Pizza | Basics with Babish

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • On this episode of Basics, I want to show you how you can make a better pizza pie (and a calzone!) at home than anything that you could have delivered.
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    Grocery List:
    Pizza Dough Ingredients (makes 4 pizzas):
    500g Bread flour
    16g kosher salt
    1g active dry yeast
    350 ml water
    Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
    Extra virgin olive oil
    Garlic cloves
    Red pepper flakes
    28oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes
    Onion powder
    Dried oregano
    Other ingredients:
    Low-moisture mozzarella cheese (shredded)
    Fresh basil
    Spicy soppressata (optional)
    Fresh burrata cheese (optional)
    Calzone fillings (optional)
    Special equipment:
    Pizza peel
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  • Elijahn Ritarita
    Elijahn Ritarita 21 hour ago

    I thought you weren't supposed to put salt and yeast together like that?

    HASSENDZ Day ago

    Anglo-Saxon want to teach how make a pizza, it is the end of the world !!

  • aingea v
    aingea v 2 days ago

    there was a time about 4 years ago that my dad was raving about trying "pizza on the grill", where you take a baking tray and make fresh pizza on the grill. when the day came to make said magical pizza, he bought what were basically the most disgusting, pre-made pizza crusts (a la sandwich bread for your failing diet), used pasta sauce and romano cheese. it was so gross

  • cubitme
    cubitme 2 days ago

    I am sorry but everything about this is wrong. Orange sauce looks unappetising. You need to rest the dough longer than 30mins.

  • Ben Maliqi
    Ben Maliqi 4 days ago

    My ears are soo fucking blocked dont know what to do nothing works killing myself bye 😵😡😠

  • Robin Marquardt
    Robin Marquardt 4 days ago

    Dont call it pie

  • Zorics
    Zorics 5 days ago


  • Jay Fry
    Jay Fry 5 days ago

    I dont believe you actually pointed at a front door.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 5 days ago

    When I try to stretch out this dough, I always rip it. What's that mean?

  • MicahTheManiac
    MicahTheManiac 5 days ago

    I am watching this while eating pizza!

  • M. Booth
    M. Booth 5 days ago

    Add some sugar to the pizza sauce.

  • mousek801 Mousek801
    mousek801 Mousek801 6 days ago

    Protip: cut small slits in the top of a calzone if you don't want that huge empty space after cooking.

  • Banira
    Banira 7 days ago

    Not to be rude. But this was all wrong. The dough the sauce.. wow..

  • Eric Liestoh
    Eric Liestoh 7 days ago

    That is one funky-colored sauce. And that doesn't look like any soppressatta I've ever seen. Looks more like Mortadella.

  • ultimate _gamer
    ultimate _gamer 10 days ago

    Why do 1.2k people dislike this??

  • Ellie Johnson
    Ellie Johnson 10 days ago

    Why is it called a pie? I've only ever seen non-australians call it that. I've never heard it called a pie or pizza pie in my own country.

  • pdolan301
    pdolan301 10 days ago

    I have been trying for a very long time to make a pizza dough that I can easily hand stretch and you have just shown me how it's done. Big thumbs up babish. Love the vids btw. You keep making I'll keep watching 😊

  • Disha Mondal
    Disha Mondal 11 days ago

    I cannot tell you how much I've made this fucking recipe

  • Jelle Smith
    Jelle Smith 11 days ago

    got my dough fermenting atm, curious to see how it will look tomorrow afternoon

  • eugh
    eugh 11 days ago

    mama mia

  • Dávid Bakó
    Dávid Bakó 12 days ago

    Dislike for pineapple...

  • Chris Cuthbertson
    Chris Cuthbertson 12 days ago

    You really don't need to cook the sauce... it will cook in the oven.

  • Sigurd Roos
    Sigurd Roos 13 days ago

    What do i do if i don't have a pizza stone??

  • Antonio Ciasullo
    Antonio Ciasullo 13 days ago

    What do you preheat too

  • Evan Young
    Evan Young 14 days ago

    Made this today, turned out great! Thanks!

  • iiiHeartTurtles
    iiiHeartTurtles 14 days ago

    How would the dough turn out if half was frozen for later? Would it hold up well?

    OMNIVISION 15 days ago

    I’m surprised there would be so many dislikes, I mean yeah, there 70 thousand likes, but I just found myself surprised so many would find this vid (or kind of video) worth disliking. I love this channel and the style of filming and everything but I know not every bodies gonna like what you do if you’re anybody putting yourself out there to the world. Keep going on this channel and I think people with still keep Binging with Babish for a while.

  • Potassium Cyanide
    Potassium Cyanide 16 days ago

    How about anchovy?

  • Joshua Walters
    Joshua Walters 16 days ago

    Alternatively, just crush the tomatoes in your hands/mix to make the sauce.
    Less stuff to clean and it actually turns out really really good.

  • Alex Santoyo
    Alex Santoyo 16 days ago

    I made this but made it a stuff crust! It’s in the oven right now I’ll update y’all if it’s good

  • Very Snazzy
    Very Snazzy 17 days ago

    Ew who's lazy enough to buy pre-grated cheese? Pizza looks amazing tho, I need to try this 👍👍

  • LLokee
    LLokee 17 days ago

    When you said through that door and pointed you pointed in the actual direction of my front door

    I am scared...

  • Swagger Sonic!
    Swagger Sonic! 17 days ago

    “Porny, steamy cross section”

  • Manuel Hutter
    Manuel Hutter 17 days ago

    No pinapple on pizza!

  • MasterGamer
    MasterGamer 17 days ago


  • MasterGamer
    MasterGamer 17 days ago

    Bring it to a shimmer

  • Ceefax
    Ceefax 18 days ago

    This has been quite helpful, but I've no idea why it turns out orange
    Maybe it's the fact I'm using pre-chopped rather than whole but I also add in a bit of olive oil and blend my base ingredients cold before simmering down

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z 18 days ago

    That crust is way too thick. You live in New York for God's sake

  • SeaBass
    SeaBass 18 days ago

    I used to live in New York, and I truly miss the Pizza. Who's been to Colony Pizza in Stamford CT?

    GAY GAY 19 days ago

    that sauce looks like whats inside the toilet of a person whos been eating just pizza sauce for 4 days straight

  • Luksuzna Kanta
    Luksuzna Kanta 20 days ago

    Why does every pizza that you make look small?

  • ᴋᴇᴋ ᴍ8
    ᴋᴇᴋ ᴍ8 20 days ago

    I can confirm, pizza is the lifeblood of New Yorkers, I live in a small unnoticeable town in southern New York, there's at least 5 places to get pizza all over town

  • Brody Peak
    Brody Peak 20 days ago

    What if we I don’t have a pizza tray what could I use instead

  • Martin Dick
    Martin Dick 21 day ago

    Triple fried egg sandwich from red dwarf please :)

  • Nate hundred
    Nate hundred 21 day ago

    Honestly,if you think that any pizza place is better than homemade,than you haven't had that fucking GODFOOD.

  • Ken Wilder
    Ken Wilder 21 day ago

    ngl after working in multiple local pizzerias and trying this out, can safely say this is the worst home cooked pizza I've ever had. It has a lot of great ideas but the no-knead dough tastes nasty compared to traditional, and the sauce just really doesn't do it favors. I've made a lot of stuff from this channel as a way to teach myself to be a better cook, but I already knew how to make decent pizza and this method is just not that great.

  • todd the wraith
    todd the wraith 22 days ago

    ok, the store HEB spoils us here in Texas. the shredded cheese is not coated in starch, and sometimes sticks to itself in the bag (especially the bits in the bottom of the bag)
    and they have shredded whole milk mozzarella, not just that "made with skim milk" bullshit.

  • Christopher McCook
    Christopher McCook 22 days ago

    Did he forget to mention that he added turmeric to the sauce? That's some pretty orange sauce. Also I light to just pulse a few times so there is a little more texture to the sauce.

  • Mason Yang
    Mason Yang 23 days ago

    What about white pizza

  • Ins0mi4c
    Ins0mi4c 25 days ago

    Get me a man that could cook like this TBH

  • ebin belji
    ebin belji 25 days ago

    Can you make a smaller pizza with a 20L microwave oven with a rotating glass bottom ?

  • Brian Emerick
    Brian Emerick 26 days ago

    why does your sauce look orange-yellow?

  • Payne Carlit
    Payne Carlit 26 days ago

    I used baking soda and i made it successfully but
    So damn bitter

  • emoster
    emoster 26 days ago

    im gonna make some pizza rolls with this

  • Thomas Perkov
    Thomas Perkov 27 days ago

    Using grams.. Subscribed!

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu 28 days ago

    you have like 3 episodes that make pizza which ones should i use?
    there are some minor differences
    like i remember one episode you use a whiskey bottle to roll out the dough

  • Juan Cdl
    Juan Cdl 28 days ago

    Please take off your watch when you cook. :)

  • sloom Madooh
    sloom Madooh 28 days ago

    I can’t get canned tomatoes what should I use instead

  • Roizad nuri
    Roizad nuri 29 days ago


  • Cracked iPhone
    Cracked iPhone Month ago

    Is he using a baking stone when he puts the pizza in the oven or not? New to cooking

  • MithrilRoshi
    MithrilRoshi Month ago

    Pizza stone?... I mean, i suspect you can just use a baking tray.

  • Music Mister
    Music Mister Month ago

    Another reason for fermenting it is so there is not that dry aftertaste you would get if you would do the dough that day.

  • Kiano’s Dad
    Kiano’s Dad Month ago

    Him Lahey 😂😂😂

  • Austin Casasola
    Austin Casasola Month ago

    When you said out of that door you pointed to my front door exactly

  • Engineer Of Wonders

    you should learn how to make pizza before teaching it.

  • Sea Cool
    Sea Cool Month ago

    Do you require a pizza stone and steel to make this recipe?

  • Owen Reed
    Owen Reed Month ago

    What if you don’t have a pizza peel?

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago

    That sauce looks really disgusting tbh

  • Kristina Baker
    Kristina Baker Month ago

    Fresh tomato > canned tomatos

  • The Red Pill
    The Red Pill Month ago

    I don't use Babish' recipe, but I seriously don't have to have ANYONE else's pizza now that I have gotten good at making my own by hand. (took me maybe 4 pizzas to get really good at it). I used The Breadbakers Apprentice book to help me. I recommend it, because I couldn't make even a biscuit before he showed up tp instruct me.

    So go ahead and try making your own pizzas. It is a skill you will love yourself for developing. Food/cooking is one of those rare skills that is infinite in possibilities, essential to life, and a constantly maintainable skill everyone can have if they wish.

  • Asif Mahmud
    Asif Mahmud Month ago

    love this guy

  • Saunter
    Saunter Month ago


  • Vicoris
    Vicoris Month ago

    That fucking thumbnail makes me *SO DAMN HUNGRY*

  • Ryan Holland
    Ryan Holland Month ago

    When he was cooking the garlic am I the only one who heard him say "shimmer"

  • The Zerbs
    The Zerbs Month ago

    Do I use the same amount of regular salt if I don't have kosher salt in the dough?

  • Harris Waqar
    Harris Waqar Month ago

    Awesome content dude. I mad sourdough pizza dough & was wondering how would I store the extra dough and how long can I keep it for?

  • Vanessa Waddington
    Vanessa Waddington Month ago

    I'm wondering now how one achieves homemade thin crust pizza because -- unlike myself who loves pizza crust and all of its goodness -- my boyfriend only eats thin crust.

  • Angelo Martin Isidro

    Cal-zone is american. It's actually cal-zo-ne

  • Mujtaba Ibrahim
    Mujtaba Ibrahim Month ago

    low cal calzone zone.

  • Seifeddinne Jeday
    Seifeddinne Jeday Month ago

    "Until it looks like a pizza" 😂

  • Mattia cortinovis
    Mattia cortinovis Month ago

    If you do that in italy they simply kill you trust me

  • EvilABI
    EvilABI Month ago

    I sometimes get pre-shredded cheese because they shred it at the store without adding anything else.
    I used to work there, so I know it first hand :'P

  • Marco Avila
    Marco Avila Month ago

    Why is the sauce orange?

  • Lukas Pettersson
    Lukas Pettersson Month ago

    This, and Cocktail Chemistry are the best food-drink related TVclip channels.

  • Hors Dvours
    Hors Dvours Month ago

    what brand of cheese did you use for this?

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    just made this today. dough was a little hard to deal with stretching wise. had a tiny spot of mold on the top too after 18 hours but i just plucked it off. Crust wise was pretty good after baking.

  • UbererHS
    UbererHS Month ago

    "If it's sticking anywhere, just lift up the corner..."

  • LudicrousTuber
    LudicrousTuber Month ago

    I used Himalayan salt and it turned out a little bit wet and very sticky

  • slowmotion Milk
    slowmotion Milk Month ago

    the intro is kinda fucked

  • saima kazia
    saima kazia Month ago

    What is 500g in cups? What are grams in normal use?

  • Radiated Penguin
    Radiated Penguin Month ago +1

    Let's get down to basics
    To defeat the hun...ger.

  • Claylord44
    Claylord44 Month ago

    Do you need to change proportions in the dough if you use whole wheat flower?

  • Giannis Lekkakos
    Giannis Lekkakos Month ago

    Apo poy eisai re babis??

  • Magmagod Acardium
    Magmagod Acardium Month ago

    My dough won't rise when i use dry active yeast but when i try it on the other day using the instant yeast and it rise

  • Matias Isola
    Matias Isola Month ago

    Comete esta babish la hicimos re piola

  • Tia Ashiagbor
    Tia Ashiagbor Month ago

    I don’t have a pizza stone. I only have a regular pizza tray 😭. Will It change the way it comes out drastically?

  • Fabio Garzaro
    Fabio Garzaro Month ago

    Well, this is the first time i see an american that can actually make a good pizza, without the shitty mozzarella and without the pepperoni that just ruin averything. The only thing that I can suggest is to not blend the tomatoes, just smash them and keep some pieces. And put the basil no the pizza after it's cooked

  • Inez Yu
    Inez Yu Month ago

    What pizza stone do you use? I looked on your website but didn't see it listed under the equipment :( Great video!!

  • Jennifer Bonilla
    Jennifer Bonilla Month ago

    Mmm he's so hot 💕💕💕

  • Talmiior
    Talmiior Month ago

    a quarter teaspoon or 1 gram of yeast for 500 grams of flour? Pretty sure I saw you use more than that in the video... looked like a tablespoon. I love your videos by the way, I just thought you might want to know about that small discrepancy... because I'm pretty sure a 1/4 teaspoon of yeast isn't going to do much good in that much flour... or maybe I'm wrong?