea how much I appreciate that you keep our heritage alive!

  • RayOvac
    RayOvac 3 years ago +5

    Such a wonderful professional job your crew has done, thank you U.P.

  • rjolly87
    rjolly87 3 years ago

    Looking good guys (and any gals), although hopefully she is fully dressed when she rolls back in to service.

  • Longshadows Model Tree's


  • Thomas Shannon
    Thomas Shannon 3 years ago +1

    Helll yes!!!!!!!

  • Matt`s Mocs
    Matt`s Mocs 3 years ago

    Ahh yes amazing! But why put the smoke deflectors in before all the covering? It would be awesome to see her pull a train closer to the east.

    • Zach Pumphery
      Zach Pumphery 3 years ago

      There's hardly any boiler jacketing behind them. They probably didn't even take them off during the overhaul. Really no need to.

    • TheBlueComet833
      TheBlueComet833 3 years ago

      +TheBlueComet833 actually I was way off it was in like 1992. It was dressed as the Clinchfield 676. It pulled the CSX Santa express before CSX decided to stupidly BAN all steam on its trackage.

    • TheBlueComet833
      TheBlueComet833 3 years ago

      +Matt`s Mocs yeah, like 7 years ago I think.

    • Matt`s Mocs
      Matt`s Mocs 3 years ago

      +TheBlueComet833 wat!

    • TheBlueComet833
      TheBlueComet833 3 years ago

      Remember when 3985 went to Virginia? I think that's the farthest east UP ever went besides the NY produce train.

  • Bob Craig
    Bob Craig 3 years ago

    Welcome back, sweetheart! Lookin' good.

  • Nate Jenkins
    Nate Jenkins 3 years ago +4

    She's already looking amazing!

  • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    welcome back to the land of the living #844 my friend Ed you and your crew did a good job all that is left is to put the jackets back on and #844's headlight and MARS Light.

  • trainroomgary
    trainroomgary 3 years ago +1

    Congrats to Ed Dickens and the Steam Shop Crew. Looking forward to Cheyenne Frontier Days, 2016.😎
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway 🚂

  • bcbloc02
    bcbloc02 3 years ago +3

    So happy to see the 844 back under steam and returning to service!

  • laurence storey
    laurence storey 3 years ago +1

    that is a beautiful sight you guys did an awesome job

  • Railfan Jason
    Railfan Jason 3 years ago +5

    She's baaaaack! So freaking happy to see this :D

  • the4000class
    the4000class 3 years ago +2

    Awesome job 👍🏻 U.P ALL THE WAY!

  • Train fan1995
    Train fan1995 3 years ago +19

    now hope to work on 3985 and 4014!

    • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
      Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography 2 years ago

      on hold until BIG BOY is back on his frame and FRA has done a safety inspection. BIG BOY has been sitting in Pomona for 50 years and some of the staybolts need replacing. on #3985 all of them need to be replaced and the firebox rebuilt from scratch.

    • TGs Train Clips
      TGs Train Clips 2 years ago +1

      Brian joe you are so bloody dumb they are restoring her after 4014 is finished

    • A&WP 290
      A&WP 290 3 years ago

      zootopia person 3985 is going to be running no more

    • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
      Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography 3 years ago +1

      @Ted Lovell and has a million miles under her belt. congratulations on a successful test run Ted looking foreword to the excursion and the BIG BOY rebuild drop by the #844 page on Facebook when you have a chance.

    • Ted Lovell
      Ted Lovell 3 years ago +2

      No plans for the 3985 at this time. The 4014 will be the focus of effort for the 150th golden spike in 2019. Complete rebuild but the good news is she doesn't have the wear and tare on here that Up844 did. Up4014 only ran for 18 years.

  • Allixer
    Allixer 3 years ago

    where did the lights go?

  • hf223
    hf223 3 years ago

    will the mars light ever make a return?

  • ArantiusVulpes
    ArantiusVulpes 3 years ago

    awesome work from a UP conductor :)

  • Sean Gildersleeve
    Sean Gildersleeve 3 years ago +1

    She's back!!!!! Yes!! Thank you guys so much for making this possible once again! It's funny not seeing the engine with any headlights.

  • Patrick3751
    Patrick3751 3 years ago +5

    The old girl is back! I was getting worried that she wouldn't be finished in time for Frontier Days.

  • xPolaroids
    xPolaroids 3 years ago