Noam Chomsky - How to Deal with the Trump Presidency


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  • Agora1
    Agora1 4 days ago

    Goddamit, I hate clapistan.
    Let the man speak, stop making monkey noises americunts.

  • Plant Maven
    Plant Maven 8 days ago

    Ironically, our Eurotrash ancestors were the worst immigrants of all times.

  • steve b
    steve b 16 days ago

    These philosophers going all wrong with every success trump is making to make every American great again, of course.

  • Ron Hahahaha
    Ron Hahahaha 25 days ago

    Amid a wave of scandals involving rape, sexual assault and harassment, famed linguistics and world affairs professor Noam Chomsky of MIT has been accused by three women of harassment.
    Nora Whitmeyer, a former student and subsequent librarian in the linguistics department, reported that Chomsky repeatedly whispered the phrase, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
    Abigail Summers also reported that the professor repeated phrases in her ear, including, “Case by case, we find that conformity is the easy way, and the path to privilege and prestige; dissidence carries personal costs.”
    They said it drove them insane.
    A third woman, who requested anonymity, stated that in 1955, when Chomsky was only an assistant professor, stopped her in the library and asked point blank, “What is the difference between Continental liberalism, English liberalism, and Old Whiggism?
    One cannot fathom what type of psychological impact this would have on any of us, but few people can withstand that kind of pointed aggression for very long. We have tried to get a statement from professor Chomsky but it is extremely difficult to get around his schedule of naps.
    MIT has declined to comment at this time.

  • Lorenzo McNally
    Lorenzo McNally 28 days ago

    There is no greater example of a Marxist sociopath Narcissist
    than Noam Chomsky. He predicted EXACTLY this same end of the World
    garbage on Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party.
    Absolutely the biggest blowhard for Socialism, a
    massive De Constructionist with severe
    nihilistic tendencies, a classic Maoist semantic, mesermizing
    millions into a Stockholm Syndrome of imminent capitalist
    and always environmental disaster.
    Pick up any fugue state dialectical mass murder
    tome of Noam Chomsky and go to the
    bibliography and notes.
    Witness the endless page after page
    quotes of his very own previous words and books
    as if source and corobboration are one and the same, himself.
    Him and Joseph Campbell are next to the
    $1 Billion CITIZENS UNITED BANKSTER "library" man,
    Barak Obama, the
    biggest semi Faust intellectual
    snake oil vipers for $ dollars, since the Marxist
    Pablo Picasso with his pockets stuffed with ENDLESS $100 bills
    from evil capitalist art millionaires.

  • john miller
    john miller 29 days ago +1

    Chomsky paints too rosy of a picture of the progress we are making as a society. Trump was elected because the liberal left, a party I had been part of for almost 60 years has become hopelessly corrupt. Trump was elected because something was needed to stop the ungodly corruption in the left. And the fact that Sanders decided to support Hillary after she had put a knife in his back showed me what he was made of. Anyone that thinks change can be made within a totally corrupt political system is a fool and part of the problem. The lesser of two evils is still evil. No one ever seems to think about that.

  • Cre8Thought41
    Cre8Thought41 Month ago +2

    We've dealt with pretty lousy Presidents since Reagan. Republicans and Democrats have failed the US citizens and they caused the Trump phenomenon. Trump represents the frustrations people feel towards career politicians which can be taken care of by term limits. No more career politicians.

  • Colin Shaw
    Colin Shaw Month ago

    Undeveloped human beings,are sound asleep dreaming their awake,not any human being posses courage intellegence,and strength of itself, impossible,humans cherish knowledge which is merely ideas and thoughts ,the nature of thoughts and ideas is inconsistent and formless because they change moment to moment,many thousands of times per day.reallity however is beyond mental ideas and planning which falls apart consistently.if society knew the way mentally intellectually as these people are speaking from pure ideaology evidence would suggest an intellegence outcome which there never is.the human of itself will never know, what the higher reality of the entire universe must first introduce to us and guidance us to without any human interference of any kind at a

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman Month ago

    Professor Chomsky is like Bernie Sanders---he spends his days thinking about how to make the oppressed less so. A great man.

  • charles clement
    charles clement Month ago

    Less taxes and more tuition is going to feel good during the first Trump Administration.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Month ago

      charles clement Trump's upcoming conviction for tax evasion is feeling pretty good right now!

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox Month ago

    I don't dispute Chomsky's points, but there is another factor to consider. After WWII, the industrial nations were in ruins having been bombed or fought over for six years. The sole exception was the US. There was a delay switching from wartime production, after which US industry could sell anything unopposed anywhere in the free world. It became fabulously rich. With the American pie expanding, workers reaped the benefits. By the 70's, Germany and Japan in particular had recovered to the point that US industry had real competition, particularly as US wages were higher. When the Japanese faced greater production costs 15 years later, they began opening plants in other parts of Asia, then South America and Europe, so too did the Germans. US manufacturers in the 70's were not smart enough to move manufacturing off shore, and really only got going after NAFTA. With the American pie now shrinking, the fight by the wealthy to hang on to their privileges shifted into high gear, hence increasing wage inequality.

  • Californian
    Californian Month ago

    He was right about one thing, if Sanders had been the nominee I would've voted for him instead of Trump.

  • MrIrseany
    MrIrseany 2 months ago

    Humanity don’t deserve Chomsky

  • Pinhas Lavon
    Pinhas Lavon 2 months ago

    Chomsky is a gatekeeper, Trump is controlled and Bernie would be the same.

  • Stupid Cat
    Stupid Cat 2 months ago

    As much as I like Chomsky his statement on Greenspan is distorted here. I listened to the testimony of Greenspan to verify what Chomsky said and he didn't say that in that context. Greenspan's statement was explanatory as to why while Chomsky is saying Greenspan made it so. Big difference.

  • Damon Hunter
    Damon Hunter 2 months ago

    This silky-smooth operator is a Rothschild Diinformation Agent through and through.....Chumpsky categorically refuses to debate The Rothschild Central Banking System which in turn controls the worlds Governments, Military, Communication, Health, Education, Science and very importantly The Media........9/11 is also off limits with Chumpsky so it's The Real Issues Plaguing our society as a whole Chumpsky refuses to debate.
    Judging by his love of the lime lite, Zionist overtures and the afore mentioned, I think it's safe to state that Chumpsky an Egotistical well paid Rothschild Disinformation Agent that wants to keep the likes of you and I 'looking the other way' or in simpler terms 'not prying into the affairs of The Rothschild Banking System of which I am sure Chumpsky is in the employ of........don't take my word for it, go do some delving yourself or else go back to sleep.
    This Ultimate Deceiver and his fellow Deceivers (of which there are many) will be judged before the end.
    Ephesians 5:11 Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

  • Mark Tadros
    Mark Tadros 2 months ago

    Run for president!!!

  • Angantyr
    Angantyr 2 months ago

    Idiots, Sanders got used by the democrats and was nothing but a tool. Trump was fine working with him. This is just another desperate attempt to cash out on Trump hate GIBS MONIES PLOX.

  • T J
    T J 2 months ago

    MAGA for real this time!

  • Horatio Jones
    Horatio Jones 2 months ago

    Chomsky often described himself as an Anarchist and that pretty well shapes his world view and his focus. As an Anarchist Chomsky advocates for worker owned means of production (manufacturing, agriculture, fisheries, etc...) or in other words worker co-ops. If you listen to Chomsky in this video he talks a lot about the history of labor in America and the world which is great interest to him.
    An economy where the majority of workers actually own the assets and therefore make the decisions as to how the money is spent would look radically different from America today. In the world today there very few examples of large scale co-ops that have a significant influence on their city or even their country. The country with the highest number of co-ops in the world is the USA. I'll bet you the MSM will keep this information very quiet.

  • Candid Kafka
    Candid Kafka 2 months ago

    Mr. Chomsky is a real hero ! Love you sir .

    YYY MMM 2 months ago

    Hillary clinton has a Muslim Sister as a counsellor!!!
    if that was the promised change, no wonder she lost!!!

  • Satevo
    Satevo 2 months ago +1

    Both parties sell stupid. Right sells stupid fear, left sells stupid hope. I'll take stupid hope and trying to do something good over stupid fear a building useless walls.

  • Spiritual Anarchist
    Spiritual Anarchist 2 months ago

    Chomsky is one of the most respected Americans in the world, and one of the most despised ones in America.

    • Spiritual Anarchist
      Spiritual Anarchist 2 months ago

      Maybe so. The difference is he is less uninformed then the 'right wing' .Also he may be biased. but he points to Democrats and Republicans alike. I rather listen to someone not being scared to take the difficult way (being left in the U.s ) Then those who in public kiss the flag and pray. While they betray country and soul, as soon as the price is right...

    • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!
      A piece of fucking sliced white bread! 2 months ago

      Don't be delusional, he is on point on many issues but he has leftist bias and it shows, don't be a partizan, I'm rightwing but think it's important to hear both sides even if I think some of what noam says is just false and uninformed, esspecialy on issues around Europe.

  • will B
    will B 2 months ago +1

    love the people applauding americas destruction at the mention of socialism...FOOLS

  • will B
    will B 2 months ago

    ya noam trump wants to bring back are just another elitist dumb fuck

  • George Kraft
    George Kraft 2 months ago

    I can't understand how anyone who claims a relationship with Jesus the Christ could possibly disagree with Chomsky's Moral philosophy.

  • Katya Kern
    Katya Kern 2 months ago
    This is the idea of the wealthy and greedy women behind Trump, the goal is to destroy socialism all over the world….. Just watch this interview done by a young French journalist, watch it to the end…. To us in Europe it is unbelievable in stupidity and ignorance. Only to point out how we all follow Noam Chomsky lectures. Sending our very very best. Thank you so very much.

  • Katya Kern
    Katya Kern 2 months ago

    This is the idea of the wealthy and greedy women behind Trump, the goal is to destroy socialism all over the world….. Just watch this interview done by a young French journalist, watch it to the end…. To us in Europe it is unbelievable in stupidity and ignorance. Only to point out how we all follow Noam Chomsky lectures. Sending our very very best. Thank you so very much.

  • MyBiasedOpinions
    MyBiasedOpinions 2 months ago

    I tend to agree with what Chomsky is talking about generally speaking, simply because I'm a cynical fuck like he is. And I tend to view all of humanity as a sick joke.
    That being said I'm trying to see the silver lining in things as I get older, and it gets real hard.
    So my issue with Noam then has become, HE NEVER has any good realistic advice! It's always how everyone was wrong and it's Americas fault. If a cow farts in the wind in China, somehow America caused it.
    He can point to the problems and faults all day long in some long winded diatribe, and break down the cause and effect of all Geo-political issues, but he NEVER has anything positive to say. He never seems to grasp the concept how political power throughout human history is ugly and sometimes necessary.
    I get sticking up for the underdog, but for fuck sake's, sometimes the under dogs are worse and have shittier laws.
    It's all doom and gloom with no common ground advice to the everyday person. Is there anything our society has done to his liking? I mean it always sounds like America is the only society that has done horrible shit.
    When some other country is shown to have done awful shit, he immediately points to some shit America or the West has done. I'm no defender of our governments, but goddamn, I like some of the shit the west has computers, movies, air travel, to name a few.

  • Paul Pinto
    Paul Pinto 2 months ago

    The only think that bothers me is notice the description source: ""... I am sick an tired of this term being expressed all over the news channels and by various intellectuals. You don't need a degree in American history to know that we are not a democracy; we are a Republic. One only needs to read the Pledge of Allegiance, The Constitution of the US and the States to come to the conclusion that we are in fact a Republic. When will schools and Universities teach our history in that context? The answer is never, because they desire to abolish it from our minds and our hearts. Today’s school kids are often being taught that “majority rule” is the fairest form of government - This is quite the opposite. It destroys individualism and can foster a pack-thought mentality. Democracy will lead one into anarchy "a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority"....

  • bad guy
    bad guy 2 months ago

    fuck this hack

  • michael cook
    michael cook 3 months ago

    '''ALL''' Empires of the past collapsed - their attempts at world domination came to an end - and all they left were ruins - ruins which are but a tourist attraction today. Those ruins litter the earth as evidence of there failure to maintain control and provide a rule that benefited all those they ruled over.
    They became so diverse because of their conquests - that they lost that which made them great in the first place their uniqueness of race and culture which they self destructed in filling their own house with the slaves of the many nations they conquered.
    Those 'slaves' eventually became nations within that empire and started the decline of a once great power as it became divided from within - and with many enemies from without - it was now ready for the slaughter.

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 3 months ago

    Sanders supporters are utopian dreamers that forget that 500 million Africans and Latinos will flood into the USA looking for those Socialized handouts. This will drop wages making everyone poor except for the Elites. Look at Europe with the boat people.
    George Soros will personally pay for boat loads of Africans to migrat to the USA as he does for Europe.
    You Bernie supporters are locked into a bizarre utopian dream where you restrict the facts to only the ones you want to paint your world with. 1 billion people could flood in here. Wake up !

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 3 months ago

    Any “rights” we are granted will be issued from a centralized state. That center will go corrupt. Leftists are atheists who live for wealth. They will grab it as they do in Venezuela.
    Look for increased Muslim control and increased Christian vs Muslim conflicts.
    Noam is smart, but he is spread too thin.. he’s a linguistics professor not an economist.

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 3 months ago

    Disagree with his Progressive Labor views. Higher taxes to support Sanders Socialism will drive more businesses elsewhere. Also higher taxes on business causes them to raise prices on their products or services. We are in a computerized global economy that can function easily when the base is located in low taxation Ireland. Example is Intel.
    With Socialism we lose control of borders and starving Latins will flood in reducing wages. With the middle class destroyed, beauty shops and other business go out of business. The Elites can reduce wages to citizens due to centralized control.
    Trump is making a last stand for the middle class. When he is gone our country will collapse into a lower class and the upper upper class. The USA will disappear. The great experiment will be over. Free Speech will be banned. There will be no savior, Totalitarianism will begun to evolve. We will be ruled by the insulated corrupt. We will be like Venezuela..

  • david mendy
    david mendy 3 months ago

    Noam Chomsky "words" is like a Gospel

  • Kate Carlson
    Kate Carlson 3 months ago

    My hero! Dr Chomsky!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    Yeah well it's Aug 2018, and Trump is just a bigmouth, and he too shall pass. The danger to America is it's non-reading populace that doesn't know squat about math or science or history or literature. A mind stuffed full of work skills, working 50 hrs a week, then seeking entertainment, is not a mind that learns. So we have the outrage hobbyists, the PC bullshitters, and the fake Liberals who think Neoliberal Democrat Party is a solution.

  • Miguel Voodoo prime
    Miguel Voodoo prime 3 months ago

    A brilliant thinker and scholar, and also great man!

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 3 months ago

    Chomskies a huge fraud, he purposefully incites the poor masses towards dangerous actions by dancing around with flowery rhetoric in order to confuse less intellectually driven peoples, precisely like a communist does. Chomsky is a communist at heart and a dangerous person in American history because instead of trying to build up America, the country he claims to be about, his every action is to dismember America slowly and passively over time by slowly and methodically chipping away at America, and other nations, the very things that have made those nations great in the first place. Don't ever trust this man, he's pure evil

  • eric blair
    eric blair 3 months ago

    "The country has become much more civilized in the past 50 -60 years" Another clueless statement from the intellectual genius. Does Chomsky know what day it is? Is he aware of the American economy flourishing, minority unemployment at an all time low, closer step to world peace by meeting with NK. Chomsky has more intelligence in his fingernail than I will ever amass but at least I don't lie to myself in the face of this reality and that has made all the difference.

  • winston 911
    winston 911 3 months ago

    Socialism has never worked anywhere ever. Venezuela is a current example.

  • jackgoldman1
    jackgoldman1 3 months ago

    Globalist, wealth transfer, extremist, minority loving, tax loving, majority hating Jews worry me. Intellectuals do not work or understand the world of real work, real builders, making real wealth like Trump or Ford Motor Company. The lust of the extremist globalist Jews is globalism, technology, immigration, and counterfeit currency. These are all four forms of theft, invading, cheating, killing, and lying for loot. Should we make the country shit, worse off? Idealistic Jews like Marx caused the deaths of 100,000,000 people, double what Hitler caused. Sorry Noam, it's electoral college, the United "States" not the united "people". States trump individuals, not feels or feelings. Sanders is a Jew. Chomsky is a Jew, both who have never done an honest day labor in their lives, just like Obama never had a real job. We need work, real work, not debt and taxes and snowflake liberals in "I don't want to work" Universities who want free college. I love liberals and Jews, I just don't want to pay for them and their laziness and failed programs. Chomsky is out of touch.

  • Jeff Barksdale
    Jeff Barksdale 3 months ago

    Your a parasite Chump

  • words wpns
    words wpns 3 months ago

    most informative genius of a man

  • Walter M Lane
    Walter M Lane 3 months ago

    You overlooked the GOP of the second of the 90s with Gingrich/Hastert.

  • Rudy
    Rudy 3 months ago

    This might be the most optimistic I have ever heard The Great Professor sound! He knows we need it. This Era of Fuckery needs to die double quick, while we still have a society worth saving. #Crunchtime

  • MarkScott Ames
    MarkScott Ames 3 months ago

    Everyone needs to hear this to understand our true history and how we need to do it completely different. Tax the rich and churches or we are doomed.
    Delute the rich and elite.
    STOP BOMBING OTHER COUNTRYS. OUR PRESIDENTS WERE THE ACTUAL REAL FIRST TERRORISTS THAT GOT THE WORLD TO HATE US. ! This guy actually gave sarah palin credit in her finest last hours. " that hopey changy thing." They discredited her and silenced her. She was so high in her last speeches they probably
    drugged her too. Anyone?

  • Cre8Thought41
    Cre8Thought41 3 months ago

    America was founded on the norms of the time. The founding was an astonishing accomplishment of the times. Horrific happenings at the time of our founding continue to this day but not in America. Slavery still exists in many countries. The killing of indigenous people continues, ethnic cleansing continues but not in America. America is great based on what we accomplished in moving to a more civilized culture. Is America perfect? By no means but we continue to improve and provide a better how to live example to the rest of the world. Sorry but it's not a lot of gloom and doom.

  • Lazoma Chavez
    Lazoma Chavez 3 months ago

    Swallowed a whole bottle of Bismuth subsalicylate and made it through this tripe. I never knew Chomsky was such a liar. So now I know. Small wonder he is a failure.

  • Nyah Notrealname
    Nyah Notrealname 3 months ago

    Meanwhile in Israel... The Knesset approves their nation-state law: Multicultural liberal democracy for the Goyim, a race-state for the Jews. I love listening to Jewish communists... You could not find this level of hypocrisy in a character in a work of fiction.

  • Angel Lee
    Angel Lee 3 months ago

    I love this guy.

  • Be ta
    Be ta 4 months ago

    His speech is similar to Soros
    This is why I switched and voted for Mr.Trump "Democrats are DANGERS to our Democracy" Please share this video lets make it viral

  • Donny Kiles
    Donny Kiles 4 months ago

    How to deal with it? By getting over it and accepting it like any other election.

  • Elaine Hoffman
    Elaine Hoffman 4 months ago

    Hi from SA. Thank goodness I found you. For the three global problems. Explains Trumps unpredictability. Immigrants an immediate problem though. They WILL wipe you out. You cannot surely be blind to that? Communism is a curse indeed. So some of what you say is ok. But you have taken everyones rights too far. Moderation in all or you fall down the other side. Obligations are just as important. Dark cultures only claim rights and deny obligations. Just look at the shithole that africa is. And that USA and Europe are becoming. And the rest of the world. That is why Trump has been able to "con" you all.

  • jabrownie22
    jabrownie22 4 months ago

    I doubt that the people of our nation are intelligent enough to shut the t.v. of and read a book, let alone reestablish a working democracy.

  • Dorian Philotheates
    Dorian Philotheates 4 months ago

    I would like to hear Sarah Palin’s response to this.

  • Arthur Frayn
    Arthur Frayn 4 months ago

    The United States bought 5% of the slaves sold by the Atlantic slave trade. The vast majority of them ended up in Brazil. If it's true that slavery was responsible for our wealth today, why isn't Brazil the wealthiest country in the hemisphere? And was it really the most vicious in history when the Arabs castrated their slaves or the Brazilians/Portuguese simply worked them to death because it was cheaper to replace them than it was to give them living conditions conducive to their survival?
    And if it's true that the Native Americans lost this land because they couldn't unite against outsiders, why then would white Americans believe that they should open their borders to people who the left will incite against them as you are already doing?
    And Chomsky is wrong about the country becoming more civilized. It's returning to mid 20th century style nativism and racial nationalism, just as in Europe. The reason for that is 1. the failure of capitalism and 2. the idiocy of flooding the country with cheap labor immigration during what could very possibly be a permanent economic downturn for the majority of the population. Weimar conditions produce Weimar solutions.
    We're headed for fascism, balkanization, and civil war, not your dopey multicultural utopia which the church of progress tells us is inevitable. Sorry but it foundered on the rock of Pakistani grooming gangs and astronomical levels of nonwhite violent crime forced on white neighborhoods by HUD in the name of diversity under the Obama admin. If American isn't great and if it was never great, then it's time to escape our white supremacist hell hole. There's really no excuse not to, since the nazis and white supremacists you attack with bike locks would happily go broke to give African Americans their own self governing country somewhere if it meant we could end the failed multicult experiment which enables our ruling class to divide and conquer the working class you all pretend to care about when you're not accusing them of racism.
    If the U.S. truly is a white supremacist torture dungeon for the poor, down trodden PoC, then it's not in their interest for you to import them here and subject them to this oppression. And if it isn't, then you can hardly justify perpetually putting white society on trial, affirmative action, and all the rest of your genocidal, antiwhite lunatic bullshit.
    So which is it?
    I could go on, but I think that's enough. Look, you guys have to stop pretending that the nationalist right doesn't have its own critique of free market fundamentalism and neoliberalism. They're not the Reagan/Bush right. Chomsky and the labor left are right to believe that our ruling class uses race to divided and conquer the working class, but what they are wrong about is this idea that you can trade disparate racial and ethnic identities which engender social trust so that people can rely on one another with some abstract, theoretical global proletarian class identity. That has never worked anywhere, nor will it ever. So what you're telling us is that we have to overcome "racism" *and then* we can finally pursue policy that is in the interest of families and workers?

  • James Lee
    James Lee 4 months ago

    just another commie

  • bill rubinosky
    bill rubinosky 4 months ago

    Who new the United States wants to be a socialist society? I must have missed the memo.

  • Angelo Sturino
    Angelo Sturino 4 months ago


  • simon manzer
    simon manzer 4 months ago

    wait so he is in favour for sanders? Socialism lol.. that's all we need. How far down that road do we need to go before everyone realizes what a scam it is.

  • Scupacium
    Scupacium 5 months ago

    if it wasnt for Bernie, Trump wouldnt be president.

  • NothingMaster
    NothingMaster 5 months ago +6

    Chomsky is being overly optimistic about his assessment. Trump and his gang of unscrupulous criminal allies are rolling back all the social, racial, intellectual, scientific, environmental, and moral gains that this nation has achieved in the last 50 years of its tumultuous struggle against widespread ignorance, pervasive divisiveness, and social injustice. We are currently experiencing a racially-tense, billionaire-bankrolled, redneck-mentality-dominated, anti-intellectual wave that is bound to set us back for decades, and from which we might conceivably never recover. As we speak, our democratic values and institutions are severely under attack, and are being systematically dismantled in favor of greed, fanaticism, and shortsightedness.

    • Ellman PTA
      Ellman PTA 2 months ago

      I agree. if the next presidential election goes the wrong way, it could be the last

  • Anthony King
    Anthony King 5 months ago

    He's great on American foreign policy aggression, but socialism is Communism with a smiley face. Socialism requires centralized government tyranny to collect the $, the bureaucrats keep most of it and you get the change. Why is aggressive force wrong on the international stage, but OK inside the country?

  • pod pod
    pod pod 5 months ago

    What an idiot.

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn 5 months ago

    I agree with Norm. I voted twice for Obama but he was a "con man" there was no hope and change. Of course I knew this but I had to vote against the Repubs whom were a worse choice.

  • deadsparrow28
    deadsparrow28 5 months ago

    Sanders has to run in 2020. He can win.

  • Richard Teh
    Richard Teh 5 months ago

    Sad to say America president and Americans are living in their very own world

  • thormusique
    thormusique 5 months ago

    Professor Chomsky never fails to blow my mind. I think all talking heads, 'experts', and pundits could collectively be out of a job and replaced solely by him. His ability to be objective affords no party or constituency a 'free ride'. He's a National Treasure.

  • Stephane Alegoria
    Stephane Alegoria 5 months ago

    Would be so useful if Mr Chomsky could elaborate on the definition of Populism. US tends to oppose neoliberalism to populism and intellectuals are so short minded tagging Mr Sanders as populist . I do not see any populism in Bernie Sanders program , only reappropriation of democracy foundation.

  • GaryChap
    GaryChap 5 months ago

    Noam Chomsky is a true hero.
    How America has managed to completely dismiss this incredible mans sage commentary for decades is astounding. The only thing that even approaches this mans academic qualifications are his humanist qualifications.
    Much love to Noam and his family. You are loved.

    • GaryChap
      GaryChap 5 months ago

      +Greg Lautigar ... can you name a communist country that would count as a failed experiment? I certainly can't, so I'd be interested in this supposed 'historic' record of communisms failures. Do you think the USSR was ever communist?
      There is a pacific island where the islanders have no concept of theft as they have no concept of property ownership. I think that's possibly the closest we can get in terms of examples. In that very isolated community everyone voluntarily worked to common cause as their abilities permitted and the product of that work was held in true common ownership... even of those who could not work. Everyone ate. Everyone had a boat because the village had a boat... and if they realised they needed more boats, everyone would work towards that.
      You could argue that it was perhaps a more civilised society than could be found in the more modern west. People argue that it cannot work at large scales ... or that it cannot work post-industrialisation ... but those people are usually derriving more benefit than the work they put in, and their lifestyles are propped up by the less fortunate - an essential class of poor people which must be maintained for the game to work.
      But hey, who cares, as long as you got your Nike trainers eh? If those workers didn't like living in poverty and being abused they should start their own factories... and employ who... you? No, they should create an underclass and exploit their labour. Oh great, problem solved : )

      Communism is just an ideal people are not ready for. Like pacifism... it's not a bad idea that failed... it's a good idea we need to work towards.
      Capitalisms biggest challenge may well be robotics and AI changing the currency of labour completely... the best solution to a labourless world is a society freed up to engage in art, sport and communistic living...
      ... because under capitalism, the fully automated world leaves every man woman and child disenfranchised, valueless and... most likely... starving and begging to be of any service to their corporate masters. Effectively disposable and abused.
      It's no accident that socialism grew following the industrialisation.
      Truth is, the only societies that are even remotely stable employ a careful balance of communism, socialism and capitalism, to avoid the tendancy of either ideology to destroy itself... the specific balance of these constantly shift to meet the circumstances of the times.
      Socialism, is simply what you're left with when you've solved all the other problems and contentions.

  • randall anthony
    randall anthony 5 months ago

    chomsky is a iberal one worlder.he always kicks america.hes wrong most americans had it good until these evil globalists got control.chomsky is a piece of trash.hes a world socialist

  • Jimmy Smith
    Jimmy Smith 5 months ago

    Noam Chomsky is really speaking without bias. It's good to hear someone that's not afraid to speak truth.

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis 5 months ago

    "Civilised" ? Your joking right

  • BRENDAH ebonitia NERO
    BRENDAH ebonitia NERO 5 months ago

    Capitalism is as evil as live spelled backwards.

  • Kathleen Sisco
    Kathleen Sisco 5 months ago

    Kathleen Sisco
    Kathleen Sisco
    7 hours ago
    While we should do these things like plant hemp on KY farmland and have a local hemp-to-concrete factory to process it, remember the establishment is actively undermining everything local. Your entire effort will be subverted into defensive action instead of action forward. The hemp farming will only go ahead when the establishment has control. Our two-party system is a hand-off to the other guy; recall H Ross Perot and his 3rd party.
    In his reply to a student questioner as to how to proceed, he offers a simplistic response; as if our system hasn't mastered this demand for fairness by pretending to give on one hand and take away with the other.
    Nothing short of a genuine third and forth party will give the establishment pause. Barely half the public votes now. The VISA program serves ONLY to secure a military free hand in the country of choice. It is astonishingly ironic that the VISA enjoyers laze through a decade of golf and college courses safe from bombing and social disruption while their power group traded away that very safety for their citizens.

  • Teddy Collier
    Teddy Collier 5 months ago

    If there really was a god, Chompsky would be POTUS.

  • lillian ballard
    lillian ballard 6 months ago

    Do not vote Rs until you all Wake up.the Truth will set you free. Tired of suffering. Bernie was robbed. HILLARY too. She won. A add on to the Constitution is needed,now,NOW. SHE GOT MORE VOTES THAN T. SHOULD BE BY THE POPULAR VOTE INSTEAD.

  • lillian ballard
    lillian ballard 6 months ago

    People in the 70s worked with what info they had. Much was kept secret."nobody interested..." television has changed people with more info to US. More unveiling the Truth of how manipulated we are.

  • D Personal
    D Personal 6 months ago

    Sadly, Chomsky will ultimately be remembered as a Zionist gatekeeper - you can do a search "Chomsky gatekeeper" and see for yourself. Ultimately, he supports the Deep State because it supports Israel. Funny how he never encourages third parties. Vote Green.

  • Rune Njordhag
    Rune Njordhag 6 months ago

    Trump was controlled opposition.

  • Thomas Pickering
    Thomas Pickering 6 months ago

    I just realized something about Noam Chomsky. It has always infuriated me about him that he refuses to say that 9-11 did not happen the way the government said, but this is an extremely insightful man. He already knows full well what 9-11 was but for professional reasons he is going along with the official story. But by doing so, he is selling out the truth for his own career. That is why I don't like him. Anyone who covers up the truth for any reason has no integrity. He may be very intelligent, and he undoubtedly is, but he does not have the courage and integrity to publicly say what we all know to be true. For that reason, I don't want to hear anything he has to say about anything. It is a disgrace that the lie of 9-11 is still perpetrated to this day and people like Noam Chomskey, who could make such a huge difference by supporting the truth movement but instead has sold out to the Zionists, are directly responsible for that. So fuck him.

  • Stephane Alegoria
    Stephane Alegoria 6 months ago

    At the same time that operates what Chomsky sees as a positive evolution I could see a shift in morality. People do not feel any more shame on dubious ethical position and assume extremist stands. Before , anglosaxon culture would appear genuine on its motivation, lying to itself on the possible reasons of white dominance. Now the ground field is reduced to ; choose your side and do not argue about morality this is not a factor to consider.... tribalism is now the deleterious faith . The necessary education to replace religion by non mystical spirituality has not settled in US.... however criticism is very vivid and a transformation may happen.

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 6 months ago

    People like this make me feel sick. This guy was trashing Hillary because he is a bernie's lover. Noam, like Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson and Zoe Saldana was making same. Was very sad for me ass Latino, watching this people don't car about Immigration Reform, Daca, or Dapa. Or the 9no. member of the supreme court. I have a message for this FUCK YOU, MOTHER FUCKER

  • Monk Amani
    Monk Amani 6 months ago

    The reason ism and scisms will never work is, humanity's greed.
    Poverty-stricken without hope will except food stamps. The working poor will continue to work and remain silent, as long as they feel they can afford. The wealthy? Well they do what they do.
    Change doesn't occur until those at the top aren't provided for enough,
    those in the middle can't get enough and those below have had enough. The top spreads cash, start wars. The middle man works more, buys more, pays more,votes for more, and get the same. The Last and least, still get subsidized, but they get false hope until next election. Hurray!!! We Won!!!!
    Won what? 4 more of the same?
    We just change dictators.
    This isn't America.

  • campbell bailey
    campbell bailey 6 months ago

    I came here after a search with really sick shit and i must say gnome chomsky is really sick shit

  • 37Dionysos
    37Dionysos 6 months ago

    "Change has come in the past out of much harder circumstances." That's the breath of air we need, just a bit of perspective to keep the goals in front of working people all over the world: Ecological sense, Economic justice, and Egalitarian culture.

  • Ron Ricard
    Ron Ricard 6 months ago

    I don't feel so kind about Chomsky. He speaks pejoratively of "neo-liberals". So wtf is he on about? He simply still espouses the same old socialist tripe that has never worked. Roll over, Noam, roll over.

  • Ron Buchner
    Ron Buchner 6 months ago

    Move to Russia Chump-sky. They’ll love you!!

  • Miguel Almonte
    Miguel Almonte 6 months ago

    I don’t like Trump in the slightest. But, the rise of a Bernie Sanders is also a scary proposition in my view. Socialism does not work, just look at its history in the places where it was taken most seriously (e.g. Russia and China). China is becoming an economic powerhouse now but, that’s after they started to implement capitalist policies and practices in theirs financial market.

  • President Donald J. Trump
    President Donald J. Trump 6 months ago +3

    What a whackjob.

  • SuperRubberDuck
    SuperRubberDuck 6 months ago

    Interesting how much is clapped when something is said that, apperently, supports their party or person they like. It feels like that even when it's about highly analitical stuff people go off on simple buzzwords or high profile names.

  • John Scott
    John Scott 6 months ago

    As usual, good old Professor Chomsky clears the waters - too bad about the stuff on the bottom of the pond.

  • kiloscott
    kiloscott 6 months ago

    Hasn't Chomsky noticed DN's swing to the right? Sucking on the anti-Putin teat and giving the Neocons a pass. Almost worse than The Guardian. He is sort of past his sell-by date. Had a good run, but may be time to call it a day and retire graciously. Sanders is bullshit.

  • Joe
    Joe 6 months ago +2

    Correct in my mind yet, genocide of the Native American 'did not happen'! The Native American tribes fought one another like cats and dogs. As a young white boy, I survived several/many fist fights because of popular TV shoot'm ups'. I hate no one but, don't blow smoke up my ass.

  • Todd Andrews
    Todd Andrews 6 months ago

    I think it's safe to say that he is a socialist or a democratic party member definitely not Republican. Therefore refuses to see thing and any other light some of the things he says make sense but he is very one-sided! Haters going to hate

  • Fucking Awesome
    Fucking Awesome 6 months ago

    I like you, Chomsky , Lywensky

  • Neil Hillis
    Neil Hillis 7 months ago

    I love the man but I must say that when left activists paint people like Trump as basically the same as the Democrats (as Chomsky absolutely did during the campaign), I have to consider it a matter of posturing as "more radical than thou," to borrow a term I'm pleased to have heard him use to describe postmodern theorists.