Highland Mussels | Jamie Oliver | Jamie’s Great Britain

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • Back with Jamie’s Britain and in this clip we watch Jamie make up super delicious smokey mussels in the Highlands of Scotland by a loch.
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Comments • 203

  • David Eddy
    David Eddy 5 days ago

    Ethical Fish - Jamie picks up a mussel 😆

  • bassiemb123
    bassiemb123 18 days ago +1

    Im about to cook this recipe , but I’m going to “hunt” the mussels my self so they will be more fresh and delicious!! 😁☺️😘😋😋😋

  • Laura Moi
    Laura Moi Month ago

    ciao Jamie, seguo le tue ricette e qualcuna la preparo. Vorrei cucinare anche questa, ma in Italia non è semplicissimo trovare l'eglefino affumicato. Quale altro pesce mi consigli di usare? grazie mille!

  • simple& sofisticated JS

    I would add some roasted pointed sweet peppers shredded.....Being a fan skipping school to be at home on time to watch the naked chef

  • Dietmar L.
    Dietmar L. 2 months ago

    Great dish, mussels are so good.

  • satoshiketchump
    satoshiketchump 2 months ago

    I fondly remember this episode

  • David Eddy
    David Eddy 2 months ago

    Spiv goes to Scotland and talks more bullshit!

  • Thirsty Apple
    Thirsty Apple 2 months ago +1

    Seafood is always right 😊

  • Lars Müller
    Lars Müller 2 months ago

    mussel magic

  • Mom Ecil
    Mom Ecil 2 months ago

    Yummy! Delish!

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  • Paul Hatcher
    Paul Hatcher 2 months ago +1

    Jamie you are a genius

  • JE
    JE 2 months ago

    so sloppy and rushed, the dudes lost his touch... no seasoning?

  • wild fire
    wild fire 2 months ago

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    MrSIXGUNZ 2 months ago

    your still one of the best ever !!!

  • Emy Xanth
    Emy Xanth 2 months ago +1

    Oliver έλα Ελλάδα να φάμε ωραία και φρέσκα μύδια με εκτιμήσεις

  • Chop Happy
    Chop Happy 2 months ago

    I love making seafood dishes on my channel and this one just got added to my list! Looks so yummy

  • Glen J's Kitchen
    Glen J's Kitchen 2 months ago

    This recipe is superb! makes my mouth watered.

  • BrickFilmsCinema
    BrickFilmsCinema 2 months ago +1

    Oof the Scottish wouldn't like it much to label the highlands as "great britain" haha

    • David Eddy
      David Eddy 5 days ago

      A Lucard - Brythonic people ... where are they?

    • A Lucard
      A Lucard 5 days ago

      They ARE great britain. And they voted to stay.

    • David Eddy
      David Eddy 2 months ago +1

      The blokes geographically illiterate!

  • Bobby Joe
    Bobby Joe 2 months ago

    🔥good job boss 🔥

  • Ill Omens
    Ill Omens 2 months ago +1

    about as Scottish as enchiladas

  • scatcat1994
    scatcat1994 2 months ago

    Whiskies fur drinking ya southern softy

  • Janet Graham
    Janet Graham 2 months ago

    I've never have eaten mussels. Never had the chance too.

  • Samuel Trencher
    Samuel Trencher 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but can somebody tell me what the hell he is cooking? What is that? Is that a plant or something?

  • Leah Clark
    Leah Clark 2 months ago

    Love the recipe and even and rustic cooking. And love the beautiful plate.

  • Darren 000000
    Darren 000000 2 months ago +1

    like one of the best cook on the planet

  • /Pol/ack The Polack
    /Pol/ack The Polack 2 months ago +4

    What the heck is a "smokey" and where would I find one?

    • Blether333
      Blether333 Month ago

      It's an un-dyed traditional smoked haddock from Scotland's North-east: specifically the town of Arbroath - often known as an "Arbroath Smokie". They featured earlier in the episode this clip was cut from. Less specific smoked haddock is widely available in the UK; haddock's a smaller relative of cod.

    • Karlis Liepa
      Karlis Liepa 2 months ago

      I imagine it's any smoked (with real smoke) fish really, as long as it's nicely soft inside.

  • donaskmey
    donaskmey 2 months ago +3

    My mum first showed me a dubbed? version of your The Naked Chef series back when I was in 7th grade. 2003-4 ish? (Can’t remember whether it was the series title or your looks or your cooking that lured me to the tv in the first place) And since then I’ve searched for and watched nearly all of your tv shows & youtube videos, and it’s amazing how accessible your contents and recipes have become and how your presentation style hasn’t changed much over the years (which is kind of comforting) while you maintain your high enthusiasm for good, hearty, healthy (sometimes indulgent) food that anyone can try and share. You are the best and the most encouraging chef/cooking teacher in the world (and the only other celebrity I’ve followed for so long other than Britney Spears, but that’s nearly 20yrs ago)! Thank you!
    On a side note, as a long time fan, I couldn’t help but notice how stressed you appeared to be sometimes on the past shows. Hope you take good care of yourself, if not for us fans or your vast variety of businesses then definitely for your family.
    A great many thanks and much love to you and Team Oliver! (And to all those who helped along these years too!) Long live Gennaro and Jamie!

  • Live-Counter.com
    Live-Counter.com 2 months ago

    Too bad that so many videos were deleted by Oli.

  • uncledeadlythefirst
    uncledeadlythefirst 2 months ago +2

    What the hell kind of fish is a smokey?

  • suraj adhikari
    suraj adhikari 2 months ago

    sir can i use garlic on bread???

  • Chris Lucas
    Chris Lucas 2 months ago

    you cookin in alu????

  • A Dash of Real Estate
    A Dash of Real Estate 2 months ago

    I love how rustic this video is.

  • DJ4NTI
    DJ4NTI 2 months ago

    0:01 Is that YNW Melly in the back?

  • caitgems1
    caitgems1 2 months ago

    Just up the road from me 😁

  • V R
    V R 2 months ago +1

    Gordon did it better years later on natgeo....juss saying

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  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies 2 months ago

    This is probably the only kitchen Jamie can afford now.

  • unknownC151A
    unknownC151A 2 months ago

    Nice video Gordon!

  • Lil Kev
    Lil Kev 2 months ago

    ur restaurant still flopping tho

  • Joshua Blair
    Joshua Blair 2 months ago

    Dumb question but what is the Smokey fish?

  • Waylon翁
    Waylon翁 2 months ago +2

    I thought I was watching Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings

  • hans
    hans 2 months ago

    I'd probably end up choking on the shells. multiple times.

  • Mitko Mikov
    Mitko Mikov 2 months ago

    The greatest chef evar! RESPECT !!!

  • I love Dogs
    I love Dogs 2 months ago

    What ever happened with the changes that you tried to work in the LA school district cafeterias? Did they finally listen to you or was it a waste of time? I never heard anymore about it.

  • Marlene Dietrich
    Marlene Dietrich 2 months ago


  • Incognito
    Incognito 2 months ago

    Jamie is a chef the same way a McDonald's is a restaurant. Just like an instagram model, all bullshit, no substance, no michelin stars. Rubbish cooking rubbish food. No wonder his restaurant group has filed for bankruptcy and gone into administration putting thousands out of a job. Wouldn't feed Jamie's food to my dog. Watch Ramsay or Marco for real skills and recipes not this simpleton village cooking.

  • Dave d'Video Maker
    Dave d'Video Maker 2 months ago

    I would season the mussels with a Knorr fish stock pot.

  • Foxtrot815 Jr
    Foxtrot815 Jr 2 months ago

    2 hairy bikers Jamie oliver and Hugh Fearnley are the best cooks ever, always tells people to understand how to do it and tells what it is.

  • michaelangaloe
    michaelangaloe 2 months ago

    I remember cooking my first brisket, like it was......... shut up.

  • roger anderson
    roger anderson 2 months ago

    skills ....

  • orlando124431
    orlando124431 2 months ago

    I've never eaten a thing that causes instant vomiting and anal explosions like muscles. One is enough to send me right to the bathroom

  • ヒロヒロ
    ヒロヒロ 2 months ago +1


  • King Man
    King Man 2 months ago

    Jamie Olive Oil !!!!

  • 周波数オークション

    Jamie must be too hot to sense the firing heat😂

  • Jpilot
    Jpilot 2 months ago +1

    I love the way he cooks 😍

  • Earl Powell
    Earl Powell 2 months ago

    Mussels will be my last meal BUT WHAT THE HECK IS A SMOKIE????

  • Last Light
    Last Light 2 months ago

    Wonderful! Can't wait to try it. Where do you put the shells afterward if you don't have an ocean nearby? That is the reason I don't cook mussels. Even if you do have an ocean, but don't have a boat - couldn't have everyone just chucking the shells in at a dock.

  • Bassel Abouzahr
    Bassel Abouzahr 2 months ago

    Uhhh how about just use the huge ass chopping board instead of that cloth. Genius

  • مشعل التركي
    مشعل التركي 2 months ago

    Jamei my friend u cocking like a Maintenance worker do a favorite for your self and Stay away from cooking This is not your place