I Gave MacDoesIt An Extreme Body Makeover

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  4 months ago +4068

    I am so thrilled to share this very inspiring episode. :) Who else loves Mac?

    • [DeadInside] [AsCanBe]
      [DeadInside] [AsCanBe] Day ago

      I wanna know how you got Mac out of his apartment?! 😂

    • Johnathon Marshall
      Johnathon Marshall 9 days ago

      Where can I find the online training plans?

    • Christine Cha
      Christine Cha 18 days ago

      I love these makeovers, they’re just great I inspiration and health tips

    • PariRooster
      PariRooster 2 months ago

      Michelle Khare lol,beginning of vid:pill promo
      Mid of vid TVclip playing and add:same pills same person

    • mayra martinez
      mayra martinez 2 months ago

      Can I get extreme make over ?

  • anna lytical
    anna lytical 3 hours ago

    im watching this while eating a shawarma wrap i feel bad but at the same time im convincing myself tHAT ITS PROTEIN

  • Squiggle Worm
    Squiggle Worm Day ago

    These videos are so motivating. I'm on day 4 of a diet and I've exercised since day 1... I started with a squat (sumo squat) challenge followed by cardio. I've been eating 1200 calories a day (counting everything, even spices) and not eating back my calories, except for tuesday (Monday I ate 1,085 Calories and burned 100 on a stationary bike, and did 50 squats, tuesday I ate 1400 calories, did 55 squats and burned 200 on the bike, Wed. I ate 1154 Calories did 60 squats and burned 250 calories... today I'm at 650 calories and don't know what to eat for dinner. It's a rest day so no exercise...)
    I shouldn't have weighed myself but I did; I know I only had 3 days but I went from 174 to 176 and that was disheartening. I'm going to keep going because I don't THINK I'm doing everything wrong, like undertracking food and since I'm not eating back calories I don't think I'm overtracking exercise BUT... It's really sucky. These videos I've been binging for days (started with buzzfeed workout videos then landed on your channel. ) It's really helping to motivate me because my fat ass is sore even though I'm starting out small with the exercise (I work at a factory so my job is physical, can't afford to be completely out of commission by sore muscles).
    I'm rambling. In short, thank you so much for making these videos; I'm subscribing I love your channel. You guys have great personalities.

  • Cassie Best Ever!
    Cassie Best Ever! 3 days ago

    Is there an update on him? I think there should be a 3 month and 6 month update on the people

  • Sabrina Salas
    Sabrina Salas 4 days ago

    I want to see you do this with troycetv

  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown 5 days ago

    Lowkey this man gives me life. He oozes charisma

  • Shelley Holtmann-Schnur

    WOW! Mac's complexion looks absolutely incredible after the transformation!

  • Kat Valachova
    Kat Valachova 5 days ago

    what? He's only 24% body fat? I once went and got myself measured when my weight was on 78kg (height 181cm)and I was told I had 31% body fat TT. Where did it go wrong?

  • Jonathan Blandon
    Jonathan Blandon 6 days ago

    this guy should do a video on what he eat in a day. for $200 a day is what i spend on groceries even less .

  • Joselyn Diaz
    Joselyn Diaz 7 days ago

    Watching this while eating a bag of hot Cheetos... 😅

  • Claudette Schmidt
    Claudette Schmidt 8 days ago

    Care of only ships to the states :( Why not Canada!!!

  • Cate Cota
    Cate Cota 9 days ago

    I wanna do this so bad. I live in a small town in Montana, so there's not really many opportunities for a personal trainer. I'm also young so I'm still living with my parents and I do a lot of different sports so it's hard to do specific workouts. We're a pretty healthy family, but I would love to do something like this!

  • Megan Glacken
    Megan Glacken 9 days ago

    I hope they do a meal plan that isn't so repetitive. Eating chicken and broccoli for every dinner

  • Megan Glacken
    Megan Glacken 9 days ago

    I hope they do a meal plan that isn't so repetitive. Eating chicken and broccoli for every dinner is one of the reasons I don't want to start eating healthy. I get so bored of it and give up.

  • Erin Shanahan
    Erin Shanahan 9 days ago

    Ok so anyone gonna tell me what is the guy's name that is holding up a peace sign then waving at 16:40??

  • Miriam Yvanovich
    Miriam Yvanovich 9 days ago

    Omg he was literally glowing at the end. 😍😍😍

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 11 days ago

    get shane dawson up in here

  • Saphire Kin
    Saphire Kin 11 days ago

    I was not expecting this! Omggg Mac. Go queen

  • Park Jihyo Is GodJihyo

    i love how in both their reactions they have their jaw dropped.

  • Gaylord†
    Gaylord† 11 days ago

    “My current diet is doordash and postmates” 😂😂😂 golden

  • Sissi ಠ,ಠ
    Sissi ಠ,ಠ 11 days ago

    Me binge watching this series while eating instant ramen

  • Maham Ahmed
    Maham Ahmed 12 days ago

    Watching this while eating fires and drinking soda

  • Elle C
    Elle C 12 days ago

    $200 is like £160 which is my food costs for 8 frigging weeks! Like I know groceries are cheaper in the uk but wow

  • Madison Benedict
    Madison Benedict 13 days ago

    Its 2:00 am, my phones at 3% and im pumped!

  • MoonKitten 05
    MoonKitten 05 13 days ago

    Walking at night?

    I appreciate not getting kidnapped even though night walking is so satisfying and fun but just like not exactly safe so :/

  • MoonKitten 05
    MoonKitten 05 13 days ago

    Wait Mac has a boyfriend I’m not a consistent viewer on his channel but like when did this happen I need to watch everything

    • MoonKitten 05
      MoonKitten 05 13 days ago

      But also he’s such an icon to have the willpower to be able to do this I would not be able to at all

  • Alexandria Keller
    Alexandria Keller 14 days ago

    Ahhh my babbbyyy I’m crying 🥺👏👏

  • Brianna Cox
    Brianna Cox 14 days ago +1

    Michelle, I love these videos! I recently watched your makeover on Madeline, and I really like this video format because it can educate people about fitness but also a very important component of fitness: the mental and psychological barriers people face. I think it's great that you show this journey and allow us to get to know the person getting the makeover because a lot of people can probably relate to the same problems and ways of thinking. Keep up the good work and I'm so excited for the next makeover (saw your casting call on Insta)!

  • Oona Järveläinen
    Oona Järveläinen 14 days ago +2

    I love his energy boosts when he goes crazy!! 😂❤❤

  • Forever Sistows
    Forever Sistows 14 days ago

    Who eats dinner every day at 11:00pm

  • Tallis López
    Tallis López 16 days ago

    He is so freakin cute 😂

  • Erica Richter
    Erica Richter 16 days ago

    I love Michelle and I love Mac! This is great!
    I’d love to see you do an “extreme body makeover” for someone recovering from an eating disorder as more of a weight gain/ strength gain/ personality and confidence gain experience!

  • Sayren Nani
    Sayren Nani 17 days ago

    New fitness goal - turn into thicc custard 👌🏼 because I'm clearly not ready for my own jelly.

  • Haley Hatch
    Haley Hatch 17 days ago

    LOL love how his daily post mates expense is the same amount as my monthly food budget 😂😂 #broke ollegestudentlife

  • Smolbby Ash
    Smolbby Ash 18 days ago

    Can y’all train me too 😭😭😭

  • Sameer Kanade
    Sameer Kanade 18 days ago

    His starting body fat percentage of 27% looks way off to me.

  • Sarai Irisson
    Sarai Irisson 18 days ago

    Michelle, i need your help, i planning on joining the navy and i just took my ASVAB test today and passed! So that means that I’m one step closer to joining, but i still need to loose weight for me to be able to start that new journey of my life, i have a very big problem that i can never stay motivated and never push myself hard enough to keep working out, i know you’re probably not going to see this or that i probably don’t qualify, or maybe you’re not doing this series anymore, but i just wanted to give it a shot, maybe not to the point of making an appearance on your channel but maybe you can just give me a few tips on both working out and diet? Also btw i love this series and absolutely binge watched you challenge accepted and you super hero series, you are truly an amazing athlete and and amazing person ❤️❤️❤️ lot of love Sarai from Texas

  • Amberscupcakes
    Amberscupcakes 18 days ago

    I was wondering why mac looked smaller

  • Devil Next Door
    Devil Next Door 19 days ago

    I've been fighting with my weight and confidence since I'm 9 and seeing Mac, who I admire not only 'cause his personality is amazing and very honest, but because he gives me the strength I need to accept who I am, accept that being bisexual is not the end of the world and that it is ok being different. Seeing him accomplished his goal makes me believe I can do it too. And I'm scared and very insecure about everything that comes to me and my physical appearence but I'll give my best, becuase I know it's hard to try to take care of yourself physicaly when you are also trying to be mentally healthy. Thank you, Mac and Michelle for give me the inspiration I needed to start my own journey.

  • Hireiuta
    Hireiuta 23 days ago

    Having to sit in the front seat because you're too tall and too big to fit in the back is legit. It's like trying to play Tetris and Twister at the same time.

  • Kenneth Phillips
    Kenneth Phillips 24 days ago


  • Rachel Sampson
    Rachel Sampson 25 days ago

    Why didn't they provide a modification on that plank? He could have done it on his knees to protect his back!

  • • bright flower •
    • bright flower • 26 days ago

    i looooveeee himmm, he is hilarioussss 😂❤️

  • Luis Zamarripa
    Luis Zamarripa 26 days ago

    Anybody who knows mac will be saying "bitch mE tOo" or "gEt thAt D and gO"

  • alma gutierrez
    alma gutierrez 26 days ago


  • Kareem Moutez
    Kareem Moutez 27 days ago +1

    HEY MICHELLE! I hope you read this. Can you please, please do a Extreme Makeover with someone who struggles with a chronic condition like Multiple Sclerosis?
    I live with MS and it’s hardddddd to even workout. I’m physically weak and I’ve NEVER seen celebrity or high caliber trainers on how to work with a body that’s got chronic Inflammarion and that’s led to weak muscle and ultimately a vicious cycle of dehydration and overactive bladder along with pain, anemia, etc. Nerve damage apparently but there is a way to healing and I do believe in the body’s ability to heal. I don’t care what some docs say. The body can heal.
    I’m sure there’s a way as I read a lot on it but it would be SO COOL to actually see someone go through it!!!
    It’s hard as it is to workout and stuff.
    What’s harder is when your body is stuck in vicious cycle of inflammation that’s tied to emotional well being (myself) and just a perfect storm that’s had such an impact on my health in my twenties. Which is interestingly common with people with MS!
    So please do someone struggling with something chronic cause transformation is so much harder but definitely possible and it would be so cool to see someone work on that and see what trainers and professionals who know the science behind such things say about it.
    It’s painful as it is working out and having all these issues makes it harder cause sometimes the pain can kick in or make it difficult but it’s amazing cause working out the right way always helps anyone suffering from anything.

  • Kritika Yadav
    Kritika Yadav 27 days ago +1

    Was smiling throut the video

  • Raven steele
    Raven steele 29 days ago

    Honestly I have to say thank you for making something like this especially with Mac. As someone who is “very over weight” it gives me hope that I can change myself and things will become easier. Thank you so much Michelle and Mac.

  • Slashy YT
    Slashy YT 29 days ago +1

    *M A C*

  • ILoveEatingCupCakes

    It’s lit

  • Aka The Flailing Chicken

    Watching video dedicated to healthy eating and working out... Magnum ice cream commercial plays before video starts.

  • Lao
    Lao Month ago

    my nigga, $200 is my whole paycheck

  • Jeannine Elmasri
    Jeannine Elmasri Month ago

    if macdoesit can do it so can we

  • Mia Hockaday
    Mia Hockaday Month ago

    i fucking love mac i’m so hyped to watch this

  • miranda.jeanne
    miranda.jeanne Month ago +2

    if someone did this for me i think i would die ngl😂

  • hi amigo
    hi amigo Month ago +1

    The 2 queens in one video. This is crazy

  • nicole polanco
    nicole polanco Month ago

    At least he isn’t pre diabetes like me!!

  • Sahara Plueddemann
    Sahara Plueddemann Month ago

    He cusses too much

  • Apple Farm
    Apple Farm Month ago

    MAAAAACC!! sorry. sorry. my inner fangirl came out

  • Broadway Forever
    Broadway Forever Month ago

    seeing both of my kweens hitting that gym bitch I'm only physically active enough to hit that like button

  • Elaine Adams
    Elaine Adams Month ago

    Omg I LOVE his videos! My favorite series is "reacting to gay shit because I'm gay"

  • Elaine Adams
    Elaine Adams Month ago

    Wait wtf! MAC!!

  • Hayhay Morgs
    Hayhay Morgs Month ago

    Oml Im so thankful for this I love macdoesit he is hilarious definitely my favorite and Thai collaboration was needed

  • Shae Dawkins
    Shae Dawkins Month ago

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that Mac still has his Christmas tree up?

  • Kienna Panti
    Kienna Panti Month ago

    Morgan Adams! She’s so authentic & funny, and I would just love to see her confidence boost

  • siren
    siren Month ago

    I live off of ramen

  • Elizabeth L.
    Elizabeth L. Month ago +1

    I'm honestly so mad that he spent $200 a day on food delivery, out of pure laziness, when so many hard-working people can't afford to keep their families fed omfg there's legitimately no excuse for that

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat Month ago

    You so need to do this to me

  • Platano Man
    Platano Man Month ago

    His name tho mackazeli

  • jenniferworldwide
    jenniferworldwide Month ago +1

    You and Mac have incredible chemistry on screen! You should totally do a Challenge Accepted together.

  • Anita Borozan
    Anita Borozan Month ago


  • Kimberly Grawe
    Kimberly Grawe Month ago

    I always find it interesting that when bad mental days happen, people comfort or other people offer to comfort themselves with food.
    "You deserve to have a cheat day because you went through something painful." Over-eating and emotional eating can be just as harmful to the body and considered a sub-type of eating disorder.
    But also maybe friends and family could just maybe sit down and listen to what is going on instead of offering "Comfort Food"? Going to the gym to physically work out the frustration or whatever is way more effective, if you don't already have a healthy outlet and is a better coping skill instead of turning to other methods. (drugs, drinking, smoking)
    Just noting an observation that I've noticed in my own health journey. Every case is different. And there are days that you just cave but its about getting back up and continuing even when you just ate an entire family sized bag of Doritos in under an hour.

  • owlinadayswork
    owlinadayswork Month ago +2

    I'm so glad he had such a transformation! So proud of him 🙌💕

  • Roman Chyshkevych
    Roman Chyshkevych Month ago

    Mac's journey resonates with me because his body type and fitness level/ability is closer to mine so this video I felt was most relevant for me so far. It would be interesting to see part 2

  • Jesus Esparza
    Jesus Esparza Month ago

    That wont drop the fat into the teens, at 264lb?

  • Nathaniel Fernandez
    Nathaniel Fernandez Month ago +1

    You need to do this for me cause I'm 14 and I'm overweight and I'm trying to workout

  • Nemoakaski123
    Nemoakaski123 Month ago +1

    Funny thing is. When he said I wanna dounut and stuff you'll eat it and be like wtf. I started eating veggies and fruits a lot more and making meals and when I craved that stuff after a week or two I ate it and was like the sweets are too sweet and eating McDonald's is gross.... Wtf happened lol. Go Mac so awesome

  • 멜로우 Moon Skipper

    Brain: If Mac did it I can do it
    Body: You sure?
    Brain: *pulls out knife* Y. E. S.

  • Alien Isabel
    Alien Isabel Month ago +1


  • Eurytheme
    Eurytheme Month ago +1

    11:57 when you do two situps

  • Trin
    Trin Month ago

    These videos are truly inspiring, you take these friends and family that are at there most vulnerable and help them build their confidence through not only working out but also changing their life and internal views. I love it!

  • Ana Rossi
    Ana Rossi Month ago +2

    Suscribed! I love Mac so I’ll love you girl... I’m watching all your videos now ❤️

  • Rhys Balasuit
    Rhys Balasuit Month ago

    pause at 9:53

  • سعم S3M
    سعم S3M Month ago

    Eating 5 times a week
    Is that fitness
    I can’t breath 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Acrylic Jem
    Acrylic Jem Month ago +1

    Workouts suck but are necessary but I'm with mac planks suck

  • Alexi Marti
    Alexi Marti Month ago +1

    I weigh more than Mac in his before. I believe I'm in the 300s area and I... I feel really disgusted with myself. I feel trapped in my body. My eating habits are atrocious, (sometimes I'll eat heavily and there are days where I don't eat at all or only once a day...its broken...) even though I never eat out, 95% of the time, I eat home cooked food. I'm unemployed and have no way of getting any exercise and when I go out and try to do anything, I'm always laughed at and it breaks me down and makes me never want to leave my home again... im 23 and it's getting awful for me. I'm trying to find a job still... I honestly don't know what to do with myself... I'm happy for Mac and I'm glad he was able to help himself with the push of a great friend.

  • OriLOK2
    OriLOK2 2 months ago

    I love Mac thank you so much for giving him this. He looks much more comfortable moving and much happier.

  • JammerFactsBoy34
    JammerFactsBoy34 2 months ago

    Mac is my favorite

  • Makito Anderson
    Makito Anderson 2 months ago

    I’ve been a Mac subscriber for over 2 years now, and I never saw this video when it was out! And I cried. I admire Mac so much and can relate to him with his insecurity with his weight. If Mac can do it, so can I ♥️👌🏽

  • Spaceis Sable
    Spaceis Sable 2 months ago

    What an amazing human 😭😂🥰

  • Starberry Sweetee
    Starberry Sweetee 2 months ago

    Okay but this relationship makes me so goddamn happy oh my goodness ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bloody Moonlight
    Bloody Moonlight 2 months ago +1

    Is anyone else weirded out by "Lunch : 5:00 PM." That's when I usually eat dinner!

  • Isabella BlackAngel
    Isabella BlackAngel 2 months ago

    why is no one vegan here?

  • Person You don't know
    Person You don't know 2 months ago

    My phone buffered right at 22:42 😂😭

  • alexiscribs
    alexiscribs 2 months ago


  • علي علي
    علي علي 2 months ago


  • Madeline Chang
    Madeline Chang 2 months ago


  • Didi Lol
    Didi Lol 2 months ago +1

    Mac is my zodiac sign

    XONREILTY BULLY 2 months ago

    "i Don't feel the 5 inches "

  • Rycipher TUBE
    Rycipher TUBE 2 months ago +1

    he’s so vibrant and happy for himself it makes him so attractive because he’s so much more confident. i’d be straight for him if he wasn’t gay.