Rick and Morty: The World Hates Smart People

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Go to NordVPN.com/thetake to get 70% off a 3 year plan and use code THETAKE for 4 additional months free! | Through the character of Rick Sanchez, Rick and Morty asks us: Why does the world kind of hate smart people? Is being smart a blessing or a curse? In this video, we explore what the show has to say about intelligence, both in its own universe and in ours. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/thetake
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  • The Take
    The Take  27 days ago +85

    Go to NordVPN.com/thetake to get 70% off a 3 year plan and use code THETAKE for 4 additional months free!
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    • zerooskul
      zerooskul 8 days ago

      "I create all that is good and all that is evil, I bring forth all that is light and all that is dark. I, thy Lord, God, do all these things."~Isaiah 45:7
      This Bible verse negates everyone's ideas about god and devil, good and evil.

    • rockets4kids
      rockets4kids 10 days ago

      @IpilotAnEVA The key was very much active when it was hacked 18 months ago. But the real problem is that they didn't disclose it when it happened. LOL if you trust them to be honest that no information was taken.

    • IpilotAnEVA
      IpilotAnEVA 11 days ago

      Mike Nisan it was hacked but no important information was taken. It was an expired key so the most people can do is set some fake vpn to sell to people

    • Mcstikman
      Mcstikman 13 days ago

      I guess when they throw money at you, you can't help bout spout nonsense about a product. Yes read off that script and and bury your dignity for a few dollars

    • rockets4kids
      rockets4kids 17 days ago

      Oh, the irony.

  • Kazimir
    Kazimir Minute ago

    Smart people tend to change things. People hate change

  • Chris Akins
    Chris Akins 9 hours ago

    Only intelligent people can see the Earth is flat!

  • Cri Dr
    Cri Dr 11 hours ago

    be smart, google "nordvpn hacked"

  • Neek'lahs
    Neek'lahs 13 hours ago

    I only know that in most cases intelligence not controlled by a moral system triggers hedonism and psychopathy, which is not bad, it simply does not fit into the socially desirable.

  • Calvin Bottoms
    Calvin Bottoms 14 hours ago

    Girl: "No one likes people who know everything."
    Me: "Don't you think I know that?"

    HOSSEIN HJ 23 hours ago

    Smart people are happier
    Because they understand nothing matters
    They don't spend their time worrying about trivial things, which is the main cause of misery

  • Giulia Belluci
    Giulia Belluci Day ago

    Rick is in the autism spectrum for gods sake! Don‘t you guys listen while watching Rick and Morty? No he doesn‘t lack emotional intelligence. His brain just doesn’t process incentives empathic but systematic that’s why he seems „cold“ to emotional human beings but he isn’t. He‘s just a neutral person. Females tend to have empathetic processing and men systematic processing. That’s why there’s always problems when they are communicating doesn’t mean their views are invalid. Rick has basically an extreme version of a very systematic incentive processing - that’s also why he‘s such an amazing scientist. He‘s made to solve problems - only thing that matters to him. And yes people like that are definitely misunderstood and have a lot of problems in society - as you can see in the fkn comment section!

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo Day ago

    I'm a 23 years old Northern-Eastern Italian Inventor & 3d/CAD Designer.
    Somewhat of a real Life Rick Sanchez...
    However being extremely smart is not a good thing for our sense of Happiness and Life Satisfaction.. simply because you see all around you how dumb the humankind is. And you can't do anything about it without having to resort to an obscene amount of violence.
    Cough.. cough.. like A. Hētler did.
    He was a Genius, and we Geniuses can't handle human mediocrity. They have to be purged and punished in a way or the other.

    SPECTRE Day ago

    The worst thing about being intelligent is awareness.
    Lack of awareness is why lesser minded individuals are able to achieve happiness on a more consistent basis.

  • TricksnTraps
    TricksnTraps Day ago

    emotional intelligence = cope for normal people with low ambition. Really its not that hard to learn or to fake. Come on now, lets be real here...

  • win don
    win don Day ago

    dude is more ego than intelligence though

  • Daaiya Connors
    Daaiya Connors Day ago

    So sad deep conversations will be lost oh well such is life rest up they will need us soon.

  • Gabi Cionca
    Gabi Cionca Day ago

    I'd want to say that dumb people are a lot more annoying when they think they are smart, but I can't
    I can't say that I'm smart
    Because mostly I'd just go back to that category
    I always say that I don't know anything
    So, if I'm dumb, no one cares
    If I'm smart, no one cares

  • Chaun Lee
    Chaun Lee Day ago

    “Damnant Quod Non Intelligent” smh

  • Rafael Orona
    Rafael Orona Day ago

    I think is also smart that for people’s sanity to just don’t consume yourself in deep thoughts all the time. Age and death are the two things we won’t ever win against and at some point you just understand that you’re here for a brief period of time and instead of living miserably you just start searching energy and happiness.

  • rahul B
    rahul B 2 days ago

    This was stupid. Intelligent people dont drink at all. Because they know the harmful effects. My uncle works for a nuclear reactor. He never drinks. He already learned that small things gives happiness. Drinking doesnt help at all. He is great father. He always enjoys his time with family and he is smart af.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 days ago

    People with a limited or average intelligence are intimidated by people with a greater grasp on there surroundings. Being a sheep is easier than expanding your knowledge.

  • Good Playlists
    Good Playlists 2 days ago

    Smart people usually literally make more money ... so there’s that ...

  • madwilliamflint
    madwilliamflint 2 days ago

    This is complete horseshit.

  • Goth Sloth
    Goth Sloth 2 days ago

    Look where “being smart” has got humans. The world is polluted, weapons are capable of destroying the planet, killings happen over fuel for the endgame of comfort and convenience. Maybe the smart thing to do is conceal your knowledge or not have any at all. Crocodiles and cockroaches are doing pretty well and for all we know, they don’t know fucking anything.

    • cameron taylor
      cameron taylor Day ago

      Exactly, because there is nothing smart about humans... we are literally completely unconscious, we are sleep walking, the shadow has complete control over the mass population of humanity, even the people at the top are completely controlled and just playing their role in this sick nightmare hell we call human civilization, their is without a doubt a satanic unseen demonic force that is controlling our world, it is The ego, the self, the I am that I am, the human mind is nothing but a collection of ABC,123 it doesn’t exist, it’s a phantom, a ghost, a demon possessing the body, all in order to maintain “the system” of slaves and masters, it’s the free Masonic occults, the hierarchy, the PYRAMIDS... everything goes back to ancient Egypt... if you stare into the eyes of king Tutankhamen death mask it will unlock the unconscious mind, it will give you the “all seeing eye” to see past the illusions of our world... the truth is that man is nature, and the only true way to happiness is to be fully responsible and create everything that you “own”, that is why everyone is depressed and lonely and selfish and obsessed with shopping, entertainment, sex, drugs, philosophy, science experiments, tech start ups, etc...we have no responsibility and are completely disconnected from nature and animals, when a man grows his own food, and has a garden to tend to every day that is a man creating his living soul, when a man has a dog, or a cat, or a sloth, or a Lama, or a pig, or any other animal or insect or plant or anything of nature to take care of, that gives man fulfillment and contentment and purpose and meaning, it is only the artificial concrete and metal synthetic and scripted reality of the free masons that is hell on earth, where everything and everyone is acting out a role using each other by performing some duty or task or job as a payed wage slave to another man...

  • Mystery
    Mystery 2 days ago

    Where’s all the ENTPs?

  • Zachary Funderburk
    Zachary Funderburk 2 days ago

    😂 clinton to smart to get elected try to evil

  • my name is eric
    my name is eric 3 days ago +1

    Thus spoke Zarathustra

  • King Luigi
    King Luigi 3 days ago +1

    Wrong. The world hates entitled pricks. Rick thinks being smart allows him to be one and that is why the universe doesn't like him.

  • NoNameNoMore32871
    NoNameNoMore32871 3 days ago

    It's just a cartoon. It's not that deep.

  • Norbert Horn
    Norbert Horn 3 days ago

    argument agnist god existence are metal illness caused by intelligence

  • Tim Hens
    Tim Hens 4 days ago

    Hey where did mortys head shape come from (round compared to oval. Ricks wife?)

  • Tim Hens
    Tim Hens 4 days ago

    Lol I'm a pickle when I feel like it lmfao

  • Tim Hens
    Tim Hens 4 days ago

    Or in other words, ignorance is bliss!

  • laShanta Curry
    laShanta Curry 4 days ago +1

    This video makes me consider it feeds into the mythos if tortured genius. That being smart or extraordinary destination you to being misunderstood, mental health problems and poor interpersonal relationships.

  • Tyler Shook
    Tyler Shook 4 days ago

    Don't idolize things we make up.

    KENYGAMER302 4 days ago +1

    This video is the equivalent of being so jealous of something that you try to find the negative things in that so you can feel more superior

  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller 4 days ago

    The thing lady said about knowing 40k words and being around who knows only 10 words is stressful or boring. Holy hell thats so true and ive never thought about it

  • Shnobbs Studios
    Shnobbs Studios 4 days ago

    I almost puked when they said Obama and Hillary were smart 2:15

  • Genalation
    Genalation 5 days ago

    God standard is the only standard in speaking of absolutes

  • Asw Steven
    Asw Steven 5 days ago

    So why be smart lol the shit is not a choice if only it were.

  • Wehinmi Kanyi
    Wehinmi Kanyi 6 days ago

    Suddenly, channels are doing rick and Morty episodes

  • Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala

    Glorifying weakness is what feminist protesting for "safe spaces" do.
    Those idiots too dumb to see they can trip and snap their necks in those "safe spaces" too, idiotically killed like the universe they are just like that, ugh.
    They also attack the strong, calling it "toxic masculinity". Slave morality 100%

  • Rompelstaump
    Rompelstaump 6 days ago

    While I agree with you premise...the world hates smart people...(people who think about things on a deeper level)... I hate the first bit of evidence provided with a burning rage...
    Those news headlines about Obama and Hillary causing Trump (because they were too smart) were the dumbest fucking things I've ever seen. Sure Obama and Hilary are smart. However they both used their brains to royally fuck regular Americans by offering political half measures or just straight up bowing down to the criminals ruining regular Americans' lives. Obama had a goddamned MANDATE to throw the BANKSTERS in prison for the mortgage crisis they caused with their fraudulent bundling of bad securities with good ones. Hilary has always been a fucking tool. Just google the Clinton Foundation. How about her deep connections to the Jeffrey Epstein case? Fuck you, only an idiot would use that as proof that the world hates smart people.

  • Shenanigans JuniorPaul
    Shenanigans JuniorPaul 6 days ago +1

    they said society way too many times

  • ShadowBandit39
    ShadowBandit39 6 days ago

    It's very hard being smart and being useless. That's quote by Jordan Peterson, which I think it's interesting because I feel it applies to Rick. As Rick goes on the adventures so he can do science but we're never told or given reason to why he does everything he does. What's his endgame for all his knowledge and science experiments. He can't find a purpose or a reason to exist, hence his depression.

  • Nathan Schwabenland
    Nathan Schwabenland 6 days ago

    the very same thing with me and my family trying to understand me

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam 6 days ago

    Many smart People have the Problem, that "normal" Humans dont understand them and cant relax when they talk because they dont know how to communicate their Feelings. When you have an extreme logical Mind, you have Problems, because Feelings dont act logical. This resolutes, that many smart People are displayed as arrogant, mean, unsocial and dont have Empathie.

  • Kevin Y
    Kevin Y 6 days ago

    If the world had more thinkers than followers then they might actually overcome corruption in government.

  • uziXwraith
    uziXwraith 6 days ago


  • Beeph
    Beeph 6 days ago +1

    Stop trying to "break down" Rick and Morty and just enjoy it's pure awesomeness. You're welcome.

  • Denysbga Astorga
    Denysbga Astorga 7 days ago

    Everyone is smart. It's laziness that won't allow most to be smart.

  • Just a person
    Just a person 7 days ago

    Nothing matters in the grand scheme, but are you a grand scheme or are you a tiny part that means nothing to it. It is all perspective. If something means something to you that is all that matters, because what your environment is your universe your town, or your neighborhood ect. Something that matters to you matters to you because they are a big part of you.

  • Luisa
    Luisa 7 days ago

    As I grew up I've been told many times by adults I was smart and wise beyond my age. I always doubted it though, especially since I started studying environmental sciences in college. The kind of intelligence that is valued in this field is to be able to come up with a step by step solution to an environmental problem. That solution is going to be submitted to some illiterate politician asshole, who's going to decide whether to implement it or not, based on completely arbitrary factors like popularity or the economy or something. That's not really my natural way of thinking and I can't help but feel dumb and incompetent whenever I'm in that environment.
    At the same time I feel alone and misunderstood because I can grasp some universal truths that other people can't, or won't understand.
    I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense. I'm drunk, I know you random guy who's reading will understand. I hope you're alright

  • kt sqrz
    kt sqrz 7 days ago

    ENTPs know that life

  • Emily Thomas
    Emily Thomas 7 days ago +1

    This is the first time i've seen nihilism as accurately represented. Good job guys. The universe may be devoid of meaning but that doesnt mean we cannot generate it

  • Alchemistic Academician

    The problem isn't 'dumb people who think they're smart', like the comment section is patting itself on the back for saying. It is pretty accurate that the majority of the world does not reward superior intelligence unless it is accompanied by some valuable qualification or social contribution. People get on with like-minded people, and being smarter than everyone else would put you outside of that category. Not only that; like Rick, you will constantly be shining a light on the banality and meaninglessness of everyone else's problems and concerns, just by virtue of maintaining a higher perspective, which will have people see you as an insensitive prick. This happens if intelligence is paired with honesty, and they usually go together. As someone with the deeply thought through philosophy on life, you would find it unnecessary to be liked by everyone, and therefore would be more honest with people. You've been taught since childhood that nobody liked a smartass, and most people carry this over into adulthood. These people are what make up the society that judges you for challenging their conventions via your original, critical thinking. Of course smart people don't get their due. Especially if they are generally intelligent, but without a pointed ambition to gain an accolade that society respects (like a PhD), which many critical thinkers are.

  • Bernardo Ferreira
    Bernardo Ferreira 7 days ago

    smart people are not all the same

  • Lone Voice
    Lone Voice 8 days ago

    This was your best episode.

  • Fares Khemis
    Fares Khemis 8 days ago

    am sick of all ppl thinking they are smart ...and trying to prove it ..its depressing!

  • Lil Orphan Funkhouser

    Is it just me or does this channel fr have the "Telemundo" sign

  • tom black
    tom black 8 days ago

    The church clearly points out that if u r intelligent then u r the greatest threat ...unless u do everything they say/think ....and that’s just fucking stupid

  • Valerian Takashi Seethaler

    Rick & Morty is more pseudosmart. (Which for sure does use real smarts as source material.) Intelligence has nothing to do with a lack of empathy or a lack of the skill to cooperate. It also does not equal with nihilism automatically. It's more a cliche of a smart person.

  • Ryan Mims
    Ryan Mims 8 days ago

    Rick and Morty is constantly about IQ vs EQ. Rick has a very high IQ but a very low EQ, which is why he's cruel and why people don't like him. It's not just because he's smart.