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The Best Scenes of Historical Drama Movies (part 1) [HD]

  • Published on May 11, 2013
  • Troy (2004)- 00:00 - 07:12
    Gladiator (2000)- 7:13 - 10:36
    The Patriot (2000)- 10:37 - 14:53
    Puzzle of films- 15:05
  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

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  • Lord Josh Mayoral
    Lord Josh Mayoral 6 hours ago

    I've rewatched troy countless time the choreography is incredible from every detail gladiator was a great movie but the camera speed and angles are annoying

  • anais
    anais 9 hours ago

    this movie is shit. Saw it as a kid, i regret it

  • Adrien LuiMême
    Adrien LuiMême 10 hours ago +1

    I see gladiator it is a good movie

  • miu TV / for kids
    miu TV / for kids 12 hours ago

    Brad Pitt should had an Oscar for this. His eyes, his moves

  • miu TV / for kids
    miu TV / for kids 12 hours ago

    One of Best movie I have ever seen. Top 5.

  • Guste 'R'
    Guste 'R' 15 hours ago +1

    I really wanna exchange my body with Brad Pitt on this movie. Perfect shape. A man's biggest insecurity is knock- knee. I got it too but not too bend but I just want a straight legs. It looks like a female's leg. God..!!!!!!!?????

  • beatbox abcarino
    beatbox abcarino 19 hours ago

    yo check this shit out
    rave from italy

  • Tatiana Sanchez
    Tatiana Sanchez 22 hours ago

    Lo quiero a Messi 😎⚽ Aser que se arrodillé ante mi

  • Miguel Faria
    Miguel Faria 22 hours ago

    where is 300?

  • Vuyo Seed
    Vuyo Seed 23 hours ago

    *"Is there no one else!?"*
    Sends chills

  • Klik B
    Klik B Day ago

    1:14 It would be kinda funny if 20 of them rushed him at once LoL.

  • Bradlee Edwards
    Bradlee Edwards Day ago

    girls locker room: ugh this is sooo boring
    boys locker room: 2:35

  • Jzeaser
    Jzeaser Day ago

    “ Historical drama” ?? Lmao

  • Stahl und Eisen
    Stahl und Eisen Day ago

    The Best Scenes of Fictional Drama Movies (part 1) [HD]

    AMAN RAJ Day ago +2

    Hollywood: Troy
    Billywood: Choot ka chakkar, To maut se takkar.

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway Day ago

    İs the Last one Cannor?

  • جاوید برنا
    جاوید برنا 2 days ago +1

    Ben hur @ end of gladiator????!!!!!

  • Professor Patrick
    Professor Patrick 2 days ago +1

    The patriot (2002) ❤️

  • ripmax333
    ripmax333 2 days ago +1

    Rob roy last sword fight should be in the list too.

  •  2 days ago

    its real story pls ?????

  • Nathan Johns
    Nathan Johns 2 days ago +2

    Historical? Starts with Troy..

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    Фильм детям до 16 лет👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Wyatt H
    Wyatt H 2 days ago

    I wonder how many times that at the end of The Patriot when he is in his red out and unleashes, everything he has, rage, grief, sorrow like that with his tomahawk into that guy. Brutal.

  • Alexito Rico
    Alexito Rico 2 days ago +3

    So what if someone skilled as Batman fought Achilles?

    • DJdevil319
      DJdevil319 Day ago

      Alexito Rico Achilles would kill him but Batman being Batman...Batman would win
      Know what im saying

  • Soraya Mikaelson
    Soraya Mikaelson 2 days ago +1

    amazing films but Alexander (2004) has some epic scenes

  • Khal Drogo
    Khal Drogo 2 days ago +1


  • Ii T
    Ii T 2 days ago +1

    Brad Pitt plays the same role in every movie but does it so well. His acting is so average that it's really good. Weird.

  • Lennert 2803
    Lennert 2803 3 days ago

    Always in the shoulder XD

  • Yami
    Yami 3 days ago

    1:57 this man got spidey senses...

  • jimmy dawd
    jimmy dawd 3 days ago

    The last part is one of the best

  • ChiuTV
    ChiuTV 3 days ago

    1:07 smile smile

  • MADDY Feonix
    MADDY Feonix 3 days ago

    god damn justin timber lake counld keep it in his pants his bro had to die for him

  • MrWicked98
    MrWicked98 3 days ago

    Achillis was NASTY with that dagger 4:58

  • Cryoid GamingTW07
    Cryoid GamingTW07 3 days ago

    The one with the British soldiers, I love how one of them say retreat but none of them retreat.

    • FoI2eman 82
      FoI2eman 82 2 days ago

      They didn't know how to or never experienced it. I know it's Mel Gibson movie. He's not known for creating movies that have historical correctness in them.

    ALL DAY 3 days ago +5

    6:45 Lord commander, is that u???

  • Shenlong Pendragon
    Shenlong Pendragon 3 days ago

    They don't make movies like these any more. We need another good historical movie like this.

  • Travis Storm
    Travis Storm 4 days ago

    Wtf is that the dude from assassins creed?!

  • L____O___L v
    L____O___L v 4 days ago


  • V Ferreira
    V Ferreira 4 days ago

    Hollywood turned bronze into steel

  • Shyre
    Shyre 4 days ago

    wondered where strong belwas was in game of thrones? 9:31

  • Jeremiah RC
    Jeremiah RC 4 days ago

    And I thought braveheart had the best fight scenes. I gotta rewatch these 3 movies.

  • cullermann2
    cullermann2 4 days ago

    Notice how Achilles puts his shield on his back at 2:01 right before an arrow hits it, neat little detail i gotta say :P

  • Drip meister
    Drip meister 4 days ago

    ....a bit o’ the ultraviolence...

  • Leo Medina
    Leo Medina 4 days ago

    12:30 Assassin’s Creed 3?

  • Magali Grubel
    Magali Grubel 5 days ago

    Those are not historical movies lol none of them!

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    اقوى مقطع فلم 💥😲 لم تصدق ما تراه

  • Gencay Çelik
    Gencay Çelik 5 days ago

    Çorumlu dublaj 😍😍

  • MessengerOfTruth
    MessengerOfTruth 5 days ago

    Patriot was good … but as in all American tales, historically inaccurate. One of the worst offenses is trying to make the Brits to be barbaric men. LOL Everyone knows that the British Empire was, and still is, an Empire of Gentlemen and Ladies. Mel Gibson has a history of acting in roles that go WAY outside of what REALLY happened. Starting with Braveheart and totally inventing garbage in William Wallace. While the beating of Rome prior to Crucifixion was very severe, true, all that extra stuff in the Passion of Christ was just that - extra.
    Apparently, if you want a more truer and accurate depiction of ENGLISH history, get it from the Brits! Oh … and that includes American history … since the first settlers were EUROPEAN. Funny how European history about this country is more accurate than Americans. A country built on lies. It's so bad, they are even starting to misrepresent the BIBLICAL narrative in their wacko movies, like the "Bible" series, and "Noah" and that "God's and Kings" movie. Everything about this country … is lies, deception, and fraudulence.

    GURPEGİ GAMİNG 5 days ago

    Sarıların Süloyla Hamza deel mi laa onlar 😂

  • VREP Baron • Gaming Forge

    1:57 why i hear sound effects from Happy Wheels

  • Daniele Gugliotta
    Daniele Gugliotta 5 days ago

    Ma... 300? Dov è 300?

  • Max Tickner
    Max Tickner 5 days ago

    Such a pity it's ALL legend......

  • BellCross Wolfstein
    BellCross Wolfstein 5 days ago


  • samantha may
    samantha may 5 days ago

    Achilles beat hector he's a way better fighter plus he's sexy as hell

  • Anthony Clement
    Anthony Clement 5 days ago

    Are you not entertained?!!

  • jojoinhere
    jojoinhere 5 days ago

    "historical" bullshit

  • Justin Wines
    Justin Wines 5 days ago

    mel Gibson chopping away on dude infront of the kids...priceless...American dream right there huh

  • Justin Wines
    Justin Wines 5 days ago

    if you graduated in 2000 dont forget the frost makes the blade stick

  • tayk1991
    tayk1991 5 days ago

    The patriot was one of my favorite movies ever . Kills me to think men like that truly did live, and fought for our freedom. Just for idiotic liberal fucks to smear their Legacies.

  • diego muñoz
    diego muñoz 5 days ago


  • diego muñoz
    diego muñoz 5 days ago


  • diego muñoz
    diego muñoz 5 days ago


  • Anouar Tlemcen
    Anouar Tlemcen 5 days ago

    ،c,est moi le futur combattons

  • Tommy Larsen
    Tommy Larsen 5 days ago

    He just took those 22 million views and left..!

  • 5000 subs With no video


  • Daniel Thyringer
    Daniel Thyringer 6 days ago

    Tear down this... falls asleep instead

  • uncooked ham
    uncooked ham 6 days ago

    HAHAHA!!! It makes a difference when hubby puts his cummy on my tummy!!

  • Mr Marlow
    Mr Marlow 6 days ago

    One man...

  • Kirak
    Kirak 6 days ago

    Nice collection!

  • Anti Christ
    Anti Christ 6 days ago +1

    Where is part 2

  • David Marsden
    David Marsden 6 days ago

    Huge Australian influence in the 3 movies shown. Impressive.

  • Modern Savage25
    Modern Savage25 6 days ago

    Maximus could have forced the man on horse back to dismount to fight, and then had a better chance of not being injured.

  • Yetis Erol
    Yetis Erol 6 days ago

    Achilles! Du weißt wo Ich bin! Mein Körper als Prinz ist dort Oben bei euch! Meine Mutter kennst du auch! Eine unsterbliche Göttin! Ich habe hier unten Bruce Willis und Satan als meine Väter! Ich liebe beide unsterblich! Alles ist in meinem Kopf bei euch! Ich bin euer ewiger Prinz! Ihr seid Menschen und keine Götter! Ihr habt NIE vom Apfel des Verderbens gekostet! Ihr seid darin völlig unbelastet und Sauber! Ich liebe alle meine Väter und Mütter und Geschwister! Achilles ihr habt mir zu gehorchen! Ich bin Immer eurer Prinz egal wie Ich aussehe! Das Aussehen kann man schnell ändern! Azrael kann so was sehr gut! Ihr wisst das dies stimmt! Der Sohn Gottes ( Teufel )

  • HinoWell
    HinoWell 6 days ago

    Historical drama?... Xd

  • Rico Mendez
    Rico Mendez 6 days ago

    He is not a General for nothing can't believe this came out almost 20 years ago. Damn, this brings back memories.

  • Cheeseburgers Rule
    Cheeseburgers Rule 7 days ago

    The gladiator is my favorite movie.

  • Smack 2
    Smack 2 7 days ago

    Paris the coward.

  • Diego Mendez
    Diego Mendez 7 days ago

    Always wanted a video game based on the movie “Troy”. Would have been an awesome game if it was done right.

  • Manuel Rodríguez Baró


  • 0legacy23
    0legacy23 7 days ago +8

    Boagrius : "AAAAAHHHHH AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHH" *crowd army react

    Best Performance of the Century - Give this oscar a man :D

  • Bogdan Onitescu
    Bogdan Onitescu 7 days ago +5

    2.Bruce Almighty
    3. End of watch
    5. Casino Royale

  • Ethan Davies
    Ethan Davies 7 days ago +7

    Video : brutal death scene
    Advert : buy a kinda egg surprise

    • Ali
      Ali 5 days ago +1

      u mean kinder boi

  • saifan ackbarally
    saifan ackbarally 7 days ago

    9:54 is the best

    RAHMONI RMR 7 days ago


  • Svetoslavъ Panayotovъ

    BRAVO, ABSOLYUTLI ONER FOR THIS GREATEST FILM MOMENTS, actors, directors, kamerman, great mussic , epic and legendary full, respect and bow!!! from old BG.

  • Paul Bolin
    Paul Bolin 7 days ago +1

    Brad Pitt hit the genetics lottery. Great life if you can get it I guess.

    • Omar Omar
      Omar Omar 4 days ago

      Paul Bolin he wasn’t very smart with angelina he should’ve known she was a snake

  • Podosik
    Podosik 7 days ago

    Kurwa Krzysztof Gonciarz elo

  • HoodieMoodie
    HoodieMoodie 7 days ago +1

    That Achilles Vs. Hector's combat is an art!

  • Tuncer Ates
    Tuncer Ates 7 days ago

    stupid hollywood, nothing about homer. please read Homer

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  • Chonlasit Ninsodsai
    Chonlasit Ninsodsai 7 days ago

    12:30 Assassin'creed3 haha

  • Jon Kron
    Jon Kron 7 days ago

    7:34 haha whatever... How the fk did he headbutt him from a kneel such bollocks.

  • James Davies
    James Davies 7 days ago

    who would’ve won Achilles or Leonidas

  • Errick Flesch
    Errick Flesch 7 days ago +5

    And the colonial boys never disobeyed their father from that day forward.

  • turki alarwi
    turki alarwi 7 days ago

    وين شجاعتكم هذي وفروسيتكم امام الفتوح الاسلاميه والمسلمين

  • ConteEiacula
    ConteEiacula 8 days ago

    Elena is a sexy girl..mmmmmhhh

  • PollieBear
    PollieBear 8 days ago

    Mell Gibson had walls.

  • Hiram Eberhardt
    Hiram Eberhardt 8 days ago


  • 97430TomTom
    97430TomTom 8 days ago

    6:45 Jeor Mormont definitely dedicated his life to defend walls. My respect, Lord Commander

  • Ryan Watterson
    Ryan Watterson 8 days ago

    Mel Gibson is an insult to me he’s way shorter but his body is what it is