The Economics of Inequality- The Gender Pay Gap- Part 1

  • Published on Feb 8, 2017
  • Why do women make less money than men? Is the gender pay gap a myth? Are women being descriminated against since they only earn about 80% of what average men earn? These are great questions.
    In this video, I share four reasons that economists give that explain why women make less money than men.It turns out that it has a lot to do with their choices and preferences. I've included links to articles, studies, and the data below. Thanks for watching.
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Comments • 246

  • Adam Nazifi
    Adam Nazifi 2 years ago +169

    Turned off my ad block, refreshed the video so that i could watch your ad for you to make money so women could complain more

    • Burrito& Beans
      Burrito& Beans Year ago


    • Mourning Star
      Mourning Star Year ago

      @Zealous No, they're rapists

    • riverw007
      riverw007 Year ago

      Zealous Neil No, just the opposite really. They use the issue to cut women out of the pack get them to drop their guard and prey upon them. Male feminist is pretty close to a synonym for sex predator at this point. It's a very easy way to get into a woman's orbit.

    • Jordan Shepherd
      Jordan Shepherd 2 years ago +2

      Yeah, it is. And when you insult people through blanket statements, they shut down and you lose any chance you had at educating them.

    • Adam Nazifi
      Adam Nazifi 2 years ago +2

      That ignorance is widespread and pushed thought out the world, I know there are females that dont give a crap about the pay gap, they might not be in the majority but their voices are loud

  • Valentin strauss
    Valentin strauss 6 days ago

    Just so you know, that 80% stats is based on median salary without taking into account the degrees, experience, etc so thanks for sharing that much bs

  • Andrew Hoff
    Andrew Hoff Month ago

    There is NO gender “wage” gap.
    The most overlooked issue with this discussion IS the name “gender wage gap”. It’s called a “wage” gap but that’s NOT what it is. It is a difference in EARNINGS between men and women. If you use the term “gender wage gap” then you’re already referring to the situation inaccurately.
    So the question is... why do women, on average, EARN less? Women EARN less than men for a number of obvious reasons that are completely natural and serve useful functions;
    - Women have children and leave the workforce either temporarily or permanently (which is perfectly natural and often preferred by the parents). When they return to work, it is often part-time and not full-time.
    - Women usually choose lower paying jobs working with people. Women choose these jobs because their natural psychological interests are generally more geared toward people and social interaction. Studies from early childhood development show that these interests and choices are biological and are not a product of upbringing and socialization. However, jobs that involve people, like healthcare or education, are less stable and predictable when it comes to scaling pay, generally resulting in lower paying positions - on the contrary, men generally work more dangerous and physically demanding jobs using objects, tools, or materials, which are more scalable in relation to pay. Men choose these jobs because they are naturally inclined to work with things (as opposed to people). Again, studies in very early childhood development show that these interests and choices are natural and come from our biology as opposed to how we are brought up and socialized.
    - Women typically work less hours than men for a number of reasons, some of which were previously briefly mentioned.
    - Women are less likely to ask for raises because they’re typically more agreeable and less assertive than men. That’s not an insult, being more agreeable than men is inherent to female nature and serves evolutionary purposes that are associated with childcare and nurturing.
    People who study economics, some basic math, psychology, sociology, and anthropology find none of this information new or surprising. So then why is it such a cultural phenomenon that seems to be dividing men and women from one another? Answer; politics.
    Which is why, in the 2016 US presidential race, the Democratic presidential nominee would consistently OPENLY lie to the world about this fake gender pay gap injustice against all women. Might it have to do with manipulating people (women mostly) to get votes while generally demeaning, blaming, and casting men as the oppressors of a patriarchy? WAKE UP people. The fate of or civilization WILL NOT fall to this resentment-based ideology.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago +1

    used to only watch this guy for my ap macro class, now I watch this dude in my free time.

  • HandsOffStalker
    HandsOffStalker Month ago

    Why does men so scared of feminist lol. They're just a weak creature. No need to scared of us lol

  • Bia Pac
    Bia Pac Month ago

    Man, just a correction: It was one of your points that women should be encouraged (or sometimes pushed) to participate in stem fields. The academic literature says though that increasing bio-demographic diversity decreases team performance.

  • Duncan Jones
    Duncan Jones 2 months ago +1

    I live in Australia and at the primary school my Mum works at she told me that the male teachers with little experience get paid more than their female counterparts with a lot more experience because they are not many male primary school teachers. Do you see this as inequality or basic supply and demand where a product high in supply (female primary school teachers) is inevitably worth less than its scarcer equivalent (male primary school teachers). I don’t mean for this question to be offensive in any way.

  • Hao-Rong Leung
    Hao-Rong Leung 3 months ago

    Great video mate

  • Bateman61405
    Bateman61405 5 months ago

    People need to look up the definitions between wages and earnings before believing this gender wage gap bullshit.
    If a mans hourly wage is $50/hr and his female coworker, whos doing the same job, also is paid $50/hr. THEIR WAGES ARE THE SAME!!!
    But if the woman only works part time and the man works full time plus overtime, the man will EARN more during the year than the woman will BUT their wages are the same
    The wage gap bullshit wants u to believe that a woman is paid a lower wage for the same job just because they are a woman. They conflate wages and earnings which is dishonest.
    This is not true people
    Get ur heads out of ur asses

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 8 months ago

    This is a lie. Females in most area, gets paid more then men but works less hours.

  • dvg fgt
    dvg fgt 8 months ago +1

    Female environmental biologist/biotechnologist student. I am not worried about the gender pay gap. I paid attention to what the world needs at this time. My degree is the fastest growing career in the world but not many students choosing it. I am very positive regardless of my gender.
    My mum is a computer scientist, she makes more money than my dad, she is rich.

  • Kaoutar NAKOUB
    Kaoutar NAKOUB 8 months ago

    thank you so much that helps me to much for my research about this subject

  • Nicole Tingey
    Nicole Tingey 8 months ago

    Total myth pay gap does not exist

    • UndertaleSkeleBros
      UndertaleSkeleBros 8 months ago

      Ehhh more like doesn't exist like how the feminists want it to

  • Mona Moore
    Mona Moore 8 months ago

    *from 1900-2000 women financial Independence was like 1- 5% in 100 years ..from 2000 to 2020 every 100 rich men there are 10 women rich so you can't deny that fact the modernisation helpd women to get in entrepreneur world*
    *In east women work in technology in building structure in eary tough jobs like men FAO said 80% of poor people not children not men not old people they're women FAO UN also confirmed 90% of worker in clothing factory farming land recycling technology or garbage are women so stop laying* *Pride kills your manhood and your humanity*
    *I'm bank manager my salry is $80k a year but my male friends in the same job with the same degree with same year experience he make $160k a year*
    *I can't respect you if you don't respect my rights... flapping that as if world against you and give you half what I get ..or imagine if you been a women come on be a fair*

  • Janez Drča
    Janez Drča 8 months ago

    Only one fact: The company is based on the idea of ​​creating as much money as possible with the lowest input. Here in my head come question arises why then there are not many unemployed men? And then a company employed only women if they are paid less for the same job. I ask someone to explain this because I'm too stupid to understand this.

  • anita dervishi
    anita dervishi 8 months ago

    ok so if women get paid less for the same job than wouldn't all workers be females?
    if i were to hire a man for 5$\h or a woman that does basically the same thing for 3$\h than i'd have to be dumb to choose the man. unless of course the man does his job way better and faster.
    which leads me to believe that there is an earning gap.

  • anita dervishi
    anita dervishi 8 months ago

    ok so if women get paid less for the same job than wouldn't all workers be females?
    if i were to hire a man for 5$\h or a woman that does basically the same thing for 3$\h than i'd have to be dumb to choose the man. unless of course the man does his job way better and faster.

  • zariyah allen
    zariyah allen 9 months ago

    ❗❗!PLEASE READ!❗❗
    You cant compare a school teacher and a tech scientist they are going to make a different pay, because they are doing different jobs and work for completely different companies and sadly the demand for a tech scientist is larger than for shcool teachers so whether it is a man or women in either role... the tech scientist will make more money because their demand is higher. The gender inequality pay gap is about .....say two pizza delivery drivers one man one women and the man gets paid 1.75 and the women 99 cent (tips dont count because it is up to the buyer) for doing the same exact job and vice versa that is the income inequality gap. When the employer discriminates the workers from one another because of their gender and pays one higher then the other and one way lower than the other. In summary : 2 workers same job opposite genders one gets paid more than the other because of sex discrimination and one lower for the same reason. Get what im saying👍☺ hope you do

  • hedgehogs_ftw
    hedgehogs_ftw 10 months ago

    Correct, many career fields that women pursue are low paying, in part because "women's work" is undervalued.
    And it's hard to say that women "voluntarily" don't pursue or continue to build careers in STEM when there is SO MUCH systemic barriers for them. Trust me, I know. I'm a woman aerospace engineer. It's not easy. We have to work way harder to overcome those barriers and many of us leave because of it. Most women don't stay in STEM fields nearly as long as men due to discrimination and harassment.
    And yeah, raising children gets in the way too, because employers don't accommodate for parental care enough and women's careers often suffer due to societal expectations to take up primary childrearing duties. Also, employers are less likely to provide father's parental leave than maternal leave, which sort of forces women to pick up the slack. It may seem like no one is forcing us to do that, but you can't completely ignore the influence of societal expectations.
    So basically what I'm getting from this is that the pay gap does exist, just not in the way you think. All of the things you've described are systemic barriers to women making more, not "choices" that we've "entirely voluntarily made as individuals." The facts may be right but you're not seeing the big picture here.

  • M I
    M I 10 months ago

    Great video Clifford. Need more like this.

  • Marcel Booth
    Marcel Booth 11 months ago

    Interesting how he has to put all the caveats in there and pictures of all the girls in his life… So he doesn’t get totally roasted for denying the feminist gospel

  • 신ellie
    신ellie 11 months ago

    U need to approach why women "voluntarily" choose a less paid job. Is it really "voluntary"?. I graduated from women's high school. In the 2nd year of the school. we choose classes between literature, sociology-oriented class, and math,science-oriented class. what do you think? majority of women chose sociology class? no! almost half. even math class has more student. Then, why in the end, when they decide a major, they gave up math and science that leads to high income. because women know they can not survive with that jobs which are alredy male dominant. And parents and teachers recommended us to become a teacher or nurse. because they thought we can survive with those jobs which women would not be kicked out of those jobs when they get married or pregnant. Gender pay gap does not happen just because of biological interest difference. It is because of Strong human suppress weak human. Strong human already set a cartel among them n refrain weak human from joining in their space. Some men are barking against women. cause they think the gender gap issue is men vs women. but inequality issue could be poor vs rich, elderly vs young people. or on the racism, on disabled people. People are not just fighting for all the same. I saw a stupid comment saying why bus drivers from Greece and Africa get paid differently, OMG... we don't leave in a globally integrated communism society. Things we need to focus on is removing inequality on the opportunity. If a woman is smart enough as a man, she should have the same opportunity to become a leader. If a handicapped person has the ability like a non-handicapped person, he or she could have an opportunity for the same job. If a different color skin person could have the same skill, the person should not be prevented from joining in the company. So, I hope men realize it is not women vs men. U guys also could fall on any weak human group that is discriminated from the strong group. Please wake up!

  • Palo Grande
    Palo Grande 11 months ago +1

    If women earn less than men doing the same job, why do companies hire men and pay more?

  • Rocío Arias
    Rocío Arias 11 months ago +1

    Ok a dad could be a lawyer and not want to work all this hours too

  • Devery Waples-Johnson

    i learned so much from this video thanks for helping me with my project😀

  • pongo and mila
    pongo and mila Year ago

    long story shot, I love you, man. I could use some hard facts like this to shut up some people i know.

  • Merna Fekry
    Merna Fekry Year ago +2

    but that does not explain why there is a pay gap between a man and a woman doing the exact same job!!
    why does a male teacher earn more money than what a female teaches does? no one is saying why a female teacher gains less money than a male scientist!!

    • zariyah allen
      zariyah allen 9 months ago

      Exactly thank you jacob didnt cover this topic that well

  • Neha violet
    Neha violet Year ago +5

    I'm a feminist and this is a seriously under rated video.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    What family responsibilities???
    Modern women don't handle responsibilities, they have privileges and MEN have that burden of responsibilities.
    I really love my workplace as it has no females, no drama, no feminazis... only meritocracy.
    Females should try meritocracy, it will teach them A LOT!

    • On SB
      On SB 2 months ago

      Well so you hate women, to bad, stick with your boyfriend and all will be fine.

  • N J
    N J Year ago +5

    Men should make more money since they are the ones who almost always pick up the bill. Whether iit's a date, a gf or a wife men are almost always opening their wallet while the woman sits there as if she's entitled.

    • On SB
      On SB 2 months ago

      Most husbands and wives have joint accounts so the money comes from the same place.

    • Princess Emerald
      Princess Emerald 9 months ago +1

      Women pay more for healthcare and clothes. Can you carry an baby 9 mos. Push out a 9 lbs. baby? Stfu. Nurses and teachers matter, too! 😤

    • sm mm
      sm mm Year ago +2

      hahahahaahahaha amen 😂

  • Ewan Rushmere
    Ewan Rushmere Year ago

    Watch milo

  • Ewan Rushmere
    Ewan Rushmere Year ago

    Yh actually that 20 percent less than men is not true

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith Year ago +1

    How about if a few women start businesses and pay their female employees whatever they want? Suggested research question: Do firms with women CEOs pay their female employees more than firms with male CEOa?
    If women get $.79 for the same job for which a men get $1.00 I’ll hire only women and, with lower labor costs, I’ll run the firms with male employees out of business. If many firms do that then the increased demand for female employees will cause their wages to rise.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin Year ago

    This video is propaganda. Women, who are not in the top 10% or earners make more on average than men. Why? You may ask. Social services provided by the government stolen from men pay women way more on average. Women who take care of a family also make money, from their husband. Do you really think that all the money a man gives his wife doesn’t count? After adding these two factors, it becomes clear that on average, women make way more money for less work.

    • Chris Martin
      Chris Martin Year ago

      Women are more privileged than men. They are taken care of by society, family and friends their entire life. What happens to a women when she doesn’t work, she gets taken care of. What happens to a man, he becomes a homeless hermit. Gender inequality, thy name is feminism.

  • MrJohndl
    MrJohndl Year ago

    Women don't want to do men's jobs. They want pleasant, easy occupations that don't require working night shifts, outside, getting dirty etc. That's why they get paid less. I suggest listening to Professor Jordan Peterson on this topic.

    • zariyah allen
      zariyah allen 9 months ago

      And plz dont use stereotypes for both women and men thx btw plenty of women work "dirty" or third shift jobs. Plenty of men do the opposite. And both men and women can be evenly mixed in jobs.

    • zariyah allen
      zariyah allen 9 months ago

      Thats untrue theres no such thing as men's work or women's work
      There is just work.

  • Last Calibear
    Last Calibear Year ago

    Great job sir, all of the possibilitys of the cause none of the bullshit propaganda statistics. Yes it exists, but it's very very small

  • Joseph Cleath
    Joseph Cleath Year ago

    there is a girl in my math class who is a total bitch to the teacher and always screws around

  • Lucas Williams
    Lucas Williams Year ago

    Your conflating wage gap with earnings.
    If a business owner could really pay a woman less than a man with the same qualitative value then women would be the only ones getting hired since they are "20%" cheaper input costs.

  • Middle America
    Middle America Year ago

    reason 1: women not only choose less paying college majors but when they choice the same field they still choose less paying degrees. the majority of brain surgeons are men and the majority of pediatricains are women. Both are doctors but guess which one gets paid more. not only that but pediatricains that work in a hospital get paid differently that ones that work at private clinics. it does not just stop and start with the degree.
    reason 2: it is not any companies responsibility to take care of your kids. no one starts up a company with the aim of taking care of your family. are you saying men don't have families and responsibilities? or that men get paid for their kids or responsibilities at home?? his second point makes no sense.
    reason 3: when does a company say that they are going to give raises for just the hell of it? you think they want to pay anyone more? women not negating for more money is not discrimination but the lack of girls doing their part. do all these women have no good men in their lives to help talk to them about how to handle this or do women not even care which is why we have a man talking about this instead of a woman?

    reason 4: why do companies even hire men if they can pay women less? it is also illegal to pay someone less based off of sex, race, national origin, genetic coding, religion, or age.(in other words, you can not discriminate someone from something they have no control over, the exception is religion) this guy is either a liar or an idiot. here is a video that better goes over this.

  • John R. McCommas
    John R. McCommas Year ago

    The fella puts feeling over logic when he says "They both have good points". In fact they both don't have good points. He was right and she was wrong. No two ways about it. If two out of 100 who apply are women, its not the fault of the person doing the hiring he or she isn't hiring more women. If there are five slots open at best women will only get two of them and more realistically they probably won't get any unless they happen to be the best qualified.

  • John R. McCommas
    John R. McCommas Year ago +5

    The people the feminazis really have a problem with is other women who put being mothers first. They hate them and it must drive them insane they can't say so. What is more even the narrator errors in that you can't make sweeping generalizations such as his claim that "in a lot of ways women are better than men". He is trying to be diplomatic perhaps but that contention is just as wrong as saying men are better than women. It all comes down to the individual in each and every case if he or she is more this or less that. For a better explanation about this much exploited issue, check out this video.

  • Sujay Bhowmick
    Sujay Bhowmick Year ago


    • Marcel Booth
      Marcel Booth 11 months ago

      They don’t do it better. I coparent my daughter and I’m better at some things and her mother is better at other things… And nothing to do with gender. Both parents can bring great things to the child. You just have to be caring and patient. Nothing to do with gender at all. Amazing how, as a primary care giver and a male, I draw from skills sets my mother had and also from my father… to give the best my child

    • Sujay Bhowmick
      Sujay Bhowmick Year ago

      Bro ? It's called social media. I'm not your kid or pet that you will teach me how to talk. ?Every one can keep an opinion. Including you. But you can't tell people how to speak unless it's violating the guidelines of TVclip. Or it's insulting your race or gender.

      I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT! Year ago

      Life Is Hella Strange Still there's no need to yell!

    • Sujay Bhowmick
      Sujay Bhowmick Year ago

      I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT! I'm a guy .

      I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT! Year ago +1

      Life Is Hella Strange Theres no need to scream ma'am.

  • Luis S.
    Luis S. Year ago

    That's what men charge women for letting them go first when the house is on fire or when there is a hostage situation and for choosing less demanding jobs that do not involve engineering and for paying them the movie tickets, etc. If women want the same salaries as men there should not exist any benefits for them.

  • Maxwell Klinger
    Maxwell Klinger Year ago

    Given that a teenage boy was able to kill 17 people in a few minutes and an adult female shooter only managed to shoot herself and wound 4 in a near half hour....Doesn't that pretty much explain the wage gap?

  • Michael Archbold
    Michael Archbold Year ago +1


  • L4SERB0Y
    L4SERB0Y Year ago

    Why would women want to work more?... like really why would women want to spend less time with their kids? Whats so great about work if your partner is prepared to do it for you?

  • Kaycee Jane
    Kaycee Jane Year ago

    I agree with everything he said but I have also heard stats saying that women earn less FOR THE SAME EXACT JOB which means not only is she making less than the guy who got a promoted over her, she is also getting less than the guy she is working alongside with. How much of that do you think is gender discrimination and whether its blatant. Also, like mentioned women take on more of the workload at home or with kids. How much of that is societal pressure and men taking things for granted as they are and how much is it women voluntarily choosing family over work and putting this pressure on themselves (altho obviously the two feed into each other)

  • A one legged man
    A one legged man Year ago +2

    women are just better child carers. it's a biological fact. babies are meant be fed by mothers.

    • Marcel Booth
      Marcel Booth 11 months ago +1

      That’s completely false. Any intelligent parent can give to a child. There are droves of studies on this. It’s only gender defined because people believe it is.

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell Year ago +4

    The pay gap is a myth it doesn’t account for any other variables like overtime and asking for raises which men are statistically more likely to do

    • JimTheBeast
      JimTheBeast 2 months ago

      where is your source? im just curious

  • 738polarbear
    738polarbear Year ago +17

    95% of dangerous jobs are staffed by men and men die 12 times more than women at work .Not because they are more careless but they do harder more dangerous jobs .Why dont we talk about that shit?

    • Princess Emerald
      Princess Emerald 9 months ago

      Nursing saves lives. Teachers raise a new generation. And who raised those males who grew into men? Women. Stfu. You don't push out a 9 lbs. baby.

      KNOCEANMUSIC Year ago +4

      Because it doesn't suit the victim narrative many cling to.

  • the one
    the one Year ago

    so we can switch gender roles? so a company needs someone to put in long hours at office for a company breaking deal. who do you pick a man or a pregnant women? a woman is pregnant 9 mth out of 12 month year then gets 2 months leave after baby.. so one full month of hard work compared to 12 mths from a man.. a woman with no kids makes same per hour as a man ..

  • Jack liu
    Jack liu Year ago +1

    Part 4 did they send the resumes to a variety of different places/jobs/occupations cuz I think women will get offered more in some areas and men will get offered more in some areas

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee Year ago +2

    There is an earning gap and not a wage gap. Also, on your #1 reason, equality of outcome is still unfair.

  • MixedReadings
    MixedReadings Year ago +1

    The CV part is directly related to your point about family and hours worked. A man who applies is more likely to work more hours for the company and less likely to take time off to raise a family.
    It’s not difficult to understand.

  • TH3RN
    TH3RN Year ago +1

    21 feminists watched this video

    • On SB
      On SB 2 months ago

      Wow surprise surprise and other women hater.

  • I. Ron Nick
    I. Ron Nick Year ago

    Good video. You explained it waay better than the vlogbrothers.

  • Barney Wobba
    Barney Wobba Year ago +5

    Why should women be better represented in IT? If they don't want to do it, why should the state make them? All these things achieve is to push men out of jobs they want to do to artificially put women in. Gender quota systems in the workplace are not a way to make a happier or more productive society/workforce. You employ the best people for the job regardless of male or female. To do otherwise is retarding your businesses productivity. To say they would make better products by employing women is not true. If it was then they would.

  • Dave Cullins
    Dave Cullins Year ago

    Selecting women rather than men as your co-workers just solely based on their gender - how is this not the definition of sexism?

  • Dave Cullins
    Dave Cullins Year ago

    As a political scientist, you're told that we do not discuss whether something is right or wrong, but whether it's effective or not for what you're currently trying to do.
    There's no such thing as an inheriently "good" policy or an inheriently "bad" policy. It's only effective or not effective at what the politician in the beginning tried to accomplish with the given policy.

    • Marcel Booth
      Marcel Booth 11 months ago

      Political scientists arent scientists

    • Dave Cullins
      Dave Cullins Year ago

      You're a SCIENTIST.
      Scientists don't say whether gravity is good or evil, they just say that gravity simply exists, and then they proceed to tell you how it works.

  • TheRealSapster
    TheRealSapster Year ago

    The Australian Publuc Service recently released a report called "Going blind to see clearly" (it can be found online). It found that blind shortlisting - removing all information from applications which identified race and gender - resulted in more men being invited to interviews. As a result, it discouraged blind recruitment because without it there was a clear bias toward women and especially indigenous women.