Everything From Dunkin Donuts Challenge

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
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Comments • 316

  • Nathan Figueroa
    Nathan Figueroa  Year ago +198

    Just to clarify, Livia picked my food and we filmed this video last week. I understand Matt Stonie did something similar to this video... honestly when I saw his I was like what the hell because this is straight coincidences 😂 nonetheless thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy ❤️

    • Molly Beth
      Molly Beth Year ago

      Who cares if similar people do similar videos. It's fun seeing different personalities step up to the food!

    • Brad Shaw
      Brad Shaw Year ago

      Nathan Figueroa FAKE

    • Golf Clash Ean
      Golf Clash Ean Year ago

      Nathan Figueroa hey why don't u do it live Nathan shout from Jacksonville Nate part notification shout!!

    • Joseph Thom
      Joseph Thom Year ago

      just wondering how long my name could be on here. So true

    • just wondering how long my name could be on here.
      just wondering how long my name could be on here. Year ago +1

      Sucks that you had to clarify this 🙄. Even if you didn't film this video last week - it's not like Matt Stonie owns Dunkin Donuts.

  • Joseph Stepp
    Joseph Stepp 4 months ago

    Apple fritter is a “Fancie” not a donut

  • Stephanie Stoven
    Stephanie Stoven 5 months ago +1

    I have yet to try Dunkin Donuts!! I need to drive to one soon! I think the closest is 40 min away

  • juliana mendez
    juliana mendez 8 months ago

    Lmao i wanna eat donuts nowww omggg

  • Gertrude
    Gertrude 8 months ago

    That woman really loves you. And she kept saying "every sandwich on the menu" I think multiple times as she wants you to recognize that she bought all that for you. Acknowledge it man! You are so broken as far as what women want. LoL.

  • martin Zhou
    martin Zhou 10 months ago

    livia looks so old for 22 years old. Really need to stop eating all these artificial sugar.

  • baraka flaka
    baraka flaka Year ago

    When i used to work at dunkins in high school I used to make myself double big and toastys... 4 eggs and like 15 strips of bacon with a large strawberrry coolata. Man I loved those days of being a fatass

  • AimGlee
    AimGlee Year ago

    “BAKCON” 😭

  • Sam Kim
    Sam Kim Year ago

    I like your content a lot! doesn't feel overly scripted and you have a v casual feel like how you ate one of the donuts before starting the challenge lol. Keep the good content coming homie

  • Mike Bromeo
    Mike Bromeo Year ago

    Hands down
    Favorite TVclip eater
    Umm numm numm numm

  • Joseph Stepp
    Joseph Stepp Year ago

    If you came into the Dunkin I work at, I would straight up slap you

  • Justice Linicome
    Justice Linicome Year ago

    Idk why but when they were showing the sandwiches close up I laughed really hard when I saw the little bite taken out of the sandwich by the donut box 😂😂(just real childish justice) lol

  • Yan Hakim
    Yan Hakim Year ago

    I miss dunkin donuts :( "running to my room weeping like a school girl" lol

  • Adrian Worrell
    Adrian Worrell Year ago

    Call it the "Egg DunkMuffin" lol

  • Courtney Wilt
    Courtney Wilt Year ago

    I usually don't mind but the chewing sounds seemed extremely loud in this video. 😝 Those shark sprinkles were extra crunchy

  • Nekusochan K
    Nekusochan K Year ago


  • Amanda Random
    Amanda Random Year ago

    Props dude, those sandwiches are DRY!!!!!

  • Cheryl Turnbull
    Cheryl Turnbull Year ago

    calll it dunka muffin

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago


  • Tyler T
    Tyler T Year ago

    "We got some eggs cheese and Bocon" LOL I almost nearly died from laughter😂😂💀

  • Cassie Autumn
    Cassie Autumn Year ago

    Lol you’re not the only one who thinks of every breakfast sandwich as an Egg McMuffin!

  • Christina White
    Christina White Year ago

    If u didn't talk so much while u eat it would be less tume to finish

  • meermd xD
    meermd xD Year ago

    That's diabetes

  • McKenzie Weyant
    McKenzie Weyant Year ago

    You and liv will get married some day, BET

  • McKenzie Weyant
    McKenzie Weyant Year ago

    You can edit mukbangs if you want nate!

  • Y L
    Y L Year ago

    can you rate every food that you eat in the video?

  • luvin lady
    luvin lady Year ago

    Why does your nose always get stuffy after eating? haha I really enjoy your contents😁

  • Molly Rose
    Molly Rose Year ago +1

    That thumbnail is haunting

  • kace bomboletto
    kace bomboletto Year ago


  • Angyyyee26
    Angyyyee26 Year ago

    Ok i change my mind, couldnt tell those were sharks! Id buy the blue donut just for that! Just dont like donuts with sprinkles to begin with. Im glad your stomach can handle all that

  • Angyyyee26
    Angyyyee26 Year ago

    Thats a terrible Dunkin. No chocolate honey dipped donut,just the best donut ever, no munchkins, muffins....that blue sprinkled donut looks gross!

  • Ryan Goad
    Ryan Goad Year ago

    U should come 2 Maine an do some challenges

  • Pvpplaymc - Minecraft And More

    1:55 were you bored and decided to play Fighterz?

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez Year ago

    how about having a second channel where you post workout and training videos? wanna see you squatting again like the old times.. I'm a bit O.G

  • Fuckk Google
    Fuckk Google Year ago

    McDonald’s got unnecessary advertising is this video lol

  • Calburd
    Calburd Year ago

    Wish there was a dunkin donuts in the UK

  • Zada McClendon
    Zada McClendon Year ago

    You're so awesome!! Next challenge should be everything from Panera Bread.

  • Ashley Delmonico
    Ashley Delmonico Year ago

    Y’all are so cute 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Jonas Kalstad
    Jonas Kalstad Year ago

    Livia is so cute😍

  • Brad Shaw
    Brad Shaw Year ago


  • HolyOrderOfThe66
    HolyOrderOfThe66 Year ago

    Please remove dumbo livia

  • Bklynz HDTV
    Bklynz HDTV Year ago

    What's up Nate, The Sweet Pepper bacon croissant sandwich is so good, you should try it.

  • Ron Morris
    Ron Morris Year ago


  • LaVell Williams
    LaVell Williams Year ago

    content is getting old and recycled ...let me guess...stop watching is going to be the response....say no more

  • Gina Grand
    Gina Grand Year ago +1

    Usually I really like when people talk during their cheat day videos. When you talk it become at times annoying and many times doesn't make any sense. Also you have too many opinions. Nice video though. Thank you! I gave it a 👍🏻

  • Jacky R
    Jacky R Year ago +5

    Spitting it all out again? 😑

    • BubNiGaf
      BubNiGaf Year ago

      Jacky R lmao if you're talking about vomitting it out then yes that's what your supposed to do

  • swtxmimii
    swtxmimii Year ago

    My boyfriend wears my shorts too! 😂😂

    MAGIC MIKEY! Year ago

    SMASHED and ENJOYED!... also what shocked me the most about this one is, you went to Dunkin Donuts, did the WHOLE MENU, but didn't get your favorite iced coffee?!? TF? hahaha Cheers brochacho

  • theresa austin
    theresa austin Year ago

    "Applefritters ARE filled...in my world" 😂😂😂❤

  • Intelligence
    Intelligence Year ago

    Barley got into this guy he should have a workout channel

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +1


  • Sean Kearns
    Sean Kearns Year ago

    Haven't saw Powerade in years u love that shit Nate.

  • Sean Kearns
    Sean Kearns Year ago

    A crossant burger that's madness lol America have some great ideas.

  • elfenmaedchen09
    elfenmaedchen09 Year ago

    Like you both together - that´s very entertaining ^^

  • Lenin Michel
    Lenin Michel Year ago

    egg MCmuffin from DUNKIN DONUTS... noice

  • Eurominati
    Eurominati Year ago

    Really hate all those bites before the challenge

  • mr smith
    mr smith Year ago

    Nate looks fat and balding

  • soody69
    soody69 Year ago

    I’m holding out for a good ninja shirt

  • Brent Corley
    Brent Corley Year ago

    Would have been hilarious if Nate was watching porn when Olivia opened the door

  • Hyder Hydra
    Hyder Hydra Year ago

    you missed a lot of food items that D&D offers what about the chicken Parm Panini or any of the lunch menu items???