Browns vs. Colts Preseason Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • The Cleveland Browns take on the Indianapolis Colts during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL preseason.
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  • Carlos Rivera Jr
    Carlos Rivera Jr 3 days ago

    Bro as much as I didn't like Andrew Luck. You don't lose someone like him then wonder why your redzone offense isn't getting it done.... You should be fired for being so....... Well yeah.

  • Peneueta Welton
    Peneueta Welton 4 days ago

    loved the defence by the browns

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo 26 days ago

    Browns looking dangerous in the red zone.

  • Neithen Cruz
    Neithen Cruz 26 days ago +1

    Man i miss jacoby in my pats

  • Bk Playz
    Bk Playz 26 days ago +2

    Who’s here after Luck retired?

  • Jonte Stevenson
    Jonte Stevenson 26 days ago +2

    Who here after luck retires

    • Steven Kincaid
      Steven Kincaid 26 days ago

      “When Andrew Luck gets healthy” I tend to see that some and I’m just like rip man

  • Ezekiel Elliott
    Ezekiel Elliott 26 days ago

    He retired!

  • SimpleMindedGoat
    SimpleMindedGoat 27 days ago

    These next generation of QB's aren't looking too bad. Hopefully that means a lot of shootouts and exciting games. Although I am fond of a gritty defensive battle myself.

  • Max Arebalo
    Max Arebalo 27 days ago

    This year u gotta look out for the browns tho OBJ and baker mayfield?

  • Jack D
    Jack D 27 days ago +1

    Looks like the browns be defending dem pre season record again

  • Brandy Hawking
    Brandy Hawking 27 days ago +2

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  • Jung Bechtold
    Jung Bechtold 27 days ago +1

    You are crazy if you not go to ScreenVariety Tv, just one good place too see that

  • Andre Parson
    Andre Parson 27 days ago

    Every Brown fan: Waiting for OBJ, Jarvis, and Nick Chubb

  • 1984 mustang v8
    1984 mustang v8 28 days ago

    cleveland doing good so far

  • P4F Ace
    P4F Ace 28 days ago

    How you gonna lose to the Browns

  • P4F Ace
    P4F Ace 28 days ago

    Colts trash

  • Jonathan Sellers
    Jonathan Sellers 29 days ago

    If you watch the punt starting at 8:15 the sideline ref throws the flag on the player before contact was initiated

  • south side Strider
    south side Strider 29 days ago +1

    Here we go brownies here we go#dawgpound

  • EagleWing231
    EagleWing231 29 days ago

    Yo that kid Cain for the Colts lookin real good

  • John-boy
    John-boy 29 days ago

    Pretty competitive game, went right down to the wire.

  • Keegan Lowe
    Keegan Lowe 29 days ago

    Is just me or did announcers make it hard to watch the game😂

  • Notime ForFakeNews
    Notime ForFakeNews 29 days ago

    Go Steelers!
    Brownies still suck.
    Baker Mayfield will be another "Johnny football" failure. 😄

  • Hoff
    Hoff 29 days ago

    We're only 2 weeks into the preseason and there's already been more flags thrown than downs played

  • Will Buy It
    Will Buy It Month ago


  • Jiren
    Jiren Month ago

    Gilbert's QB AWR 85 in madden 20

  • john divine
    john divine Month ago

    Colts are GARBAGE

  • B Rich
    B Rich Month ago

    Anyone else click just to see the highlight in the picture

  • opANonAX
    opANonAX Month ago

    The quarterbacks all looked great but the best arms of the night definitely belonged to the refs with how they slung the flags.

  • Khalil Al Khayr
    Khalil Al Khayr Month ago

    Browns kicking putrid

  • Brick Tamland
    Brick Tamland Month ago

    Looks 7-8-1 all over again.

  • Marcus Herbold
    Marcus Herbold Month ago

    Brissett looked pretty damn impressive. I understand it’s a preseason game but still had a lot of poise and confidence to control the game. Will be interesting to see what happens if he gets the start week 1.

  • Green Man
    Green Man Month ago

    These two teams should be in the same division.

    • Justiceorelse
      Justiceorelse 28 days ago

      yea if you are going by geographical region, the AFC North should really be Colts, Browns, Bengals, Steelers

  • Nicholas Drake
    Nicholas Drake Month ago

    The commentator is a huge colts fan...

  • Michael-LAN-gelo
    Michael-LAN-gelo Month ago

    There's a penguin! Hiding in the Brown's helmet!

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz Month ago

    "Mack, makes a man miss". "Mack picks up 7 or 8", Mack... eats a big mac. Lol.

  • Josh Dupee
    Josh Dupee Month ago

    OMG talk about two horrid franchises yet the Browns actually have a future

  • Vic T. jr
    Vic T. jr Month ago

    the science of how defense killed themselves with penalties.

  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee Month ago +1

    That referee wasn't playing no game lol

  • Cory Reeves
    Cory Reeves Month ago

    🐯 🆚 in the house of bjesus🐎

  • Cap No
    Cap No Month ago

    Where’s oddell

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker Month ago

    I said it halfway through the season last year, the browns are going to be a beast this year. It's not just them finally having a good team, it's the confidence and hope that they finally have. Having Baker, OBJ, Landry, and Chubb gives that team a dangerous offense

  • Ken P
    Ken P Month ago

    Brisset to Ebron..
    NCSU to UNC ... not a likely combination

  • Xennieal chayliss
    Xennieal chayliss Month ago

    Jacobi with a new roster looked good. If a guy got loose he made a move to buy time. Throws looked legit.

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Month ago

    Patriots SB 54 champs confirmed

  • JuiceDigga
    JuiceDigga Month ago

    when will OBJ start?

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila Month ago

    That PI was a bs call. 3rd qtr 9:56 to play

  • killerboy 1155
    killerboy 1155 Month ago

    okay so 39 seconds down 3 they go for it why not tie the game

  • Matthew Pierson
    Matthew Pierson Month ago

    Brissett is too good to be a back up. He’d be a starter on a few other teams.

  • Matt M
    Matt M Month ago

    An actually decent color commentator!

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen Month ago

    Is there anything worse than preseason NFL football? It reminds you football is almost here but you have to sit through 4 weeks of this worthless horseshit.

  • Riley McCabe
    Riley McCabe Month ago

    Brissett looked smooth af in the pocket

  • TheRealJoeyA
    TheRealJoeyA Month ago


  • thatguy youkno
    thatguy youkno Month ago

    Did that guy just kick a 70 yard punt? 😲

  • Trixonic
    Trixonic Month ago

    Browns vs Steelers in the Super Bowl this year. Calling it now!

    • Joe Thomas
      Joe Thomas Month ago

      Trixonic That's impossible. They're in the same division lol

  • Mark Micco
    Mark Micco Month ago

    Good luck beating the Browns this year!

  • Trixonic
    Trixonic Month ago

    Which one is baker?

  • Benji B.
    Benji B. Month ago

    #25 for colts could have feasted if he would have just ran the dang ball. Freaking tip toen most the plays

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson Month ago

    exactly @ Jacob Alvarez

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson Month ago

    go browns

  • BIG Wayne Gee
    BIG Wayne Gee Month ago

    heck, the browns 4th QB this is better than the browns last 15 starting QB's - less Baker