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  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • On this episode of Basics, I want to show you how you can make a better pizza pie (and a calzone!) at home than anything that you could have delivered.
    Join me on 2/15 @ 8PM EST on Twitch for a live Cook-a-Long of pizza:
    Grocery List:
    Pizza Dough Ingredients (makes 4 pizzas):
    500g Bread flour
    16g kosher salt
    1g active dry yeast
    350 ml water
    Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
    Extra virgin olive oil
    Garlic cloves
    Red pepper flakes
    28oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes
    Onion powder
    Dried oregano
    Other ingredients:
    Low-moisture mozzarella cheese (shredded)
    Fresh basil
    Spicy soppressata (optional)
    Fresh burrata cheese (optional)
    Calzone fillings (optional)
    Special equipment:
    Pizza peel
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  • Billie Johannes
    Billie Johannes 7 hours ago

    Why my pizza bread is so hard to eat, its texture just like a rock

  • collarmole
    collarmole 10 hours ago

    I've never made pizza. I want to give it a try this summer!

  • collarmole
    collarmole 10 hours ago

    "Accidentally drop it down onto the counter" you're funny.

  • collarmole
    collarmole 10 hours ago

    "Pizza is the very lifeblood of New-yorkers and Tinder profiles everywhere" LMAO

  • Phoenix Downfall

    Yellow sauce

  • esthernathasia
    esthernathasia Day ago

    I’m soooo hungry rn 😱

  • MegaEpicman25
    MegaEpicman25 2 days ago

    Jim Lahey, you say?

  • Adrianna Kacer
    Adrianna Kacer 2 days ago

    I love your videos! It reminds me how fun cooking is thanks!😬

  • Dave McBroom
    Dave McBroom 3 days ago

    I missed something. Are you using pumpkin sauce on that pizza? Is this a Harry Potter reference recipe?

  • Masahiro Sakurai
    Masahiro Sakurai 4 days ago

    LOL they made baldi's basics into a real thing!

  • venomviper 09
    venomviper 09 4 days ago

    Trailer park boys fan I see 😂

  • Ramzi Nasser
    Ramzi Nasser 4 days ago

    I barely cook and won’t do anything I see but I just loved this channel

  • Daddy DeadBones
    Daddy DeadBones 4 days ago

    Did he say bring it to a shimmer?

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez 4 days ago

    I'm shocked you didn't knead it, idk what the reason for kneading the dough but I've seen countless professional Italian cooks knead it

  • Shivek Arora
    Shivek Arora 4 days ago

    That was the best pre-intro I've ever seen.

  • Minge_Eater95
    Minge_Eater95 4 days ago

    Pre heat for an hour ... Is that really necessary

  • James Ward
    James Ward 6 days ago

    always wondered why gas stove in back not used, but always uses flat top. ..?

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 6 days ago

    im hungry as fuck

  • STlTCHlZ
    STlTCHlZ 6 days ago

    You added way less than 350ml of water to that, I added 350 like you said and I ended up with what looked like soup... So I watched again, and you say 350ml but you only put about 100 in going by what was in the jug before and after you poured it in

  • Liam Paquette
    Liam Paquette 6 days ago

    The description says 1g active dry yeast, however the website says 2.5g active dry yeast. Which one is better?

  • Fithrealmhuntsman
    Fithrealmhuntsman 7 days ago

    It’s not delivery, it’s debabish

  • Phil Dog
    Phil Dog 7 days ago

    That sause looks like puke. Gross.

  • Relax just be more tea

    I bet he made this whole video to show off his pizza cutter

  • Kaylee Berggren
    Kaylee Berggren 8 days ago


  • GoatMalp
    GoatMalp 9 days ago

    Is it really just that easy to make dough? My childhood taught me it was hard enough that you needed to go to a pretzel shop and buy some of theirs.

  • Kostas Apples
    Kostas Apples 9 days ago

    very nice presentation!
    i have a question:
    in the new york pizza video you put the dough 24 hours in the fridge and in this video at room temp.
    which is better?

  • Kait Hartman
    Kait Hartman 10 days ago

    Gluten free version? (Allergy help)

  • TheBrent420
    TheBrent420 10 days ago

    That's not Jim Lahey's method Lahey's method includes liquor where's the liquor you shit hawk?

  • Melissa Govender
    Melissa Govender 11 days ago

    That looks amazing 👌🏽

  • Phre Zleva
    Phre Zleva 11 days ago

    Can you fly 2 sweden knock on my door and make me some pizza?

  • wtfuchattin
    wtfuchattin 12 days ago

    500 degress fss. Hotter than the surface of Venus. What in the actual fuck?

  • pranav pravin bhatt
    pranav pravin bhatt 13 days ago

    Can u add red onions in the sauce

  • Matthew Schultz
    Matthew Schultz 13 days ago

    Bring Olive oil to a "shimmer"?

  • Ben Helmuth
    Ben Helmuth 13 days ago

    Don't use San Marzano. Too sweet.

  • Sceptic Tank
    Sceptic Tank 13 days ago

    I'm so hungry right now....

  • Deaniel Benjamin Asadoma

    What if you dont have a pizza stone or if it doesnt fit?

  • Leo Leandre
    Leo Leandre 14 days ago

    My dough is really sticky and it didn't even rise in the fridge what do I do

  • Michael R
    Michael R 15 days ago

    "It's dough time" I lol'd

  • MnMn Bahr.
    MnMn Bahr. 15 days ago

    Ur voice reminds me of my doctor (u have almost the same voice) 😃

  • Jesses
    Jesses 15 days ago

    Pizza time

  • Rahul Kanjani
    Rahul Kanjani 16 days ago

    But you didn’t even add 350ml of water

  • Happy Cubing
    Happy Cubing 17 days ago

    Gordon= ×××× Pinapple on pizza😂😂😂

  • Preetty Goood
    Preetty Goood 18 days ago

    New York style pizza is really really bad. Fite me.

  • J Tremblay
    J Tremblay 18 days ago

    Shimmer? XP

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen 18 days ago

    R.I.P Jim lahey

  • ElleCullen17
    ElleCullen17 18 days ago

    What kind of pizza stone and steel do you use?

  • Darby Mortenson
    Darby Mortenson 20 days ago

    Hey dude! I know it'll be a while before you do another pizza live stream, but when you do could you please make Beerus' pizza from Dragon Ball Z Super? it looks dank

  • Anicka Le
    Anicka Le 20 days ago

    Babišova pizza :DDDD

  • ChimpGuy
    ChimpGuy 21 day ago

    WRONG! This is Sunnyvale Trailer Park supervisor Jim Layhey's recipe... WHERE IS THE FUCKIN' LIQUOR, BUBS???

  • Francesco Ferrajolo
    Francesco Ferrajolo 21 day ago

    The only thing you should change is the color of that sauce it should be red you just haven't to whisk it and then your pizza will be perfect (I'm from napoli)

  • Robin Wyborn
    Robin Wyborn 21 day ago

    "Let sit for 18 to 24 hours" ... Huh, I've never let my dough sit for that long, usually I need for around thirty minutes and then let it sit for about forty minutes... Could that be why my pizzas always come out muhussive.

  • Burnt Trees
    Burnt Trees 22 days ago

    I dont think you know who jim lahey is bud

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh 22 days ago +1

    I thick you are how to basic maker I know because you post a video of face reveal

  • Dylan van der Velden
    Dylan van der Velden 22 days ago

    are there any other people here that have a love/hate relationship with this guy?

  • malenko kortez
    malenko kortez 23 days ago

    Taste like shit

  • Japples
    Japples 23 days ago

    Might sound stupid, but does anyone know where i can get canned san marzanoes from in the UK

  • Kaiti Kemp
    Kaiti Kemp 24 days ago

    Working in a restaurant where we make our own dough and sauce and stretch our own

  • Stacia Holmes
    Stacia Holmes 24 days ago

    Is it weird I still use the recipe they taught us in hom ec which was equal parts Greek yogurt and flour?

  • Gabriel Andreu
    Gabriel Andreu 24 days ago

    The video was really nice, but just a couple tips from an italian:
    First off, al least mention where pizza comes from, it's a nice little touch of culture there, pizza was not born in new york, and the pizza styles you portrayed in the video were basically 100% italian.
    Second thing, you wanna make that sauce red, a sauce that looks like puke might be good and all, but it ain't appetizing.
    And lastly, less cheese and a more round pizza
    (Btw i'm not that kind of person that gets offended when people that aren't part of your culture do the so called "cultural appropriation", it's just that i like the things that are part of my culture to be done correctly)

  • Ibn Muhammad
    Ibn Muhammad 25 days ago

    Doesn't Lucali roll their pizza dough?

  • 밧세바
    밧세바 27 days ago


  • apmiller4696
    apmiller4696 28 days ago

    Used 4 grams of yeast like mentioned in the live feed. Turned out great. Dividing by 4 seemed a little small for me so I did 3.

  • Minerguy
    Minerguy 28 days ago

    I don't have a home oven.

    _i live in a hotel room_

  • Jeremy Clarkson
    Jeremy Clarkson 29 days ago

    Ok, you got it right, just one thing, why are the tomatoes basically yellow?
    San Marzano tomatoes are red

  • Alessandro Bellone
    Alessandro Bellone 29 days ago

    Wow, it's really good for to be a perfect shit!

  • Naga
    Naga 29 days ago

    Yoo just a small note, the bread flour used in the video (King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour) is a mixture of hard spring flour and malted barley flour. If you're not certain what kinda bread dough mix you're supposed to get, grab one that has hard white/spring wheat flour - hard red/winter wheat makes for brown bread, soft wheat is primarily used in fine pastry - and (malted) barley flour - malted flour will taste sweeter, as the malting process turns the starches into sugars. It's also useful to check if it's already got yeast/salt mixed in, no need to double down.

  • Blitz Attacker
    Blitz Attacker Month ago

    ...Man, no joke. Both your recipes and the quality of your content are so well made, it puts the Food Network to shame...

    • Blitz Attacker
      Blitz Attacker Month ago

      ...Also, pretty sure that's the first time I'v heard "porny" as an adjective, impressive...

  • Progidy
    Progidy Month ago

    tbh, the sauce looks... Not good

  • Sean Hamshar
    Sean Hamshar Month ago

    Hell yeah my dude!

  • Murderface023
    Murderface023 Month ago

    At least I know for that highly likely and specific occasion when I'm going to visit Andrew where his door is relative to his camera.

  • BM03
    BM03 Month ago

    What the hell is with your voice, dude? I am slowly unbuttoning my pants and I don't even swing that way. Holy shit, man I just wanted to learn how to make pizza.

  • Ri0tz
    Ri0tz Month ago

    I learned how to make homemade pizza and I will never get delivery again. It's so good when you can make it yourself.

  • MrEvanDavidson
    MrEvanDavidson Month ago

    I strongly do not recommend this pizza dough recipe! The lack of a full kneading at the beginning means you have little clumps of flour all along the bowl that just become hard after 24 hours. Most likely you'll end up with a poor dough 24 hours later and no longer have the motivation to fix it. Go with a standard kneading recipe and you'll be way better off.

  • shpluk
    shpluk Month ago

    Check out Alex French Guy cooking, he has awhole series and its amazing

  • Bennett King
    Bennett King Month ago

    Please tell me you meant Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys

  • Henry Xiong
    Henry Xiong Month ago


  • The Corly
    The Corly Month ago

    trying out the pizza myself

  • Zorica Ilin
    Zorica Ilin Month ago

    If your oven goes up to 500 and you're using a pizza stone I wouldn't think there's any need to cook the sauce. Simply draining a can of San Marzano tomatoes and blending them with a clove of garlic and basil/oregano would produce a superior pizza my opinion. Need to make sure the tomatoes drain for at least 15 min or so.

  • Sarah Talley
    Sarah Talley Month ago

    I have found myself inexplicably in love

  • Rishi A
    Rishi A Month ago

    Personally I don’t like cooking the sauce, I think the flavor is a lot better with pure crushed San marzanos with puréed garlic and salt

  • b1uezer
    b1uezer Month ago

    How do you prevent that dry crusty bit from forming on top when you leave the dough overnight? Anytime I tried to do that (even with plastic wrap) it always had a part of it that got hard.

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez Month ago

    Thank you

  • Fyrestorm Ether
    Fyrestorm Ether Month ago

    Porny and steamy

  • zaahatchetman gaming

    Should cut three small slits on the too of the calzone to help it not blow up - pizza cook here

  • Cpt Lynx
    Cpt Lynx Month ago

    how hot was your oven? 500?

  • Skaegi
    Skaegi Month ago +1

    What can i do, if i dont have a pizza-stone?

  • Kiarra Pitters
    Kiarra Pitters Month ago

    tpb reference that no one cared about...smh

  • antagonist
    antagonist Month ago

    Sorry, got a little out of hand. It was delicious but I do recommend brushing the crust with garlic and butter midway of baking

  • The gaming chicken
    The gaming chicken Month ago

    Do you know what temperature and how long you were supposed to pre heat the oven?

  • S7z7g7
    S7z7g7 Month ago

    Why do all the sauces look orange? Tomatoes aren't orange...

  • ryan mccarty
    ryan mccarty Month ago

    Wait wait wait...Jim Lahey??

  • prophetchannel
    prophetchannel Month ago

    Doesn't the water have to be body-temperature to activate?

  • John Bauss
    John Bauss Month ago

    Jim Lahey lol

  • Henry Chapin
    Henry Chapin Month ago

    I made this and fucked it up

  • TristanBomb
    TristanBomb Month ago

    Tried this recipe today. Sauce was great, but the dough recipe is awful! I followed the directions to the letter, but the resulting dough was extremely sticky and it was very difficult to change its shape.

  • Spectre
    Spectre Month ago

    Pizza time

  • Nicolas Bertin
    Nicolas Bertin Month ago

    Unfortunately it's typical NY pizza. No olive oil in the dough, undercooked, too much cheese that renders too much fat (good cheese doesn't do that), poor flour (you need 00 Italian flour) and too much sauce. A good Italian pizza is almost burnt. The dough is really thin, with black bubbles in the end. Your pizza didn't bubble, it's just a big block of cheese fat. Wayyyy too much cheese !
    I'm also a believer of not cooking the basil leaves. There are some in the passata already, and for the whole ones you put them at the end. I won't even comment on the abomination that is onion powder (what's the point of doing homemade pizza if you're too lazy to cook the onions ??)...

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    How often do you stir the sauce?

  • Cody James
    Cody James Month ago

    for an added bonus, you can always roast your flour first! adds even more depth of flavor to your dough/crust

  • princepunk
    princepunk Month ago

    We're doing this for dinner with our niece this week. Homemade personal pizzas! Hope she likes it.