• Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • CRAZIEST PLAYGROUNDS You Wont Believe Exist
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to CRAZIEST PLAYGROUNDS You Wont Believe Exist
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  • Jennifer Morgan
    Jennifer Morgan 9 days ago

    The second slide isn't even a slide, i know that because there is one at a park near by

  • william marcia
    william marcia 9 days ago


  • Gabino Camacho
    Gabino Camacho 10 days ago


  • Julie Dickinson
    Julie Dickinson 11 days ago

    3:12 Azzy a third arm will nit function with your normal body parts and yiu will die same thing with radiation so pls dont try get a third arm

  • Funtime Freddy
    Funtime Freddy 11 days ago

    I subscribed azzy u are the best but play Jollibee's it is from an app called game jolt plz

  • Frankie Mccafferty
    Frankie Mccafferty 12 days ago

    You are my friend

  • Ndiouga Diop
    Ndiouga Diop 12 days ago

    And Pluto was a planet

  • Ndiouga Diop
    Ndiouga Diop 12 days ago

    Azzy the earth is a sphere

  • Fatima Alhammadi
    Fatima Alhammadi 12 days ago

    Can you please tell god thank you because god is in your hart and he gave us 2 arms and if he didn’t give us arms then imagine us doing nothing but when you’re born you die so please say thank you 🙏

  • Maeve Brummel
    Maeve Brummel 12 days ago

    You are soooooo fun!!!!! I enjoy you a lot💛

  • queen dynaijia07
    queen dynaijia07 13 days ago

    Not a slide I have on at my school Ike that it a rock climbing thing

  • Krishna Shaw
    Krishna Shaw 13 days ago


  • OnlyProSkills 1
    OnlyProSkills 1 13 days ago

    Hey I’ve been to one of those parks! The lion One! I don’t see any fail there, I liked the park,it was never where I lved

  • bharti nagar
    bharti nagar 14 days ago

    You look pretty azzy

  • Cookie Chan
    Cookie Chan 14 days ago +1

    Azzy: how dangerous can a slide be....?

    Me: you could just climb up the slide and slide down.


  • Brian Walsh
    Brian Walsh 14 days ago +2

    That's a joke about pollution. Obviously no one wants us to feed animals trash.

  • Victor Felix
    Victor Felix 15 days ago

    Yup its a rock climing

  • Tan Chung
    Tan Chung 15 days ago

    0:30 I think somebody tried to make a climbing place

  • Victoria Salter
    Victoria Salter 15 days ago

    Can you swim

  • Awesome fishy
    Awesome fishy 15 days ago

    4:44 lol I laughed so hard

  • Donald Mitchell
    Donald Mitchell 16 days ago

    Looks like a good third arm in the background ..its gold ...should be in the drawer

  • Aiden Morris
    Aiden Morris 16 days ago +1


  • Aiden Morris
    Aiden Morris 16 days ago +1

    Azzyland if she go on a slide thats dangerous

  • olivia millington
    olivia millington 16 days ago

    The second one *wasnt a slide* it was a climbing "thing"

  • Tess Celario
    Tess Celario 16 days ago

    People have two arms azzy two arms

  • Flip Nation
    Flip Nation 17 days ago

    I love you azzy

  • Kyle john Southwell
    Kyle john Southwell 17 days ago

    Can you actually walk in I love you channels iscribe

  • Julius dalibagas
    Julius dalibagas 17 days ago

    I do i wanna pplay in the creepy playground 😒

  • Sienna Harrison
    Sienna Harrison 17 days ago

    0:21 that's not a slide, it's probably a ladder.

  • Candy McCullough
    Candy McCullough 17 days ago

    I love u

  • Beautiful Buttifly
    Beautiful Buttifly 17 days ago

    Press dis if you think azzy looks like an angel

  • Katherine Bunn
    Katherine Bunn 18 days ago


  • Jessica Salas
    Jessica Salas 18 days ago

    I Love You AZZY😆😍🤗🤩🤯🙀😁

  • Limited
    Limited 20 days ago

    0:22 it's a climbing wall

  • Maarja Kährik
    Maarja Kährik 21 day ago

    7.29 it's for baby strollers not wheelchairs but you do you. ❤️U Azzy.

  • Brynn Ludden
    Brynn Ludden 22 days ago


  • Brynn Ludden
    Brynn Ludden 22 days ago


  • jacquelyn castellon
    jacquelyn castellon 23 days ago +1

    Hi Azzy🐷🐯🐬

  • HanYoun Jeong
    HanYoun Jeong 24 days ago

    6:45 OH MA GAWD

  • Erin Quin
    Erin Quin 24 days ago

    Xazzy you look soooooo pretty

  • lan tran
    lan tran 24 days ago


  • Five Night at Freddy Dedeaux

    What happened ✋you get off work?

  • Alex Kadavan
    Alex Kadavan 25 days ago

    Azzy:is this a painful slide?

    Me:it’s a climbing slide

  • chloe wilber
    chloe wilber 25 days ago

    to much lipstic.

  • Zorya's Adventures s
    Zorya's Adventures s 26 days ago

    I dies laughing lol!!!😂😂🤣🤣😅

  • Olivia Zanatta
    Olivia Zanatta 26 days ago

    Pluto will always be a planet in my heart...Anyone else?

  • Freak psycho squad
    Freak psycho squad 26 days ago

    4:33 I seriously have at my school but it’s actually fun

  • What in The world
    What in The world 26 days ago

    The slide wasn’t a drop before it froze and then broke

  • Sunil Nikam
    Sunil Nikam 26 days ago +1


  • Jacqueline Chan-Brown
    Jacqueline Chan-Brown 27 days ago

    Gravity makes it look like that but it's not flat that would make space seen everyday not just night

  • Kailya Russell
    Kailya Russell 27 days ago +1

    Some of them or not bad

  • Incredible Adventures
    Incredible Adventures 27 days ago

    0:40 so kids could climb it because that’s what they do

  • Sergio Vuqina
    Sergio Vuqina 27 days ago

    The earth is not flat for goodniss sake the earth is round. Just use geomatry

  • Whitney Davis
    Whitney Davis 27 days ago


  • Lenny hates SCHOOL
    Lenny hates SCHOOL 27 days ago

    Save the KIDS!!!!!!!!!

  • Deniz Ballero
    Deniz Ballero 27 days ago +6

    The second slide isn't a slide it's something you climb on

  • Janice Goodwin
    Janice Goodwin 28 days ago


  • Shawna Otteson
    Shawna Otteson 28 days ago

    You can tell which bathroom is boy or girl because the girl one has the baby dipper changing thingy

  • Lee Cullen
    Lee Cullen 29 days ago +1

    The slide you said was a joke is for smaller citizens of this world. Rethink what you’re going to say next time

  • UnbanishD E
    UnbanishD E 29 days ago +12

    What’s the slide trying to say?
    The description of a dumpster
    A home for trash