The 10 Best Goals From RLCS S6 Worlds


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    UNLOLS Day ago

    honestly i dont give a damn about the commentary, i just wanted to see the goals

  • Joseph Scott
    Joseph Scott 2 days ago

    Cloud9 is BEST!!

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 2 days ago

    Wait so who won?

  • chukky1124
    chukky1124 3 days ago

    and here i am on diamond rank ... the new bronze rank and i can barely hit wall jumps ....

  • Bren Hender
    Bren Hender 3 days ago

    I wanna Enter the RLC with my Aftershock

  • Joe W.
    Joe W. 3 days ago

    4:20 intimidating cuz hes black and like averagely attractive??????

  • Kaz Gill
    Kaz Gill 4 days ago

    Just an honest critique,
    Maybe shorten down the narrative between each goal, i kind of got bored halfway through because of it.
    I know everyone tries to stretch out a video to at least 10mins but i stopped watching halfway through.

  • Na3s
    Na3s 6 days ago

    The crowd were tame compared to London

  • Beerus Sama
    Beerus Sama 6 days ago

    Squishy would be like #1 was decent

  • Liq
    Liq 7 days ago

    2 minute intro, 4 ads, fuck this shit

  • Temirlan Kasmaliev
    Temirlan Kasmaliev 7 days ago +2

    Dignitas for me were like the Evil ones. They are almost unbeatable, and everyone wants them to lose. But they don't till the very end. Then here come the good guys aka Cloud9.

  • JDensey TV
    JDensey TV 7 days ago

    7:00 turbopolsa was so mad lmao anyone see that

  • Maria Cristina Giorgi

    Chi è itaaaliaaanoooo?

  • Michael Sandoval
    Michael Sandoval 8 days ago

    I wonder how much better the video would be if u didn't talk for 45 seconds before every goal

  • Cowboy Clorox
    Cowboy Clorox 8 days ago

    man, i love this channel so much.

  • Buds Clan
    Buds Clan 9 days ago +1

    5:55 that’s me 😂 what an amazing 3 days c9🔵⚪️

  • The Zengineer
    The Zengineer 9 days ago

    @ 30 seconds, huge desync on the save.... at lan

  • MWS75
    MWS75 10 days ago

    @FLuuMP I’m pretty sure I played against u in a game of rocket league a few days ago?

  • Kealo
    Kealo 10 days ago

    Why does it say Chausette45 scored when it's squishy's name who appears in game? (last clip, 12:15)

  • Dylan Justin
    Dylan Justin 10 days ago

    Fruity the youtuber??

  • spæce
    spæce 10 days ago

    for all the people saying well its not better than 5 no stuff he said top 10 goals from s6

  • Charles Bridges
    Charles Bridges 10 days ago

    Still waiting for my boys at g2 to win rlcs

  • Salat soße
    Salat soße 11 days ago

    You needed 13 fucking minutes to show me 10 clips...fuck u

  • DisMantled
    DisMantled 11 days ago

    Im the only one out of my friends who always enjoys RL.They said fortnite took over smh

  • Tieke Del Jung
    Tieke Del Jung 11 days ago

    Squishy > Kronovi

  • trollthelol303 ana
    trollthelol303 ana 12 days ago

    Next video: Top 10 videos of top 10

  • Rocket League Clips
    Rocket League Clips 12 days ago

    Squishy and gimmick look like twins

  • Prism - Rocket League & More

    Chicago stole my car design

  • Mardy
    Mardy 13 days ago


  • kezzaman
    kezzaman 13 days ago

    get on with it..

  • YeRo
    YeRo 13 days ago +1

    12:16 chaussette45....

  • whyy so british
    whyy so british 14 days ago

    I don’t know how you can say this was the best LAN yet, did you even watch season 5 RLCSWC?

  • Jonathan Zylka
    Jonathan Zylka 14 days ago

    6:00 anybody see that kid start dabbing?

  • QuestGuy17
    QuestGuy17 14 days ago

    *I'm Gamer*

  • Stu Dunn
    Stu Dunn 14 days ago

    I get that the #3 goal was clutch for the team in the moment, but doesn't seem like it really belongs here as it wasn't a skillful display in any way, it was literally a pinch off a defender.

  • 42vincent42
    42vincent42 14 days ago

    what's an equilizer ;)

  • PuppyGames
    PuppyGames 14 days ago

    I genuinely feel like the only reason why anyone would call S6 RLCS the "best RLCS so far" is because their precious NA teams "took back the crown". I don't care if either EU, NA or OCE takes the win home but the way the American "fans" were so freaking toxic towards any team that wasn't from NA grinded my gears. All they seemed to care about was that America would have the title again. That's not what it's about at all.
    The crowd was toxic and way less energetic than for example RLCS London. 5/10 would not want RLCS back in the US until they can prove they're not toxic.

  • Lukas Miracky
    Lukas Miracky 15 days ago

    4:12 isn’t this just racist?

  • I Hate Mondays
    I Hate Mondays 15 days ago

    when squishy scores in number 1 its says chausette

  • Ugurkan Burgucu
    Ugurkan Burgucu 16 days ago +1

    Gollerden önce yaptığın açıklama sikimizde değil. Video başlayana kadar cinnet geçirdim. Sesin de çok itici.

  • SC23
    SC23 16 days ago

    Best videos ever

  • Bakk Gaming
    Bakk Gaming 16 days ago

    8:20 spelled metsanauris wrong

  • Don’t mention it 。

    So where is pengu or Fabian

  • Jack Bonneau
    Jack Bonneau 17 days ago

    When u don’t know how to spell equalizer lmao you spelled it equilizer hahaha it’s at 9:15

  • yaboiGenarinho
    yaboiGenarinho 17 days ago

    the first flip reset was very good,
    but in my opinion the flip reset vs dignitas was brutal

  • Giuseppe Manganaro
    Giuseppe Manganaro 17 days ago

    Non capite na mazza voi americani. Il meglio è Kuxir.

  • Sholy Cody
    Sholy Cody 19 days ago

    Im bronze 2 and I'm still good.. So what do you want psyonix

  • Diversity718
    Diversity718 19 days ago

    4:10 is that a racist comment?

  • gre zer
    gre zer 19 days ago


  • FaTal Lightning
    FaTal Lightning 20 days ago

    At 12:14, it says Chausette45 instead of Squishy in the top right

  • Grant Myers
    Grant Myers 20 days ago +1

    Where is Rizzo's ceiling shot into an air dribble rebound into the top corner over all of F3's members?

  • MadBoy 2453
    MadBoy 2453 21 day ago

    Anyone else feel like dignitas were actually paid a crap tonne to lose this championship final for the cloud 9 comeback story that we always see in the movies? Honestly felt as if dignitas played nothing like the days before and didn’t even come across as overly upset about it all either... idk

  • I’m not racist,but
    I’m not racist,but 21 day ago +1

    I’ve been a fan since they were called the muffin men and I couldn’t be more proud of my team:)

  • XxSniperxX XL
    XxSniperxX XL 21 day ago

    12:20 Caussete? Didn't say squishy

  • Calvin Nielsen
    Calvin Nielsen 21 day ago

    Why does every rocket league video have douche music

  • Yakir R
    Yakir R 21 day ago

    i wish RLCS cloud was louder :D

  • Tetoo & 1AhMeD
    Tetoo & 1AhMeD 21 day ago

    what is the soundtrack in the background ?

  • TheGStick
    TheGStick 21 day ago

    Holy shit you’re a sellout. The ads and then the plug for the stupid play together thing...

  • Noahtjuh
    Noahtjuh 22 days ago +1

    Just show the fucking clips!!!!

  • Eren Teker
    Eren Teker 22 days ago

    If you look closely at 12.21, squishy actually uses his jump, to go for the block, then he flips!

  • Fábio Silva
    Fábio Silva 22 days ago

    Squishy scored the first and second flip resets of all tournaments. The second was actually the sickest one even though Torment had to score it.
    By the way, how the hell isn't Chicago's or Kronovi's goals in this top 10? Maybe on the honorable mention or something but both were sick af.

  • Thomas Holthe
    Thomas Holthe 22 days ago +1

    Anyone knows the song ?

  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller 22 days ago

    Cook sear? Or kuxir?

  • TheCookieMonsterGaming

    Video starts at 2:05

  • gerard bleeker
    gerard bleeker 23 days ago

    I'm sorry FLuuMP, but this video is shit, and your commentary was half bullshit.

  • Keenan Graziano
    Keenan Graziano 23 days ago

    Why do they all use the same default boost and trail?

  • tyler mason
    tyler mason 23 days ago

    Nuts flip reset

  • MurphDawgMothaFuka
    MurphDawgMothaFuka 23 days ago

    Amazing to see in person for sure! What a season finale! C9 went on a rampage!

  • Bishop Szmyd
    Bishop Szmyd 23 days ago

    C9 was freestyling to victory

  • OneTrueDerping
    OneTrueDerping 23 days ago

    Landon was better tbh

  • Xero Nami
    Xero Nami 23 days ago

    Chausette means sock in french... "sock45" best Gamertag ever. Lmao

  • Amyst
    Amyst 23 days ago

    Dignitas was beaten after the first set. They are absolut Rocket League monsters but they don't have the same mentality as C9. They expected to win, I am sure they didn't even gave everything. You saw it in Turbopulsas face, dignitas crumbled and after the first set they broke apart. I knew if Dignitas does not win game 1, in the second set, C9 will be Champions. I love Squishy and I love Dignitas so I am happy either way but Turbo has to work on his attitude while squishy is the sweetest guy besides maybe Rizzo.

  • YaskyJr
    YaskyJr 23 days ago

    5:55 the kid dabbing top right

  • ImVeryUneven ;}
    ImVeryUneven ;} 23 days ago

    Eyeignite is nuts

  • Travis Clarke
    Travis Clarke 23 days ago

    I was watching some of the games and watched squishy’s video and I don’t know why but the icon things whenever u get a save, clear, shot etc kept saying fruity, chausette and I think ferra even when it was two completely different teams XD

  • AzafTazarden
    AzafTazarden 23 days ago

    I had heard We Dem Girlz and thought "wow, how cool that there is a female team competing on RLCS. Apparently I was wrong.

  • Zeref Dragneel
    Zeref Dragneel 23 days ago

    12:15 in right corner it says chausette in blue lol

  • CollMomo1
    CollMomo1 23 days ago

    chaussette is SOCKS in french....

  • Goldengames
    Goldengames 23 days ago

    Can you live off of the amount of views I get!?

  • Sniper Panda
    Sniper Panda 23 days ago

    how much are you gonna bum fuck squishy

  • Reuxo RL
    Reuxo RL 23 days ago

    10. Squishy Flip Reset
    9. Squishy Flip Reset
    8. Squishy Flip Reset
    7. Squishy Flip Reset
    6. Squishy Flip Reset
    5. Squishy Flip Reset
    4. Squishy Flip Reset
    3. Squishy Flip Reset
    2. Gimmick Double Tap(s)
    1. Squishy Flip Reset

  • Reegareth
    Reegareth 23 days ago

    Jesus that moment at 5:50. Its like squishy is looking into the camera and saying "bring it the fuck on. I can take anything you throw at me" without words

  • Mario Maisch
    Mario Maisch 23 days ago

    No more gameplay vids dude?

  • Greyson Moore
    Greyson Moore 23 days ago

    Yo about Chicago's arial, flip reset on ball on day 1

  • Sir.SlippersThe1st
    Sir.SlippersThe1st 23 days ago

    Word has it that Squishy's inner Canadian came out and he apologized for winning the tournament.

  • Hunter Romanoff
    Hunter Romanoff 23 days ago +5

    Video starts at 2:03

  • Brady Atkins
    Brady Atkins 23 days ago

    Quality content 😍

  • Sarn
    Sarn 23 days ago

    #9 is shit, #3 is bad. And #6 deserved 2nd. If you want to recognize players and/or the game, that’s one thing but don’t make a list about the top 10 shots and then give such shitty rankings.

  • Joey JC
    Joey JC 23 days ago

    sorry to say fluump, Landon was better =)

  • FasterOstrich
    FasterOstrich 23 days ago

    Your style of video is honestly amazing. It's so well made.

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 23 days ago

    Fact: I knew C9 would destroy dignatas. No offense, but C9 is just better

  • Ryan Radcliffe
    Ryan Radcliffe 24 days ago

    5 is way too low for a pinch from kux himself

  • TrueShaper
    TrueShaper 24 days ago

    at 6:56 you can hear how Turbo hit the table

  • Xplicid
    Xplicid 24 days ago

    Starts at 2:03

  • xOverload86x
    xOverload86x 24 days ago

    Less talky, more goaly... You could have put 30 highlights in here, if you just didn't explain every single goal for a minute or longer.

  • YanHri
    YanHri 24 days ago

    >Squishy is Canadian
    "USA! USA! USA!"

  • Shaya Anderson
    Shaya Anderson 24 days ago

    I got scammed by a guy called BrokenSpokenYT..... can you please tell everyone on your channel that he is a scammer! I’ve heard that he’s scammed 100s of people and that’s why he has 2000 keys!!

  • Daniel vdL
    Daniel vdL 24 days ago

    You make videos that should be 3 mins 13 mins long. Kinda boring and drawn out ngl.

  • ctarth
    ctarth 24 days ago +1

    That wasn't chicago's best goal

  • Ritzy EU
    Ritzy EU 24 days ago +1

    Looool, I literally called it that you would do this video before you uploaded 😂😂 Creativity 100 😂😂😂