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Bird karma

  • Published on May 7, 2017
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  • Js Est
    Js Est 2 months ago

    You must be this high to bird this ride

  • Ace Carlo Antolin
    Ace Carlo Antolin 6 months ago

    This guy might be the next Attenborough

  • JoeyIsKing
    JoeyIsKing 8 months ago

    First important videos,then web junk,then regret clicking this playlist,now kek me harder.

  • vytae9
    vytae9 8 months ago

    Have you tied living in Australia?

    FAKE NAME 8 months ago

    bird: dafuq is he driving? better go take a better look.... yep is a Honda... get him!

  • E Walters
    E Walters 8 months ago

    That was perfect.

  • Jeff Fields McCormack
    Jeff Fields McCormack 8 months ago +1

    Bird: 1
    Hippie: 0

  • Jayda Tiananga
    Jayda Tiananga 8 months ago


  • Diana Giles
    Diana Giles 8 months ago

    Haaaa bird season duck

  • Mutualist
    Mutualist 8 months ago

    Don't mess with birds!

  • Viral Clown
    Viral Clown 8 months ago

    Draw some eyes on the back of your beany

  • SJOB1563
    SJOB1563 8 months ago

    Is this in Santa Cruz, CA? Cuz this happens at the cvs in Santa Cruz to me lol

    • SJOB1563
      SJOB1563 8 months ago

      Trader Steve That's so dope haha. I work in downtown so I parked at Trader Joe's and while I was walking to work, that bird straight up dive bombed me 😂

    • Trader Steve
      Trader Steve  8 months ago +1

      SJOB1563 It is! Good eye.

  • Mick-Eric Boettge
    Mick-Eric Boettge 8 months ago +1

    "wow really? A little overly cautious I mea- WHOA WHAT THE"

  • Kenny Tee
    Kenny Tee 8 months ago +1

    So I guess he's Birdman now.

    743,931,012 views 8 months ago

    why y'all surprised come to Australia in spring time and you're gonna get swooped by some angry ass magpies which are basically the size of an eagle. everytime you pass trees in Australia they're gonna chase you down and swoop you. even riding a bike won't outrun them. once they spot you you're dead. oh and 5 minutes later you're getting swooped by these bastards again.

  • Celeste Lyons
    Celeste Lyons 8 months ago

    That's what you get for holding your phone vertically. TURN IT 90 DEGREES NEXT TIME.

  • Forexalised
    Forexalised 8 months ago

    magpies in Australia in their season attack people walking and riding bikes, killed an old guy once.
    This reminds me of magpies here lol

  • Serg Kaizen
    Serg Kaizen 8 months ago

    Its a 4 ounce feathered hollow boned bird not some 400 lb ape

  • ineedhealing
    ineedhealing 8 months ago

    This will become a meme, as everything becomes one

  • Pupper
    Pupper 8 months ago

    lol that was a pretty slow reaction time

  • TheCratsky
    TheCratsky 8 months ago

    Welcome to spring every year in Australia too. Magpies are such dicks.

  • M&M Knight
    M&M Knight 8 months ago +1

    Oh, I feel sorry for the guy. First, birds pooping on his car then got swooped by the bird.

  • Ronda Sheehan
    Ronda Sheehan 8 months ago


  • Mick Xsploder
    Mick Xsploder 8 months ago

    That smug bastard.

  • Ultraskyler
    Ultraskyler 8 months ago

    Follow up video?

  • Illn Incomplete
    Illn Incomplete 8 months ago

    So is this all truth?

    • Trader Steve
      Trader Steve  8 months ago

      Illn Incomplete it's true. All of it.

  • 0RiCeBuBbLeZ0
    0RiCeBuBbLeZ0 8 months ago

    This is so fkn funny.

  • Michael Jopling
    Michael Jopling 8 months ago

    I'll give you a lift but it'll take me a while to drive from the uk. So I'll see you in about a week!

  • Goku
    Goku 8 months ago

    This is actually a deleted scene from the original Independence Day, the crazy doctor before they found the aliens.
    True Story.

  • Casey Willette
    Casey Willette 8 months ago

    Fuck You TVclip you bunch of liberal corporate Jews you used to actually support your content creators but now you sweep them away #FuckTVclip

  • jop.033
    jop.033 8 months ago +1

    How is this in the trending

  • Smashingtacos
    Smashingtacos 8 months ago

    1920: I bet that in 2017 we will have flying cars
    2017: man gets attacked by a god damn bird

  • WholesaleTurbos
    WholesaleTurbos 8 months ago

    bird is fake, i seenthe fishing line

  • JinNOSify
    JinNOSify 8 months ago


  • Brobi
    Brobi 8 months ago

    Did you have sex with the bird

  • Musaddique H
    Musaddique H 8 months ago

    I came to the comments hoping for some more backstory... Thanks youtube comments!

  • Tᴏɴʏ Tσиу Cнopper

    Fake the bird is a paid actor

  • SAF1981
    SAF1981 8 months ago

    I don't get it, what happened?

  • Jellow Fellow
    Jellow Fellow 8 months ago

    stop writing paragraphs in the comments please, we want short funny comments

    PEPE PIG 8 months ago

    The internet was created for this

  • Sam May
    Sam May 8 months ago

    This is the stuff I want from TVclip

  • mihajlo525
    mihajlo525 8 months ago

    Bird terrorist prank gone wrong gone sexual gone good.

  • Cobra
    Cobra 8 months ago


  • World of Pixel
    World of Pixel 8 months ago +1


  • Angel of Lag ラグの天使

    *The start of roundabout starts playing* I see you over the--

  • lerigan
    lerigan 8 months ago

    Legit best damn horror movie of 2017.

  • Frédéric Chopin
    Frédéric Chopin 8 months ago +1

    Finally! A video that is trending worthy!

  • Dragon RageXD
    Dragon RageXD 8 months ago


  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 8 months ago

    what happen after lol

  • DiligentDrew
    DiligentDrew 8 months ago

    I miss videos like this.What happened?

  • DaSpoody [i make underrated memes n stuff]

    that smug bastard.

  • Grim Bones
    Grim Bones 8 months ago

    Bird just straight up Assassins's Creeded his ass

  • Dar Foggy
    Dar Foggy 8 months ago

    I thought dirty hipsters were at peace with nature 🕊?

  • David
    David 8 months ago +1

    Hes still missing to this day

  • StickMaster500
    StickMaster500 8 months ago

    Finally, some GOOD content on the trending page

  • Outfitted
    Outfitted 8 months ago


  • xLeafs2012x
    xLeafs2012x 8 months ago

    and that was the last time he was seen alive...R.I.P 😭

  • cry baby
    cry baby 8 months ago

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  • Alfie Trotman
    Alfie Trotman 8 months ago

    if this doesn't get featured in comment awards as a meme...

  • Hayel Serflisher
    Hayel Serflisher 8 months ago

    That's a lot of nose hair above your mouth

  • Zombiesize
    Zombiesize 8 months ago

    The new meme of the month

  • Sassy Q
    Sassy Q 8 months ago

    Cheep shot

  • YouTube Support
    YouTube Support 8 months ago

    That's the bird you had to kill that was sitting on lady liberty in GTA 4....

  • AnAsianbr0skii21
    AnAsianbr0skii21 8 months ago

    Birds III: Bird Karma

  • Amy Duong
    Amy Duong 8 months ago

    what a brave man

  • bobwong128
    bobwong128 8 months ago +1

    bird used aerial ace it was super effective

  • Daniel Yates
    Daniel Yates 8 months ago

    In bird culture, this is considered 'a dick move'...

  • Simply Marco
    Simply Marco 8 months ago

    you know what even though I knew the outcome of this video.. I still laughed at the end! OH SHI then the video ends! that's classic!

  • Amir4Tutorial
    Amir4Tutorial 8 months ago

    99% of comments are about how this should be what is trending on TVclip
    1% saying it's fake

  • Nora Lights
    Nora Lights 8 months ago

    Hope your head is alright!

  • Richie Casteel
    Richie Casteel 8 months ago

    Trader Steve is the man! If he can't do it no Juan can!

    BEN SAEED 8 months ago

    change your parking spot , you slow mother fucker

  • Herbert Taylor
    Herbert Taylor 8 months ago

    That man is evil. If the canary is dead get out of the mine.

  • heyits_ justine
    heyits_ justine 8 months ago

    Your family is next. Be ready

  • Daniel goose
    Daniel goose 8 months ago +2

    It was like the bird knew you were talking shit

  • Dantheboy
    Dantheboy 8 months ago

    He dead

  • 1XLAirJordanLX1
    1XLAirJordanLX1 8 months ago +1

    Keep this comment at an uneven amount of likes.

  • Caro PerRod
    Caro PerRod 8 months ago


  • Daniel Millage
    Daniel Millage 8 months ago

    Vertical videos must DIE!!

  • Peckham Chanel
    Peckham Chanel 8 months ago


  • Mahmud Balazi
    Mahmud Balazi 8 months ago

    "He's claimed my car"...LOL

  • Twenty4
    Twenty4 8 months ago

    That bird was like.. Stop filming me bitch iv just fuckin woke up.

  • Lone Elephant
    Lone Elephant 8 months ago


    DANKSON 8 months ago

    Bird: *i'm the captain now*

  • TheBadguy008
    TheBadguy008 8 months ago

    You look that bird dead in his eyes, and you announce to him, and all his little bird friends...."I WILL FUCK YOUR SHIT UP!" usually works for me.

  • Zencann
    Zencann 8 months ago

    TVclip is back! Finally...

  • Serenity Joy
    Serenity Joy 8 months ago

    Bird: Wait a minute, is he recording? Time to enact snitches protocol

  • pluperw
    pluperw 8 months ago

    can you eat pussy like that?

  • m I o . o I m
    m I o . o I m 8 months ago

    That's what you get for looking like an out-of-work Christopher Meloni.

  • BeatsFromDP
    BeatsFromDP 8 months ago

    Intelligent bird is sick of people filming in portrait.

  • Yaros Yari
    Yaros Yari 8 months ago

    ahahah. its your bird.

  • The Viewer
    The Viewer 8 months ago


  • Dannyrafo
    Dannyrafo 8 months ago

    Then why the hell is this called Bird Karma

  • Knight Lord
    Knight Lord 8 months ago

    that's crazy!

  • Jay Son
    Jay Son 8 months ago


  • No good deed
    No good deed 8 months ago

    we had a bush outside our house and this would happen every year...finally that bush had to go!

  • The Pesky Gnat
    The Pesky Gnat 8 months ago

    Bird is a savage

  • Joseph Conner
    Joseph Conner 8 months ago

    He's claimed my car

  • EthanTGY
    EthanTGY 8 months ago +1

    i like candy

  • Chilled Guy
    Chilled Guy 8 months ago

    That bird is a fuckin savage!