Pizza | Basics with Babish

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • On this episode of Basics, I want to show you how you can make a better pizza pie (and a calzone!) at home than anything that you could have delivered.
    Join me on 2/15 @ 8PM EST on Twitch for a live Cook-a-Long of pizza:
    Grocery List:
    Pizza Dough Ingredients (makes 4 pizzas):
    500g Bread flour
    16g kosher salt
    1g active dry yeast
    350 ml water
    Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
    Extra virgin olive oil
    Garlic cloves
    Red pepper flakes
    28oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes
    Onion powder
    Dried oregano
    Other ingredients:
    Low-moisture mozzarella cheese (shredded)
    Fresh basil
    Spicy soppressata (optional)
    Fresh burrata cheese (optional)
    Calzone fillings (optional)
    Special equipment:
    Pizza peel
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  • Gigz
    Gigz 2 hours ago

    Please go to masterchef

  • Arman Mahyari
    Arman Mahyari 4 hours ago +1

    Make the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show!

  • darren cleroux
    darren cleroux 6 hours ago

    If you dont have a scale what are there other alternatives to measuring in weight?

  • Awesome Friends Gaming

    To the sauce, you could also add a whole basil leaf and some dried parsley in the place of the oregano. If you don’t have a blender you can use tomato sauce and chop up the basil. Also to avoid those bubbles it’s best to use a pizza stone and pull the pizza out occasionally to pop the bubbles as they form. Never use a set time, it’s best to let it cook until it looks done, once you do it enough you’ll know what it looks like.
    Also a tip on the calzones and Stromboli, you can cut a few holes in the top to allow steam to escape to get a much better cross-section.
    This dough recipe also make a kick-butt cheesy bread, you should try it.

  • L F
    L F 10 hours ago


  • charles santo
    charles santo 13 hours ago

    Strange question, why is your sauce so yellow orange?

  • MrBluesun1
    MrBluesun1 16 hours ago


  • esteban betancourt
    esteban betancourt 17 hours ago

    Hey Andrew! I wanted to say how much I enjoy all of your videos man, they really make my day. Also I wanted to suggest that you make a basics video on fish and seafood like scallops or shrimp and thing like that. Lots of love from Colombia

  • nativeforeigner
    nativeforeigner 18 hours ago

    Some quick conversions for people without kitchen scales:
    500g All Purpose flour = 4 Cups
    16g Kosher salt = 2 1/2 teaspoons

  • Lukas Rønnov
    Lukas Rønnov 21 hour ago

    I love this guy, everything he does doesn't have to perfect! :D

  • RmFrZQ
    RmFrZQ Day ago

    You are Bai Tza of your pizza... Sorry, wrong channel.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Day ago

    Followed your exact recipe and my dough ended up looking like Liza Minnelli's backside :/ So went for a different, far simpler pizza recipe which worked really well! Judging by a few other past comments you may need to rethink your recipe buddy or make it clearer :) Much love. X

  • El Pel
    El Pel Day ago

    hmmm,,,how about putin the yeast in the water first with a little bit of sugar, so it can come to life and feast of the sugar, and not put it straight in with other dry ingredients since the salt is killing it?

  • Luisa Palumbo
    Luisa Palumbo Day ago

  • Nova 132445
    Nova 132445 Day ago

    If only if I knew how to measure stuff

  • Kamina Virastranoae

    That is indeed, a steamy cross section.

  • Koritan
    Koritan Day ago

    Why did the sauce turn orange?

  • Nikolia Balinsk
    Nikolia Balinsk Day ago

    Lahey: babish! (Precedes to fall down stairs) lol rip john dunsworth he was the liqour

  • Isaac Denomy
    Isaac Denomy 2 days ago

    Finally decided to make myself some pizza, I haven't eaten anything else for half a week

  • Mr Eyeball
    Mr Eyeball 2 days ago

    Oh god I just had the darkest ad before the video...

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    DarkRedDust 2 days ago


  • Caleb Varney
    Caleb Varney 2 days ago

    mingle != let them get to know each other

  • ColonelRezby
    ColonelRezby 2 days ago

    Make any dish from Shokugeki no Soma aka Food Wars the anime

  • 13260926
    13260926 2 days ago

    Would 16 grams of non kosher salt be the same?

  • William Fitzgerald
    William Fitzgerald 2 days ago

    If your oven can only heat up reliably to 400° then how long should you leave the pizza in?

  • valpineapple
    valpineapple 2 days ago

    That sauce looks like diarrhea

  • Matthew Linson
    Matthew Linson 3 days ago

    For the love of God, please do an episode on dishes! Easy ways to clean them. Ways to not have so many. Things like that. Please! They are the bane of my existence :(

  • Diyanah Ismail
    Diyanah Ismail 3 days ago

    Godddd, will you please marry me

  • Erkin
    Erkin 3 days ago

    Not even Pizza lel

  • IannsTV
    IannsTV 3 days ago

    Pizza anytime!!

  • fishpond88
    fishpond88 3 days ago

    What About Frood From Scooby Doo!?!?

  • Jakob Glatz
    Jakob Glatz 4 days ago

    mine didn't really brown. But it was good as fuck and crispy.

  • Zenn Exile
    Zenn Exile 4 days ago

    You should have added a small amount of pure honey to hot water, and combined that with the yeast, then added olive oil to the dough along with the yeast slurry. You can cook this dough within an hour of rising, let it sit at room temp, or throw it in the fridge and make it up to a week later.

  • Kyle Tveiten
    Kyle Tveiten 4 days ago

    You should do a fried rice segment!

  • Diego Ramirez
    Diego Ramirez 4 days ago

    The dough comes out too moist for me idk why if I added the amount of water it showed me

  • Chang Frejord
    Chang Frejord 4 days ago

    No one likes calzone

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 4 days ago

    Why are people so stingy with basil, I love basil I want it covering the pizza crust

  • Potatus Vicious
    Potatus Vicious 4 days ago

    "You can put pineapple on there for all I care" I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS HERESY, COOK.

  • Ariel Quiroz
    Ariel Quiroz 4 days ago

    jeez man ur beautiful lmao

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    Any chance there will be a follow up with a square Detroit Style pizza?

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    Erick Marretti 4 days ago

    where did the grocery list go??

  • Dave McBroom
    Dave McBroom 4 days ago

    I like a lot of your videos, but what did you do to the pizza sauce? It looks "previously eaten."

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    zberry582 5 days ago

    There is something so relaxing about watching your videos... But then I get hungry

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    The Gospel 5 days ago

    Did I just hear a TPB reference?

  • iiToxicity YT
    iiToxicity YT 5 days ago

    I have made pizza, it is 10x better and it takes 2 and a half hours

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    The low cal calzone zone

  • Ruthless Red
    Ruthless Red 5 days ago

    You forgot to add extra children meat doesnt look good until you add.

  • Igor Della Pietra
    Igor Della Pietra 5 days ago

    way too thik dough

  • ObscuraNoxLP
    ObscuraNoxLP 5 days ago

    If you want to try out a interesting alternative, try using dark-beer instead of water for a slightly more sweet, hearty dough. I usually use that for my pizza dough and it tastes great as well.

  • Xavier Triggs
    Xavier Triggs 5 days ago

    I don’t cook my pizza sauce until I’m about to cook my pizza.

  • Kevin Walter
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    "You can put pineapple on there for all I care."
    YUS. Someone who doesn't judge me...

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    Nicole DuPont 5 days ago

    Very interesting to watch considering that I work at a pizza place :)

  • HeckNaw
    HeckNaw 5 days ago

    I feel like if u add a raw egg to the calzone before you bake it inside it would be even better 😋

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  • cj wyett
    cj wyett 5 days ago

    great video but Babish cant stretch a pizza for shit lol

  • Virtual Willis
    Virtual Willis 5 days ago

    Wife and I just made this, easily the best pizza crust we've ever had! My daughter says: "Binging with Babish? More like Binging with Dreamboat!"

  • Voot Eimer
    Voot Eimer 5 days ago

    less water

  • cvrator
    cvrator 5 days ago

    So wrong.

  • xXJtagWarfareXx
    xXJtagWarfareXx 5 days ago

    Could you provide the measurements if we don’t have a kitchen scale? I’m looking forward to making this!!

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    Frank Henning 5 days ago

    Please make a Trailer Park Boys Episode

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    Mads Lund 5 days ago

    ''You can put pineapple on it for what I care''

  • Mutton Bash
    Mutton Bash 5 days ago

    Why make enough for 5 pizzas? Wouldnt that just be a waste? Why not just make enough for 1 or 2 pizzas? Legitimate question since i dont want to waste a ton of ingredients

  • AncientDirtbag
    AncientDirtbag 5 days ago

    Christ Jim Lahey's method? That man is drunk as fuck.

    PAULA ANDREA 6 days ago

    I have to wait a whole day for the pizza I want today?

  • Nishi’s kitchen World

    Pls watch my TVclip videos

  • MandanaBrother
    MandanaBrother 6 days ago

    The only clarification I would add is that you should score the dough on the top of the calzone so that it doesn't rise above the toppings while it cooks.

  • demohunter21
    demohunter21 6 days ago

    Hey question: how long can I keep the dough in the fridge after I make it? Like two days before I start to make the pizzas?

  • LazerDuck
    LazerDuck 6 days ago


  • Mattius41
    Mattius41 6 days ago

    Should have pinched a hole in the top of the calzone, it would've allowed the steam to escape and it would've made it more dense on the inside

  • snoopyeats 408
    snoopyeats 408 6 days ago

    Hey Babish,new sub here .. nice to meet you 🤝 I must say I am blown away by your production,skills and awsome content... I just found your channel about 30 minutes before commenting.. this is pure genius 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

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    Tropicana pizza with pineapple, shrimps, ham, banana and curry tastes great! Ramsay can go suck a big one.

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    How would you add Rosemary to either the dough or the sauce???

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    Can you do a Basics on how to prep meals that are freezer friendly. Tips on what foods freeze well and what foods don’t... like eggplant. Eggplant does not freeze well.

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    Sam Lupson 6 days ago +3

    What temperature should the oven be?

  • Casey Lawlor
    Casey Lawlor 6 days ago

    How airy was the crust? I have seen recipes use oil for a fattier tastier dough? Also, lots of different suggestions on ingredients to get a consistent rise. What would work best besides the overnight? I know you wanted the flavor of the overnight but I live at 5000ft and thats a big risk to make to get the ingredients right. finally, par-baking - what is the purpose exactly. It seems to be simply for a crunchier crust but many people achieve that with the high heat and pizza stone. If anyone could elaborate on these differences and why they exist that would be awesome!

  • Alex Uzzo
    Alex Uzzo 6 days ago

    No calzone should be made with sauce in it! Also as a hint, mixing a little egg with the olive oil before brushing your calzone makes a world of difference!

  • Brandon Mitchell
    Brandon Mitchell 6 days ago

    this mafk doing the lords work yall

  • This_one_simple_trick

    Better than anything that can be delivered? Its a bold claim but you can make some killer pie at home. Will definitely try out this sauce recipe though!

  • George
    George 6 days ago

    Thanks man. I'm just finishing building a pizza oven, and have always struggled with the dough. Will be trying this approach for sure

  • atbroadstock
    atbroadstock 6 days ago +1

    What oven temperature did you bake at?

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 6 days ago +1

    After ready through the comments I see I am not the only one that has issue with this.
    This was the first time I have tried one of his recipes and was very disappointed and also confused that a pizza dough did not have any sugar or olive oil, but tried it anyway, and following the recipe to a T and got a sticky mess that never rose.
    Either way going back to my old method and assuming these videos are purely for entertainment purposes only.

    • Jordan  White
      Jordan White 5 days ago

      Bob Bob I made it twice and it was perfect. you must be doing something wrong

  • Brian Ivy
    Brian Ivy 6 days ago

    This guy could plan social events.... enter the room and let the people simmer around for 35-45 minutes just long enough for them to get to know one another.

  • Michael Pang
    Michael Pang 6 days ago

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  • Sierra
    Sierra 6 days ago

    What if you don't have a pizza stone and are broke, renting a apt with a small kitchen, and refuse to buy one? Any recommended alternatives?

  • TheDankGiraffe
    TheDankGiraffe 6 days ago

    You really need to elaborate a little more. Do I use a metal bowl? Or will that screw up the fermenting process? Where do I stour it to ferment? In a warm, or cold place?

  • Alex J'rassic
    Alex J'rassic 6 days ago

    I made this to the recipe, left the dough for 18 hours and when I went to stretch it, it was ridiculously sticky and wet. What did I do wrong?

  • Juiceman
    Juiceman 6 days ago

    Accidentally put to much olive oil in the sauce (but didn’t realize until afterwards). Anyway to mend this without having to make sauce from scratch again?

  • TheWeirdWorldofGuy
    TheWeirdWorldofGuy 6 days ago +1

    So is this suppose to be like the NYC pizza from the TNMT episode ? Because i dont see no oil

  • Trafalgar D. Law
    Trafalgar D. Law 7 days ago +1


  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts 7 days ago +7

    "basics"..."take your pizza peel" "put it on to your pizza stone"
    I've made the dough going to experiment tomorrow about how to get it into the oven and find an alternative to a pizza stone. Some alternatives in the video would've been nice considering this is in the 'basics' series.

    • No One
      No One Day ago +1

      Joshua Roberts castiron skillet works and a baking sheet aswell typically anything metal

    • Joshua Roberts
      Joshua Roberts 3 days ago +2

      ZonalJump I ended up using a wooden chopping board dusted with flour as the peel and an upturned baking tray for the pizza stone.
      It worked pretty well, the pizza was tasty anyway.

    • ZonalJump
      ZonalJump 3 days ago +2

      Joshua Roberts use a sheet pan as your peel and a cast iron pan as your pizza stone.

  • BlueMagooey
    BlueMagooey 7 days ago +1

    Do you use a pizza stone? I'm doing the cast iron pan setup right now. But, my crust has never looked like that. It may be the flour I used, though.
    You should check out the Pizza Shelf kickstarter. I don't know if it's for real, but the allure of 90-second pizza is too hard to ignore.