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  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • On this episode of Basics, I want to show you how you can make a better pizza pie (and a calzone!) at home than anything that you could have delivered.
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    Grocery List:
    Pizza Dough Ingredients (makes 4 pizzas):
    500g Bread flour
    16g kosher salt
    1g active dry yeast
    350 ml water
    Pizza Sauce Ingredients:
    Extra virgin olive oil
    Garlic cloves
    Red pepper flakes
    28oz can of whole San Marzano tomatoes
    Onion powder
    Dried oregano
    Other ingredients:
    Low-moisture mozzarella cheese (shredded)
    Fresh basil
    Spicy soppressata (optional)
    Fresh burrata cheese (optional)
    Calzone fillings (optional)
    Special equipment:
    Pizza peel
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  • Human Tree
    Human Tree 5 hours ago

    Someone comment on, could the dough we have left out for 18-24 hours turn bad? What if it's summers and room temperature is too high? Is it safe to leave out the dough?

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube 6 hours ago

    Awesome man looks amazing I'm sure it tastes amazing also

  • Devank Mittal
    Devank Mittal 13 hours ago +1

    2:54 i wonder how many people are actually gonna do that.😂😂

  • WreckItRob
    WreckItRob Day ago

    ahh you never want to rock the pizza cutter back and forth

  • Sergio Avilan
    Sergio Avilan 2 days ago

    I would personally add the basil fresh after the oven to let it steam but not overcook

  • Arcane Furor
    Arcane Furor 2 days ago

    How to do with all purpose flour?

  • Mr. Clever
    Mr. Clever 3 days ago

    I will throw anything on a pizza like the other day left over seafood? Put it on the pizza

  • PINK
    PINK 5 days ago +4

    Hey Vsauce Michael here.
    Who is this guy and why does he look like me?

  • Meister Kaos
    Meister Kaos 6 days ago +1

    I love a man who gives the recipe in metric. Why waste money on imperial kitchenware when the meth lab chemistry set the crooked cop sold you out of the evidence locker for $40 works just as well?!

  • David Tattersall
    David Tattersall 7 days ago +1


  • alexx9433
    alexx9433 8 days ago

    my dough didn't rise :(

  • Vsauce No u
    Vsauce No u 13 days ago +5

    Someone should edit this video with the ps2 Spider-Man pizza theme

  • Eli R
    Eli R 13 days ago +6

    i always tell my girlfriend i was watching bingin with BahBeeeeeesh

  • odst15ethan
    odst15ethan 14 days ago

    I have that microwave and stove/oven

  • tadej stajnko
    tadej stajnko 14 days ago

    Wtf pizza???

  • Dolphin ASMR
    Dolphin ASMR 14 days ago +1

    Who tf watches this

  • Shubh Chadha
    Shubh Chadha 14 days ago

    EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIC .MAN this recipe is good

  • Smashen
    Smashen 14 days ago

    3:10 preheating your oven for an hour? Dude are you nuts? Preheating takes at max 10min 😅 that is not "basic"

  • Ian Mayer
    Ian Mayer 15 days ago

    I know that you saw that video

  • Dylan Ladner
    Dylan Ladner 15 days ago +5

    i'm gonna say it, that sauce looks pretty unappetizing

  • Anthony Stefanos
    Anthony Stefanos 16 days ago

    If I buy pizza dough from the store, do I have to still let it rest for 24 hours?

    • Beepis
      Beepis 15 days ago

      Anthony Stefanos no

  • Andrew Barber
    Andrew Barber 18 days ago

    Can you put it directly on the oven rack or do you need a pan or stone?

  • Bri Gel
    Bri Gel 19 days ago

    I followed this recipe I think I’ve watched the video 20 times and my dough will not spread or stretch 😓

  • God, Your lord and savior

    Did this and my house burnt down. Fuck you

  • Mattia Binotto
    Mattia Binotto 19 days ago +1

    So many mistakes, and just a bad dont know anything about pizza

  • Soqquadro
    Soqquadro 19 days ago

    Why Italian=garlic to you, America? Please don't use garlic in the sauce
    and please, PLEASE, don't cook the basil leaves, put them on after.
    Also use your hands to make the doe

  • Itay Dor
    Itay Dor 19 days ago

    Hi babish, dont you strain the flower before adding the water?

    • 400 gaming
      400 gaming 15 days ago +1

      There are so many things wrong with this comment

  • Ilegalmemesforsaledotorgdotnz

    Your forgot to poke a hole in the calzone. If you don't do that you could run the risk of it exploding from pressure building up.

  • nebstar the gamebuster 1

    Bon Ross but cooking

  • Elsa D
    Elsa D 22 days ago +1

    1:23 shimmer

  • PutOutMyFireWithGasoline

    Volume measurements in the description would be nice.

  • karda009
    karda009 23 days ago

    Can I use rye bread flour for this dough?

  • Sskrimp_TeX •
    Sskrimp_TeX • 23 days ago +2

    if you ever meet someone who doesnt like pizza,
    *_i recommend you to put a gun to their head_*

  • Danielle
    Danielle 24 days ago

    What if we don’t have a pizza stone?

  • Robert Manders
    Robert Manders 24 days ago

    Use pasata tomato puree instead. It is already 1/2 way to being a sauce. and the texture is perfect.

  • Chris Ludecke
    Chris Ludecke 25 days ago

    Your measurements need to specify cups not grams

    • Stuart Clark
      Stuart Clark 23 days ago

      The world uses grams, only America uses cups. Get with the team

  • DominusPisces
    DominusPisces 25 days ago

    How large are each pie here?

  • billy jack
    billy jack 26 days ago

    Food wishes

  • Fury.
    Fury. 26 days ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t grow his tomatoes.

  • triadwarfare
    triadwarfare 26 days ago

    How to cook pizza without an oven (or with an oven toaster). Damn, a full blown oven is pretty expensive.

  • BlazinThat
    BlazinThat 26 days ago

    Warm water, cold water? At room temperature can it see light? Should i cover it? I will mess this up.

  • Alex Giuliana
    Alex Giuliana 28 days ago

    You need to add cheese juste 2 or 3min before the end of cooking. To avoid the brown color

  • ZZ.MusiComics
    ZZ.MusiComics 28 days ago

    This guy is the vsauce of cooking

  • Pakislav
    Pakislav 29 days ago

    How to make the sauce with fresh tomatoes tho? If I'm gonna used canned tomatoes might as well use canned sauce.

    • Ninja Tony
      Ninja Tony 26 days ago

      Pakislav nope. Canned San Marzano tomatoes are much more flavorful than fresh store bought tomatoes. You don't want to use cheap tomatoes of course, but there's a difference between using those and just any other canned tomatoes.

  • clayonjj
    clayonjj 29 days ago

    )(()quality 1,mmmoio. M... of it mmmm

  • Some Random Gamer
    Some Random Gamer Month ago

    We have a cherry tomato bush so we used that to make the *cHeEsE*

  • Benjamin Akely
    Benjamin Akely Month ago

    16 grams of salt is totally insane and unnecessary

  • Riptide
    Riptide Month ago

    I made this pizza and the bottom and sides of the crust were hard as a rock but the middle was doughy. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • Evan Sutherland
    Evan Sutherland Month ago

    Make a vid how to make a chili dog.

  • uri attias
    uri attias Month ago +2

    You shouldn't add the salt and the yeast together. The salt damage the yeast

  • Matcha Coco Puff
    Matcha Coco Puff Month ago

    why tf is Babish's sauce orange?

  • Ion Carp
    Ion Carp Month ago

    You live in NY?

  • Longganissan
    Longganissan Month ago

    Is dis vsauce

  • Ma Praen Pelmeene
    Ma Praen Pelmeene Month ago

    Do you want to eat a mouthful of dry tomato-cheese bread???
    (this post is made by the pineapple pizza gang)

  • Jakob Pesl
    Jakob Pesl Month ago

    Always funny how some New Yorkers think they have the best Pizza

  • hwang1607
    hwang1607 Month ago

    Pretty bad pizza dough recipe

  • xxjustjess77
    xxjustjess77 Month ago

    you say 1g active dry yeast here but your site says 2.5g ? Please say this works with both amounts and I didn't just completely fuck my dough...

  • Moth Man
    Moth Man Month ago

    can you freeze or refridgerate the remaining 3 balls of dough?

  • VeissLie_
    VeissLie_ Month ago +2

    Anyone gonna notice he does a lot of gestures Ramsey makes

  • Raven Rieck
    Raven Rieck Month ago

    Anyone else shutter after the calzone cross section? The Italian in me really liked that cross section. My body just shook and I lost my breath. Jeez, I haven't felt so happy since I was a child and I had my first calzone. That's some Ratatouille stuff right there, I didn't even have to taste it to be brought back to childhood bliss.

  • Abel Abebe
    Abel Abebe Month ago

    Babish you are like a big brother who is also a computer that knows all the recipes of things I like

  • GOD
    GOD Month ago

    You should do another Pizza episode using more traditional methods

  • Deplorable Citizen
    Deplorable Citizen Month ago

    These videos are great, and I've made a similar comment to this before, but I guess I'm pedantic so I'll say it again. It would be so much better to use REAL mozzarella. The kind that comes in a plastic bag, soaking in brine. You get this white ball of soft, moist, fresh mozzarella. Then you cut off chunks to put on your pizza. That's a real Italian pizza. I thoroughly recommend it.

  • ImperialFish
    ImperialFish Month ago +1

    Yeah lemme just grab the pizza stone I have laying around

  • gamitstrike
    gamitstrike Month ago

    Pizza Time

  • David Chidiac
    David Chidiac Month ago

    that sauce colour turned me off

  • PickAxe Cat
    PickAxe Cat Month ago


  • kalle kallesson
    kalle kallesson Month ago

    It looks overdone.

  • johnny wenner
    johnny wenner Month ago

    The tomato sauce looks orange

  • michjefferson77
    michjefferson77 Month ago

    Thanks again Babish for the recipe

  • amorte666
    amorte666 Month ago

    do a chicago style pizza

  • Graciano Gonzalez
    Graciano Gonzalez Month ago

    I I'm sorry but I think Chicago pizza is way better than New York Pizza

    • Jakob Pesl
      Jakob Pesl Month ago

      Meh neither one isn't that good

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan Month ago

    Okay so I’ve tried this recipe a few times with varying degrees on success.
    My main issue at the moment is stretching the doughy to the right size. It always seems to either rip in the middle or its won’t stretch out to a big enough size.

  • Jennifer Pimm
    Jennifer Pimm Month ago

    Can you store the extra dough? Does it keep well in the freezer?

  • xdExtremelyTired
    xdExtremelyTired 2 months ago

    pineapple belongs on pizza

  • dev ed
    dev ed 2 months ago

    Pineapple on pizza?
    Everything you said is a lie.

  • Ben Baldwin
    Ben Baldwin 2 months ago

    I didn't use my knuckles and just used a rolling pin

  • Moe Aln
    Moe Aln 2 months ago

    You sir, are terrible at making pizza, I’m sorry but it’s true, good day.

  • Jason Madinya
    Jason Madinya 2 months ago

    After proofing, can the dough be kept in the fridge for a few days?

  • PINK
    PINK 2 months ago

    This guy looks like vsauce.

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 2 months ago

    So a calzone is an Italian pasty/cheburek?

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 2 months ago

    *_none pizza with left beef_*

  • ImDragonized
    ImDragonized 2 months ago

    You should make a basics with babish for bread sticks

  • Filo Salvini
    Filo Salvini 2 months ago +1

    In Italy we cook the pizza first only with tomato sauce and a second time with mozzarella

  • Tyler DeVeau
    Tyler DeVeau 2 months ago

    Can you do Milan Style? I heard that it was like cooking a soufle.

  • Andrew Slemmer
    Andrew Slemmer 2 months ago

    Made it. Used a really good store sauce to save a little time and $. The dough and the fresh grated mozz definitely makes a huge difference. Thanks Andrew

  • Ticket Tocket
    Ticket Tocket 2 months ago

    Jeremy! *There's been a terrible Ham Mistake!!!*

  • Andy Kohring
    Andy Kohring 2 months ago

    "it's really really very good" when you need to fit a word quota in a essay

  • aravind sn
    aravind sn 2 months ago

    I tried this. But didn't work exactly. How much didgree should be the oven Heated. You never mentioned in your Video nor in the Comment nor the others commented it out. I was suggested for 175 Degrees and it was a flop

  • Michael Matta
    Michael Matta 2 months ago

    I'm making this tonight
    Is it just me or does 16g of salt sound like a lot?

  • Blade
    Blade 2 months ago

    The video before was a guy talking about san marzano shit

  • Constant Chaos
    Constant Chaos 2 months ago


  • princesayoleasa
    princesayoleasa 2 months ago

    This recipe saved my imaginary marriage

  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 2 months ago

    5:44 Twitch does what now?!

  • JJ Flash
    JJ Flash 2 months ago +1

    I've never seen orange pizza sauce. Interesting.

  • garruk wildspeaker
    garruk wildspeaker 2 months ago

    So I can never get the water temp right, and every pizza I've made, I've killed the yeast. Any tips?

    • L DJ
      L DJ 2 months ago

      the water should be warm enough to comfortably place your hand in. if it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for yeast. that's the general rule i follow and it's held true so far.

  • cristian carcamo
    cristian carcamo 2 months ago

    Is that the same sauce you blended?

  • mukkaar
    mukkaar 2 months ago

    Almost same as my pizza, I just make my sauce different.
    I use 400g of whole canned tomatoes, add 0.5-1tsp of salt, 2 tbsp of extra virgin oli oil, blend it all up. Then 1-2 whole crushed garlic and some teared up basil. Let it sit overnight in sealed container and remove garlic cloves before use.
    I find this makes bit more "fresh" tasting pizza and not leaving garlic in gives nice note of garlic without it being too pronounced. It also preserves taste of tomatoes. Doesn't really matter what you use actually, I would recommend trying out local and organic canned tomatoes. I use both low moisture and normal mozzarella, but prefer fresh.

  • NathanDrake5
    NathanDrake5 2 months ago +2

    Plastic + hot food = BIG NO !!!

  • hackhenk
    hackhenk 2 months ago

    In my opinion, kneading the dough after it's raised is a huge no-no. Why destroy all the air pockets you've spent so much time cultivating? Stretch it only!

    • hackhenk
      hackhenk 2 months ago

      @SE FullmetalJake
      Good luck!

    • SE FullmetalJake
      SE FullmetalJake 2 months ago +1

      hackhenk So do I! I actually think I may have over-proofed it out of the fridge, hoping that a 18 hour cold proof can keep it well. I’ll find out if my dough is good tomorrow!

    • hackhenk
      hackhenk 2 months ago +1

      @SE FullmetalJake
      Yep. I have preportioned dough in the fridge right now. 24hr rising makes superior fluffyness.

    • SE FullmetalJake
      SE FullmetalJake 2 months ago

      It depends really. He should have mixed it, left it for about an hour only, kneaded it ( he didn’t knead it enough at all) then portion and leave for a second proof. You can tell that his dough is bad from the way his crust came out. It looked thick, dry, dense and no airiness to it.