We Now Understand Why Andrew Garfield Was Replaced As Spider-Man

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Anyone who gets to play Spider-Man is living a dream come true. Unfortunately, for Andrew Garfield, that dream was brief. Why was his tenure as Peter Parker so short? The answer, as always, is complicated.
    The best characters often come from actors with a concrete vision, who can turn stories, experiences, and research into a coherent whole. Garfield believed in the power of this process as fervently as a 25-year-old rookie actor could. After the series' cancellation, he told The Guardian about the work he'd put in behind the scenes to do right by the character:
    “I thought, if I can infuse all this ancient knowledge and wisdom into [Spider-Man], it could be profoundly affecting for young people in the audience. That was always my intention and what I tried to do.”
    Unfortunately, the studio didn't agree. The cutting of character-centric scenes, the promotion of Garfield as a celebrity, and the ultimate reality of The Amazing Spider-Man as a blockbuster series made Garfield's high-brow ideas unsustainable. He has, at least, made piece with this rift, telling The Guardian in the same interview:
    "What I'll proudly say is that I didn't compromise who I was, I was only ever myself."
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Comments • 3 896

  • TikyCZ
    TikyCZ Day ago

    Well now imagine after post credit scene in spider man 3 of MCU there will be Tom tobey and Andrew I would be like SONY DID ACTUALLY LISTEN

  • Claud12ine
    Claud12ine Day ago

    It’s probably also because he was a 30-something year old playing a high school sophmore

  • Teresa Atienza
    Teresa Atienza Day ago

    That scene where Gwen died, it was on point. I think he is a Good actor. I dont get why among the three actors who played spiderman he is the least favorite.

  • Neelam Gmail
    Neelam Gmail 2 days ago +1

    My favourite

  • Atharva Shrivastava
    Atharva Shrivastava 2 days ago

    I feel Andrew looked super cool. Instead of super nerds.

  • Atharva Shrivastava
    Atharva Shrivastava 2 days ago

    Andrew used to look good as spiderman. But, he wasn't the best.

  • amal arbi
    amal arbi 2 days ago +1

    teen girls these days saying tom holland’s the perfect parker. and i agree with that but andrew was absolutely amazing too.

  • denisse hernandez
    denisse hernandez 3 days ago

    He will forever be my favorite Spider-Man ❣️as a grown ass woman I can go and replay his 2 spider movies with a satisfaction ....still upset he is not no more 😤

  • SHB Junk account
    SHB Junk account 4 days ago +1

    Tom Holland is shit too childish

  • Abhimanyu Chauhan
    Abhimanyu Chauhan 5 days ago

    Right cast,wrong time,bad script.

  • Naman Goel
    Naman Goel 5 days ago +1

    Andrew Garfield was too good to be "amazing" spiderman. Hacksaw ridge shows how damm good he is as an actor ♥️

  • Xplecit Tez
    Xplecit Tez 6 days ago

    TASM 1 and 2 are far better than the childish shit by MCU and easily the best Spidey movies. Andrew is hands down the perfect spidey and must be given another chance. Believe me when I say that I still got my fingers crossed ans still hopin for Andrew to swing right back into the role.

  • Xplecit Tez
    Xplecit Tez 6 days ago

    I still think Andy is the besy Spidey for sure. I'd say Tobey is next but Tom is absolutely trash.

  • Reaction Go!
    Reaction Go! 6 days ago

    I have never experienced spiderman as good as Andrew, lets just leave it there.

  • RH
    RH 6 days ago +2

    Garfield will be awesome spider man in avengers series.

  • Nicolai Falkentoft
    Nicolai Falkentoft 7 days ago +1

    Till this day I’m still waiting for the amazing spider man 3. So disappointed it never came. Loved 1 and 2. Way better than all the other Spider-Man movies

  • Guren Digo
    Guren Digo 9 days ago

    He is the perfect Spiderman even if he lacks few things as a Peter

  • Vance Jacobs
    Vance Jacobs 10 days ago

    His movies was was wack and plus they keep starting over diong the same strories as him bieng back in highschool I had a lots of Spiderman comic books and they need to start putting them stories together for new movies and put more super heroes on the move with him like they do in the comic books to make it better because they keep doing the same thing over and over

  • Ronn Perales
    Ronn Perales 11 days ago

    This really is my favorite Spider-Man, especially the heroin. I don't know why but if I'm going to choose to watch only one Spider-Man movie. I will definitely watch The Amazing Spider-Man without a doubt!

  • lonewolfsdesire
    lonewolfsdesire 12 days ago

    He is my favorite spidyman!

  • Hello Universe
    Hello Universe 13 days ago

    I loved him in Spider-Man but it's not his fault it's the writers and after Gwen died the next movie was just horrible
    And why all the hate after tom holland comes along I remember everyone gushing over Andrew Garfields Spider-Man and when Jamie fox acted that spider man yooooo that one was good

  • Maharajan Maharajan
    Maharajan Maharajan 14 days ago

    All three are good in their own ways. But Tom is my favourite,coz he looks like a school boy, a bit nerdy , a science genius, balanced stunts and humor etc.. and he is the first Spiderman I saw so I'm pretty impressed.
    P.S -anothe thing that makes him cool is "he loves Tony Stark"

  • Sammy727
    Sammy727 14 days ago

    The best thing about Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man is that it's very realistic.Both movies successfully showcase the reality of life without any excess drama and thus speak to the fans directly...

  • nurmeen khokhar
    nurmeen khokhar 15 days ago +3

    the curse of being too handsome

  • napalmfred
    napalmfred 15 days ago

    I really liked The Amazing Spider Man. Sequel kinda sucked though.

  • Jack Mulligan
    Jack Mulligan 16 days ago

    Because he sucked

  • Kathryn A
    Kathryn A 16 days ago +5

    I don’t like tobel or holland. I love Mamma stone and Andrew Garfield Together

    • Nile Horuseus
      Nile Horuseus 13 days ago

      I like Tobey and Tom but Toms Spider-Man is cringe

    • fhgjklmn
      fhgjklmn 14 days ago +1

      thank god this twilight sht didnt continue

  • Erica Poitras
    Erica Poitras 17 days ago

    I think that all three fit into the story they were given. I will always see Toby McGuire as spiderman.

  • Chirag Singh
    Chirag Singh 18 days ago

    I dont like Tom Holland as Spiderman. The original Spiderflix was great, with Maguire or Andrew (fav) in it.

  • Masoud Avabel
    Masoud Avabel 18 days ago

    He doesn't suit the character

  • Frankie Gee
    Frankie Gee 19 days ago

    Ed Norton would have been an amazing Spider -Man. Of course we’re talking about an early 30 something incarnation of the phenomenal actor known as Edward Norton.

  • edi seferaj
    edi seferaj 19 days ago

    Now they got tom holland worst actor i ever seen

  • Dead Vegas
    Dead Vegas 19 days ago

    Tobey was and will always be the best. Garfield as Spider-Man the movie was awesome as Peter Parker he was awkward as fuck.

  • Julia Hooning
    Julia Hooning 20 days ago +6

    I don't care what everyone says I still think Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man, sorry😂❤

  • Jeosh Sandoval
    Jeosh Sandoval 20 days ago +1

    Actually they can make a movie that all spiderman cast belongs, like spiderverse.

  • Slash
    Slash 20 days ago +1

    Tom holland is good but i like andrew garfield more.balance of comedic , drama and action

  • Ben Mosley
    Ben Mosley 21 day ago +1

    I dont like the Marvel Spider-Man movies. He has no responsibility. Hes globetrotting around the world with The Avengers and Aunt May, now, smh!

  • Charlie The Evil God

    Andrew Garfield for green Lantern

    BAD BOY 23 days ago

    Andrew suits for
    spidey role
    his make over as spidey is my fav

  • HoustonHavok
    HoustonHavok 24 days ago +1

    It's simple hes older,the new guy is younger

    • spook
      spook 23 days ago

      Why not just like use toms name

  • Ruvelyn Ta-aca
    Ruvelyn Ta-aca 24 days ago

    Andrew Garfield remains to be the only AMAZING Spider-Man. always will, for me. 💟 He's phenomenal in Hacksaw and Breathe, too.

  • Reverse Harmony
    Reverse Harmony 25 days ago

    Just look at their hair and you know Garfield is cool af

  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming 26 days ago +1

    my favourite versions of spider-man go in order
    Tobey Maguire
    Andrew Garfield
    Tom Holland
    whoever plays myles

  • Nikhil Agarwal
    Nikhil Agarwal 26 days ago +2

    "the amazing spidermam" Title says it all. Amdrews' one was really amazing and i dont rrally like fqr from home and homecoming movies.

  • meg tryx
    meg tryx 26 days ago

    I like garfield version of spiderman. for me thats the best version of spiderman those dark tone type of a story, i feel like im watching christopher nolans batman trilogy... Tobey's version is a gimme'.... while tom holland's version is more like in the comic's. Light and bubbly to fit in MCU's avengers...for the record Garfields spidermans perfect fit for Tom hardy's Venom.

  • Hamid Salliah
    Hamid Salliah 26 days ago

    The amazing spiderman is the best among the other spiderman movies

  • alexine and friends

    He is to this date my favorite Spiderman.

  • It's always sunny in Goa

    He was more confident and cocky to play spiderman

  • spooder pool
    spooder pool Month ago

    Andrew is the best Spidey...no competition

  • Savannah IDK
    Savannah IDK Month ago

    I think in my opinion Andrew and Tom are the best

  • alexis zelaya
    alexis zelaya Month ago

    Always will be my FAVORITE SPIDERMAN

  • Goat.shooter -
    Goat.shooter - Month ago

    Andrew garfield was amazing
    The amazing spiderman is the best of all spiderman movies

  • Ahmed Medhat
    Ahmed Medhat Month ago

    Garfield only got 2 movies not like Tobey and Holland

  • Bernie Bernie
    Bernie Bernie Month ago

    The only thing I can say is that Garfield fit the physical description of Spider-Man from the early comics which is 'lanky'.
    He made an excellent college Spider-Man. And the entire Gwen love story is closer to the comics than Peter Parker knowing MJ from childhood which is ridiculous.

  • Bernie Bernie
    Bernie Bernie Month ago

    Garfield's character was good. I liked it. He was a different type of Spider-Man like the tall handsome 1990s Spider-Man Saturday morning cartoon.
    The movies were just bad. Nothing Garfield could do.

  • noah mc
    noah mc Month ago

    Andrew Garfield is my favourite Spiderman actor.

  • Lunnel Paloma
    Lunnel Paloma Month ago

    *One More One More*

  • AB
    AB Month ago

    They just wanted to take tom holland in, so they just changed half of the genre of this legendary character

  • Maiisha Rahman575
    Maiisha Rahman575 Month ago

    Andrew Garfield always my fav!!!!

  • John Ismail
    John Ismail Month ago

    You guys are saying Spider-Man would spend all his life in high school, why not call him spider boy