• Published on Aug 21, 2018
  • Well.. this was awkward...
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Comments • 9 539

  • JrAlone
    JrAlone Day ago

    I’ve never cringed so hard in my life😬😬😬

  • Allen Wallace
    Allen Wallace 5 days ago

    What's sad is ppl in the comments don't understand how hard mcjuggernuggets trolled their minds in this video ahahahahaha

  • Anna Borràs Figéus
    Anna Borràs Figéus 5 days ago +2

    This is sooooooooo cringe😖😖😖😖

  • Sophia Curtis
    Sophia Curtis 5 days ago

    Juggie: is Lizzy here?;)
    Lance: yes...
    Juggie: -______________-

  • Phillip Green
    Phillip Green 6 days ago

    Love the channel

  • Phillip Green
    Phillip Green 6 days ago

    Mcjugger nuggets is a fraud an trying to get on ur bandwagon

  • North _Driven_Welder98

    I had to cut this video short sorry lance . He creeps me out words cant explain it

  • North _Driven_Welder98

    Jesse makes me uncomfortable if I were lance I would cut him out of my life and keep him away from Lizzy and his whole family and get a restraining order in place . Hit the thumbs up if you think it’s a great idea

    ZLV CRAZYGAMING 8 days ago +1

    Mcjuggernuggets is a f****** baby when it comes to stuff that won't go his way

  • TheReal OG2727
    TheReal OG2727 8 days ago

    1:07 “You guys just friends”.
    Am I the only one that thinks he wants to get together with lance, kinda sus

  • I Web
    I Web 9 days ago +1

    Stop thinking this video is awkward because Jesse/McJuggerNuggets is always acting every time he is on camera. You would understand if you watch the psycho series.

  • Devlin Harris
    Devlin Harris 9 days ago +1

    He's always asking about Lance's relationships.

  • Fronkdaily HQ
    Fronkdaily HQ 9 days ago


  • Tyler Robbins
    Tyler Robbins 11 days ago

    He’s so weird he’s creepy affffff🥴

  • Mackenzie Puetz-Bateman

    This was actually so cringy to watch.

  • Smokey Smoke
    Smokey Smoke 14 days ago

    Dude is weard bad vibes from nuggets guy

  • Hans Maraj
    Hans Maraj 15 days ago

    He looks like he want to fuck lance

  • Hans Maraj
    Hans Maraj 15 days ago

    It is so fucking cringe

  • Conejo Malo
    Conejo Malo 16 days ago

    9:41 what she say?

  • thegamingdino 7
    thegamingdino 7 17 days ago

    McJuggerNuggets is loud as fuck

  • thegamingdino 7
    thegamingdino 7 17 days ago

    " you guys just friends?" Wtf McJuggerNuggets * he says to his cameraman who is a GUY! Lance has a gf

  • Johnson Tex
    Johnson Tex 17 days ago

    9:46 yo u need to stop u faggot

    • Johnson Tex
      Johnson Tex 17 days ago

      Leave lance alone holy shit lance ur way 2 nice Man U should kick him out rn

  • Whiteboypark90 _yt
    Whiteboypark90 _yt 18 days ago

    That nigga so awkward

  • MeSavage 101
    MeSavage 101 20 days ago

    Does anybody else think or see that Lance regrets meeting “McJuggerNuggets”

  • Christopher Worley
    Christopher Worley 21 day ago +1

    Your grandma is so funny

  • Collin Rhodes
    Collin Rhodes 21 day ago

    this video was cringe but i know hes acting

  • Keegan woods Woods
    Keegan woods Woods 26 days ago

    His mom is hot af

  • Callum ELLIS
    Callum ELLIS 28 days ago

    Dude this is weird

  • Victoria Chavez
    Victoria Chavez Month ago +1

    This made me feel so uncomfortable for Lance

  • Wenamel Silab
    Wenamel Silab Month ago

    bro he is in love with you bec. he's making sure if you guys are just friends or boyfriends

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens Month ago

    Jesse is so weird I think something is mentally wrong with him

  • Victoria Bella Rose

    This is where it all began the insanity and insecurity of mcjuggernugget

  • MunchyChips
    MunchyChips Month ago

    this is not fucking real

  • DRIPTV 445
    DRIPTV 445 Month ago

    I know what they doin they doin a script like he used to do

  • Chris Reems
    Chris Reems Month ago

    I can never tell if Jesse is serious or not

  • Tyson Roberts
    Tyson Roberts 2 months ago

    Mcjuggernuggets is so f****n weird and lance never hangout with him again please

  • Nathan Cochran
    Nathan Cochran 2 months ago

    Never noticed how weird he was till just now

  • katie SG
    katie SG 2 months ago +2

    When jessy asked ant and lance “are ye just friends “ like WTFFF and “do ye sleep together “ and lance “ya .......why”

    And he said “I love moms “

    I think he has a crush on lance
    I have a weird feeling about HIM

    Like if ye agree

  • A Doge gaming
    A Doge gaming 2 months ago

    I know I’m not the only one that thought that it was weird that he asked if lance and Lizzy slept together edit: ether Jessie likes lizzy or lance like bromance what who would say that?

  • ImaTalk_SHIT
    ImaTalk_SHIT 2 months ago

    Jesse weird Nigga

  • Sebastian Chaffin
    Sebastian Chaffin 2 months ago

    Bro lance Stewart's fans are delunsial to this guy. Check his channel and y'all will understand

  • Sis & lil bro
    Sis & lil bro 2 months ago

    Im cringing she hard!! I’m sorry but he’s u know, and plus why would he ask u if u and ant was “Just Friends” that’s pretty weird I’m just saying?!? And u know tried to kiss u that’s really to far, he definitely likes u as u know a bf?!? And he asked if Lizzy and Lance slept together, now THATS pretty weird like if u agree!!

  • Emily Pisani
    Emily Pisani 2 months ago

    Jessie made me so uncomfortable

  • anthony nguyen
    anthony nguyen 2 months ago

    Yeah mcjuggernuggets grow up dog

  • 0x_poisoned _x0
    0x_poisoned _x0 2 months ago

    this nigga werid asf

  • Matthew Crawford
    Matthew Crawford 2 months ago

    Jess I like lance as a youtuber but u actually say u love him wtf dude are u for real bro crazy shit

  • Aj Francis Cajes
    Aj Francis Cajes 2 months ago

    Lance is feeling so weird
    Bromance what the holy shiting fucker jesse

  • taco 123
    taco 123 2 months ago

    This dude be weird af.

  • Autumn Ludyka
    Autumn Ludyka 2 months ago +1

    bromance ?

  • Shay Alarcón
    Shay Alarcón 2 months ago

    *Fuckinnggg WEIIRRDD!* 🤨

  • Cris Cole
    Cris Cole 3 months ago

    Stay away from this guy

  • Jason Kirkby
    Jason Kirkby 3 months ago +1

    Dude at least Lance in polite and not being rude mad respect for that

  • Desired Gaming
    Desired Gaming 3 months ago

    Are those tattoos real?

  • Ninja Ninja
    Ninja Ninja 3 months ago

    lol Dog trying to dig through glass door on 5:04

  • YourBoy Gaming
    YourBoy Gaming 3 months ago

    i watched the og jesse or how ever you spell his name and he has gotten fucking weird

  • Hailey Parton
    Hailey Parton 3 months ago

    Literally hard to watch. Felt so embarrassed the whole time 😂

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez 3 months ago

    Lance can I beat the shit outta him

    BCW GAMER BCW PUNISHER 4 months ago

    The guy is so fricking werid af hes such an cringe werido

  • Makenna Kenya
    Makenna Kenya 4 months ago +2

    "Romance"? Did anyone else cringe? Bro, he's weird af. He also said "I'll take care of him" i was like omg. Can anyone else relate?😂🤔

  • phoebesss
    phoebesss 4 months ago

    when he said - “mums” ..😳😁... “i like mums” 😁🤫
    pedo much.🤣🤮 (ye ino it’s a joke all round)

  • Games All day
    Games All day 4 months ago +1

    Mc juggernaut is like oh I’ll take care of him if you know what I mean 🍑🍆 lance be careful he’s trying to juggle your nuts. Lance tell ant to sleep with one eye open.even I’m scared for him

  • Dakota Sangray
    Dakota Sangray 4 months ago

    Ya your so right lance about this dude being weird I am uncomfortable just watching this he is so jealous of you and wants your life so bad lol anyways keep making good videos I watch your videos every night after my kids go to bed

  • Via Carrillo
    Via Carrillo 4 months ago

    Lance he said the dogs are dead to u 😢😭

    LIFEWITHJAZMINE 4 months ago

    I think he's got the hots for u

  • James Jacobs
    James Jacobs 4 months ago

    That nigga really weird

  • Ella Rodgers
    Ella Rodgers 4 months ago


  • Steven Grisbach
    Steven Grisbach 4 months ago

    He is a fucking weird

  • Nikole Johnson
    Nikole Johnson 4 months ago

    You guys sleep together we could have a 3.o your family me and you

  • Nikole Johnson
    Nikole Johnson 4 months ago

    He definitely has the hots for you hint hint ;-) bromance, romance ,you can bend over there he said that at the door

  • Joshua Foopey
    Joshua Foopey 4 months ago

    You need to stop talking to this dude😂😂😂😂

  • Tara Isaacs
    Tara Isaacs 4 months ago

    Ok this dude is frickin annoying, but I’m the same one I think this is all stageddd

  • Caleb Eckenrode
    Caleb Eckenrode 4 months ago

    This dude is beyond awkward it’s hilarious

  • Maddy Theginger
    Maddy Theginger 4 months ago

    Lmao it’s a series

  • shakz man
    shakz man 4 months ago

    What the fuck bro

  • Adam Da sponge
    Adam Da sponge 4 months ago +2

    Before he meets the parents he's talking about living behind them and then saying "make it a three way, know what I mean" so weird like wtf

  • parker duet
    parker duet 4 months ago +2

    He makes me so mad 😡

  • parker duet
    parker duet 4 months ago


  • parker duet
    parker duet 4 months ago

    This dude is so f**king weird

  • Chelsea Michael
    Chelsea Michael 4 months ago

    He made me feel so uncomfortable couldn’t finish the video

  • ItzurgurlToxic Nightmare

    At least Lance can be himself at his own house.

  • Nicholas Cannon
    Nicholas Cannon 4 months ago +2

    Dude is super creepy!!!

  • woah
    woah 4 months ago +2

    9:45 eXcUsE mE?

  • Johnny Rodriguez
    Johnny Rodriguez 5 months ago


  • Johnny Rodriguez
    Johnny Rodriguez 5 months ago +1

    Bro he said can u ben Dover ohh no

  • King Sniper
    King Sniper 5 months ago

    I feel low key weird about him he seems

  • Tammy Rosenwald
    Tammy Rosenwald 5 months ago

    I'm a new subscriber

  • misty breeze
    misty breeze 5 months ago

    Ew what the hell is wrong with that guy? His so weird as fuck , i have never seen any human being like him i swear

  • Brianna N
    Brianna N 5 months ago

    *Cleao and Bandit

  • GingWITHaSoul
    GingWITHaSoul 5 months ago +2

    Jesse is the ultimate troll

  • Ashley Fauver
    Ashley Fauver 5 months ago +1

    Wait did he say bent over when you were walking out the garage?!?! Wtf

  • Ashley Fauver
    Ashley Fauver 5 months ago

    Ok so he's a fucking creeper Lance and I think he's a little obsessed with you "bromance" wtf is that?!?! I def think your family is on the right track with worrying just watch out

  • Faith Martinez
    Faith Martinez 5 months ago

    Did anybody else hear him say just bend over right here as Lance was walking out in front of him when they were leaving Lance's parents house

  • Kristin b
    Kristin b 5 months ago

    So sad that so many people don't understand the concept & humor of this lol.

  • Sapphires1985
    Sapphires1985 5 months ago

    I was gonna say nuggets or whatever the fuck reminds me of Tom Green but ya that's a insult to Tom Green🙄🤔😂

  • Sapphires1985
    Sapphires1985 5 months ago +2

    Creepy fucker...

  • Layne Francis
    Layne Francis 5 months ago

    Ur Grandmom tells it straight up😂

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez 5 months ago

    He doesn't like Lizzy because shehas his Crush

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez 5 months ago

    HE whats gum to kiss Lance

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez 5 months ago

    he likes lance

  • Joeker Shan
    Joeker Shan 5 months ago +2

    What a creep

    • KaiXninjin 7207
      KaiXninjin 7207 5 months ago

      Please stop saying mean stuff like that it’s just putting more hate into the world