THE FIRST PURGE (2018) Ending Explained

  • Published on Jul 11, 2018
  • The First Purge is the fourth entry in the Purge franchise, a prequel to the original trilogy showing us how the very first night of lawlessness came to be. Learn all about the story, how it fits in the franchise, and where things are heading next.
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Comments • 2 475

  • Oscar Ramirez
    Oscar Ramirez 5 hours ago

    The only thing I'm doing on the purge is raiding area 51

  • Molten Freddy
    Molten Freddy 6 hours ago

    Wonder why James DeMonaco never got the director’s chair of The First Purge.

  • TigaLiga
    TigaLiga 18 hours ago

    The tv: Its purge night
    me: *Sitting in my apartment watching movies on illegal streaming sites while i eat popcorn.* WOOOHOOOO PURGE NIGHT!!!

  • Moira C
    Moira C 2 days ago +1

    The very idea of a purge scares the crap out of me

  • Krishnan Arivanandam

    It’s aunt may

  • Myrna Laboy
    Myrna Laboy 9 days ago

    The ultimate study in fear and terror.😈

  • Just A Little Anxiety
    Just A Little Anxiety 10 days ago

    Think about it: tax fraud, pay a dollar for all your taxes so that you still paid at least... illegal immigration! Come to America and don’t deal with the a- uhh, the annoying people... hmm, what else... oh! Early Christmas “shopping”... having trouble with money? need I say more... just treating yourself like seriously makeup is effing expensive... basically only the screws loose/insane/chaotic evil people actually kill during the purge. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

  • macsmith2013
    macsmith2013 10 days ago

    If you want to see the best take on "purging", look no further than the corresponding Rick & Mory episode "Look Who's Purging Now".
    I'd take it over those shit movies anytime,


    They were white supremacists organizations

  • Arianna Joseph
    Arianna Joseph 13 days ago

    was that a scott pilgrim poster? im living for it

  • Jessica Raelene
    Jessica Raelene 16 days ago

    I'm curious, if the purge only lasted about 10 years, how did the senator loose her family 17 years ago, in the third movie?

  • Jamal Willis
    Jamal Willis 18 days ago

    So the movie was based in 2014 in movie time, but had songs in it from 2018...... so no one noticed that?

  • Gaming Freak
    Gaming Freak 26 days ago

    Who the fuck would want to save the people in a purg I don’t think she has brain

  • Tushar Gupta
    Tushar Gupta 28 days ago

    Way to go America 🇺🇸

  • Talking_Head 420
    Talking_Head 420 Month ago

    The first purge (white people bad)

  • Rodom87
    Rodom87 Month ago +1

    I get so pumped whenever I see new videos from FoundFlix I haven't seen yet! Keep up the good work!

  • DJ Does Dumb Stuff
    DJ Does Dumb Stuff Month ago

    Not gonna lie, this movie has one fundamental issue. Killing all the poor people will increase the cost of basic labor driving up the cost of literally everything. Aside from being totally morally fucked it’s an incompetent move financially.

  • BlueVoringFox Gamer

    And also another thing which i think glosses over people heads itd that all the leaders are black so it aldo has abit of racism in it

  • Ptoudmario 2
    Ptoudmario 2 Month ago

    The Purge: Year Of The Trump

  • A killer Gets bigger

    This is a fucking 12 hours of a PUBG server coming to life

  • mickeypoo305
    mickeypoo305 Month ago

    “Okay have fun!”

  • Blake H
    Blake H Month ago

    Flix keeps subtlety demonizing white people in these video.

  • Robin TheHood
    Robin TheHood Month ago

    So, the badass dude who kills all the militia in The First Purge is the leader of the resistance in The Purge: Election Year?

  • Thomas Palazzolo
    Thomas Palazzolo Month ago

    Wait, what's that awesome poster on your wall next to the door?

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 2 months ago +5

    The Purge:
    1. Deleting own student debt.
    2. Steal food

  • :P
    :P 2 months ago

    7:13 Have No Fear The FireTruck Is Here!

  • Having Tea With the Devil

    So you get 5 grand just for staying on the island and more IF you become more active? Ok just give me the 5 grand and I’ll stay posted up in a house for the night. I don’t have to participate, just give me the money. Plus i love how everybody just decides to go out into the middle of the street and party like it’s Mardi Gras, as if nobody is getting murdered. 😒

  • Where's the Freedom?
    Where's the Freedom? 2 months ago

    I still think the main idea is dumb. But entertaining nonentheless.

  • Daniel Leal
    Daniel Leal 2 months ago

    I honestly hate these SJW nonsense films

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson 2 months ago

    Wait cyborg.

    EUPHORIC Le-WiS 2 months ago

    I get watch porn legally

  • dan rentschler
    dan rentschler 3 months ago

    Did the tv series air already?

  • Travis Dillon
    Travis Dillon 3 months ago

    I always thought of The Purge as a way to make a siege movie like Assault on Precinct 13 work in the cell phone era.

  • Kaitlyn Knutson
    Kaitlyn Knutson 3 months ago

    this movie was cancelled when it revealed the fursuit partyers.

  • Sunset GamingXo
    Sunset GamingXo 3 months ago +1

    Is it in only in one country if so I’d move but if it was in every country I’d do something bad so I could go to jail that could be the safest place

  • Dan Cliffton
    Dan Cliffton 3 months ago

    where the hell is snake pliskin? oh wrong movie

  • Omiigee
    Omiigee 3 months ago

    Honestly I would just go find a small town and hide in a dumpster

  • Trophy Quest
    Trophy Quest 3 months ago

    All you have to do to stop the purge is to lie on your taxes. If the government isnt making any money like how they wanted the purge to do in the first place they would shut it down as it would have failed.

  • Mr Shelton
    Mr Shelton 3 months ago

    This movie pissed me off at first because they targeted black and brown people. But ended up liking it because the brothers got to kill Klan members and skin heads😂😂😂😂😂💣💣💣

  • James Hoekstra
    James Hoekstra 3 months ago

    Dude, did you even watch the movie? You have some things completely out of sequence. Dimitri and his crew were never going to leave the Island. When he had the meeting with his crew, it was suggested, and he said it was too risky and would make them look weak. And then you said his crew was taken out by drones, and THEN he learned of Nya being in danger. But his crew was taken out by drones AT Nya's why was he even there? Come on man, if you are gonna give a synopsis, at least get the order of events right. Otherwise it makes it seem like you didn't even see it. And if you haven't seen it, how can you break down the end of it correctly?

  • Lord AristoCat
    Lord AristoCat 3 months ago

    black people = good .... white people = bad

  • Leslie Sauceman
    Leslie Sauceman 3 months ago

    Anarchy is my favorite one as well.

  • MaharlikaAWA
    MaharlikaAWA 4 months ago

    The 5th movie should be "The Purge: Antifa Down" where everyone kills antifa members all over the country and take them all out.

  • MaharlikaAWA
    MaharlikaAWA 4 months ago

    The purge would end up just being mass shooter types and serial killers and rapists going crazy. And that is a small amount of the population. So you would just see tactical gear and not idiotic masks and costumes that would not help in a battle.

  • Hopkick -
    Hopkick - 4 months ago +5

    Imma just rob a few atm machines and I'm good

  • trashboat 598
    trashboat 598 4 months ago

    Lol every kid raised in the ghetto knows that the local crackhead would stay home do drugs and prolly just yell at people walking by LMAO

  • jhaz89
    jhaz89 4 months ago

    I like how the true message behind this movie is being ignored. The white male is evil and the white male run evil government is trying to kill black people. White American men are EVIL

  • Zach mind of rez is the best

    At 2:24 scared me lol

  • Edison DeLaCruz
    Edison DeLaCruz 4 months ago

    He explained almost all purge movies

  • Brian Hnatiak
    Brian Hnatiak 4 months ago +1

    I'ma go out on a limb and say that the original Purge movie was the best. With every subsequent iteration they just watered down the concept, which only works if everyone plays it completely straight. Lines like "I fully support your right to purge" or something to that effect really nailed it in the first movie.

    MALCATACORN 4 months ago


  • rabidsquirrel73
    rabidsquirrel73 4 months ago

    The problem with the purge is that with each movie they thrusted more and more current politics into it until purge three was basically "ORANGE MAN BAD, WOMAN PRESIDENT GOOD!" with stereotypical racist nazi confederates attacking POCs. It was the dumbest shit ive ever seen. The first movie was amazing. Leave current politics out of the movie. If you want politics in movies, create it via intricate worldbuilding, not copying what you see on CNN. You have people in this current movie that are white practically telling every POC to kill for money. Every time one of the controllers was shown they were white. Every person that was shown to participate in the experiment was shown in an interview was non-white. Then you had white guys go into a POC church and kill all of them in there.Then it turns into military white blue eyes blonde hair men going around killing everyone in the projects. Did I mention they are wearing arm bands and the lead guy is wearing something akin to an SS outfit? So this movie is stating that white people are evil. Fuck this movie, fuck the director, fuck everyone who thought this was good. If it was opposite on races this would of been the most racist movie ever made.
    Shit is obviously racebaiting. .Not a single person taking shelter in the church is white but POC. Not a single good person was white. This movie is anti white and massively racist.

  • JG Studios
    JG Studios 4 months ago

    Purgers Unknown Battle Ground

  • fatsun8
    fatsun8 4 months ago

    If you haven't watch this movie yet, don't! Its a waste of time. This movie sucks so so bad.

  • Jell-o E
    Jell-o E 4 months ago

    Why are they focused on just murder?

  • otter sir otten
    otter sir otten 4 months ago

    The Hero in this Movie is a Drug selling Crime Lord

  • crtgvhjuj
    crtgvhjuj 4 months ago

    honestly i would commit white collar crimes such as credit fraud

  • Avian Lord
    Avian Lord 4 months ago

    The Purge: Trying to figure out if Dimitri is the main girls brother or ex

  • Dominic jonez
    Dominic jonez 5 months ago

    If they wanna end crime legalize escort services and one will ever be miserable ever ever again.

  • Matthew Lightwood
    Matthew Lightwood 5 months ago

    "Murder some poor people" There are more poor people than rich people. EAT THE RICH

  • Matthew Lightwood
    Matthew Lightwood 5 months ago

    Also, can I just say thank you for this series? I never have the courage to watch the actual horror movies, and what you do makes the story less scary to me, so I can feel like I've watched it without actually watching it, you know? This way I know the story without getting scared outta my boots.

  • Matthew Lightwood
    Matthew Lightwood 5 months ago

    asdfghjkl "My kind of crime"
    Yeah I'd do something like steal ice cream lmao

  • Seth DePhillips
    Seth DePhillips 5 months ago

    Did you notice that all the homeless people are black

  • Dan Crandall
    Dan Crandall 5 months ago

    God forbid the purge was real but im only killing if it interferes with my acquiring of money on that night. Leave me alone, I leave you alone

  • MaliVinnyB
    MaliVinnyB 5 months ago

    The "PURGES" of Tasmania,(Thus,"Lord Tasman",the "Salem Witch Trials," (America,)the Stalinist Purges, CAMBODIA,Red CHINA, the "Spanish Inquisition" The CONGO,(Thus,Cecil Rhodes..)Philadelphia,Tulsa,Oklahoma, the "TRAIL of TEARS",America...AUSTRALIA,Palestine, Argentina,(Ongoing)..the German "Holocaust",(And I DON'T mean "Jewish")..."Truth in Plain Sight"!! Need I say MORE????

  • MaliVinnyB
    MaliVinnyB 5 months ago

    PROFITTING off of STUPIDITY,the TRUE "American" WAY!!

  • Yorkee Shinkurea
    Yorkee Shinkurea 5 months ago

    So this is how fortnight started

  • OJ MTB
    OJ MTB 5 months ago

    If the purge really happened I bet we'd spend more time stealing stuff and sleeping with minors than murdering,ya feel me?

  • sub ste
    sub ste 5 months ago

    How is this not demonetized

  • A piece of Fruit
    A piece of Fruit 5 months ago

    I would just steal a bird really-

  • JusFactz25
    JusFactz25 5 months ago

    I would love to purge

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 5 months ago +1

    Can we talk about how badass demitri was in this movie (at the end of the movie)

  • LittleBlu Sofia
    LittleBlu Sofia 5 months ago

    Which purge movie was your favorite?

  • Try to say Dick Cheese without laughing

    I want the new PUBG mod

  • Quan Daniel
    Quan Daniel 5 months ago

    Can you do the tv show?

  • Carlos
    Carlos 5 months ago

    this movie sucks

  • Skyler Spence
    Skyler Spence 5 months ago

    I like the 1st movie the rest of them was crap

  • Rohan Dela Rosa
    Rohan Dela Rosa 5 months ago

    imma put this in for fun
    the purge: hack-purge
    purge people are now hacking without any trouble, stealing money,hacking the goverment and even programming robots to do their bidding which is probaly going to get out of hand. Plus the robots cause lots of damage

  • MrNewmann
    MrNewmann 5 months ago

    Purge 5: Throwing toilet papers at the white housr

  • Turtle Master 24
    Turtle Master 24 5 months ago

    The Canadian Purge:
    Not holding the door for someone.

  • Six Beer Math
    Six Beer Math 5 months ago

    and then we all wonder why blm thinks they should try and murder cops. Who could have guessed with crap movies like this

  • TDArulesclub4
    TDArulesclub4 6 months ago

    I absolutely love how when people are "legally" allowed to kill, the first thing they do, is party. Just, crazy partying, not giving a shit about life.

  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson 6 months ago

    this movie was shit and didnt fit into the timeline at all

  • Kavidu De Silva
    Kavidu De Silva 6 months ago +4

    Why doesn’t anyone rob a bank or something
    PS: I haven’t seen the movies so if there’s something against that plz tell me

  • Lunna Locca
    Lunna Locca 6 months ago +12

    Soon as the purge goes off I’ll already be in the bank lol

    • rewester17
      rewester17 Month ago

      I would get a gas mask, bow, backpack, and a knife/flashlight.

  • Food Service
    Food Service 6 months ago +1

    If The Purge was a game oml

  • Shelli Blossom
    Shelli Blossom 6 months ago

    your shiry dont work well on a camera

  • Shelli Blossom
    Shelli Blossom 6 months ago

    the purge seems more and more likely something like this will happen if the dumbass president doesnt change

  • American Tom
    American Tom 6 months ago +26

    The Purge is just an exclusive Fortnite Battle Royale mode

  • Courtney Baltezor
    Courtney Baltezor 6 months ago

    I hope that this never happens in real life I be dead

  • Patrick
    Patrick 6 months ago +2

    You saved me money thank you.

  • Blake Crochet
    Blake Crochet 6 months ago

    Ehh the last two just seemed like a sjw soft porn written by that BLM wigger Shaun king.

  • hayden symonds
    hayden symonds 6 months ago +1

    Does the purge mean prisoners can escape?

  • Jon Paul
    Jon Paul 6 months ago

    This movie was racist as fuck! And destroy this franchise. Pro black anit white bullshit

  • Day Cg
    Day Cg 6 months ago

    I’ll grab my shotgun and my revolver and my fire axe.......

    For defense

  • OneClickMan
    OneClickMan 6 months ago

    The whole idea of the purge is false. How is killing the workers supposed to get the economy going up ? The purge is to be done to the rich ones. The ones that didnt actually deserved their money if you want to put it in more simple turns as opposed to how much work they provide. If a guy invent something yes he deserves it. If a guy only owns money cuz he is working in a company that deals with others money then well he isnt exactly productive in my eyes. Same as actors and shit. As much as i enjoy them , being paid millions upon millions is kinda ludacris but i get it. Or lets say sport starts yeah , some of them are filthy rich not cuz they deserve the money for their value of work input but simply thats how the system is done. If people like you and enjoy what you do u get fame and money and it doesnt rly matter if your input to economy is none or you dont even produce anything material for mankind. We tend to value more the entertainment over the material stuff that is produced and thats why we are in a fucked up place in our current history. I dont richshame or some bullshit im just sayin that my point of viewe is a lot different than what is actually happening and i hoped i could change it atleast in my dreams. Not a hate comment just a comment with some ideas in it .

  • Big Luke Nj
    Big Luke Nj 6 months ago +1

    Am I the only one that noticed all of it was white people killing black people

    • otter sir otten
      otter sir otten 4 months ago

      And the Protagonist is a Drug selling Gangster Boss...

    • EmiNem Nem
      EmiNem Nem 6 months ago

      WWIII has begun!

  • Carlos Silvério
    Carlos Silvério 6 months ago +2

    trump's first political wave.