I Found A Strange Device In My Bag. My Mom Spies On Me!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
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    Hi everyone! My name is Jonah, I’m fifteen and here’s my story. I think I already know what to expect in the comments, so first of all - yes, I made some mistakes while all of this was happening. I can’t deny that.
    I live with my mom, and it has been like this for a couple of years, since my parents divorced. My dad moved to a place that his parents left him about 50 miles away from us.
    And I have always been fine with that - not that I love mom more, it just seemed to be the best option for everyone.
    My mom had a hard time with this psychologically at first, being really really overprotective and controlling me too much, but over time it got better. She still needs to know where I am during the day, and I'm OK with that, it’s way better than what we had before. It's sort of a compromise.
    But she still gets nervous if I forget about my phone for a while or change my plans. I know this is not normal for a parent, but, first - we are working on it, and second - I’ve heard about cases that are much worse than this.
    So this story began with a lie. I told my mom I’d be at school for the afternoon working on a school project with a couple of guys and our science teacher. But the real plan was to hang out with two of my friends at a shopping mall, like, to see a movie and so on. Yeah, I lied, since my mom thinks that hanging out like this is wasting time, and I had gotten kinda tired of these conversations.
    That day I forgot to charge my phone during the night. I thought I plugged it in, while I actually didn’t.
    Then when we were at the movies, the phone battery died. I noticed it, but I thought it would be fine, since mom thought I was doing research at school in perfect safety. After the movie we went grab a bite to eat . Meanwhile, my mom was already panicking. She texted me first, then she called, and I didn’t answer… After about an hour my mom had called our science teacher, who obviously didn’t know anything about “the project.” Then we stopped at my friend’s house, and I still didn’t bother to charge my phone… I sat down on his comfortable couch and… fell asleep. And I ended up sleeping for FOUR HOURS.
    So when I came home it was already dark and really late. I was expecting a disaster. My mom was in the kitchen crying, probably thinking I was dead. She must have been happy I came home, but she didn’t look like it. It WAS a disaster. And she wasn't even angry about me coming home late (well, not about at that), but at the fact that I lied about where I would be. “I can’t trust you anymore!” was a phrase she repeated probably a hundred times during that argument.
    After a few days the whole thing seemed to have been forgotten. And my mom didn’t even try as hard to control me as she used to! Like, she would even call less often during the day and I was totally fine with that. I was surprised, but I thought my mom was so shocked that night that it had a positive effect on her.
    So about two weeks after the incident, I was at school and during class I reached for my backpack to get an extra pen. My backpack has this huge pocket where I put a lot of useless stuff and I rarely open it. It’s a total mess and it’s hard to find anything in it right away.
    So, I’m looking for the pen that’s supposed to be there and I come across a small plastic device I’ve never seen before. And I had no idea why it was there.
    I googled the words and digits on the device and found out it was a GPS tracking unit. I was furious. This was just unthinkable. My mom was spying on me!

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    Subscribe to the channel for more real life stories and take care! I hope you guys never repeat his mistakes.

    • Patrick Wentzell
      Patrick Wentzell 5 months ago

      Well it sends a message to others spying on families members will cause lack of trust and it's not fair towards anyone so folks just don't do it like smoking cigarettes it's a very bad habit also an invasion of people's privacy

    • Lil' Miss Sadira
      Lil' Miss Sadira 7 months ago

      "Real Life Stories"... Yeeeaaaaahhhhh...

    • Tina chan
      Tina chan 8 months ago

      Stop acting like all of your stories are real 🙄

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      I_AM_BIRD_ GOD 8 months ago

      Okay sooOOOO if your older theN ZeRo thEn LiKe pLz 😝
      You guys need to stop your giving me cancer 😒

  • Fadhila Lucky
    Fadhila Lucky 20 days ago

    HUGE advantage of having mates a bit older than you, how people think you could only have friends exactly your age growing up it's crap. My once upon a time bff broke friends with me cuz of this and only just pretended to be friends to be nice and out of pity

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    His voice is like Of Black Panther( Chadwick Boseman )

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    I found a strange device in my bag

    Me: a bomb???

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    Manar Helaly 4 months ago

    Sometime we need to down our care for our children maybe this way will is the better

  • Ghøst๛Reaper
    Ghøst๛Reaper 4 months ago

    Well i can say my mom is pretty much the same...except the tracking device 🤷‍♂️...but she doesn't need it either,,,she has her ways of knowing everything 🤦‍♂️😂😂

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    That mother needs to cut the fucking umbilical cord and let the young man be independent.

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    This is stupid.

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    i thot it was a bomb

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  • Yasemin Pilavci
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  • emmy paw
    emmy paw 7 months ago

    Your mom wasn't spying on you she is just making sure you are safe at all times. You should always charge your phone amd tell your parents your real plans what if something did happen to you. It is not invading your privacy to make sure you are safe. Spying is a terrible word for this situation if you tell this story use a different word.

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    Amelka Kaczmarek 7 months ago

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