Predators Engineers & Aliens - COMPLETE Timeline

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • The complete timeline of Predators Engineers and Aliens.
    There are major plotholes if we are trying to connect predator and alien canon such as David creating xenomorphs and Weyland being alive AVP so I’ll briefly mention how these plotholes can be resolved and for the detailed explanation check out my previous video Did the engineers creat the predators. So given the fact, all 3 species exist in the same universe, here is the complete timeline of everything that happened so far on the screen.
    3.2 Billion years An extraterrestrial race the Engineers arrived on Earth and created life using a mysterious substance, which is supposedly the blood of the first deacon according to the early Prometheus script.
    2 996 BC
    The Predators, another extraterrestrial race arrives on Earth and teaches humans to build pyramids. as a result pyraminds are built all across the globe in the next centuries.
    It’s highly likely that Engineers created Predators as one of their experiments with the black goo.
    0 BC Engineers prepare to launch A ships filled with pathogen ampuls to derstoy life on Earth but the infection gets released and kills the engineers on LV223. On the top of that according to the early script, engineers decided to destroy humans because of the crusifiction of Jesus who was the last hope of humanity to stop being a violence race.
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    Brother, you make being a science fiction movie nerd sound interesting.👍

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    I wish there was more info on the engineers

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    Yea so I’m AvP they talk about how the newly discovered pyramids predate the Mayans and Egyptians making it a lot older than 3,000-2,000 BC

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  • richard darville

    really bad timeline... as the first real alien is created by the mix of the "octopus from Elizabeth Shaw" with the engineer DNA...

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    nice vid...thnx

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    David created them all

  • DiscoDashco
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    You wanna make a profound statement like that? You’d better be making a THOROUGH, verifiable video on how Blade Runner is the same universe.

  • Dylan Marshall
    Dylan Marshall 2 days ago

    Why would Weyland activate his personal david 3 years after David is released commercially? those dates should be swapped i think.

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  • La Ki113r
    La Ki113r 2 days ago

    Because of what!? Jesus?? Wtf no that's not why there was two engineers the originals and the proto engineer. The proto engineer didnt like the fact that the originals made humans. But in reality they didn't. So the proto engineers decided to kill off the humans. 9:23 wait .. no the black goo do not have xenoph DNA the black goo just weaponized DNA to make oganenizam much deadlier.

  • Mystery box
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    thanks for all the info man great vid!

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    predator 2 was the last decent predator movie.

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    Brilliant video. Fascinating to hear the connection and also to understand the films more.

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  • Joshua Preston
    Joshua Preston 2 days ago

    I have got it sussed what if the predaters are the Engineers soliders!! So they are the good guys wanting to get rid of the aliens and that explains why they look for strongest dna to improve there own dna!! And thar also explain why the engineers always fail on there own. As they need there army to get rid of the aliens. Also explains why thet want to wipe out us humans because of david!! If you like my idea email me

  • Kirdell Suraz
    Kirdell Suraz 2 days ago

    So which means theirs many more parts to come out lol

  • Zoundshine
    Zoundshine 2 days ago

    If someone finds this video in 10.000 years, they may think it actually happend and start writing a book about our "history" and people will share it and teach the children about the Engineers, Predators and Aliens. Later they will gather in the house of faith and believers on Sundays.

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    Reddead1275x 3 days ago

    So everyone gets caught on which one came first. The chicken, or the egg.... I just wanna know, what comes first for aliens? The spores, eggs, facehuggers, xenomophors, or xeno Queen? I'm all sorts of confused there

  • Steven Ciechan
    Steven Ciechan 3 days ago

    The different types of Ways the black goo mutates is very interesting, in Alien 3 the Alien mixes with a Dog instead of Human.

  • Steven Ciechan
    Steven Ciechan 3 days ago

    Alien Movies and the whole franchise is awesome and by far one of my favorite movie collections!

  • Chris Wages
    Chris Wages 3 days ago

    how peter between 2004 and 2012 look the exact same?

    • Chris Wages
      Chris Wages 3 days ago

      not to mention he was 14 in the year 2004

  • Steven Ciechan
    Steven Ciechan 3 days ago +1

    This is an absolute awesome explanation of everything that has to do with Waylen industries and Predators. You are very correct sir! I am now subscribed. Great Narration

  • Not _Applicable
    Not _Applicable 3 days ago

    Did he just mention jesus into a fictional movie timeline of horror

  • Rrlke
    Rrlke 3 days ago

    I always tought AVP and Prometheus where self-exclusive, thats why I whatched the vid in the first place. Producers have no respect for fans nowadays...

    • Rrlke
      Rrlke 3 days ago

      Actually since Alien 1 producers never really had respect for their audience lorewise

  • Allan Holmes
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    Thank you that was amazing!!!!

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    Sorry, but no - Predators were officially removed from the Alien canon.

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    I had no idea blade runner was part of the aliens universe.

    • DiscoDashco
      DiscoDashco Day ago

      J, Williams it isn’t necessarily. The narrator pulled that out of his ass. Any signs of evidence are just symbolic, no actual, tangible, visual, or verifiable references. Symbols are NOT allegory.
      I could tell in his tone there was a lack of complete confidence in what he was saying, like he knew he was peddling BS.

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    "somehow scar was impregnated". wow a decade old fucking movie and there is uncertainty on how the hybrid was created.

  • Paul Mbulawa
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    Please make a full movie of this video, this is very interesting because as you were pointing out how these movies are connected it's mind blowing.

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    You are a nerd
    No one here in California gives a damn about timelines of movies filmed at Warner Bros. Studios . You actually take the time to put all this bullshit together they’re movies entertainment

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    AvP is not Alien canon. /end

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  • gamephreak5
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    "The Engineers want to destroy humanity because they killed Jesus Christ, humanity's last hope"'re saying the Engineers blame Jews for killing Jesus and want them all eradicated for it? For being the "god" of Mankind, that's pretty anti-semitic of them.

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    You should do a timeline including the comic books, games etc

  • Marty TDD
    Marty TDD 6 days ago

    Too much back peddaling. The spin off movies ruined everything plain and simple. No point trying to make everything fit, it still doesn't make sense because the origonal idea of these Predators and 'engineers was that they were their own spieces. Look how different and massive the dead engineer was in the origonal Alien movie from 1979. And the idea that the engineers made Predators just takes away what Predator 1 and 2 were all about. Better off just ignoring this video and enjoying the origonal movies for what they are.

  • RelaxingFamilyPlaces
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    Hey Alexa: Tell me about when you survived AVP

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  • FromLake
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    Well... it's a stretch.
    Avp is not canon. Much better. David created the xenomorph. Much better.
    Engineers create humans. Humans create Androids. Androids kill Engineers. Androids create Xenomorphs. Xenomorphs kill Humans.

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    The way how I can see yautja becoming fully canon to the alien universe while they being advanced is this.
    Long ago they were created by the engineers like humans. The yautja were physically stronger and better suited for labor work the engineers could utilize. Yes it’s possible engineers can have slaves considering from what we seen they were a big empire and all empires regardless of race will always think of having lower class/primitives as servants for the worthy/smarter class. So yautja slaves do labor work or as assistants to them to test out new inventions they make or become experiments for it. I eventually the Yautja became more intelligent and fought back against their masters using their strengths and knowledge gained from testing/making weapons to fight back like the cloak, sensor mask, wrist blades and blasters. In time they became the warrior race they are. Potentially the ritual they have to send newly matured yautja out to hunt strong game is make them skilled go one day prepare for war if they attempt to fight the engineers and conquer their empire. Note: all this set like hundreds of years before Prometheus begin. If utilized today they know the engineer empire is weaken and prepare their move, meet humans and eventually meet David. David becomes fascinated with them and agree to “help” them go only use his xenomorphs on them to see how they fight and eventually capture one, impregnate it with a facehugger and create the predalien. The yautja later realize he is a threat and now they got a bed enemy being the xenomorphs infestation that can threaten their ppl.
    Yautja will eventually team up with the humans since they have common goal and getting rid of engineers but also need to destroy the xenomorph threat. David and his xenomorphs want to ingest everything and evolved with engineers wanting to wipe all lesser beings they know.

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    I BELIVE THEY ARE TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING!. everyone believes either in aliens, anunakis, or demons, all stories coincide in some way but the one with the most Significance is the anunakis mainly because we have historical scripture about them in great structures that we wonder how past civilizations built... they also talk about the predators going to Antarctica to activate something... if you didn’t know Antarctica is kept in complete secrecy by the governments of the world because of the Antarctic treaty, which was enacted on 1959 2 years after E. Byrd’s follow up expedition on peration high jump, which he claimed to have found lands bigger than the United States and he followed a supposed 11,000 mile ice wall for 60,000 miles and he said it kept going, so why are they hiding the size of Antarctica? What are they hiding in Antarctica?

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  • John Smith
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    I have been interested in aliens for many years. The Prometheus movie in particular is slightly based on theories that aliens created humans like test tube babies. There is sufficient evidence that aliens came to Earth a few hundred thousand years ago and genetically modified Homo Erectus or another pre-human to create Homo Sapians. Some people call this "intervention theory" and it gives creationists and evolutionists middle ground.

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